tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLove in the Workplace Ch. 04

Love in the Workplace Ch. 04


Previously, on Love in the Workplace:

Karlen and I had the opportunity to express our love and desires for one another while everyone in the office watched.

Our supervisor Barbara experienced the joy and pleasure of Karlen's and my sexual energy behind closed doors in a human resources office.

Amy and Raina discover my sexual appetite extends beyond Karlen's charms...and the confines of the office.

Now, Erin gets her chance to enjoy what her friends in the office have had.

Love in the Workplace Part 4: The Five Kisses

My reputation is starting to grow. Everyone knows about the incident that involved me and Karlen making love in front of the entire office. There are whispers and rumors running throughout the office that Barbara has looked the other way and given me and Karlen preferential treatment for the threesome that occurred behind closed doors downstairs in human resources. Now people are beginning to find out about what I do with my lunch break when I go home. By people, I mean the ladies in the office. Women love to talk and love to talk to one another, especially about juicy gossip items, and I qualify as the #1 topic on the gossip list. There's one particular group that loves to get together and talk: Karlen, Erin, Christine, June, Amy and Raina. Now three of these women have already shared in a sexual experience with me. Tomorrow, Erin gets her turn.

Out of this group of girls, Erin is the lone blonde in the group, but she's not your typical blonde. Yes, she's pretty, got that California girl look about her, but she's no bimbo. In fact, of all the women in this group, Erin is the most intelligent. My birthday is tomorrow and Erin happens to remember it from seeing it on my Facebook page. I get to the office in the morning and things go normally in the morning like any other day, or I should say as normal as things can be since the lovemaking session with Karlen. Erin comes buy to wish me happy birthday and tells me she'd like to take me to lunch for my birthday.

"I'd love to Erin, that's very nice of you to offer. What did you have in mind?"

Erin mentions a nice Italian place down the street from the office and she makes a reservation. She stops by my desk and we walk over to the restaurant together. As I walk by, the rest of the girls smile at the two of us. They know something is going on but I don't think much of it. We're just having lunch and Erin has always been the shyer, innocent and brainy of the group.

We have lunch and chat about a variety of things, nothing that jumps out of the ordinary. She picks up the check and we walk back to the office. Then, Erin says something.

"Brad, there's something else I have for you for your birthday. I'll give it to you when we get back to the office."

We continue walking, me none the wiser about what she has for me. When we get back in the building, she takes me downstairs to a remote part of the building into a storage area. When we get in the room, Erin tells me what she's got for me.

"Brad, my birthday gift to you is my right hand and five kisses. I want to give you the best hand job you've ever had. You get to pick when and where you get the five kisses."

Erin positions me so I'm leaning against one of the filing cabinets and starts to unbuckle my belt and my pants. She opens them up and pushes them and my underwear down to my knees as she takes my penis in her right hand. I put my index finger on my lips and tell her that's where I want the first kiss.

Erin leans forward and gives me a very soft, tender, romantic kiss. The very kind I'd expect from a girl like her. The combination of her lips against mine and her long, soft, slender fingers wrapping around my penis get it erect and standing at attention and moan.

"Mmmmmmm, that feels nice Erin. You have a wonderful soft touch."

"Thank you Brad, that's so sweet of you. I have another surprise for you. I know you like to have an audience and like to be watched and admired. Come on out girls."

Karlen, Christine, June, Amy and Raina all come out of hiding and gather around to watch.

"Happy Birthday Superstar" all of the girls say in unison.

"Thank you ladies" I moan to the rest of the girls. "Will you be joining in?"

"No" says Amy. "This was all Erin's planning. You're all hers today."

Erin's taking her time pumping my penis with a soft but firm grip but absolutely delightful. I barely get out the next words.

"I'm ready for my second and third kisses." I tell Erin.

"Where?" she asks, but before I can even answer, the other girls chime in.

"The nipples, one for each. Make sure you use tongue, he really likes that." says Karlen

Erin unbuttons and opens my shirt and places the second kiss on my right nipple. She swirls her tongue around it, looks up at me and smiles and does the same with the left.

"Isn't that what you fantasize about Christi Paul from CNN doing to you?" she asks.

I nod my head. "Yes. Mmmmmmm that was wonderful." Erin continues to pump and she places her index finger on the frenulum.

"Is this the D-Spot you've told me about Amy?" Erin asks.

"Yes, after Hilary Duff" Amy confirms.

Erin draws small circles with the tip of her finger on that spot as I fight not to ejaculate before I get all five of my kisses. Erin takes her left hand and uses it to fondle, cradle and caress my testicles.

"I'm ready for my fourth kiss Erin" as I point to my mouth again. This time Erin kisses me with more passion....and tongue. My hips start rocking as I'm now humping Erin's right hand as she pumps down on my shaft. Her left hand makes its way to my ass cheeks and I feel her middle finger insert up my anus.

"Oh my this feels sooooo goood" I tell the girls.

Erin continues to stroke me while the rest of the girls watch. I'm nearing orgasm when I hear something from one of the girls.

"You have one kiss left" says Christine.

"I know" I tell them "I'm saving it."

The girls giggle because they know.

"I know where that fifth kiss is going" says Raina

"I'm ready for my fifth kiss" I announce.

"Where do you want it?" asks Erin.

Raina leans over and whispers the answer into her ear.

"Oh my" says Erin.

Erin gives me the fifth kiss exactly where Raina tells her....on the head of my penis. I cross the point of inevitability. There's no stopping it now.

"Oh my God, Erin, this is it. I'm gonna cum."

With that I get a bonus sixth kiss. Erin does the same thing Raina did to me. She kisses the head of the penis again, this time putting the entire head between her lips. It's now pulsing as I start to ejaculate into her mouth.

"OOOOHHHHH ERIN!!!!!" I scream out at the top of my lungs as I start to cum. Once it starts, Erin pushes her head down over my penis, now taking in the shaft as she continues to use her right hand to stroke and pump my semen into her mouth.

The rest of the girls applaud as I reach orgasm.

After my orgasm subsides, Erin takes my penis out of my mouth, smiles and looks up at me.

"Happy Birthday Brad"

I lean forward and kiss her on the forehead and whisper into her ear "Thank you for such I lovely gift. I loved it."

Erin and I clean up and put ourselves back together and with the rest of the girls, head back to our desks and go back to work.

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