tagLesbian SexLost Lover Ch. 01

Lost Lover Ch. 01


Her young lover was still damp from her shower, and her hair wasn't quite dry. The soft, sunny blonde strands that she had so often run her fingers through was curling already, framing her pretty face. Her pouty lips were a pale pink, naturally, and glistened in the low light. Her nose and cheekbones had the faintest of freckles, giving her face a youth that was true to her age, for now. Her eyes, wide, and green, were forever curious, adding to that youthful image that would keep her looking young for years.

`And now, with her bottom lip between pearly teeth, and eyebrows lightly crinkled, forever conscious of wrinkles and creases, her cheeks still rosy from the hot water, she couldn't be more adorable. She smiled as she peeked at her lover, watching as she decided what clothes to take out to wear, her silky, sheer robe unclosed, and giving her glimpses of the slender, supple body she so enjoyed on nights like these. Her lover hadn't even noticed she was awake yet, unaware she was being watched as she went about her business, lost in thought.

"Penelope, doll," she finally said, after observing silently long enough," What are you doing?"

"Danny will be at the airport in two hours. I have to be ready for him when he gets here, so I'm trying to decide what to wear," she answered, her quiet voice almost inaudible in her distraction.

"Why don't you just fuck me for an hour and then worry about it after you see me off?" she asked, propping her head up on an arm, unworried at the sheet sliding down to reveal her breasts.

"No, Celia," was her answer, but there was a smile beginning at the corner of her lips.

"Please? You said he doesn't have business for another two weeks. What will I do without you for all that time? Just once more?"

"Now, now, we both know begging gets you nowhere with me. Help me find something to wear and if I have a few spare moments before I shoo you away, then I might give you something to remember me by," she acquiesced.

Celia smiled, enjoying the dominant flare of her lover's words, but knowing the girl would melt in her hands, unable to carry out anything she spoke of.

"Come back to my place, and I'll lend you something fun," she suggested, already knowing the answer.

"You know how Danny is. He doesn't like the leather or edgy stuff you wear. He likes a lady to be prim and proper, subtly seductive and sexy. He wants that perfect, lady-like wife of the fifties. And I don't want to hear how much you think that's wrong, not this morning. He took me out of a bad place, and he takes care of me -- anything I want, anything I need, I get. I owe him everything. And if he ever found out about this, us, it would break him. Absolutely break his heart.

"And I think it would ache more that not only was it not with a younger male, which is understandable as he understands the age difference is sometimes a strain, but with a female not much younger than a him. And not just any female, but a real hardcore one, you know. Erring on the dyke side of the spectrum, rather than a pretty, "lipstick lesbian", as they're called," she concluded thoughtfully, not at all nagging or ranting, but instead, lost in her thoughts.

Penelope had a tendency to become thoughtful like this when Danny was coming home, almost to the point of a deep depression. She was vague, and spacy, not really there. With Celia, she could be completely light-hearted and bright, a real social butterfly. Celia sighed, knowing that arguing was no use. If she came to understand Celia's opinion, and agree, it would be on her own time and terms. If not, Celia didn't mind only being with her for a week each month. She had other girls to keep her occupied until she could be with her love.

"Well, I think you look amazing in leather. And I'd rather keep that secret all to myself. Lest he really steal you from me, lock you up in the basement, dressed in a skimpy leather outfit for when he comes back from business trips to fuck. And leave you there, alone, the rest of the time," Celia teased with a grin.

Penelope smiled, a faint one that only hinted at what her smile could really be. But Celia was trying hard to keep her lover as vibrant as she could until she left. She wanted the lasting memory of her expressive face, not the vacant shade that often settled long before Danny was even due.

"Sounds more like you, sweetheart," she teased back, finally deciding on sheer, black stockings and garters with a black lace set of lingerie, murmuring,"Keep it simple. He'll be tired when he gets home."

Celia sighed, and decided her lover was lost. She'd help the shell of her Penny get ready, and then slip away before Danny could catch them, breaking Penelope's fragile heart, not his.

"He likes vanilla. Get that vanilla lotion and come here," she ordered, sitting up, ignoring the sheet falling even lower this time.

Penelope grabbed the bottle that Celia was gesturing to and brought it over, leaning down to kiss her lips, whispering," Thank you."

Celia smiled faintly, and pushed her lover's silky robe off of her body, her fingers gentle on her soft skin.

"Lay down, Penny," Celia murmured," On your tummy."

Penelope didn't fight this morning; instead, she lay down, her face cradled in her thin arms. It was just like at the beach, she thought, as she felt Celia's skilled hands begin to rub in the heavily-scented lotion, a firm massage. Penelope's hair was nudged out of the way as she gently rubbed a bit onto the back of it, following it with feather light kisses, and then her shoulders, more lotion and soft lips to soft skin.

"You're so gorgeous," Celia whispered, kissing a line down her lover's spine, the lotion causing Penelope's skin to shine.

"Mm," was Penelope's only quiet reply, her relaxation deep, her mind somewhere else.

Celia continued kissing down to the crack of her ass, teasingly dipping her tongue between the firm cheeks, her hands massaging the lotion into them as well. She heard the light, strangled moan as her fingers dipped between them, too, rubbing the lotion along her cute crack, across her tightened rosebud, a finger slipping inside for just a moment, teasing.

"Will you miss me, baby?" Celia asked, her lips muffled by the soft back of Penelope's thigh, her hands working there, too.

"Always," Penelope sighed, parting her thighs automatically, the light aroma of her arousal filling Celia's nose.

But she ignored it, preferring to finish the long, slender legs, as much as she enjoyed them to be wrapped around her neck. As she massaged Penelope's feet, she teasingly licked her pedicured toes, and laughed as her lover giggled, trying to pull away some.

"Stop," Penelope giggled," You know I'm ticklish!"

Celia tickled her feet too, laughing as Penny writhed and wriggled, giggling about, before she said to the breathless girl," Flip over, on your back, baby doll."

After a moment, the girl did, her small breasts flattening on her chest to just the smallest of globes, her dark, tightened nipples beckoning Celia's warm, wet mouth. Instead, the woman straddled Penelope, taking her wrists and holding them above her head as she kissed her sweet lips, skipping the pleasantries and immediately slipping her tongue in her mouth, a deep kiss.

She pulled away," I'm going to fuck you, Penny, fuck you absolutely delirious, as you know I always do. And then I'm going to dress you for your husband, smelling like pussy and that vanilla lotion he likes so much. And while you're with him tonight, I want you to think of me, think of this, thinking about how I'll be at home, using my own fingers to get myself off to this image. And when he fails to make you orgasm, spasming atop you for his own climax, you remember how good I make you feel, baby. You give him a show, slip your fingers down after wards, and moan his name, but imagine me, show him what you look like pleased, completely in love. Promise me."

Penelope's eyelids were low, her gaze lusty and she nodded, her lips parting with a breathy answer," Yes, Celia."

"Promise me."

"I promise."

"To what?"

"To think of you tonight as his cock rams me for those few minutes, and after he rolls off, half asleep, sated, I'll show him what you do to me. How hard you make me orgasm. How happy you make me. How much I love you. So, so much. You know that, don't you?" Penelope asked, earnest.

"Yes, baby," Celia murmured, leaning in for another passionate kiss.

Penelope's supple body reacted to her kiss, a long leg wrapping around Celia's hips, her own lifting, begging to be touched between her thighs. Celia pulled away with a smirk, biting her lover's bottom lip, tugging at the generous flesh, running her tongue across it after wards.

"Sh, darling," she murmured," Close your eyes and don't say a word. Just feel."

Penelope nodded, her heavy eyes closing, and she didn't resist when Celia pushed her leg off, a gentle let-down. The older woman took her time, kissing along the young girl's jaw, behind her ear, along her neck and throat, lips soft and her teeth were followed by her tongue soothing the light pain away. She rubbed lotion along the fragile neck that she had sometimes strangled in their rough sex, her Penelope gasping for air, turning another color, all while her cunt clenched Celia's fingers harder than any other time. She nuzzled it again, savoring the way her heart beat against her cheek, knowing she'd miss her so terribly for the next couple weeks.

She pulled away a moment later, palming more lotion and working over her young girl's shoulders, showering them with kisses as she went... her collar bone, the one she broke in high school gymnastics class, taking special care with that one, and her slim arms, delicate bones beneath her fingers... and down her chest, hands squeezing the A cups, leaning down to twirl her tongue around Penelope's hard nipples, sucking them into her warm, wet mouth.

Her teeth bit down, tasting the vanilla lotion and the faint taste of a feminine body, freshly washed. She heard the gasp, the heady moan, and felt the fingers tangling in her hair, ignoring the order to be still. Celia didn't care though, didn't stop her, but kept laving Penelope's hard buds with her skilled tongue. She only pulled away when they were both satisfactorily wet, glistening in the dim light, their color turned a dark cinnamon with the attention.

Penelope bit her lip as she watched Celia smile up at her, nuzzling her cleavage, and her fingertips moved to rub in more lotion, her lips following the trail down her flat tummy. She felt the wet tongue dip into her navel and giggled a little, trembling when the soft lips came closer to that already wet slit.

Celia's breath tickled the curly, naturally blonde hair there, and her fingers gently tugged at it, but she was back to putting the lotion on, down the front of Penelope's thighs, along her calves, the tops of her dainty feet. Her teasing kisses were driving Penny crazy and she loved every writhing wiggle, every bite of her lower lip, the quiet mewls...

"Your stockings, gorgeous," Celia murmured," Where are they?"

The girl's fingers waved in a direction and Celia found them on the dresser, telling her," Sit on the edge of the bed, please."

When she turned around, Penny was obediently on the edge of the bed, half laying down, her legs splayed obscenely, in a way she knew that would arouse the older woman easily, quickly.

Resisting the automatic urge to dive in, Celia only smiled, ordering her," Lift your leg, Penelope."

The sneaky little slut lifted her leg, yes, but slipped it between the woman's soft thighs, her toes brushing the smooth slit, coated in the wetness found there. She smiled a lazy grin, a triumphant one, and pulled her foot away, pressing against the sensitive nub along the way, raising it higher, to Celia's mouth.

"Taste yourself, like you want to taste me, baby," she murmured demurely, the sweet expression not letting on the dirty words she spoke.

Celia tasted her own juices on the girl's delicate feet, tickling the small toes with her tongue, kissing the edge of her foot, whispering," Slut."

Penelope laughed, but didn't deny it. Instead, she watched as her older girlfriend took one stocking, slowly rolling it down one of her legs, fingertips soft on her skin, causing her to tremble with sensitivity. She was driving her crazy. And all too soon, her leg was dropped, the contact gone until she began with the other leg. This time, when Celia reached the end, up at the thigh, she knelt between Penny's legs, kissing the edge of the stockings.

"So beautiful..." she murmured against the firm skin.

"Please," the girl begged, almost inaudibly, caught in a squeak as her legs were parted further, pulled closer to her lover's face, resting on her shoulders.

Automatically, her legs closed around Celia's neck, tightening slightly, her pedicured toes digging into the back of her older love. She was so ready for her touch.

"How much do you need this?" Celia whispered, breath tickling and teasing the wet flesh before her face.

Penny's moan was quiet, restrained as she looked down at her girlfriend's face," So badly."

"Yeah?" her girlfriend asked, her tongue briefly delving between the puffy, moist labia.

"Ah fuck, Celia, please," she muttered.

"Please what?" she asked, this time, tongue tracing her young girlfriend's slit, just a tease.

"Please eat me," Penelope moaned.

Celia laughed softly, but gave in to her lover, tasting the sweet juices gathered between Penny's thighs. Her tongue was diligent, slow and determined as the rest of her ministrations had been. Her young lover's clit was already swollen, sensitive to the slightest brush of a wet tongue, and Celia only lightly teased it with a flick then a swirl around it. She grazed her teeth against it, too, but after wards, let it be, as her tongue dipped into her girl's hole. It was followed by a finger and then another, the two scissoring inside of her, another added to stretch her tight.

Penelope's lips were open in a perpetual sound, mewls and whimpers of need, moans and groans of pleasure. Her fingers tangled in the sheets beneath her and she was gasping as Celia's fingers rubbed her g-spot, sucking on her clit. The slow build-up was over. She felt her orgasm wash over her, deep in her core, and it continued, prolonged by her girlfriend's unending touching.

"Oh god, oh fuck, oh baby," she was saying, only half making sense.

When it was finally over, she felt exhausted, completely drained. Celia kissed her thigh, removing her fingers, and leaning up for Penelope to taste what she had tasted, glossing her lips with her own juices. They shared a smile.

"Thank you," Penelope murmured.

Celia had the black g-string that Penny had picked out to wear in her hands," My pleasure, darling."

"Oh no," Penelope objected as Celia began to slip the underwear around her ankles," I'm so wet. It'll soak right through."

"Exactly. I want him to think you're wet for him. I want him to see what a young slut he has for a wife. I want him to be eager to fuck you," Celia told her.

Penelope was silent at that, unable to deny her lover, and lifted her bum when she asked her too, slipping them up all the way, the string resting between her cheeks. She already felt the fabric become damp with her cum, knew it would be obvious, the smell of sex, and when he slipped her clothes off, he'd know for sure.

Celia fixed her garters, too, and then clasped the bra on Penny, dressing her like a doll. Her fuck doll, she thought with a smile. Her young girl lay on her side, not ready to get up yet, and observed as Celia went to her closet, picking out a dress that was only a shade lighter than hot pink. She had worn it once before, and knew it only came to where the top of her stockings now rested. It was tight and showed off her lithe body well, cupping her breasts and offering her cleavage. Celia was ruffling through her jewelry box and came out with a black diamond necklace, the one that nearly rested between her breasts. She had matching earrings pulled out, as well, simple studs.

"Jesus, Celia," she whispered," You're helping me seduce him."

Celia shook her head," I'm helping him see what he has. Showing off what's mine. What he's missing out on."

Penelope was silent again, unsure of what words would be a good reply to that, unable to come up with any potentials.

"Come here," the older woman demanded softly.

Penny got up, her knees still a little weak, but she walked over anyway, stepping into the dress obediently. Celia zipped it up, and slipped the necklace around her neck. The earrings were put on by Penelope herself, a little hesitantly, encouraged by Celia's lips on her bare shoulder.

"So gorgeous," Celia murmured, and turning her to the full-length mirror, gestured," Look at yourself. What do you see?"

Penelope was surprised. Her blonde curls had dried and were tousled, framing a flushed face, lips bruised and swollen. Her eyes were still darkened with lust, and satisfaction. Her small breasts were indeed pushed up, the necklace drawing immediate attention to her cleavage. Her hips flared gently, her slender figure admirable under the bright pink dress. And every time she moved, the top of the stockings flashed, bare skin and garter showing. Celia knelt next to her, slipping her feet into black pumps, four inches causing her to reach over six feet tall.

"A slut," Penny whispered.

Celia shook her head," Not just a slut, Penelope. A high-class whore."

Penelope nodded faintly, surprised to see her girl-next-door image shattered with a dress.

"Sit at your vanity. I'm doing your make up," Celia insisted.

She obeyed, sitting down quietly and allowing Celia to work her magic. Pale foundation was rubbed into her face, smoothing out her complexion without hiding her freckles, and pink blush was brushed on her cheekbones. Her lips were painted to a glossy pink, accentuated with just a shade darker of lip liner. Her eyes were lined with brown pencil and her eyelashes curled, made thicker with mascara. When she looked in the mirror next, there was no denying it. She was a sweet looking whore, innocence in her wide eyes while her body screamed "fuck me!".

"You have thirty minutes, baby," Celia told her," Go get him from the airport. Go fuck the daylights out of him. With your eyes and words, and when you finally get home, with your body."

And then her older lover was gone, clothes being put on as she walked out to her motorcycle. And Penelope was only a minute behind her, walking to her Lexus.

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