tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLove At First Sight Ch. 05

Love At First Sight Ch. 05


This story is contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don’t use this without my permission. Now, on with the story!

I awoke to sun streaming in the windows, and Kylie with her head lying on my shoulder. Dannii had got up already, and I heard a noise from the kitchen so figured that’s where she was. I looked down at Kylie and was struck by her true beauty. I reached down and gently flicked her lips with the side of my finger. She gave a slight moan and smiled.

“Wake up babe” I said, brushing her cheek. She opened her eyes and gave another smile.

“Morning” she said, before having a stretch and pulling herself up in the bed. She took a glance at the windows.

“Looks like a nice day” she said. The waves could be heard in the background, them being only a short way from the beach house we’d spent the night at.

“So, was your night at the beach house what you wanted?” I said with a smile, thinking back to it.

“Pretty much, it was an experience” she said, then giving a yawn. “Where’s Dannii?” At that moment Dannii sauntered back into the room carrying a tray of coffee. She was completely naked, and showing no embarrassment about it. Of course there was no reason to, since she had a fabulous body, but it was just unexpected all the same.

“Something to wake you two up” she said with a giggle. We sat up and she set the tray down on the bed, before hopping on the end of the bed. We picked up respective mugs and started to drink. I needed the caffeine to kick start my day, after all pleasing the Minogue sisters was a pleasurably tiring job.

“Thanks Dannii. So when did you get up?” I said, wondering how she hadn’t woken me in the process.

“A little while ago, say 20 minutes. You two looked cute so I thought I’d leave you” she said with a smile. We drank our coffee and put the tray aside, and I gave Kylie a proper kiss good morning. Dannii just looked on somewhat curiously, till I leaned over and gave her one aswell. Kylie and Dannii looked at each other, and obviously decided it was the honourable thing to do. They leaned in and gave each other a nice, long french kiss. It was a delightful sight to wake up to, and with them both being totally kitless it was more than enough to arouse me. With Kylie so close to me she quickly noticed.

“Someone likes our morning greeting Dannii” she said with a lovely smile. Dannii gave a sexy smile as Kylie reached under the covers to start jerking me off.

“I need something that penetrates deeper than coffee to wake me up” Kylie whispered sexily, and with that she pulled herself out of the bed. She dropped onto all fours, her legs spread and her pussy already wet. She wiggled her arse sexily as she waited. I reached out and laid a slap on her firm arse, and she grunted in pleasure. I knew exactly where she wanted deep penetration.

“Ok babe, maybe this’ll wake you up” I said. I grabbed her hips and pushed my cock against her tightly closed arsehole. Before waiting for any response from her, I pushed firmly into her. Because she was so used to anal sex now, her arsehole allowed me to sink in a couple of inches before I stopped. She gave a yelp as she experienced a pain from having a cock forced up her sore arse. I held her firmly and pushed again, this time sinking all the way to my balls in her tight arse, her sphincter clamping down tightly on me and she gave a sharp intake of breath.

“This gonna wake you up?” I said, starting to pound her. She could only moan her response, her body shaking with every thrust. Kylie inhaled sharply with each thrust to start with, still feeling sore from her fantasy-fuck the night before. Dannii watched on for a few more seconds then lay down on her back and pulled herself under Kylie into a 69 position. She grasped Kylie’s thighs and started to lick her pussy, suckling at her clit. Kylie gave a squeal of pleasure, and dropped her head to Dannii’s wet and waiting pussy. Kylie licked at Dannii whilst being shoved from every thrust into her tight arsehole.

Dannii’s long brunette hair pooled around my knees as she licked at her sisters tight snatch, clearly watching my cock pushing hard in and out of her arse, her sphincter hugging it. Kylie didn’t have a hope of resisting orgasm. I was pumping deeply into her arse and Dannii was nibbling at her clit with her lips whilst using her tongue between them. Kylie grunted loudly for a few seconds and then tensed up. She orgasmed hard, her body shuddering. She screamed in pleasure, sweat on her face.

I slowed to a stop and pulled my cock from Kylie, and directed it down to Dannii. She opened her mouth without question and pulled me in. She started sucking and bobbing her head as best she could from her constricted position under a dripping, post-orgasmic Kylie. She sucked hard, swirling her tongue around my head as her pouty lips slid up and down my shaft. I couldn’t hold against her oral assault and let my load go. It shot hard into the back of her throat, causing her to moan in a mixture of pleasure and surprise. She continued to suck hard and swallowed every drop, using her lips to milk me for all there was.

When she was finished she slipped off of cock with a slurping sound. Kylie by now had flopped to the side on the bed. I collapsed back against the pillows and Dannii just lay her head down and caught her breath. After a couple of minutes, Dannii got up from the bed.

“I’m gonna go take a shower you two” she said, which was greeted by a murmur from Kylie as she pulled herself up the bed to lay with me. We lay, just enjoying each other’s closeness until Dannii came back from her shower. She walked in wrapped in a towel, giving us a glance before looking for her clothes. She found them strewn in varying places across the room after last night’s antics. She slid into her thong, and tank top quickly, and then pulled on her tight jeans, which showed off the delicious curves of her arse.

“Come on you two, get up” she said with a giggle. Kylie and me just murmured and peeled ourselves from the bed. We both located our clothes from the main room, and I helped Kylie back into her outfit. She was back in the miniskirt, low-cut top, garter belt and stockings she had been before, and was still going commando.

“We better get home” Kylie said, giving a stretch and putting her arm around me.

“I’ve got some bits I wanna get on the way home, so I’ll go do that and come back in via the alley” Dannii said, picking up her bag.

“Ok then, see you back at my place” Kylie said, and led me towards the door. I put my arm around Kylie’s shoulders as we headed out, Dannii behind. Dannii mumbled something about it being nippy, and since she was only wearing a tank top without a bra it become very obvious that she was feeling the chill. Her nipples were clearly on display, and she knew it. She locked the door and handed the keys to Kylie, then headed off her own direction. Me and Kylie walked along, just enjoying the morning for sun for a while. We chatted about general things for the remainder of the walk home. We got to Kylie’s place and she opened the door.

“Funny, with the pace we were walking I thought Dannii might beat us back” she said, “Oh well, gives us a little time alone” she said, turning to me with a sexy smile.
“It does indeed” I said, and picked her off the ground to kiss her. She wrapped her legs around my hips and I walked into her house, kicking the door shut behind me. I walked into the main room, doing my best to see past Kylie, and collapsed with her on the sofa. She laughed as we collapsed onto the seats in a heap, and leaned up to kiss me again.

“You know you were a very naughty girl last night” I said, staring into her deep green-blue eyes.

“I was wasn’t I?” she whispered in a sultry tone.

“You need to be punished don’t you think, for acting out your fantasy” I said to her, knowing what would likely come of this.

“I think I better be punished yes. Perhaps a good, hard spanking will put me in my place” she whispered in a sexy tone. I didn’t answer, and simply took hold of her by the hips and pulled her up. I sat up and laid her down over my knee, her pert bottom high in the air, short skirt now just covering her arse. I ran my hand up the back of her stocking covered legs, over the suspenders and onto her firm, naked rear.

I gently rubbed and squeezed her arse for a minute or two to get her horny, and then pushed the skirt back up over her back to reveal her incredible butt. I rubbed her again a few times with some hard squeezes. I could see her the bulge of her pussy between her legs, now wet and ready for some action.

The time had come. She was hot and horny, waiting for the pleasure to begin. I raised my arm, and laid a firm slap across her arse. She grunted loudly in pleasure, her tight cheeks clenching. I proceeded in this fashion, spanking her and then rubbing and squeezing her arse so that she was moaning in pleasure. She was close to orgasm when she spoke.

“Do you think Dannii needs a spanking too?” she breathed, pushing her arse back into my groping hand.

“I dunno, we’ll have to figure that out when she gets here” I said, laying another spank on her fantastic arse.

“Wait a second, where IS Dannii?,” Kylie said, looking up the clock, “She should be back by now”. I looked at the clock, and realised she really should’ve been back as Kylie said. Just then, the phone rang. Kylie pulled herself from my lap and answered, finding it was Dannii.

“Hey guys, just wondered if there’s anything you want while I’m out?” Dannii said, the sound of her heels clicking on the pavement in the background. Before Kylie had a chance to answer, she heard a muffled noise from Dannii, then a phone-on-pavement crack and the line went dead. Kylie slowly lowered the phone and looked at me with a shocked expression.

“I...I think Dannii might be in trouble”, she said, “I heard her phone drop and what I thought was her trying to shout” she said, her hands trembling ever so slightly.

“I’ll go and look for her” I said, jumping up from the sofa. “Just sit down and try to be calm” I said. I headed for the door and spied a golf club standing in the corner. I grabbed it and headed out. I looked around and got my bearings, then headed off towards the back of the house. I cut out through the back of her garden and out into an alley, the way Dannii would’ve been coming in through. I looked around and ran round the corner towards the main street that lay through the alleys.

I ran round a corner and was horrified at what I saw. A car pulled over blocking the alley, and four guys. One of them had hold of Dannii from behind with a hand over her mouth. Another one was fondling her now naked breasts, her top lying torn on the ground nearby. The other two guys were joking around with each other, laughing. As I got closer I could them saying things like ‘This bitch is gagging for it, out braless on a cold morning like this’.

I stalked forwards at a strong pace, raising the golf club in my hands. When I was nearly on them the two guys noticed. One gave a startled cry before there was a dull thud. His body crumpled to the ground, blood spattering onto the floor from his wrecked face.

The other guy took a step back, then launched himself at me. I held up the club to defend myself, and shoved him backwards. He stumbled on his unconscious friends foot, and became unsteady. I raised the club and laid a hard blow into his throat. I caught him on the top of his ribcage, just between his collarbones, with a crunching sound. He let out a gargled cry and fell backwards onto the ground clutching at his throat.

The man who had been fondling Dannii had since stopped and was heading slowly towards me. I spun the golf club in my hands and headed forwards.

“Get you goddamn hands off her!” I shouted, stalking forwards. The guy kept coming, and was soon within range. I took a hard swipe at his head. He ducked to his left, and the club smashed the wall so hard it cracked the brick. I turned to go for him, and he punched me hard right in the right eyebrow. I was knocked back against the wall, then grabbed the club at either end with both hands and thrust it back at him as he moved in to attack me further. The club handle caught him across the chest, winding him. Before he had a chance to gasp for air, I laid a hard blow with the end of the golf club in his stomach.

He doubled over, gasping for air. I hit him across the back with the club and he dropped onto the ground. I kicked him hard in the ribs for good measure, and stepped over him. Now I looked at Dannii. She was struggling in the mans grip, her large eyes looking pleadingly at me over his hand. I felt the blood run down the side of my face from my split eyebrow, trickling into the corner of my eye.

I stepped forwards, and the guy threw Dannii towards me. She stumbled on her heels and fell awkwardly against me. I caught her weight, and the guy stepped forwards and threw a punch to take advantage. I pulled the club up to fend him off, and managed to deflect his arm off to one side, taking its weakened power on my shoulder. Using my spare hand, I punched him hard upwards into his armpit, hitting the main nerve.

He gave a cry in pain and grabbed his upper arm. I aimed a sharp kick between his legs and got him right in the bollocks. His hand went from his arm to his groin and he dropped to his knees. I raised the golf club and brought it down sharply. There was a crack as it hit the back of his head. There was a thud as his head bounced off the ground, and a sigh escaped his body as he fell unconscious.

I looked down to Dannii, and she looked up at me with frightened eyes, her hands tightly gripping my top, breathing rapid.

“Are you OK?” I said, looking down into her wide, child-like eyes. She looked up at me and then spoke, her voice barely a whisper.

“They just grabbed me before I could do anything” she said, still clinging to me.
“They were saying things about how they were gonna rape me and take advantage of getting their shot at a celebrity and other horrible things” she whispered. I suddenly realised that she was still topless, and gently pushed her away and pulled my jacket off. I put it around her shoulders and she pulled it around herself.

I put my spare arm around her, the golf club in my other hand. We walked back past the unconscious bodies, one of them just starting to groan slightly in pain. I led Dannii back to the house. I got her inside the door and Kylie came running into the hall.

“Oh my god!” she screamed, running forwards and checking Dannii. “What happened?!” she said, rather hysterically.

“Some guys tried to rape me”, Dannii said, tottering into the main room and slumping down on the sofa, “and if he hadn’t saved me I had to think what might have happened”. Kylie looked to me, and spotted my eyebrow. I hadn’t really thought about it, or even so much as touched it to see how bad it was.
“You’re bleeding!” Kylie said, laying a hand on the side of my face and looking at the injury.

“It’s not bad” I said, flinching slightly at her touching the wound. She grabbed some tissues and blotted at the wound, causing me to hiss through my teeth as it stung.

“You better go get cleaned up” she cooed. I decided to do as I was told and headed to the bathroom as Kylie tended to Dannii. I washed the blood away and found a plaster to stick on it. I headed back into the main room, stopping just in the door. I found Kylie and Dannii embraced, having not noticed me. I had stripped out of my clothes whilst washing my face. Dannii was sobbing her heart out to Kylie about the attack. Kylie comforted her, and moved back to draw her into a long, passionate kiss.

Dannii’s hands slid down Kylie’s back, over her perfectly formed butt and then onto the back of her thighs. She slid them back up under her sister’s skirt onto the naked cheeks and squeezed firmly. Kylie moaned into her sister’s mouth, and began to fondle Dannii’s topless form. Kylie’s hands moved to unbutton her sister’s trousers. Dannii wriggled out of her combats and Kylie instantly started rubbing her pussy through her small white thong. Dannii moaned loudly and pulled Kylie’s top over her head, leaving Kylie to get her own skirt off. Kylie hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her sister’s thong and whisked it down her legs where Dannii kicked it from her feet.

Once the clothes had been discarded, the girls fell upon each other. Fondling, snogging and groaning. Kylie gently turned Dannii as they fell onto the floor, Dannii on her back. Kylie wasted no time in swinging herself over Dannii on all fours, gently rubbing her thighs and then gripping the undersides to steady herself. She lowered her head and licked along her sister’s neatly trimmed pubic hair, causing Dannii to moan loudly. Kylie more than took the hint and started firmly licking at her sister’s pussy. Dannii squealed in pleasure and ran her hands up the backs of her Kylie’s legs before taking a solid grip on the world’s greatest arse. She raised her head and started licking at her sister’s snatch.

Kylie gasped as her sister started licking at her dripping pussy. She couldn’t quite believe she was having an incestuous fuck with her sister, but wasn’t complaining at the pleasure. She sucked at Dannii’s cunt lips, sliding her tongue up inside her sister and across her clit. Both girls mumbled in pleasure through their mouthfuls of pussy, both unable to deny the sheer gratification that their sibling could give them. Dannii sucked on Kylie’s clit for a few precious seconds, bringing her close to orgasm. Kylie nibbled on Dannii’s rock hard clit using her lips for a few seconds.

That was all it took. Dannii’s mouth slid from Kylie’s pussy as she screamed in ecstasy, her juices flowing and down her sister’s chin. Dannii’s head then dropped back onto the floor with a dull thud, leaving Kylie painfully close and desperate for orgasm. Kylie practically screamed in despair as Dannii lost interest in her dripping snatch and practically passed out after being sucked to orgasm. She dropped down on top of Dannii, their bodies pressed against each other. Kylie then slowly wriggled off her sister, sliding her snatch over Dannii’s leg as she did.

Kylie stood up, still sporting hard nipples and clit. She turned to the door and saw me. She stared at me for a moment, obviously thinking what to say.

“Enjoy the show then?” she said, walking towards me, swinging her curvy hips.

“It was very entertaining yes” I said, glancing towards Dannii, still breathing heavily on the floor. I kissed Kylie as she stepped close to me. We looked over to Dannii, who pulled herself up to a sitting position.

“I don’t think one show is enough to thank him for saving you, do you Dannii?” Kylie said sexily, reaching down and grasping my rock hard cock.

“I don’t think so,” Dannii said, standing up with a stretch. She walked over sexily, swinging her hips. She came up close on the other side of me, running her hand up my back.

“You saved me, I need to give you something special to repay you” she said softly into my ear.

“I’m not gonna argue with that” I said. She smiled cutely and headed for the bedroom, leading me by my left hand. I let her lead me to the bedroom (what living man wouldn’t), and towed Kylie behind me with my right hand. We entered the bedroom with en suite bathroom. I took a moment to look around at the lavish home, and wondered how much it must be worth. It reminded me that I was very lucky to be enjoying the Minogue sister’s attention. What they saw in me I had yet to figure out, though all that really mattered was that they wanted nothing but sex. A normal bloke with the two hottest celebrity sisters on the planet was mere fantasy to most men.

Dannii headed past the bed for the en suite bathroom, towing me and Kylie behind her. She went into the bathroom and stepped into the shower. She turned to face me and pulled me into it, and into a kiss. I savoured her tongue and pulled Kylie into the large, luxurious shower with us. I slid from Dannii onto Kylie, at which point Dannii pulled the door shut and flicked the water on. It cascaded down over the three of us, rapidly wetting the girl’s hair so they looked hotter than ever.

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