byAdrian Leverkuhn©


Love - a word – heaven sending
In time – a place – never ending
Heart - to mend – forever bending
To will – a force – flower’s rending

Talk – once heard – her words flowing
Through time – a race – her wounds knowing
That pain – it’s face – deep cries flowing
Mask fate - by love - as time waits knowing

Her reflection unfolding

Is it so simple - as quiet as it seems -
to gaze inward - on the mirror of your dreams?
Would you walk across - in dappled moonbeams -
to the shadowlands - across ancient streams?

Schoolgirl muse - lost in wonder -
do you hear the light - see the thunder?
Ah! but time - her river - in mooncool light under -
would she drift along - or be torn asunder?

In solitude gathers - in still air exerting -
what would she see - was life controverting?
Or was the impulse vain - to life disconcerting -
what would she find - or was she deserting?

Her reflection inverting?

Dreams stand in silence - through which no light bends -
to the promise of Spring - in life time ends?
On distant wings - lost spirit ascends -
to the reflection that cries - why moontossed winds?

Was it ever so simple - this quiet enfolding -
or was life a dream - not worth the holding?
But how could she know - if life mocks withholding -
the promise of sleep - a reflection unfolding.

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