tagRomanceLost Lover Ch. 03: The Gift

Lost Lover Ch. 03: The Gift


The similarities between my characters and any real person is, in fact, intentional. These are stories about people and things that really happened to me. To some, they will seem quite tame. To others, they will seem the height of the Erotic. But I believe that a true story beats a fantasy any day.

And if you should recognize yourself in these stories, then you should know that I hold you in a very special place in my heart. It was not coincidence that I chose the title "Lost Lovers" instead of "Notches in my Bedpost".

Rate and comment at will!

Chapter 3:


For the sake of this next Lost Lover, I've changed her name. It's not a common name and will stand out otherwise. I thank you for allowing me this discretion.

If you've stuck with me this far, than I thank you. The story of my first and the story of my worst performed a lot better than I expected, and I'm looking forward to continuing to tell my story to you.

After I left Germany, I headed west to Hollywood, California. North Hollywood, to be precise. I've always been a storyteller, and wanted to try and become an actor for film and television. That being the case, I enrolled in a school called the New York Film Academy and went to their Hollywood campus. It was several dreams come true: at least 9 hours of acting lessons a day, use of the Universal Studios back lot and props facilities, a showcase and screening with agents, the screening held on the Warner Brothers back lot! It was a performer's paradise!

It also helped that the school was open to international students, which is how I was able to meet a beautiful Catalan girl named Anna.

It was in November 2007. I had been studying at NYFA for a good three months. Anna and I had bumped into each other a couple of times, and the thing that always struck me about her were her eyes and her accent. Catalonia (Catalunya) is the province of Spain that includes Barcelona, where this lovely goddess was from. In fact, during the time we knew each other, we would have a wonderful time talking about how Catalonia wanted to be a country independent of Spain, and I even picked up a few phrases in Catalan.

She was, as I said, a goddess. Round face, with big, bright blue eyes and short, dark hair. Her figure was full, and healthy, she had meat on her bones that was an absolute pleasure to caress and touch and hold.

As I said, we kept bumping into each other, quite literally, in the hallways of the 7th story of the building the school was housed in. One day, she asked me if I wanted to hang out with her. Again, I fully believe that was all she wanted to do. At first, I'd declined, my mind kind of taken up with other matters. Eventually, I went back to her and asked.

"Is your offer still open to go...hang out, or whatever," I asked, fighting the tightening in my gut that I knew meant I was either doing something supremely stupid or amazingly daring.

"Yes! Of course," she said, her accent rich and heavy, eyes wide as she smiled at me.

"Ok, well, the thing is, I hesitated before because, unfortunately, I don't have much money," I said. True, while it may have been foolish to tip my hand that way, I felt it was important to be honest.

"No problem," she said. "We can have a picnic!"

"A picnic? Truly?" I asked, stunned.

"Sure!" she said. God, that accent drove me wild.

"Well, alright, then!" I agreed. "So, Saturday?"

We hashed out the details before finally agreeing on where to meet. Turned out she lived in my neighborhood, a mere 6 blocks away from me. Both of us being without a vehicle, we agreed to meet halfway at the local park.

It was a sunny, California day, the weather a bit warmer than my cold blood was used to. Still, I couldn't help but warm up when Anna showed up, a picnic basket in tow. She'd agreed to cook the food, which was probably for the best, my culinary experience being nil.

It was a traditional Catalan feast, with a Japanese twist. Turned out she was a big fan of Japanese Anime and Manga (a fandom that she would infect me with that would persist even longer than our relationship). We ate, and talked, laid out on the grass, and looked deep into each other's eyes.

There it was again. That pull. That desire for my soul to connect with another. But, it was different. There wasn't that negative feeling from before. This was strangely clean, in it's way.

When our meal and our time was done, we ended up outside my apartment building. We talked, and we were really getting into it, when I finally said.

"Ok, this is going to sound really weird, but can you do me a favor?"

"Ok. What do you need?" she said. Famous last words.

There was a short wall outside the building, not even a foot and a half high. She being about a foot or so shorter than me, I had a plan.

"Can you stand on this wall, please?" I asked, trying not to give the game away.

She did, looking at me as if wondering what crazy, American foolishness this was.

"Now, I have a question for you," I said, looking into her eyes. "Would you mind if I did this?"

I leaned into her, and she leaped into me, our lips locking.

Wow! The strength of her passion, the fire in her kiss! I'd almost held back on the intensity, but she matched me so well. Guess what they say about Latin fire was not just a boast.

It didn't take me long to sweep her feet of the wall, and she was clinging to me just by her arms wrapped round my neck, her breasts pressing into my chest, and her lips clinging onto mine.

It didn't take long for us to fall for each other. Then to sleep together. And, finally, for her to move into my apartment. From November till April, it was pure heaven. A rescued queen sized bed that I managed to negotiate to the price of "free" became our paradise, where we could cuddle, share movies with, and, of course, make love.

There are two moments in particular that stick out in my mind, which I want to share with you.

The first was, for the longest time, the most erotic moment of my life.

Occasionally, we'd join each other in the shower. Sometimes as a surprise, sometimes planned in advance. This time, she surprised me.

Being near sighted, I had to either wear glasses or contacts in day to day life. I wore glasses that day, and had taken them off to shower. Massaging shampoo into my dirty-blonde hair, I almost didn't hear the door open as Anna stepped into the shower. I did, however, notice when she started washing my back (an impressive feat considering our height different). Her touch was always a caress, her hands smooth and her touch firm but gentle as they worked their way up to my arms. She was gracious enough to let me rinse the shampoo out of my hair before she continued.

Standing behind me, she soaped my arms, my back, kneading into the muscle. I groaned with relief as the stress of several weeks dealing with rowdy actors and over sexed actresses (who were more like Megan Fox than Angelina Jolie in talent). A playful smack on my ass made me jump and her giggle.

"Hey, be nice!" I said, teasingly.

She giggled even more. "Oh, really?" she said, in a way that was our private joke. It's fun having a girlfriend with a sexy accent. "Well, how about this?" She reached around my waist, pulling her body flush against my back, and grabbed my hardening cock.

I gasped, her touch sending fire through my system. There has always been something about the touch of a woman in that area that sent sparks through my body. I reached a hand behind me, eager to return the favor, but she swatted it away.

"No," she said, huskily but firmly. "I want to do this for you."

I just nodded. Hard to argue when a woman you love has you by the pleasure rod. Even harder when she starts to stroke it, nice and slow and soapy.

In my near-sighted state, all my senses became sharper. The smell of her hair as it became wet in the shower, the feel of her breasts pressing into my back, the soft caress of her hand as it stroked my shaft. Her other hand just felt my whole body, as if committing it to memory.

It felt like ages went by , the feelings building and building, the sensations just pouring into me. It wasn't just the feel of a woman's body, nor her hand on my cock. It was the feel of how much she cared about me, wanted to please me, just because she could.

I can last a very long time when I have to. And I wanted to enjoy this as long as possible. But, finally, I could stand it no more. I turned around, Anna preparing to voice her protest before my lips engulfed hers in a searing kiss. My hands grabbed at her firm rear, squeezing her to me, letting her feel how hard she'd made me.

I quickly got out of the shower, guiding Anna behind me. I picked her up, and threw her onto the bed, crawling after her. I'd become a hunter, and she was my prey. Her eyes were glazed with desire, as mine surely were. I entered her, feeling her moist entrance enclose around me, hearing her soft gasp of pleasure as she cooed my name.

"T'estimo," she said. "T'estimo, Joseph." I love you. I love you, Joseph.

"T'estimo, Anna" I groaned in reply, my orgasm building in time with hers.

With a moan, we came, together and happy. She held me, and kissed me, and loved me, milking me of everything I gave her.

That's was Anna. My beautiful Catalan Girl.

But, there is more to this story.

The second great moment of our relationship came when she graduated her 8 week course. It was a wonderful little ceremony, and I was proud of my beautiful Director/Actresses work. But she was sad. Many of her friends were going home: some to other parts of the US, some to Europe, even one to India! As we were dropped off back at my apartment, I offered to go get a movie from the nearby Blockbuster. We enjoyed our movie nights, as it allowed us to bond over good films and test our knowledge on good acting/filming techniques.

Well, while there, I stumbled upon the Five-dollar movie bin. In it I saw her favorite movie, Lost in Translation, starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. Her favorite movie with her two favorite movie stars. I bought it for her, hoping it would cheer her up.

When I got home, she was still in her evening gown, crying. I went over to her, gave her a hug, and presented her with the movie, like it was no big thing.

Boy, could I have been more wrong! Her eyes went wide, her hand went to her chest. "You got this for me?" she asked.

"Well, yeah," I said (still wasn't that smooth a talker). "You told me it was your favorite, you like both these performers. And, it was on sale." I smiled sheepishly. "Figured it was a good idea."

I couldn't even blink before she was on me, shrugging off my sports coat and untying my tie with a purpose. Her lips hugged mine as my hands found their way to the zipper in the back of her dress. No sooner had I moved my hands then the dress was over her head and her breasts were in my hands, lips hungrily taking a nipple into my mouth.

She shoved me off, unbuttoning my shirt and pants, while I kicked off my shoes. Before long, we were naked as our name days, and a condom was snuggly on my cock. She positioned herself on top of me, pointing my hard rod to her treasure. With a moan, she was on me, riding me like there was no tomorrow, all the while saying my name, saying "T'estimo".

This was part of my favorite position with Anna. Her on top of me, riding me, I could focus my attention on pleasing her. But there was one part better. Pushing myself up, I wrapped an arm around her and held one behind me, letting her legs go behind me, she'd sink down further onto my shaft, moaning all the while. Together, we'd get the rhythm going, while I had full access to her breasts, her neck, her lips, holding her close, feeling her on me, so close.

With a groan, we climaxed together. The only other time we'd done that.

There were plenty of moments like this. But, all too soon, my Beautiful Catalan Girl had to go home. She left by taxi, not wanting me at the Airport as she left, her tears falling to the carpet as I held her, promising that we would be together again.

Sadly, it was not to be. Once she got home, she realized that she needed to be with her family, to help them as they worked through their struggles. So she broke up with me, believing that she needed to focus on that.

A few months after I came to terms with the fact that it was really over, an old friend of hers finally confessed his feelings for her. And she was surprised to find that she reciprocated those feelings. They were wed not long ago, and I wish them the best of happiness in life.

As was the case, it would be another separation between partners. However, where before it was only a few months at a time, this time it would be over two years before I would again know the touch and taste of a woman.

But, that's the story of next chapter.

The biggest thing about Anna was that, every now and then, I wouldn't feel guilty having sex with her. With Nicole, with Lisa, with any other sexual encounter, I'd always feel as if I'd...lessened, somehow. With Anna, every now and then, it would feel amazingly right for some reason. And that is why I hold Anna so dear to my heart. As Nicole taught me love, and Lisa taught me self-control, so did Anna teach me about making love in it's purest form.


Until next time, Read, Comment, Vote, and send feedback!


Joseph Degrep

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