tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLove At First Sight Ch. 04

Love At First Sight Ch. 04


This story is contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don’t use this without my permission. Now, on with the story!

After hanging about Melbourne for the day to kill time, my mobile phone rang about 5.30. It was early evening, with the sun gradually creeping lower in the sky. Kylie’s lovely voice was on the other end.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” I said, sitting down on a wall.

“You still fancy a date?” she said, a slightly anxious tone in her voice.

“Yeah sure, where do you fancy going?” I said, seeing as she knew the city. I explained where I was, and she paused to think briefly.

“Let’s go out for dinner, there’s a restaurant a short way from you.” she said, explaining where to go.

“OK sounds good, what time?” I said.

“How about seven?” she replied, sounding happy.

“Seven’s fine” I said, “See you then you horny little devil” I said with a smile.

“You bet you will” she said, and hung up.

I now had about an hour or so to pass whilst I thought of Kylie in all sorts of sexual positions and fantasies, which gave me a hardon. I couldn’t jerk off though as I’d have Kylie to do that for me later on. Thinking about having her sucking me off only served to make it harder. Her full, pouting, wet, juicy lips sliding up and down my cock, head bobbing and tongue swirling round the head as she worked to get me off. Trying to ignore the thoughts, I sat on a wall and looked out at the ocean. I focused on the waves and the hardon subsided.

I headed for the restaurant Kylie had recommended at 7, and found her sitting down inside. I went in to join her.

“Hey babe” I said with a smile.

“Hi!” she said with a laugh, before standing to give me a kiss.

“How’s your day been then?” I said, settling down in my seat, taking a look at what she was wearing. She had a tiny miniskirt and a low cut tank top on, with a push up bra to enhance her cleavage.

“Tiring and stressful, meeting with these producers and such leaves you needing a way to relax” she said, looking up at me with a lusty expression.

“I’m sure we can find a way to relax you” I said, running my hand across her leg. “So what lingerie are you wearing this time”

“The things you like. Garter belt, stockings, push-up bra” she said, squeezing her luscious legs together.

“Panties or thong?” I said, getting aroused by her attitude.

“Neither” she said simply, taking my hand and pushing it up her skirt to her pussy. I stroked her damp, trimmed pussy with two fingers.

“I never said I doubted you” I said, my cock absolutely rock hard.

“Doesn’t mean I don’t want you prove it to you” she said, licking her lips before giving me a full French kiss. As she leaned over into the kiss, she slid her hand onto my hardon and gently jacked me off through my trousers. This was amazing, Kylie in the mood for getting it on in a restaurant. Her nipples were like bullets, pointing through her tank top.

“Kylie don’t. You’ll make me cum” I whispered to her.

“That’s what I’d intended” she said with a seductive smile.

“Yes but do you want me to cum in my shorts?” I said, looking her square in the face. She bit her lip and looked at me with eyes you could just fall into.

“Actually, I was about to drop to my knees, suck you off and swallow” she said, sliding off the seat onto her knees.

“Kylie no! We’ll get caught!” I hissed at her but she took no notice, pushing my legs apart and settling between them in a comfortable position. She undid my trousers and pulled my rock hard cock out. She looked at it lustily before licking the precum off the head, causing me to shiver. This simply egged her on, and she slid my cock into her mouth. I pulled myself up closer to the table inside our booth so she wasn’t seen. Her pouty lips slid up and down my shaft as she slid my cock all the way into her mouth and then back out to just the head. She licked round the head and hummed gently which felt incredible. I knew I wouldn’t last long before I looked up to a bit of a shock. The waiter was approaching! I nudged Kylie with my leg to make her stop for a moment but to no avail, she simply sucked harder. The waiter stopped near the table.

“Good evening sir, where has your date gone? I hope she hasn’t left you here?” he said in a friendly manner.

“No she’s just using the toilets” I said, using all my self control not to gasp in pleasure as Kylie sucked like there was no tomorrow. The waiter handed me the menu.

“What would you like to order sir?” he asked. At that moment, which I thought was very obviously deliberate, Kylie deepthroated me. My cock slid all the way into her throat as her nose touched my pubic hair. I thought she couldn’t suck harder but she managed it, sliding all the way back to the head and then back to deepthroat slowly, slurping and licking up my 7” cock. She was teasing me, and knew it’d make me cum soon. I managed to order without showing too much strain, and simply hoped I wasn’t sweating too much.

At this time Kylie started deepthroating me fast, humming as she did so. I couldn’t hold on, and Kylie knew it. By now she could just read my body language. She slowly slid my cock out so just the head was in my mouth, licking my shaft all the way. With her left hand resting on my thigh, she took her right hand and wrapped it around my cock and started wanking me furiously. She hummed and sucked on the head in her mouth, which was too much. I grabbed the table and came hard, all the while she kept sucking and jerking me. After my load flooded onto her tongue, she milked me for what was left and sucked the head of my cock clean, before sliding out onto the seat next to me. I tucked my softening dick back into my trousers and did then up. Kylie turned to look at me and very deliberately and slowly swallowed, after which she ran her tongue over her lips with a satisfied sigh. She straightened her tight mini skirt out and smoothed her tank top, before settling into her seat like she gave blowjobs in restaurants everyday.

“Well, I’ve had my starters” she said, running her tongue over her teeth as she smiled.

“That was incredible, but your deepthroating when the waiter was here nearly got us busted” I said, wiping my forehead and settling into the seat with my arm around her shoulders.

“You’re right, I’ve been naughty. You’d better give me a spanking” she said

“I’m sure you’d love that, but you’re not getting one here” I said, staring her in the eyes.

“Awwww” she said, and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

The waiter delivered our food, and we started eating. She kept running her hand up my thigh as we ate, obviously wanting nothing more than me to jump on her and shag her through the ground. But I wasn’t gonna do that, because we didn’t need that kind of press attention. After the waiter had cleared our plates and we were sipping coffee, Kylie spoke up.

“I had this dream a couple of nights ago” she said, slightly quietly.

“What about?” I said, watching curiously as she looked down into her coffee.

“That I, er...that some guy....raped me” she said, blushing deeply.

“You serious?!” I said, somewhat shocked. “How do you feel about it?” I asked.

“Well to be honest, although I was violated, hurt and insulted, when I woke up I was horny as hell. I had to get Dannii to lick me to orgasm, which didn’t take long since I was so horny” she said, looking at me.

“So what happened in it to make you so horny?” I said, getting interested.

“Well he completely dominated me. He forced me to strip, get into all sorts of positions for him, then he forced himself on me and made me take it in every hole before I was ready for it. He chained me up, hit me and just laughed as I begged him to stop...” she trailed off. She had a glint in her eye as she said this and I could see her nipples were fully erect again.

“Sounds like you were enjoying being degraded to someone’s whore” I said idly.

“I’d never enjoy having a cock forced up my arse” she said with an innocent look on her face.

“Sure you wouldn’t” I said with a smile, before finishing my coffee. Kylie did the same.

“Look, as you can see I’m horny as hell, so if you won’t do me here then you gotta somewhere” she said, standing up and pulling me to my feet. She led me across the restaurant to the womens toilets, pushed the door open and dragged me in. She bent over the countertop and spread her legs slightly.

“Fuck me now” she said simply, looking at me in the mirror.

“What if someone comes in Kylie?” I said, running my hands down her sides.

“Well you better make it quick then hadn’t you?” she said in a sultry tone. I decided not to argue and undid my trousers. I released me re-hardened cock and took a position behind her. I rolled her tight mini-skirt up over her arse, up around her hips and saw she wasn’t lying about her underwear. I took my hardon in my hand and placed it against her bulging pussy lips, took hold of her hips with both hands and then pushed my cock all the way into her in one stroke. She gave a groan and bit her lip.

“Kylie you’re gonna have to keep quiet else we really will get caught” I said, thrusting into her hard and fast.

“I’ll try, but this feels so good!” she moaned as she squeezed her thighs together to increase the friction. It felt great, sliding in and out of Kylie’s tight pussy as she worked to get both of us off. I hooked my elbows onto her hips and reached up to cup her firm breasts. After another minute Kylie started grunting slightly, stifling her urge to scream in pleasure, as she got on the brink of orgasm. I reached round her and rubbed her clit vigorously, which was enough to push her over the edge. She groaned as she orgasmed, her juices running down her thighs, her pussy muscles massaging me to orgasm. I couldn’t hold on and didn’t need to, so let go. I came hard, pushing myself all the way into her as I did. After slowing down, we both sighed contentedly.

“Was that what you needed?” I said, catching my breath.

“Oh yeah, that’s all I wanted” she said, stretching slightly. I pulled out of her and watched the juices run down her legs and onto the black stockings she was wearing.

“You’ve made a mess of your lingerie baby” I said, fixated on her luscious legs.

“Well I’ve never been banged with my lingerie on so I didn’t realise it’d be a problem” she said with a smile. I smiled back and put myself away, refastening my trousers. Kylie simply stood, evidently waiting. I reached over and ran a finger through the juices on her inner thigh and raised it to her mouth. She licked it clean without any thought, and I pulled her tight skirt down over her nice, tight arse. I smoothed it out, then stood her up and smoothed her top out.

“So where now?” I said, taking her hand.

“Follow me” she said, and headed out of the toilet. She grabbed the bill and paid for it at the front desk, before we headed out into the warm evening.

“So what’s the plan babe?” I said, putting my hand across her lower back.

“I’ll tell you when we get there” she said, keeping her voice neutral. She was acting a little strange, somewhat anxious about something. I didn’t bother to keep asking, that would only annoy her. We arrived at a beach house after around another 15 minutes walking, and Kylie stopped on the doorstep. She turned to me with a serious but nervous look on her face, avoiding eye contact with me.

“So Kylie, why are we here?” I said, unsure of her attitude to me.

“Well I’ve rented this place for the weekend, which means you can enjoy me to my full lung capacity, without any chance of interruptions” she said in a shy manner.

“That’s cool, we can spend some pure time together” I said, still not sure of her aim.

“Also there’s a reason why I told you about that dream over dinner. I was kinda hoping that....we could....uhhhh....well it got me so damn turned on and stuff...” she trailed off.

“What are you suggesting?” I said in a cautious tone.

“Rape me” she said simply, looking me straight in the eyes. To say I was taken aback would be an under-statement.

“You what?” I said, staring at her.

“You heard me. Take me and do whatever you want with me while I resist your advances. Hit me, chain me up, cum on me. Just use and abuse me for your own pleasure” she said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Are you sure Kylie?” I said, wanting to make sure she wouldn’t blame me for this afterwards.

“Yes. I just want to see what it’s like and whether I get as horny as I did in my dream. And you get plenty of pleasure from it. You can do whatever you want with me” she said, putting her arms around my neck.

“OK I’ll do it to you. But we need some rules. Like do you want a safety word? So if you say that we stop” I asked her, running my hands down her sides.

“A real rapist wouldn’t stop would he? He’d just keep banging on me, so no. I don’t want a safety word. No matter how degraded or pained I am I want you to keep fucking me how you want OK? Is that clear, don’t stop for me” she said, looking at me.

“OK babe, I’ll do it for you. If you really want me to, I’ll rape you” I said, not quite believing what I was about to do to my incredible little Minogue.

“OK. So once we go into this beach house we don’t know each other, and we certainly don’t have the same thoughts on our mind” she said, setting the scene for her imminent degradation.

“OK then, let’s go” I said. She gave a smile and walked to the door. She opened it and stepped in, me following behind.

“Who the hell are you?!” she shouted, turning round to face me, getting things going.

“Well it is Kylie Minogue” I said, eyeing her tight body “I thought so. I’m gonna get a helping of that” I said, reaching back and locking the door.

“What do you mean?” she said in a shaky voice.

“I’ll show you what I mean!” I said lunging for her. She gave a scream and jumped over the sofa away from me. She started running away from me across the room, and I gave chase.

“Help me!” she screamed “HELP, he’s gonna rape me” she squealed, though the beach house was soundproof. I was close enough and reached out to grab her. I caught her top, which tore at the back, and dragged her to me.

“Listen you little bitch, you ain’t gonna get away” I said, shoving her to the floor. She knelt up, looking at me with fear.

“I want you to strip. Nice and slow, make it a show” I said, staring at her.

“Please no! I can pay you lots of money” she said with a begging tone. I stepped forwards and slapped her hard across the face.

“You heard me you little slut. Strip!” I said. She gave a moan of despair, rubbed her face and stood up. She slowly started to dance, somewhat nervously. She saw the look I had and started going faster, shaking her hips and arse. She slowly peeled her top off and threw it onto the floor, revealing her nice breasts in their push-up bra. She pushed her tight arse out towards me as she turned, trying to draw things out.

“Come on bitch, I want that skirt off” I said, eyeing her tasty legs. I saw a look of horror cross her face as she realised that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She slowly slid the zip down on the back of her miniskirt and wiggled her hips to slide it down. It dropped around her ankles and she kicked it away, still facing away from me. I ogled her tight butt, watching her, reluctant to turn round.

“What’s the matter? Forget to wear any panties today?” I said in a mocking tone. She hung her head in shame and turned round to reveal her pussy, untrimmed and natural. She looked at me, waiting in anticipation, and continued. She slowly peeled her bra off and tossed it to me, before bending over in front of me and slowly snapping the stockings off her suspenders and rolling them off. She removed her garter belt last to leave her in her naked glory, standing in front of me awkwardly shifting on her feet and shyly covering her bush with her hands.

“Take your hands away, lets see what you got” I said, and she let her hands drop to her sides. “Spread your legs a little, that’s it” I said as she slowly complied. I stared at her thick, natural brown pubic hair.

“Not found time to use a razor down there recently?” I said, watching as she looked down at her pussy.

“Well.....erm...my boyfriend shaves it for me, and....he hasn’t had the time to trim me” she said awkwardly.

“Yeah, he’s probably been too busy getting his leg over it to trim it” I said, knowing I was describing myself. It was time to do as she’d asked and rape her.

“Right, get on the floor on your back” I said, stripping off my clothes. She slowly sank to her knees and then looked up at me imploringly.

“Please, don’t rape me! I’ll pay you anything you want, just don’t do this!” she begged, her hands together. I slapped her across the face and she tumbled onto the floor on her front, starting to get up. I grabbed her and threw her onto her back, spreading her legs. I climbed in between and pushed my cock against her pussy, feeling that she was tightly shut and dry. Without wasting further time, I really got things going on Kylie’s fantasy and pushed my cock into her. She kept repeating

“No, no, not this way...” over and over as I positioned myself, then she gave a scream of pain as my cock forced into her, pushing through the resistance of her tight pussy, to sink up to my balls in her. She started sobbing in pain and humiliation as I started fucking her hard.

I held her hips tightly as tears rolled down her pretty face, fucking her hard and fast. I didn’t slow down and Kylie just kept crying all the way through, clenching her fists and grabbing onto what she could to get through it. I leaned down and bit on her nipples to heighten her pain, causing her to let out a guttural groan of pain. It only took a few minutes of her tight, unwilling cunt to get me to climax. I pulled out of her, her dropping back onto the floor, and knelt by her face. I masturbated furiously and let my load go, hitting her across the face. She gasped in shock as I unloaded onto her, shutting her eyes and mouth tightly against my juices. I stood up and dragged her to her knees by the hair.

“Lick me clean bitch” I said, my cock near her mouth. She pursed her lips tightly and shook her head. I slapped her across the face, and grabbed her hair, pulling her lips to me cock. She reluctantly opened her mouth and took my cock in, licking the cum from my cock.

“Now clean yourself off with your fingers and swallow it” I said. She looked at me despairingly for a moment then complied. She scooped it up with her fingers and licked them off, trying hard not to look pleased with the taste. I let go of her hair and she dropped to the floor again, shielding her face and coughing.

“Get me hard again you little slut, I know you know how” I sneered down at her as she pulled herself up to a sitting position down.

“Please! Don’t do anymore to me! PLEASE” she begged, looking up at me with her tear stained face, “I can pay you lots of money, just please don’t hurt me anymore!” she sobbed, trying to bargain her way out of the situation. I reached down and pinched her nipple hard, twisting it to make my point. She screamed in pain as I pulled it away from her breast then let it snap back, and lost her balance. She steadied herself using one hand then, with her hair hanging down in her face, gently reached forwards with trembling hands and took hold of my semi-hard cock, kneeling up to get into position. She started to slowly massage my cock, which started to grow again.

“Use your mouth aswell” I commanded, and she leaned forwards to lick the underside of my cock, her fast breathing evident. I looked at her and wondered just how I’d managed to reduce her to the pained, frightened girl I saw before me. But she had asked for me to do this.

My cock was now rock hard again. I grabbed her head with both hands and slammed my cock into her mouth. She gagged repeatedly as it rammed into her throat as I bounced her head like a basketball several times, before pulling her off my cock.

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