Louise Goes Down Ch. 02


"I guess so," Louise said. She wasn't liking this a bit.

"Finally, there is the matter of your attire," Bob said. "A whore should look like a whore. To begin with, you should never wear panties or pantyhose to work – ever. You can dress 'conservatively' when you leave the house and when you perform your secretarial functions for me in the mornings. But when it's time for you to fuck, I want you to look the part. I have an apartment about three blocks from here, a little love nest I've kept for the past few years, and that will be your base. You can keep your, ah, new wardrobe there and change clothes there."

"My new wardrobe?" Louise said, puzzled.

Bob reached in his desk and removed a card and handed it to Louise. It was a gift card worth $1,000 at an exclusive boutique that specialized in cutting-edge fashions.

"I want you to pick out the shortest, tightest dresses you can find, the sluttiest clothes imaginable," Bob said with a leer. "They can outfit you completely – shoes, garter belts, thigh-highs – everything you need to look like the slut you are. Ask for Deb; she's a friend of mine. She'll get you fixed right up. Go on. She's expecting you. Then, when you have everything you need, I want you to get fixed up in the sluttiest dress you have and go to this location (he scribbled the address of a nearby hotel on a piece of paper and handed it to her). Be there at 2 o'clock. Your first john is a fellow named Peter, a client from Cleveland. He's going to pay you for the entire afternoon. You are to do anything and everything he wants. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," Louise said in a defeated tone of voice.

"Good," Bob said. "You'd better run on then. You don't have a lot of time to waste."

Louise could feel a kernel of excitement budding in her gut. She had an inkling that she was about to get fucked like she'd never been fucked before, and it left her with a queasy feeling. She was truly dismayed at the turn of events that had led her to this point, but the prospect of doing something truly wicked and wild appealed to her latent slut.

Precisely at 2 o'clock, Louise was standing in front of the door to Room 2155 of one of the city's high-rise hotels in the downtown district. Butterflies were roiling in her stomach as she stood there working up the courage to knock on the door.

She had spent over an hour at the boutique and the salesgirl fixed her up with everything she needed, approximately $900 worth of clothes, and it was all stuff she'd never be caught dead wearing in the polite society she and her husband were used to rubbing elbows with.

On Deb's recommendation, she'd chosen to wear a short red dress with a plunging neckline, a scoop back and a hem that stopped just four inches below the curve of her butt. Other than her earrings, a small necklace, her high heels and a knee-length trench coat, she wore nothing else.

Never in her life had she felt more exposed than when she'd made the 10-block walk from Bob's apartment to the hotel. She had felt the eyes of everyone follow her as she walked through the lobby to the elevator.

She half expected – half-hoped – she'd be accosted by hotel security and escorted from the premises for so obviously engaging in prostitution, but no one had stopped her.

Once in the elevator, she had pulled off her wedding and engagement rings and put them in her small handbag. It was a symbolic gesture to her, signifying that for the moment she wasn't a wife and mother, but just another whore going to meet a john.

Finally, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Seconds later, the door opened and Peter Scolari escorted her into the room. Their eyes swept over each other and they both nodded.

Peter was a tall, lean man with dark hair, liberally flecked with gray, and piercing dark eyes. He was dressed in a pair of slacks and a dress shirt that was hanging loose from his pants and the cuffs were undone. The minutiae of his business lay scattered over the desk, but the bed was turned down and ready.

"You're a little older than what I expected, but that's OK," Peter said in a rich baritone. "I prefer women with a little seasoning."

"I guess I'll take that as a compliment," Louise said. "So, what's your pleasure? I was told you wanted me for the afternoon. Is that still what you want?"

"Without question." Peter said. "How much to have you until 6 o'clock?"

"Five hundred," Louise answered.

"And that's for anything I want, right?" Peter said.

"Anything," Louise said, then thought she'd better add a qualifier. "That's anything that doesn't involve pain, bodily wastes or animals. Other than that, you can fuck me anywhere you want."

Peter laughed and reached in his wallet, pulled out five 100-dollar bills and handed them over to Louise. She nodded, folded the bills and stuffed them into her small handbag.

Now that she was here, she was starting to get into the role of the hooker. Her pussy was starting to get creamy and she felt the tingle of incipient arousal. She set her bag on the small table, removed her coat and draped it over a chair then strutted slowly to where Peter was standing. She melted into his arms and they kissed, hard but with a slow smoky lust.

At length, she pulled away and slowly unbuttoned his shirt then raked her nails through the dark forest of curls that covered most of his chest. He had a powerful upper body, like he worked out, and that got Louise's motor running hot.

She knew instinctively that she would eventually encounter men who were less than appealing, but if the majority of her clients were anything like Peter, she'd be a very happy hooker indeed. She started to work on his pants, but he stopped her.

"I want to see what I'm paying for," he said, reaching down to pull off his shoes and socks.

Louise reached behind her and unzipped the little dress then let it shimmy off her hips onto the floor. She struck a seductive stance, not unlike one of the poses she'd gotten used to doing during her photo sessions with Brandon.

Peter's eyes swept up and down the mature blonde, noting the breasts that sat high and proud on her chest, the thick blonde bush at the juncture of her legs, which he was happy to see were slim and toned.

"Do I pass?" she said softly sliding back to press her body against Peter's.

"Absolutely," Peter said as he filled his hands with Louise's tits. "Very nice."

She reached down and caressed the nice-sized bulge in Peter's slacks, feeling it pulse in her hands. She needed to see it, to feel it in the flesh. Her hands quickly opened his belt, unfastened his pants and dropped the zipper.

The pants fell to the floor and Peter stepped out of them the same moment that Louise slid her hand into the hole in his shorts. His cock was hot and hard, with the head poking invitingly out of his foreskin. She was a little taken aback as she realized that she'd never fucked a guy who hadn't been circumcised.

She pulled his shorts down and swept her gaze up and down Peter's naked body. Without even thinking about it, she dropped to her knees, staring at the hard cock, which stood out strong from a dark thatch of pubic hair. She pulled the foreskin back and licked her lips as the head stared back at her.

Louise stuck out her tongue tentatively and licked the crown, lapping up the pre-cum that boiled out the tip. She pressed her attack and licked her way down the shaft, laving Peter's cock with her lips and tongue. She spent a little bit of time working her tongue around the area right under the crown, and was gratified to hear a soft groan of pleasure escape Peter's mouth.

Satisfied that she had her customer where she wanted him, Louise opened her mouth and slid his cock past her lips. She worked a good two-thirds of him in on the first suck then began a slow bobbing motion, back and forth, rolling her tongue around the shaft as she feasted on his cock.

Reaching up, she cupped his low-hanging balls with one hand, softly caressing his cum-filled sac. She was starting to warm to the task now, all thoughts of home, husband and family washed away by the tide of her lust.

Louise knew the slut side she'd tried so hard for all those years to suppress was taking over her life, and right about then, she really didn't care.

Peter might have been content to blow the back of Louise's head off with his climax. But he wanted to sample the delightful charms of her pussy, so he gently pried her head off of his cock, and got a jolt of lust at the way tendrils of spittle and pre-cum kept them connected for a couple of seconds.

Louise was ready. She lay back on the bed and opened her legs, giving Peter a good look at her dripping cunt, the desire etched on her face as she looked up at him. Peter knelt on the bed between her legs and ran the head of his cock between her labia several times, just to get it acclimated.

Then with a grunt, he pushed the head past her opening, thrust forward with his hips and drove his cock all the way into Louise's pussy. Louise gasped at the sudden intrusion, a gasp that morphed into a long moan of pent-up passion.

Peter quickly settled into a nice, easy rhythm, sluicing his cock back and forth in Louise's hungry depths. He leaned over and took her tits in his hands, squeezing the mounds and rolling her nipples between his fingers.

Louise wrapped her legs around Peter's waist and worked her hips upward to meet Peter's incoming thrusts. She was on a fast track to a tremendous climax, with the crackle of sensation building to a crescendo. She shook her head rhythmically and she gave out little squeals as the feelings swelled to a head.

Peter, too, was feeling the sizzle of his orgasm mounting, and he decided there was no need to make a big effort to hold it back. He had all afternoon to spend with this mature beauty, and he was fully capable of coming back strong and putting his cock where he really wanted it.

Together, they worked for each other's benefit, each thrust ratcheting the passion ever higher. They were talking, cooing, moaning, and urging each other on as they hurtled to the finish line. Sweat covered their bodies as they climbed to the top.

It was Louise who finally tumbled off the cliff first. Her body stiffened for a long, pregnant second, then her body shuddered as the orgasm rippled through her body. She cried out in gasping, choking sounds and her groin spasmed hard.

That was more than Peter could handle, and with a loud groan he thrust his cock as deep as he could and exploded with a hard load of white-hot cum. He collapsed on Louise as he emptied himself in her twitching pussy. As the sensations abated, they clutched each other in the heat of the moment.

Peter finally rolled off Louise, his cock momentarily sated, his cum flowing from her well-fucked cunt in hot streams.

As the orgasmic feelings faded, Louise lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. It was official now, she thought. She was a full-fledged whore.

She could rationalize away what had happened the previous week at Brandon's apartment. She had been manipulated into it; she had done it in the context of posing for pictures; she really hadn't understood what she was doing.

But not this time. She had deliberately met a stranger in his hotel room, taken his money and had sex with him. And he wasn't done with her. She was on the verge of tears, when Peter brought her back to earth.

"Come on, let's shower together," he said. "I have something I want to do, and I want you clean."

Louise had an idea of what that something was, and somehow that improved her mood. She was ready to try something she'd never done before, and that got her mind off her predicament.

She felt like could get through this as long as she didn't think too much about the consequences of what she was doing, if she could just do it and react.

The water was warm and refreshing as Peter and Louise stood under the shower. Peter took the soap and lathered it all over her body and Louise found herself responding. He had nice hands, and as he worked the soap over her skin, she felt her arousal starting the spike.

At his command, she leaned over and let him work his fingers between her legs, cleaning the cum from her cunt and opening her ass. Peter stood behind her as he worked his fingers into her holes, and whispered in her ear.

"You know what I want, don't you," he said. Louise just nodded as she closed her eyes and let the feelings flow through her.

At that, Peter pulled his hands away, and Louise took the soap and returned the favor, getting a good lather going. She concentrated on his cock, making sure she cleaned under his foreskin, and at his direction got his ass good and clean.

She was puzzled at this, until he leaned against the wall, with his butt thrust slightly outward.

"I want you to do something really nasty to me," he said, with a wicked smile on his face.

"What's that?" Louise said.

"Get on your knees and lick my ass," he said. "And make sure you get your tongue in there good. You want me hard again? That'll do it. That's why I wanted you to make sure I was clean."

As the warm water beat down on her back, Louise knelt on the floor of the tub behind Peter. She spread his butt cheeks and stared at his brown starfish. A shudder ripped through her body at the thought of what she was about to do, but she couldn't say no.

So, with a deep breath, she pressed her face to his ass, stuck out her tongue and began to lick. She laved the outside of his hole, then as he groaned with lust, she began to get into the flow of what she was doing. It was so nasty, so kinky that it turned her on in a perverted way.

As Peter relaxed, she wormed her tongue into his hole, and hummed as she did. As she worked her mouth on his ass, she reached around and found him bursting hard. She slowly stroked his cock up into rampant hardness, and got a real thrill at the power she had over this man – or any man.

At length, Peter decided they'd had enough foreplay. He stood up, pulled Louise to her feet and shut off the water. They kissed deeply as they stood there dripping wet, then they got towels, dried off and dashed back to the bed.

Louise detoured to her purse and fished out the small tube of lubricant she'd bought at the drugstore down the street on her way to the hotel. She recalled the knowing look on the face of the sales clerk who'd rung up her purchase. At the time, she'd felt embarrassed; now it amused her.

On Peter's instructions, she knelt on the bed, with her ass in the air. She thought he was going to get right down to it, but he surprised her by kneeling behind her and pressing his face to her crotch.

He slashed his tongue down the wet furrow of her pussy, curling it over her throbbing clit then working his mouth back up until his tongue was over her opening. He bored his tongue into her pussy, and Louise gasped as sparkles of lust raced through her body.

"Oh, baby, that feels sooooo goooood," she panted.

Peter just chuckled as he pressed his mouth harder into her ever-flowing cunt, then suddenly he swiped his tongue up to her pink asshole. He circled it several times as Louise lifted her head and howled in surprise.

He licked her ass with every bit as much purpose as she'd done him earlier, and she reacted about the same way, climbing quickly toward a climax, but before it could fire off, Peter pulled away, leaving her hanging.

But he didn't leave her hanging long. As soon as she'd settled down a little bit, he went back at it, alternating between sucking her pussy and licking her ass. As soon as she started reaching for a climax, however, he pulled back.

Louise groaned in abject frustration, but she understood what his game was, and she liked it. She knew he wanted her screaming in need when he finally got to the point where he was ready to fuck her ass.

And that moment was rapidly approaching. Peter was trembling with lust as he got up on his knees, took the tube of jelly, opened it up, squeezed out a generous dollop onto his fingers and smeared it over her ass.

He just circled her anus at first, just rimming the outer edge, getting her really worked up. Louise was going nuts with need, but she gritted her teeth and waited, and presently, Peter finally slid his middle finger into her rectum.

Louise groaned heavily as Peter slowly worked his finger back and forth in her butt. He worked on Louise with one hand while he took a strip of jelly on his other hand and began to stroke his cock slowly, getting it good and slimy.

As he softly stroked himself, Peter slid a second finger into Louise's ass, and pushed two fingers into her dripping cunt. He expertly worked his hand into her holes, getting her good and loose, while she felt her arousal climbing to a higher pitch than she could ever remember.

"Tell me what you want me to do, Louise," Peter said, with a definite strain in his voice.

"Oh God, fuck me, fuck me," she panted.

"Fuck you, where?" he said.

"My ass!" she cried as she reached back and pulled her butt cheeks open as wide as possible. "Fuck my ass and make ... me ... come!"

Peter smiled as he pulled his hand away from Louise's crotch. He held the head of h is cock to her anus, which was no longer puckered, but was open, smooth and ready. He pushed forward subtly with his hips until suddenly his cock overcame whatever resistance there was and the head entered her ass.

Louise screamed in a weird combination of pain and passion as Peter held just the head of his cock in her rectum. Slowly, he pushed forward, filling her butt with his meat, and the more he put in, the better it felt.

It was like nothing she'd ever experienced before in her life, and the second he got all of it in and began to fuck her ass, she went wild. Her orgasm exploded like an atomic bomb, her body thrashing on the bed as she threw her hips back to get as much of his cock in her ass as she could.

She clutched the sheets, threw her head in every direction, moaned, cursed, gasped, panted and screamed out her overwhelming lust. She had never dreamed that having her ass fucked could produce such sensations, but there was no mistaking what she was feeling.

And Peter just kept leisurely working his cock at a strong, steady pace, fucking Louise's tight, buttery ass with a controlled fury. For the better part of an hour, he fucked Louise's ass, stopping several times to let his climax subside.

Louise, however, had no such respite. After her initial explosion of sensation, she kept climbing higher and higher, until every nerve ending was crackling with orgasmic intensity, until her only thoughts were of orgasmic sensation. Her mind was dulled by a veil of pure lust that wrapped her in a vicious cocoon, leaving her a sweaty, formless mass of fucked-out flesh.

Finally, Peter could feel his control slipping, and he picked up the pace, working his cock harder and faster in her spastic butt until he felt the crackle of cum boiling over in his scrotum. With a loud roar, he felt the molten semen race through his cock and explode out the end.

Peter basted Louise's bowels with a steaming load of hot wet cum, firing over and over into her clenching ass. Louise barely felt it. She was flowing slowly down a river of lust from the incredible heights she stayed at for so long, finally slumping forward onto the bed in a semi-comatose state.

Peter's cock slowly wilted in Louise's ass and he finally pulled it from her with a soft plop. He stared as her anus stayed open, red and wet, for long seconds as cum rolled out of it and down over her splayed-open pussy. He finally staggered off the bed, grabbed one of the towels to dry off his sweaty body, then set about rousing Louise back to consciousness.

Louise was drained, physically and emotionally, as she walked painfully back to Bob's apartment. The winter darkness had already descended on the city and there was the hint of snow in the air.

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