tagGroup SexLouise and Her Friend's Father Ch. 05

Louise and Her Friend's Father Ch. 05


Tom Wilson the father

Louise the girl friend of his daughter

And Myla, Louise's oriental girlfriend

When Louise felt Tom's hard cock thumping up between her legs she moaned as he kissed her. She had her hand over his hand and they were both squeezing her pussy. She felt a finger slip right into her hole she was full of Tom's cum from last night and early this morning. Now the head of Tom's cock was hitting her wet pussy slit and Louise opened her legs wider to show him she was ready and wanted him to fuck her again. "Oh Mr. Wilson, I want your big cock in me again. Hurry baby fuck me."

He moved up and pushed he head against her wet open cunt hole. Louise moaned as she said, "Oh Mr. Wilson hurry. Fuck me."

He smiled into her beautiful young face as he pushed the head into her opening. He held her and whispered, "You feel like you're wet and ready for me to again my sweet baby."

She pulled him down on top of her and wrapped her legs around his stomach pulling his body down on top of her. She kissed him hard and long shoving her tongue deep into his mouth. When they broke the kiss and embrace Louise said, "Yes, Oh God that feels so good Mr. Wilson. Fuck me one last time before I have to leave. God I just love your big thick cock. Stick it all the way in my little cunt now baby."

She lifted her body up offering her pussy to him. Tom pushed down on the skin at the base of his cock with his hand making it longer and harder and much more sensitive. Then he guided it further between the lips of her pussy spreading them even wider as it sunk deeper. The head moved up deeper into her cunt hole. Louise moaned very loudly as Tom placed his hands under her ass and lifted it up off the bed as he rammed the rest of his cock home. He shoved it as deep into her body as far he could get it. She was warm, very wet, tight and so beautiful. Her head was thrown back and her mouth was open and her eyes closed in a look of rapture.

Louise felt his balls begin to slap against her ass now as Tom fucked her. She immediately began to thrust up taking him and fucking him back. She fucked Tom as he pumped into her. She rotated her hips and rode her pussy up and down on his cock. They fucked for a very long time and tried different positions. First he fucked her under him to lubricate her and stretch her pussy some more. Then she wanted to be on top. So they changed positions and now her young body was sitting on top of him with his cock fully embedded inside her again. She continued to ride his cock deep into her body. Up and down, up and down, up and down she slid her sweet tight pussy on the hard shaft sticking up inside her lovely young cunt hole. She through her head back and moaned as she ran her hands through her hair. Tom watched her perfect round full breasts bouncing up and down and he reached up and cupped each of those big hard tits in his hands and squeezed them. She looked down at him and bent forward telling him to suck her nipples. Tom loved that so much he sucked on each of them as she presented each one to his mouth.

First she moved the right one into his mouth and like a hungry child he sucked it hard as his hands stayed wrapped around it squeezing it and pushing the nipple out even further. She rode his cock back and forth pumping her ass and hips sliding her pussy along the hard long shaft of Tom's cock. As he sucked her breasts, her body never stopped moving up and down, up and down fucking herself and him. He would push back into her each time she came down hard on his dick. They worked together to give the ultimate pleasure to each other.

Then Louise moved her left tit to his mouth and Tom switched his mouth so he could suck on that nipple. He used his hands to squeeze her breasts making the nipple push out just like he did the first breast. She loved how he sucked on each one. His hands went to her right breast. And again she just kept fucking her pussy on his thick cock.

Finally Louise grew tired of riding up and down, so Tom rolled them both over and pulled his cock out of her dripping pussy. She protested until he told her to roll over. She did as he told her and was now facing the same way he was with her back to him. Tom lifted her left leg up into the air and she reached back and took his dick in her hand. She guided it reinserting his cock back into her pussy as he lay behind her. They both watched his cock move back into her cunt and started to fuck her again. They could both see it going in and out of her pussy as they faced the mirror. Louise's young wet pussy was wide open now and Tom's cock drove deep into her from behind. To her it felt even deeper this way and she was soon moaning and whimpering as she told him she was going to cum. Tom picked up the speed of his thrusts.

She felt the difference in his speed and turned her head as she licked his lips with her tongue. He tried to get her tongue into my mouth but she teased him instead. Finally she shoved it deep into his mouth and Tom sucked it like he had sucked her tits. As they lay together fucking, he moved his hands over her tits and began to stroke and pull on the nipples with his thumb and index fingers. He pumped his hips against her slamming into her hips and ass with is hips and pelvis as his cock pumped in and out of her pussy. They continued like that for a long time. Louis's leg got tired staying up in the air and Tom moved her around again until she was down on all fours. As she did so he moved directly behind her and reinserted his cock again into her waiting pussy. He began to really hammer her cunt now from directly behind. As he did he moved up and bent over her body so he could cup one of her big tits in each hand. Squeezing them hard she hissed back at him, "Fuck me! Oh God fuck me hard baby. Fuck me faster Mr. Wilson, faster. Oh God it feels so good!"

He held her like this and slammed his cock into her again and again and again. "OH God yes! Ram that big cock into my pussy Mr. Wilson. Make me cum! Oh god yes baby! I love your big cock. Oh god keeps fucking me Mr. Wilson don't stop. Don't ever stop! It feels so good!"

Tom was covered with perspiration from fucking her so long and so hard. But he was determined to make her cum before sending her home. His cock was almost a blur now as he rammed it into her cunt again and again. Louise was pushing back just as fast and hard as she felt his cock thicken and get harder. Then she felt it throbbing as it also got warmer. Tom was about to cum.

She was groaning out loud and lay her head down on the pillow pushing her ass up in the air higher for him. Tom straddled her ass now and slammed straight down into that sweet young pussy! He was like a man taken over by some magic spell, a man on his mission. She held her pussy almost straight up in the air at him to do with it as he wanted. With her head on the pillow and her ass up in the air, Tom slammed down into it with all of his inches and held it deep straining to get it even deeper. Louise had her finger on her clit and was rubbing it as fast as her fingers could move over that hard bud.

Finally, just before he shot his load, Tom pulled out and rolled her over on her back again. Again he heard her moan in protest. "No! Put it back in! Please! Please! Please Mr. Wilson I'm not done yet. I'm almost there! PUT IT BACK", she cried out.

He paid no attention to her. He wanted his cock back in her as fasts as he could get too. Tom lifted her long smooth legs up in the air and used my hands to open them wide. She was watching his wet cock jumping with bobbing with excitement as it hung straight out between his legs. It was sticking out at least 9 inches and pointing directly at her cunt. He told her, Time to cum baby. Put it back in your pussy and I'll fuck you until you scream."

She took the throbbing shaft and guided it to her waiting hole. Tom felt the head move between her wet pussy lips and he pushed the big purple head into her wide-open pussy deeper. She arched up to take more of it. He was thinking, "God this young woman could fuck. She never got tired or wanted to rest."

Tom was right; Louise gave him as much or more than he gave her. Most women would just lay there and let the guy fuck her but not Louise. She moved with him and fucked him back. "So young and yet so good at this" he said to himself, "Most women would only move when their orgasm took over and made their body pump as they climax. Not Louise!! Lou fucked you right back! Maybe fucked you harder than you were fucking her. She loved it! I mean she fucking thrived on it! She never gets enough!"

So here they were with Tom between her soft young thighs holding her legs wide-open and up in the air so her ass was lifted higher off the bed and her pussy pointing right at his pumping cock. He slammed all of his 9 inches into her again and again and again and again!

Tom was really going at it now. Like a machine he continued to ram her pussy as she pumped up into him. She threw her head and cried out, "Oh yesssssss!"

She rolled her head from side to side and Tom felt her cunt walls tightening up around his hard thick cock. Louise began to cum again. When he felt her cunt squeeze tighter and her cum begin to cover his cock he moaned from the great feeling. Her young wet pussy clamp down on his hard cock deep inside her. Tom moaned again and began to rotate his hips in small fast circles. Rather than pump in and out now he rotated his cock around and around inside her pussy! She must have liked it because she went off like a rocket screaming and thrusting her pussy up into him as she climaxed on my cock.

Tom was close to cumming too and when he felt her orgasm he continued to rotate his cock in her cunt and she yelled, "Oh God Mr. Wilson! It feels so good. Oh Yes! YES! Oh God baby fuck me!"

Her climax was like none Tom have ever seen with her before. Her young body went wild fucking him back. She pulled her legs away from him and wrapped them tightly around his stomach as she pulled him down on top of her and thrust her hips up to take him deeper. "Cum in me! I want to feel it! Cum in my pussy Mr. Wilson", she hissed in his ear before licking and biting it.

They stayed locked together their bodies tightly together as she fucked him harder and harder yell all the time, "Yes! Yes! Oh please cum in me! YES! Cum in me now"

They continued to fuck and stayed locked together for a time. His cock felt thicker and longer than it had ever been. It was so swollen it hurt. She bit his shoulder and rammed her ass up into him as she locked her pussy tightly around the full length of his cock, which was buried deep inside her body. She actually started to milk his cock now until he couldn't hold back any longer. With her left nipple in his mouth and his cock fully inserted in Louise's pussy, Tom arched his back and dropping the tit from his lips and lifted his head up like an Alpha wolf. As he did his hips pushed hard and his ass squeezed and he began to cum!

She felt it! The first shot went very deep into her body ands she cried out saying, "Yes Mr. Wilson. That's it baby! Cum for me. Cum baby! Cum baby cum! Yes. Yes. Yes. Cum for me! Yes, that it! Oh yes Mr. Wilson you're so big so deep. Fill my pussy with your cum! Yes, yes, yes, that's it! Oh yea baby! That's it! That's it."

Tom moaned and grunted and hissed as he pumped as much cum into her as he had ever produced in his life. It felt like he would never stop cumming and that he was putting at least a gallon maybe two into this young woman's body. It was more like an ounce or two but the orgasm she gave him was spectacular. Never had he cum so hard or so long in his life. It was the very best orgasm he could ever remember having. He swore he could hear the thumping of his balls pumping his cum into her. And Louise held him and whispered words of encouragement that thrilled him and stimulated him as he climaxed.

It had been the very best fuck of his life. She felt the same way. Her words and actions and the sight that fantastic young body moving under him had him so fucking hot he was like an animal as he continued cumming in her. She was his release, his woman and they both knew that they would never get enough of each other. She was like a drug to him.

Her sweet pussy just kept milking the cum out of his cock. Tom continued to slowly fuck her with all the energy he had left! He was drained and still his cock was semi-hard and he was pumping it into her – slower, much slower now. She finally had slowed down too. She lowered her legs from around his stomach and her arms fell off his neck on to the bed.

Tom slowly moved his cock in and out of her pussy and he did so just enough to keep his cock head moving inside her. It was all he had left now. She looked him in the eye and told him, "I love you Mr. Wilson, well I love your cock and how you fuck me. God I love it so much. You fill me so good Mr. Wilson. Your cock is so wonderful and it satisfies me like no other man I have ever been with! And god you use it on me so well! I don't think I have ever climaxed so many times even when I use my vibrator."

Tom smiled down into hr face and told her she did things to him no other woman had even come close to doing! He told her, "I wanted to continue to see you Louise. How do you feel about that?"

She smiled and he slid his now soft cock out of her pussy. She immediately felt the cum begin to ooze out of her hole. They held each other and kissed and stroked gently for along time. Their passion was taken over by sheer tiredness. He was still laying on top of her and she held him tight. They both knew they were only good for each other for one reason – sex, fucking, sex!

Finally Tom rolled off of her and sat up. He looked at her beautiful face and young shapely body as she laid here nude and didn't even bother to cover up at all. She smiled as she saw his hand touch her. Tom's hands stroked her smooth skin gently. She sighed and smiled at him! Her nipples were still hard and red. She looked at his cock and asked, "Well I guess I'll see you again over the weekend. My folks are going out of town on Saturday and won't be home until really later Sunday. Can you come over around 1 PM on Saturday and we can do all this again?"

He told her he would try but Mrs. Wilson would be home and he may not be there at 1PM but he would be there. He cupped her cum dripping pussy and said, "I can't give up a chance to put my cock in here."

She smiled as he squeezed her pussy feeling the cum running out of it. She sat up and didn't remove his hand. He squeezed it and played with her pussy until he knew for sure his cock wouldn't get hand again. Tom pulled her to his lap and kissed each breast and then her lips. They held each other like that as the cum ran over his thighs. Then Louise got dressed and left. Tom knew he would have to get the weekend work done fast and early on Saturday. He would tell his wife tonight that he had to go into the office for a few hours on Saturday afternoon. He would be home around 6 PM. He knew she knew he did work sometimes on Saturdays so she wouldn't be upset. He told her he would take her to dinner when he got home.

Louise asked him if he could get hard four times in a row next Saturday? Tom smiled and said, "Well I don't know Louise. But if not, I'm sure my tongue can help you!"

She said, "I'm sure it can."

They both laughed. She left the house and Tom watched her sweet ass wiggle back and forth as she walked down the driveway towards her home.

On Saturday Tom finished the yard work and then showered and changed into casual clothing. He kissed his wife goodbye and drove off. He rounded the block twice and then pulled up three house down from Louise's home. He walked around the back of he house and she let him in the back door. She had on a robe and when Tom held her and kissed her he undid the belt, He stepped back and saw she had nothing on under it. She smiled and asked him if he like what he saw? He pulled her to him and they began to make out. It was only a minute or two before Tom sat Louise on the kitchen counter and opened her legs. He bent down and licked and sucked on her pussy. She held his head and climaxed hard. As Tom tasted her cum she held his head and stroked his head telling him she really needed that. He came up from between her legs and she said, "I want you to fuck me on my bed upstairs. Come on we'll make drinks and go up."

They walked up the stairs to the bedroom with their clothes in one hand and a drink in the other. When they got to her bedroom, the door was closed and Tom hard the shower running. I asked, "My God! Who's here Louise?"

She smiled and told him, "Don't worry I invited a friend over. I know, I know, this is a secret. But you're going to love her. Literally! She has trouble with English sometimes but she is sexy and wants to meet you and have sex with you."

They walked into the room and there were clothes in a trail going from the bed to the bathroom. The water stopped running, and a few minutes later Tom saw a beautiful young oriental woman's head looked out from the bathroom door and said, "Oh hi! I didn't hear anyone come up the stairs. Can you hand me that towel on the sink?"

Tom watched as Louise walked to the door and handed her the towel. She was a young, small, oriental lady maybe about 5 foot tall and extremely cute. Louise handed her the towel and she pulled the shower curtain open and wrapped the towel around her shapely young body. From the quick look Tom got, he could see she small but had very nice firm breasts that sat up high with hard dark nipples. She also had a shaved pussy.

Tom was thinking she was Japanese or maybe Thai. But as she took the other towel and started to dry he long, jet, black hair she asked, "Are you Mr. Wilson? Louise has told me all about you! All about you! I'm very glad to meet you. Give me a minute and I'll be right out."

Louise smiled and told her, "Oh no we'll wait for you right here. In fact we'll help dry you off right Mr. Wilson?"

Tom didn't know what to say but finally said, "If she wants help, yes, I'll be happy to help!"

And then he couldn't help but smiled as Louise told him, "Oh she wants your help alright, but not drying off. You see she wants you to show her how you eat pussy! Actually me too Mr. Wilson. You can show both of us."

Tom got embarrassed and his face turned red as he saw the new girl standing there with a towel wrapped around her small body and smiling at him. She actually bowled a little as she said, "Please. Would you do that for me Mr.....Mr. Wilson."

Louise introduced her as Myla and told her this was Mr. Wilson. She dropped the towel open now and stood before Tom showing him the front of her body. He saw a body that was so small and beautiful. She looked so very young as she turned around and showed him her back. Her ass was perfect and round and sat high and firm. He asked her how old she was and she told him she was 19. She turned around again to face him and held the towel open in both hands. She smiled as she saw him look her up and down. His cock was jumping and both girls saw it bobbing u and down. The oriental giggled. She said, "You like? Louise told me you would like me. You like Mr. Wilson? Louise told me how wonderful it felt to have your mouth on her pussy and I have never had that done to me before. You like Mr. Wilson? You lick me too down here?"

She pointed at her pussy and Louise said, "He likes it Myla believe me. Here sit down and show him. Open your legs and show Mr. Wilson your little soft pussy."

Myla sat on the towel as she lowered it to the edge of the tub. Then she sat on the edge of the tub too. As Tom watched she opened her legs wide showing him her complete sex. His cock was throbbing as he looked at her sweet tiny body and saw Louise sit next to her and open her thighs too showing him her snatch.

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