tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLottery Winner Ch. 01

Lottery Winner Ch. 01


Colleen Andrews straightened her business suit when she got out of her minivan, she wore the suit for a meeting at the home of the ex-husband of a woman she used to work with. They won fifteen million dollars in the state lottery after taxes and shortly after that split the money, then they divorced.

Colleen wanted to start a business of her own very badly, she wanted to open some kind of franchise store specializing in cookware and other things of that nature. She needed one hundred and twenty five-thousand dollars to buy into the franchise and some start up cash to rent a location and other business expenses. She her former coworker Elsie first, Elsie was too busy spending money wildly and did not even want to take the time to listen to Colleen's business idea. Elsie told her to go try her ex, and she warned her that he is very tight with his money and spent very little.

She had to give it a try at least the bank turned her down, Elsie turned her down, this is her last resort. She walked up the walkway and got to the front door of the nice home, she rang the doorbell and a short stocky man in an old pair of jeans and a tee shirt answered.

"Hello, you must Jim McMullen, I'm Colleen Andrews, your ex wife said that I should stop by and run a business proposition by you if I could?" She asked.

"Gee me don't know, but Elsie wouldn't invest in your business?" He asked.

"No, she thought my idea would be more suited to you." She replied.

"Well I guess you could come in and tell me, no harm in that, but I can't promise you anything?" He told her stepping aside to let her in.

Once inside he ushered her into the living room and offered her a seat in a nice chair, he sat on the couch as she took some papers out of the briefcase she carried. She showed him the product line of the company, the estimated profits, success stories and her business plan. While she did this he took the time to drink in her appearance, she was your average housewife type. He did find her to be attractive though, her short brunette hair, combed neat and perfect, the sweet smell of perfume, she probably put on a few pounds from having kids, yet her body looked desirable enough to him in the nice business suit she wore.

"Mrs. Andrews." He said taking notice of the nice wedding ring and diamond on her hand. "If I do this how are you going to repay me, is this a loan or are we going to be business partners?"

"Please call me Colleen, but um I never really gave that much thought." She said.

"Obviously you thought I would love your idea and just gift the money to you, I don't even know you. I mean don't get me wrong, and I gave a lot of money away already, kids with cancer, a nice camp for disabled children. Yet this is different so why doesn't you go home and talk this over with your husband and then meet me back here in a couple days to let me know what kind of arrangement this will be." He explained to her.

"All right I will be back in a couple of days." She said

With that he led her back to the front door and watched her walk back to her minivan, he enjoyed watching her ass in the tight pants of her suit. He looked forward to her coming back, he had a proposal in his head and this might be the opportunity he was looking for.

For the next couple of days Colleen and husband Seth went over every aspect of their finances to see what they could afford. The best they could come up with was a hundred dollars a month and then more when the business takes off and starts making money. This time when Colleen went back over she did wear the conservative business pants' suit, this time she wore a light v neck blouse and a skirt cut just above the knee. She thought to look nice might not hurt her chances at getting the business of her dreams.

She pulled into his driveway and once again went up to the door, Jim answered the door and ushered Colleen into the living room. She once again sat in the chair, this time he went over to the bar he had set up in the living room, he made himself a manhattan and asked if he could get her anything. She told him a glass of white wine would be nice and he took a bottle out and poured it into a glass for her.

"So let me here what you got for me." He said sitting down on the couch.

"The best we could come up with is a hundred dollars a month and then when the business takes off, and we could work out a higher payment." She said hoping this would be enough.

"Unacceptable." He said to watch the smile leave her face. "I have different terms if you are willing to listen, if you want this badly enough you will agree."

"I'm listening." She said trying not to lose her confidence.

"I'm willing to lend you the franchise cost, double what you need for start up cash, you have two ways of repayment the first way is you pay me three hundred a month and fifty percent of any profit and I will also be a silent business partner or." He said pausing.

"Or what?" Colleen said frustrated by the turn of events.

"Once a week you will make yourself available to me for companionship of an adult nature. You must do this for one year, if you do so the loan will a gift and you will never hear from me again." He staring at her as if he was already undressing her.

"Your offer is disgusting." She said but still not getting out of the chair. "I'm a married woman."

"I will sweeten the pot a little on top of the franchise cost, and I will give you another one hundred and twenty-five thousand. How bad do you want this business, the ball is in your court and you have one minute to decide?" He said looking at his watch.

"Yes I want this business, I'll agree to your terms." She said looking away in disgust.

"Here is a check then for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, unlike my ex I can afford to be this generous. Instead of blowing my money on partying and crap, I invest and make more money and hopefully so will you." He said to tear the check out of his checkbook.

"Before I give this to you there is a contract on the coffee table here for you to sign, if one week you fail to give me companionship. I give this contract to my lawyer and I will sue you for breach of a contract." He explained.

Colleen looked at the document quickly and then reluctantly signed it, he then gave her the check and she put it in her purse. She got up from the chair and headed for the door, when Jim cleared his throat.

"Are you forgetting something, I want my first payment before you leave, so take off your blouse and turn around?" He ordered.

Slowly she did as she was told and turned around with hands over her bra clad tits, he then instructed her take off the bra. It was a nice black lace bra that had a clasp in the front of it, and her 34b breasts stood firm and erect before him, her large nipples hard from the air hitting them.

"Very nice, very nice indeed. Now lose the skirt." He said.

Once again she pulled the skirt down over her shapely legs, she now only stood there with a lace black thong that matched the bra. Colleen was embarrassed and ashamed of what she was now doing for money, she felt like a whore. Jim now pulled his cock out of his jeans and then pulled his jeans down to the floor. Colleen gasped when he sat in front of her stroking his hard eight inch cock, the cock was also thick as her wrist as well.

Her husbands' cock was average length and girth, this was huge compared to it and watching Jim stroke it lewdly in front of her was having an effect on her.

"I only want a blow job this week, get on your knees now and crawl over here to suck my cock." He ordered.

Colleen slowly sunk to her knees and crawled across the carpeted floor to the lewd man on the couch. She sat up in front of him between his legs, she looked up at him with tears in her eyes as she took his cock gently in both hands. She was able to fit the head and four inches into her mouth and used her hands to stroke the rest of the length while sucking him.

"Yeah that's it, yeah suck my cock, yeah suck it well." He moaned.

Colleen could not help herself now, the combination of having such a big cock in her mouth, the lewd comments were now making her pussy throb. Jim smiled as she took one hand off his cock and reached down between her legs and started to rub her pussy. She was emitting soft mewing moans from her mouth as she pumped his cock and rubbed her pussy. Soon he was shooting so much cum into her mouth that it ran down her chin and onto her breasts.

"Get on your back and finish bringing yourself to orgasm for me." He ordered.

Colleen was too hot to care anymore about the humiliation and did so, she pushed her thong aside and slid three fingers easily into her hot box. Within a couple of minutes she was cumming all over her fingers.

"You can use the bathroom to clean yourself up." He said. "My number is on the check, give me a call when you can bring me your next payment."

She wandered down the hallway and found the bathroom, she washed up, dried her tears and got redressed. Then she ran out of the house without so much as saying goodbye, she drove to the bank and deposited the money. She then went home, ordered take out for supper and then took a long hot shower.

Her husband was happy with news that she got the money and she lied telling him he wanted to be a silent partner and would only take a hundred dollars a month in payment. Even though she did not really feel up to they made love later that night after the kids were to bed. The whole time she kept wondering how Jim's bigger cock would feel fucking her pussy, when Seth was done he left her alone with her thoughts so he could go to sleep.

To be continued...

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