tagIncest/TabooLouise's Nylon Slip Seduction

Louise's Nylon Slip Seduction


It was the morning of the big family wedding and Louise and her lovely twenty year old daughter Rachel were preparing their outfits for the day. In her bedroom Louise looked at the pretty pink floral dress she had laid out on the bed and sighed with pleasure at the anticipation of wearing something truly feminine for the day. She admired the matching hat with its pretty pink bow also on the bed beside the dress and then she began to think about what she could wear under her dress, as it was slightly see-through and she wanted to spare herself any embarrassment. She suddenly remembered that in her lingerie drawer she kept a few slips that she hadn't worn for ages. Slips had been going a bit out of fashion and Louise had been following the trend. But then as she remembered the slips, memories also flooded back of the enjoyment she found even as a schoolgirl in wearing a silky nylon slip under her school skirt. She remembered in particular a lovely light green half slip with a sweet lace hem that became an erotic companion to her during boring school lessons. She recalled how the slip would spill out from her skirt as she squirmed on the hard chair enjoying the seductive rasp of her soft underskirt against her nylon panties.

Her enjoyment was always shared by the boy in the desk behind her. A shy lad, whose name she no longer recalled, but whose pleasure at her daily ministrations she remembered vividly. The suppressed groan as he came after a desperate wank behind his desk was etched on Louise's memory. She flushed as she remembered how this aroused her and how she secretly brought herself to climax through the combined silky nylon of her panties and slip and always hoped that the shudder of pleasure wasn't noticed by her other classmates or teacher.

Louise was shaken from her reverie by a knock on the door. It was Rachel.

'Mum, are you decent?' she called. 'I just want to show you the dress I'd like to wear today'.

'Yes, darling, come in,' Louise replied.

Rachel came in clutching a pretty floral summer dress in green. She was stunning. Tall and willowy with a cascade of soft and shiny light brown hair, her lovely face was wreathed in a smile that would have men weak at the knees.

Louise found herself looking at her daughter with admiration. She was slightly envious of her slimness as she scanned her up and down. Rachel was dressed only in a lacy black bra and matching silky black nylon panties and Louise herself was similarly dressed, in burgundy nylon panties and bra. Just for a moment, there was an awkward silence as the realisation set in that there was a sexual tension between the two. Louise pushed the thought from her mind. 'It must be the hot weather,' she mused, 'I cannot possibly fancy my own daughter.'

And yet, as she looked at Rachel, her maternal love was beginning to find a new expression – she realised that she wanted so much to love her in a new and exciting way.

'That's a lovely dress, darling,' Louise breathed. And then she found herself saying, 'but I think you may need to wear a slip under it.'

Rachel looked at her quizzically. She hardly ever wore dresses and so the notion of a slip was totally new to her.

'OK Mum, whatever you say,' Rachel replied and by now she was beginning to get curious. Louise opened her lingerie drawer and noticed that her hands were trembling with excitement. Firstly she took out a silky heavy nylon full slip in a beautiful burgundy colour that matched her bra and panties.

'This is the slip I'm going to wear, darling,' whispered Louise, 'isn't it beautiful? Go on feel it, feel how soft it is.'

And then, caught up in a burgeoning and frantic lust for this exquisite garment, Louise continued, her voice thick with desire, 'see how the nylon fabric shines in the light, darling...see how the nylon weave is different on each side....'

By now the aching urgency in her groin was becoming too much to bear and her voice became a whisper as she searched Rachel's face with a tender longing.

'Feel it, darling ..feel it and love it......'

Rachel ran her fingers over the proffered slip and was caught up in the sense of arousal that was taking Louise over. Her mouth went dry and she began to feel sensations she had never had before in her young life.

'Oh, wow, Mum, that's so gorgeous,' she breathed, 'put the slip on. I want to see you in it.'

Louise nodded and proceeded to draw the slip over her head and smooth it down her body. She ran her hands over its silken loveliness and her nipples became erect as she sensed its smoothness over her bra and breasts. 'Feel it on me, darling Rachel,' Louise said urgently, 'just hold me and kiss me in my lovely slip...'

Rachel found herself instinctively responding and as she held her mother in her arms she felt the softness of the slip between them. They kissed, but as lovers, and the passion began to surge in Rachel's groin – feelings she had never experienced before.

Suddenly Louise broke free from the embrace.

'God, I forgot, sorry my darling - you need your slip as well.' With that she went back to the lingerie drawer and pulled out a sweet little black nylon half slip, exquisitely soft and quite plain, with just a narrow lace hem.

'Put it on, darling, and then we can really enjoy ourselves in the way we were meant to.'

With trembling hands Rachel pulled on the half slip whilst Louise fussed and smoothed the silky nylon. Rachel felt the nylon of her panties and slip sliding deliciously together as Louise let her hand stray between Rachel's legs and gently began to manipulate her daughter through the silken layers. They both sank to the floor as the ecstasy of shared slip love overtook them.

'Oh God, Mum, something's happening to me,' gasped Rachel as the incipient orgasm began to take hold.

'Yes, darling, let it come, let it come,'

Louise moaned as, kissing each other passionately, Rachel's hand moved to her mother's warm and secret place. Entwined with each other, their firm breasts and erect nipples straining against their bras and the slip silk sliding deliciously between them, the mutual masturbation increased in intensity as one after the other they came to a shattering orgasm. As they lay in each other's arms after the climax, Louise and Rachel quietly sobbed in fulfilment. Mother and daughter were now united in a new and exciting love.

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