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Love in an Elevator Ch. 02


Disclaimer: This is an erotic story. You must be 18 to read this story, be able to read erotica in your community, and not be offended by the contents of it. If you are not 18, live in an overly repressed community, or are easily offended, move on. This is not for you.

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Oh, yeah, a warning to anyone who likes a plot in their erotica. You won't find one here. This is a sex story and as such has just enough plot to advance the sex along.

This story is set in KMB's Harem universe although, except for one tiny, obscure, reference early on that won't be obvious until later chapters. It is with KMB's kind permission that I am able to do this, so Thank You KMB, I do appreciate you letting me play in the Harem. If you aren't familiar with KMB's 'The Harem' you might want to check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks to all the authors who spend so much of their time and effort to bring these stories to us all. Your efforts are much appreciated.

And now the story -

* * * * * * * * *

Love opened the door and on the other side there stood her blonde friend from the elevator. In her hand she held Love's electric blue thong, holding it out in front of her and twirling it on a finger, a sly grin on her face. With an unintelligible, but obviously happy, squeal Love threw her naked body at the new arrival as she entered the room. A not unexpected move apparently as the blonde seemed more than prepared for it, she seemed to look forward to it.

"Subtle Love, very subtle. Next time why don't you just hook up a red light and leave it on outside the door?"

Love giggled before responding "I had to leave something on the handle so you'd know what room I was in, and I wasn't wearing any socks, so..." ending with more giggles.

As soon as I heard the voice I knew who the blonde was, even before she lowered her wrap-around sunglasses to peer at me.

Sarah Michelle Gellar.

There were now two stars of many a midnight fantasy standing in my hotel room, and they seemed to be familiar with each other. Quite familiar. Familiar enough that Love's nudity didn't even rate a raised eyebrow from her famous friend. Interesting. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. OH MY FUCKING LORD!!! SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR WAS IN MY HOTEL ROOM!!! If there is any truth to the theory that every heart has only a certain number of beats to it, and when you use them up you die, then I should be gone in under a month, 'cause I used up about half of mine right then and there. S'okay, you'll hear no complaints from me. I'll be too busy laughing hysterically.

By now the girls had moved into the room and were standing near the dresser while I remained by the bed, too shocked by this new development to make any attempt to cover my own nakedness. Or to even be concerned about the reawakening of my cock.

Love and Sarah stood in a loose hug, each with her arms wrapped around the other, Love on my left, her head turned to look at me over her right shoulder. Sarah looked at me over her glasses, "So this is the guy? Has he been any good?"

Love nodded excitedly, "He's been the best! Can we keep him?"

Sarah laughed at the brunette's enthusiasm but wasn't quite ready to accept Love's endorsement just yet, "I don't know Love, he looks kind of small. Maybe we'd better throw him back and see if he grows any bigger."

My eyebrows went up at the implied insult but I didn't say anything, waiting to see just how serious the blonde TV star was and not wanting to alienate what was obviously a very important person in Love's life. Just how important I would find out later.

Still staring at my erection Sarah continued speaking to Love, "Have you had a good time?"

Love lifted her head from its resting place on Sarah's shoulder and whispered in the older girl's ear, getting another laugh in response, "Four times huh. Sure sounds like you've had fun."

Love whispered something else into Sarah's ear, bringing her hand up with her thumb and forefinger held a short distance apart, indicating something small, getting another laugh from her friend, "Plus a small one, I got it."

So Love had climaxed a fifth time. How had I missed that?

Love continued whispering into Sarah's ear, gesturing frequently with her hands, stopping only to listen to her friend's equally low responses before quickly starting back up again. After a couple of minutes like this I could see that Sarah was getting a little excited, her nipples poking through her blouse and her hand starting to roam on Love's back.

She was also replying to Love's murmured sentences with apparent approval and her gaze when it landed on me was far friendlier. At one point in Love's narration Sarah looked up at me with a sly smile and said with some surprise in her voice "Really!", drawing the word out somewhat, as if she were unable to believe what she had just heard unless she could prove it for herself. Given what Love and I had been doing for the last two plus hours I could only hope that she would try.

Sarah listened to Love for a few seconds more then apparently in answer to a question from the bubbly brunette she said "Okay honey, I'll give it a shot."

Love squealed in excitement and bounced in place while clapping her hands rapidly for a few seconds before throwing her arms back around Sarah's neck and placing little butterfly kisses on the light haired girls cheek. Many thoughts went through my mind as I watched Love, or more precisely Love's tits, bounce up and down, but mostly all I could think about was how could I get her to do that again. Soon.

Sarah accepted the kisses without objection then as Love quieted down some she looked at her friend and said "But is he as good as me?"

With that Sarah lowered her head to Love's right breast and sucked the brunette's nipple into her mouth. She got an immediate moan from the younger girl and Love's eyes closed as her head fell back. Sarah kept it up for a few minutes, varying between sucking Love's tit and letting her tongue circle her friend's areola, finally letting the nipple slip from her mouth with a smack of her lips.

Love's eyes opened as Sarah backed away from her chest and with a glare in my direction she said decisively, "No! In fact, he never even licked them!"

Sarah looked at me as well, disapproval written on her face, "Big mistake fella. My Love adores having her nipples sucked. Don't you baby? I've even been able to make her cum once or twice just from sucking on her boobs."

If I had needed any more proof that the two were lovers that would have been it, but I had reached that conclusion almost as soon as Sarah walked in the room, and the events of the last few minutes had done nothing to dispel my belief. This had the potential to turn into something amazing. As if the last few hours had not been amazing enough.

When I returned my attention to the two women I saw that they were kissing with increasing passion. My cock, which had deflated some while Sarah and Love were talking, then re-awakened when Love had done her impromptu bunny-hop, was suddenly at full mast again. Watching two women kiss has always been a turn-on for me. Watching two women kiss right in front of me, and not on some cheesy porno, was proving to be a huge turn-on. Make those two women Love and Sarah and I was about ready to bust a gasket.

I stood by the bed watching the pair make out while my dick throbbed, demanding that someone pay some attention to it. I briefly considered taking matters into my own hands... hand... but immediately rejected that as perhaps the stupidest idea of the millennium. Quite the accomplishment really, given we're only a few years into the new one. I was standing nude in a hotel room with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt, who also happened to be nude, after having spent more than two hours having naked sweaty fun with the latter and I was considering relieving a sudden bout of horniness by beating off? What am I, stupid?

Being the genius that I am, I was quickly able to devise another plan, one that I am sure would have eluded many a lesser man. I would join them. I moved over to the pair and came up behind Love, placing my hands on her shoulders and running them down her sides and over her back, avoiding Sarah's wandering hands in the process. I quickly arrived at Love's butt and I gave her cheeks a squeeze, hopefully providing her some indication of what I had planned. I don't know whether she noticed, but she didn't stop making out with Sarah in either case. I stepped closer to Love and brushed my prick against her ass, crouching a bit and letting the head slip into her crack and go down between her legs. Love moaned loudly at the contact with her vulva.

Dragging my shaft back and forth along her slit I gave Love what I assumed was ample time to get prepared. I could feel the heat and moisture from her twat on my penis, coating it, getting it ready for entry. I crouched down a bit more and took my cock in my hand, pressing the head up so that it parted Love's labia as I continued to drag it back and forth. Love moaned again into Sarah's mouth and this time the blonde gave an answering moan of her own. After a few strokes I pressed up harder as I pulled my member backwards along Love's slit arriving at her opening and sliding right in. I stood up a little straighter and I slipped in all the way, coming to a stop with my shaft fully embedded in Love's snatch for the third time that day, my body shuddering a little from an overpowering feeling of pleasure.

Dear fucking GAWD did her pussy feel good.

You might think that because this was the third time I was in Love that I would be getting used to it by now. Or at least that I wouldn't find the experience so intense, that it wouldn't feel so fucking wonderful. But you'd be wrong. Actually, it might have felt even better than the first time, if that's possible. For one thing she felt even hotter than the first time. I'd like to think that this had something to do with me, and the prospect of another mind-blowing orgasm courtesy of my dick, but I suspect the tonsil hockey Love was playing with Sarah had more to do with it than I did. Love was really happy to see her lover again.

And Love wasn't the only one whose excitement level was being raised by the make out session unfolding before me. Watching the two starlets kiss, knowing that they were, in fact, lovers, and not just in my fevered, mildly perverted, imaginings, was really heightening my arousal. I was already excited because I was with Love Hewitt and we were both naked and I was about to fuck her. Again. Then I got more excited because I was watching Love and another of Hollywood's hottest females kissing, and that made me imagine the other things that they did together, and that got me really hot. And then Love would move a little, rubbing her body against Sarah's or tightening the muscles of her vagina, squeezing my prick tightly, or do something else that would draw my attention back to my penis, to its position nestled in Love's muff, interrupting my reverie, and reminding me about what had gotten me aroused in the first place. Only to have it start all over again. It was this never-ending spiral up the scale of arousal and there was no end in sight.

My eyes had closed as I slid into Love's sheath, and I kept them that way as I played out my little daydream. Only a few seconds passed as I absorbed all the sensations bombarding me, each one pushing me that much closer to the edge, closer to cumming, and I hadn't even taken a stroke yet. I realized that this was becoming a common theme with me, this constant fear that I was going to cum before I was ready, before I had seen to Love's pleasure. Only this time it really was different. This time Love was preoccupied with something, someone, else and was not fully involved in what I was doing. Of course she was involved, she was the one I was screwing after all, but she was much more of a passive participant than any of the previous times. The thought bothered me some.

It was right about then that Sarah pulled away from Love, interrupting their kissing and getting a disapproving moan from the brunette, to say to me "If you're going to do it then do it! Or I'll take Love to bed and you can go have a nice cold shower!"

That was more than enough to chase away any reservations I might have had about using Love just so I could get off. I was unsure what Love was going to get out of this, and doubly unsure what Sarah would get out of it, but if they weren't concerned about it then there was no reason for me to be. I started to pull my dick out of Love's pussy.

Three things happened as I did that. I gave out a long, low moan. Love moaned as well, a shorter, stuttering kind of thing, and Sarah dropped to her knees and assaulted her lover's clit.

And I thought I was excited before.

When Sarah moved down towards the floor Love was deprived of something to hold onto and as she had several times before she leaned back against my body and lifted her left hand to grab on to the back of my head. Her eyes were closed and she was already moaning loudly and continuously as Sarah licked and sucked her clitoris.

Any chance at all that I had to make this last more than a few strokes went out the window when Sarah's tongue first touched Love's clit. I couldn't actually see anything from my current position, but I've seen more than enough adult films in my lifetime to know exactly what Sarah was doing. I slammed my cock back into Love's vagina again and again and again. On only my fifth stroke I came. I didn't even have time to shout.

I came for the third time in three hours. Each time I came I thought that I would never experience such pleasure ever again in my life, that I had reached the high point, the climax of my climaxes, so to speak, and so far, each time I had been wrong. This third time had certainly been the quickest in terms of time spent reaching orgasm, and I didn't have much of a load to shoot, but in terms of intensity this time took a back seat to nothing, thanks to one of the most exciting women on the planet and the top of a blonde head that was doing all sorts of naughty things that I could only imagine. People say that the brain is the biggest erogenous zone, but I think what they really mean is that the imagination is the most powerful implement in the sexual toolbox. Except for a black strap-on dildo about yay big.

My orgasm complete I pulled out of Love, causing her to moan in protest, and I stepped back towards the bed. Love's arm dropped from around my neck and she bent over just a smidge, placing both her hands on top of Sarah's head for support. I moved to sit on the foot of the bed but misjudged the distance and barely clipped the edge, sliding to the ground and landing with a grunt. Love and Sarah also changed position as the blonde maneuvered her lover closer to the dresser. Love leaned over and placed her hands on the surface of the dresser and then lifted her right leg up, resting her knee alongside her hands. Sarah scooted under the brunette and tilted her head up and immediately began to lick and suck Love's pussy, vacuuming my cum right out of the younger girl's twat. This was new to me. I'd never seen this before, not even in a porn film. Hell, I'd never even imagined this before. This was fucking hot. Unbelievably, my dick started to get hard again.

I sat there on the floor and watched what will always remain one of the most erotic sights I have ever observed. I watched Sarah's tongue as it passed between Love's labia, sometimes lazily, long dreamy licks intended to drive Love wild with desire, sometimes vigorously, the light haired girl hitting every one of her lover's most sensitive spots with deadly accuracy in rapid fire succession. Sarah obviously took the dining part of 'Dining at the Y' very seriously as she feasted on the cocktail of my cum and Love's pussy juice as it dripped, or was coaxed, down onto her tongue. Every so often I would look down at my cock and watch as it twitched its way to full hardness without any assistance at all from me. In short order I was once again standing at attention and ready for my marching orders.

After another minute or two Sarah apparently reached the end of her meal having collected as much of my load as she was able. She moved out from under Love and stood up as she started to unbutton her blouse and kick off her shoes. Love turned to look at her lover and lowered her leg to the floor then glanced over at me and giggled. Sarah looked to Love then followed her friend's pointing finger, directing her gaze to my crotch and my by now almost painfully hard erection.

Sarah chuckled as she continued to remove her blouse, "Someone appreciated the show. Hope you don't think that's for me 'cause I am off limits to you buddy. Look, but don't touch. Got me?"

Evidently not. If I got her she wouldn't be telling me I couldn't have her. But I didn't say that out loud. Sarah held all the cards at the moment and I didn't want to do anything to make her angry. That could lead to a rapid exit by the sexy pair and I'd be left holding... my dick. All by myself. Hardly the way I wanted to end the day. I nodded my agreement as I stood up to join them.

Sarah's blouse hit the floor and she started to remove her jeans, pushing them down her legs and off, kicking them over to join her blouse. She stood there in a simple gray bra and matching panties, nothing anywhere near as provocative as Love had been wearing. Again, interesting. I used up a couple hundred more beats.

Sarah turned to Love and said "Okay missy, let's get you on the bed so I can finish what I started." before giving her a little pop on the ass and thereby causing the sexy brunette to squeal adorably.

Scampering over to the bed Love got up on the surface on all fours, crawling to the head and coming to a stop, her knees wide apart and her ass pointing back towards Sarah and me. She looked back at us over her left shoulder, her brown hair falling over her lust-filled face and partially obscuring it. Taking her left hand she reached back and slid her hand down over the top of her butt, slowly pulling her left cheek to the side, one finger pressing on her labia and trapping it, so it too was being pulled to the left, and completely opening her vagina to our view. A display so lewd I could never have imagined it coming from Love if I had not seen it firsthand. It was also another one of the many erotically charged mental pictures I had of the day that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

"I'm ready."

Dear God, so was I. I have never seen any woman go from sex kitten to slut as quickly as Love just had. My cock began to throb.

Sarah started to push passed me, "Wait your turn." then she paused and looked straight at me, "Remember, off limits."

Sarah got on the bed and lay down on her back as she took up a position under Love's snatch. She grabbed a pillow to support her head and help reduce the distance between her tongue and the cream filled treat she was about to devour. Love spread her knees just a bit more as Sarah extended her tongue and made contact with the dark haired girl's clit. Love gave out a long moan. My cock throbbed some more.

I watched Sarah eat her lover for a time from my spot at the foot of the bed, my dick chastising me for refusing to replace Sarah's tongue all the while. Meanwhile her tongue was moving through Love's folds at the same dreamy pace as it had been earlier, but without the sudden bursts she had employed when she was gathering up the remnants of my load. Love was moaning most of the time now, the only pauses coming when she inhaled sharply as Sarah teased her clit or slurped on one of her lips. The more I watched, the more I became convinced that Sarah didn't just like eating pussy, she loved it. Or to be accurate she loved eating Love's pussy. I can't really say why I reached this conclusion, but there was just something about the way Sarah was licking Love out, something... loving. That's it. Sarah's touch wasn't just that of a lover, at least not the sport-humping kind, she was caressing Love with her tongue in the way a person in love would. Sarah was in love with Love. Okay that sounds like a silly conclusion to reach based just on observing one woman lick another's snatch, but I'm telling you, if you had seen it for yourself, you would feel the same. Assuming of course that you could have resisted the impulse to drive your cock into Love's pussy long enough to watch Sarah in action.

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