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Love in an Elevator Ch. 01


Disclaimer: This is an erotic story. You must be 18 to read this story, be able to read erotica in your community, and not be offended by the contents of it. If you are not 18, live in an overly repressed community, or are easily offended, move on. This is not for you.

This is also fiction and as such is protected under the first amendment. Any copyrighted names, works, etc. remain property of their respective owner(s) and are not used herein for profit.

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As always comments, suggestions, even criticism is welcome. You can reach me through the CONTACT tab on my profile.

Oh, yeah, a warning to anyone who likes a plot in their erotica. You won't find one here. This is a sex story and as such has just enough plot to advance the sex along.

This story is set in KMB's Harem universe although that won't be obvious until later chapters. It is with KMB's kind permission that I am able to do this, so Thank You KMB, I do appreciate you letting me play in the Harem. If you aren't familiar with KMB's 'The Harem' you might want to check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks to all the authors who spend so much of their time and effort to bring these stories to us all. Your efforts are much appreciated.

And now the story -

* * * * * * * * *

I entered the elevator and took a position in the right rear corner after pressing 35 on the panel. Several people had already entered behind me and I couldn't help but get a little annoyed as they all pressed different floor numbers below mine. The doors had just begun to close when a hand slid between them, causing them to bounce back open and allowing a short, but very, very pretty brunette to enter followed closely by an equally short blonde wearing dark wrap-around sunglasses. The two young women appeared to be together, but they didn't speak as they moved toward the back of the elevator, ending up with the blonde to my left along the rear wall and the brunette directly in front of me, her right arm brushing against the wall.

I checked out the pretty young thing standing in front of me, the difference in our height giving me a wonderful perspective. Dark hair hanging loose and falling beyond her shoulders, wearing a low cut halter top that left her entire back uncovered and a very impressive amount of tanned cleavage on display up front, with the tiniest hint of areola peeking out. Ooh, I liked that. Maybe something would happen to cause her to lean forward and I'd get to see more than just a hint. The skin on her upper chest and shoulders appeared smooth and totally flawless, continuing like that all the way down her back to her impossibly tiny waist. I quickly looked back up to her chest, Jeez, tiny girl, tiny waist, barely covered HUGE tits. This girl was exquisite. All of a sudden I was no longer annoyed at the idea of a relatively slow ride in the elevator.

Returning my gaze to my new found obsession's petite waist I advanced down her body, taking in an ass that on any other woman could have been considered her best feature, but on this brown haired beauty could only qualify as an also ran. She was doing her best however, to draw some attention away from her magnificent chest to her ass and lower limbs by wearing the shortest skirt possible that could still be called a skirt. Nope. Didn't work. Even though most women would kill for legs as well shaped as hers, and she was displaying practically every single inch of them, they still couldn't compete with those tits.

Having completed my examination of my nearest companion I looked up and only then noticed that the elevator had continued to fill with passengers and was now almost loaded to capacity. Good, more time for me to stare down huge tits' top. I shot a quick look to my left to her blonde buddy but she was staring straight ahead, ignoring both of us for the moment. There was something very familiar about her, but I couldn't place it. I had a vague feeling that I should recognize her from somewhere, but, try as I might, I couldn't. Maybe if she removed the sunglasses.

No matter. I was really more interested in ogling the goodies of the girl in front of me anyway. I turned my head to face forward once more just as huge tits turned hers to the side. Getting a good look at her face for the first time – what can I say, I was distracted by bigger things – I realized that this girl I did recognize. The brunette was Jennifer Love Hewitt. Holy Titties Batman! I must have gasped out loud when I realized who I was looking at because she looked up at me over her shoulder and gave me a dazzling smile before turning to face forward once again. Holy Shit! Jennifer Love Hewitt smiled at me! Holy Fucking Shit!

My heart was pounding in my chest. One of the prettiest women in Hollywood, someone I had fantasized about, and lusted after, for years, stood inches away from me, wearing practically nothing. But even more exciting, Jennifer Love Hewitt's tits were only inches away from me, and I had an unparalleled view of them down the front of her top. I felt like I had won the mega-millions lottery. Surely the odds against something like this were about the same. My breathing began to grow shallow and my cock stirred restlessly, threatening to quickly develop into a potentially embarrassing tent in my pants.

People continued to dribble into the elevator one at a time and the crowd was becoming more tightly packed, but the close quarters did nothing to deter my erection from growing steadily. Jennifer Love Hewitt was standing inches away from me, her big, beautiful, braless, breasts within easy reach. I imagined what they would feel like in my hands, the flesh firm yet yielding as I gently knead her globes, her nipples taut with excitement as I roll them between my fingers... Damn! This was not going to help me get rid of my boner.

Just then Jennifer tried to adjust her position as the throng in the elevator permitted one final passenger to get on. She stepped backwards, her heel catching on the toe of my shoe and causing her to lose her balance and fall back against me. My hands shot up to catch her, missing her arms and landing on her sides just below her boobs. That was close. Another couple of inches and I wouldn't have had to imagine what her tits felt like, I would have been living it. Of course I also would have been slapped silly by the sexy star and her pal, but, oh man! wouldn't it have been worth it!

We both murmured an apology and she moved to regain her balance, then stopped as a distant look came to her face. That's when I realized that her ass was pressed into my crotch and she could feel my erection rubbing against her. The far-off look was replaced by a sly smile and she looked up at me over her shoulder as she wiggled her ass against my cock. I froze, not even daring to breathe.

Adjusting my feet so that she could regain her footing, and I could find someplace dark and dank to crawl into, Jennifer pulled away but just as quickly she stepped back again, firmly pressing her ass to my groin and giving it a little grind. My breath came out in a soft whine for mercy, but she was having none of it. In a panic I looked over the crowd in the elevator, convinced that everyone had heard me and was now watching us, but they all remained oblivious to what was going on in the corner, except perhaps the blonde who was wearing a small smirk on her lips. Satisfied that we were mostly unobserved, I forced myself to calm down, figuratively speaking, and returned my attention to the dark haired sexpot giving me a lap dance in a crowd of people.

The elevator came to a stop and two of the occupants got off, thinning the herd slightly. Jen stopped while everyone shifted, but as soon as the doors closed and people settled back into place she resumed her discreet massage of my dick with her butt. When she made no move to pull away after repeated opportunities I took this as a sign that she was interested in playing a little. Maybe that meant I could play too. Without getting slapped that is. It was quite important to me that I not end up getting slapped in an elevator full of people. Or worse.

Since my right hand was blocked from everyone's view, including the leering blonde, I moved it forward and onto Jennifer's thigh, just below the hem of her skirt. No reaction. Encouraged by the lack of protest I slid my hand up her leg and under her skirt. Still nothing. I continued my hand's journey up the brunette's unbelievably smooth thigh, marveling at the silky soft texture of her skin.

You know how those commercials are always going on and on about how smooth a baby's butt is? Well I've powdered a few baby bottoms in my time, and let me tell ya, compared to Love Hewitt's thigh a baby's bottom is as rough as my face with a 3 day stubble. Damn! If her thigh's this smooth, what must her butt feel like? I felt my heart skip a beat just from the thought.

My hand had just reached the top of her thigh and I was about to try to determine what kind of panties Jennifer was wearing when I felt her hand come down on top of mine and push it back down her leg. She glanced back up at me, a wide smile on her face that I knew was barely holding back her seemingly ever present giggles. Oh well, at least she wasn't pissed at my audacity. One word from her and I could find myself spending quality time getting to know some of humanity's finer specimens in a... personal way. It's not that I have anything against anal sex. It's just that I have no interest at all in playing catcher.

People had continued to exit the elevator as it reached their floor and there was more than enough room for Jennifer to move away from me if she had desired to, but she was still standing with her butt pressed into my crotch, grinding her cheeks against my cloth covered cock. I don't know why this young, outrageously sexy, stunning woman had picked me for some dry humping in an elevator - after all, I'm not anyone's idea of a hunk, I'm actually kind of plain looking, and I don't impress people with my stylish clothes and wads of cash, mostly because I don't have either – but she had. About the only thing I could come up with to explain her choice was that I was in the right place at the right time and I was sporting wood. Apparently that was enough for Jen at that moment.

The unidentified blonde was still on the elevator as well and she had not moved any significant distance away from me and Jennifer, but she still was not directly acknowledging us or what we were doing. In fact, she appeared to be positioning herself so as to always be in between us and the remaining passengers, blocking their view of our mischief. To me that cinched it. They had to be together.

When Jen pushed my hand away I thought that my playtime might be coming to an end before it had really started, but she grabbed my wrist and moved my hand up her side, placing it on her skin just under, and to the side of, her right tit. Half my hand was resting on bare flesh and the rest was lying on her halter top. I could play it safe and simply leave my hand where it was while she maintained her bump and grind against my pelvis, or I could take a risk, let my hand start to wander again and possibly live out the dream of millions. Question was did I wander above or below the fabric of her halter? This was Jennifer fucking Love Hewitt here. What would you do? Yeah, me too.

I shifted my hand a little and began to slip my fingers underneath her top at the side of her breast. Another glance up at me, her smile even wider than before, the giggles threatening to burst out any second. Sliding my hand ever so slowly forward I felt the skin of her side gradually transform into the flesh of her breast. Remembering what had happened the last time I approached one of the gateways to my own private slice of heaven I paused with just the tips of my fingers touching the side of her breast, lingering there long enough to give her time to decide if she was going to grant me permission to proceed. When she didn't slap my hand away I felt encouraged to continue and I moved my fingers forward another few inches. By this time my palm was coming into contact with the flesh of her tit and I began to turn my hand downward and to the left, coming in under Jennifer's breast, cupping the heavy globe before moving my hand up over the front of her boob and squeezing gently. Sweet fucking Jesus, I had my hand on Love Hewitt's tit.

I stopped there for a couple of seconds to savor the feeling of my hand on Jennifer's breast. I repeated the thought to myself a few times, having a hard time believing that it could be real. It just didn't seem possible, so it had to be a dream. Well if it was a dream it was the best damn dream I'd ever had. Here's to never waking up again.

No, this was real. All I had to do was look down to see Jennifer's face to know that I really was in a crowded, okay, not so crowded anymore, elevator and my right hand had a firm grip on the tit of one of the most desired women in America. I wondered, how many men would sacrifice a body part - something small, like a liver - to be where I was right then. Millions I suspect, and more than a few women to boot.

I did glance down to Jennifer's face and saw that for the first time since this had all started there was no smile on her face. Her eyes were closed and she was looking off to the left, apparently concentrating on the sensation of my hand on her boob and the feel of my cock as she persisted in subtly grinding her ass into my crotch. I could feel Jennifer's nipple pressing against my palm and I released my grip somewhat so I could move my hand in a circular motion kneading her flesh and dragging the rough calluses over the ultra-sensitive nub. A small moan escaped Jennifer's lips and my head shot up to see if the 3 remaining passengers had heard.

Fortunately the elevator reached yet another stop on its journey and the doors opened allowing at least one more occupant to get off. An elderly woman exited, somehow giving an impression of extreme disapproval without ever looking my way. I mentally shrugged it off, deciding that she probably gave everyone that feeling. That left me, Jennifer, the mystery blonde and one other guy on board with just 2 stops to go. I looked over to the guy but he was studying his shoes intently, pretending not to notice what was going on in the corner.

The doors closed and the elevator rose to its next stop, the 31st floor. I had not seen Jennifer or the blonde push a button when they got on, but someone was going to get off at 31, I just didn't know who. When the elevator stopped I wasn't surprised to see the guy exit, but not before he shot a quick look my way, a very envious grin on his face. I also was not surprised to see our little blonde friend move toward the doors. Not surprised, but very disappointed as I assumed this meant Jennifer would be getting off as well. The blonde passed through the doors without so much as a backward glance and I started to remove my hand from Jennifer's breast, certain that she would be following her friend. Instead she grabbed my hand before I could move it too far and slammed it back down onto her tit, the doors closing and leaving just the two of us in the elevator. Now I was surprised. And very, very happy.

Now that we were alone things started to move very quickly for us. It was only 4 more floors to my, I guess it was our, stop and there was no way in hell I was going to be able to finish this off before then. I mean, it was Jennifer Love Hewitt, but a guy's got his pride. I didn't want to be the guy she remembered as taking less than 10 seconds to pop his cork. I briefly considered stopping the elevator so I would have more time, but this was a very busy hotel and they would waste no time in getting maintenance up here to fix the problem, and when they discovered why the elevator had stopped, well then I'd have some serious 'splaining to do. At least if that happened I wouldn't have to worry about being slapped by the hotel manager. Well, probably not. He was French however, so who knew. Maybe he'd just assume this was some kind of attack and surrender on behalf of his country.

Jennifer didn't seem interested in finishing things off right there anyway. With her rump still pressed against me she reached up with her left hand and grabbed me by the back of the head, pulling me down so we could kiss. Without even realizing it my left hand came up and slid under Jennifer's halter to begin mauling her other breast. I now had both Thelma and Louise in my hands, Jennifer's tongue in my mouth and her ass grinding away at my cock. I have no idea how I managed to avoid shooting my load right there, but somehow I did. Maybe it was because at least part of me was busy trying to figure out which one was Thelma and which one was Louise. You know, I never did find out.

I heard the ding of the bell as the elevator reached our floor and I started to mumble through our kiss that I didn't want this to end there, "Jennifer..."

"Call me Love."

"... I don't... What?"

She broke the kiss and began to move through the open doors, "Call me Love. It's what all my friends call me."

I followed her out the doors trying to continue my sentence, "Oh. Okay. Well Love, I don't want this to be over so soon. Is there any way..."

I came to a stop because Love was reaching behind her back to untie the strings that held her halter top in place. When both strings were undone she pulled the garment away from her body and tossed it at my slack jawed face.

The giggles she had successfully suppressed in the elevator finally broke free and she said, "This isn't over until I'm done with you. Now which way is your room?"

I pointed down the hallway and she began to back away from me in the direction of my room, completely unconcerned with her state of undress. Unconcerned would not have been the right word to describe my feelings about her condition. Flabbergasted might do. Staggered, Astounded, Thunderstruck. Any one of those would do in a pinch, but mostly the word that best described my feelings at the moment was horny. That and speechless. God Damn that girl has a beautiful rack.

I generally try to avoid calling something 'The most whatever in the world', as in she had the most beautiful set of tits in the world. I haven't seen all the tits in the world so how could I possibly know? And for anyone who feels compelled to volunteer to be the one who sees all the tits in the world so that he or she can pick the best, let me just remind you, Roseanne Barr is still in the world. As is Rosie O'Donnell. Should I go on? What I can say with all honesty is that Love has the most beautiful tits I have ever seen in person. And Thelma and Louise were beckoning me to follow them as she backed slowly down the hall. Good thing the hall didn't end in a cliff 'cause I would have followed them right over the edge. Just like Harvey Keitel, if he could have gotten those stubby little legs of his to move faster.

I was so intent on Love's amazing chest that I failed to notice she was removing her skirt as she walked. Without missing a beat she undid the clasp and zipper, letting the short garment fall to the floor and stepping out of it, then kicking it my way to join her halter. Now I had my chance to see what kind of panties my hand would have encountered if she had let me finish my trip up her thigh back in the elevator. Ooh, a thong. An electric blue thong. An electric blue thong with a very noticeable wet spot. Appears I wasn't the only one who was feeling horny.

The crotch of her thong was so wet that it was very easy to see her pussy through the material. Not surprisingly, she had dark black pubic hair, and a fair amount of it, shaped into a rectangle above her vagina. Her lips themselves were shaved, or maybe they were waxed, it was impossible to tell from a distance. However, even from a short distance it was possible to tell that her labia were already puffy with arousal, and, judging from the size of the spot, she was sopping.

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