tagErotic CouplingsLove in War

Love in War


The room was getting dark as the sun fell down below the surrounding buildings. She leaned her back against the wall and slid down to crouch near the floor. Her legs hurt, her shoulders were tensed again, the scrap from the bullet on her arm was starting to bleed again, and she was running out of time. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and found her center. She exhaled slowly, relaxed her muscles one by one, and listened. The falling night was bringing with it calm from the storm of rockets, bullets, and exploding bombs.

She stiffened slightly as boot falls came closer and closer to her hiding spot. Without opening her eyes she slid her gun out of its holster and flipped the safety off. She let out one last breath, opened her eyes and stood up. She slid soundlessly to the side of the door and waited. The steps came closer and closer, a shadow filled the doorway, and the intruder was in the doorway. As soon has the head was through the doorway she brought the muzzle of the gun up to the temple of this new person.

"Don't move" She kept her voice low and firm. The body froze in mid step and tensed. "Turn and face me." The body turned and faced her very slowly. With the last few rays of light she caught site the uniform and the man who wore it. It was dirty and stained. The man himself couldn't be any older than herself and looked just as tired as she felt.

"If you are going to shot me would ya just do it already?" His voice was tired with a southern accent to it.

"Apple." She waited to see what his response was. Luckily she didn't have to wait for more then a heart beat.

"Spaghetti." His reply carried the sound of relief in it. He was at least with a friend and not the enemy.

"Come on in." She dropped her gun down and re holstered it at her hip. Then stepped away from the door and went back to where she had dropped her pack. He followed her across the room and dropped his pack to the ground next to hers.

"Apple huh?" It was hard to track her in the darkness. Her clothes were dark gray or black he couldn't tell which. As she crouched down he caught sight of a tattoo on her back as her shirt rode up. Before he could make out what we had seen she pulled the shirt back down.

"Spaghetti?" She mirrored his question back at him. She pulled out a small battery powered lamp and turning it on low placed it in the corn farthest from the door. They would be safe with the light as long as no one looked directly in the door.

"You look a little young to be an Apple." He sat down on the floor his back against the wall and pulled food from his pack. Some local allies had given him fried meats and fruits to help him on his way. He munched on these and watched the woman across the light work on her own food of meats, fruits, and nuts. She couldn't be any older then his 25. He noticed the tension in her body and the light colored bandage on her arm.

"What did you get hit by?" He asked nodding towards her arm. She glanced down at it like she was remembering she was hurt.

"Flying debris" Her answer was a quick no nonsense reply. She finished her food and wiped her hands on a small towel from her pack. She pulled a first aid kit out and undid the bandage from around her arm. Sitting all the way down on the ground so she could get some more light on her wound she inspected it.

"Doesn't look to bad" He commented from across the light. He had finished his own food and was watching her. She knew what she was doing with the first aid kit but doing it one handed was always a challenge. He shifted across the light and took the kit from her. He pulled out the antiseptic cloth and started to wipe the gouge clean. "Let me help you." She stiffened as the cloth came in contact. He was quick and efficient with the cloth and bandages. She worked alone in the field and having help put her on edge, even if it was from allies.

"You were trained as medic." She wasn't asking the question but stating it as fact.

"Yes, until the learned I could shoot." He packed the first aid kit back into its box and handed it back to her. Her fingers brushed against his as she took it back and the heat that had been building in him as he cleaned up her arm leapt a little higher. In the light of the lamp he had been able to make out more of her features.

She had brown hair, a great figure, and he couldn't decide what color her eyes were. In the light and shadows they seemed to change color every time she moved them. The tension her body as he had cleaned the gashed told him that she worked alone and had been at it for sometime. She lifted her head and looked at him fully. Her eyes her green with flecks of brown in them he decided watching the sublet emotions play behind her eyes.

He was handsome in a rugged sort of way she decided. His brown hair was a little longer then regulation and his deep green eyes held the same bone tired look that most of them had; that look and feel of having been here to long and seen too much. Though, they still held onto the warmth and humor that marked those who would walk away whole from this war. She looked away from him not wanting to know what her eyes said about her future. He smelled warm and clean, even those clothes weren't. A new ache started throbbing deep in her body. She hadn't realized till just then how long she'd been away from her allies and people who had her back. A small female part of her wanted the safety and security of his body against hers. She turned back and looked at him again as his hand closed around her arm just below her freshly bandaged wound.

She had looked away from him but not before he had looked into her eyes and seen what lay their. No one had needed train the good medics on what the look of a lost person was; the ones that wouldn't walk away from this war whole. Those who would go home either in a casket because they had given up all hope or those who would go home as a shell of person they once were. Those with the highest chance of surviving this place in one peace still held onto the humor and warmth of life. Her eyes had held both in equal measure as though her soul hadn't decided which would win out. He wrapped his fingers around her arm being careful of her wound. He needed to make her safe, or at least that's what his He-Man side was telling him. She looked back at him then and he leaned in and kissed her.

She froze for a moment has his lips brushed softly against hers. Her grip on her reactions collapsed and she gave in to the need. She kissed him back and turned the arm he held and clasped it with her hand. He deepened the kiss and brought his other hand up behind her neck and held her so she couldn't get away from him. Without breaking the kiss she rotated on to her knees and brought her chest up against his. He broke the kiss then and looked down at her. The look in her eyes stopped him from apologizing to her for his actions. Instead he kissed her again lightly and let go.

She frowned at him slightly. She hadn't been kissed in a long time but surely she couldn't be that rusty. She watched him stand up and go back to his bag and pull out the lightly weight but nicely padded blankets they all carried. He laid it down on the ground and came back to her. He pulled her up to her feet and kissed her again.

He flicked his tongue against her lips and she opened them ever so slightly to him. He ran the tip of it against her lips and found her opening them more for him. He slipped inside her mouth and her own tongue waiting for him. She played with his as her hands slid across and down his back to settle on his hips. He broke the kiss from her lips and nibbled the skin just below her ear. She tilted her head for him giving him her throat for his taking.

His mouth was warm against her skin and she closed her eyes and leaned into him. Dimly she was aware that the night was once again silent with one the a few far off sounds of gun fire now and again. His hand on the back of her neck had slid down to the side of her breast and he had placed his arm around her waist pulling her hard into his body. The warmth he was giving off in waves started to seep into her and she pressed harder against him. He raised his head from the base of her throat and smiled at her. She leaned away from him and undid the buttons on his jacket and slid it off his shoulders forcing him to move his hands off her body. When the jacket was finally off and dropped on the packs at their feet his shirt followed very closely behind. The body that the clothing had hinted at wasn't a disappointment. The broad shoulders and sculpted body weren't the effect of hours in a gym but of days in the field. She ran her fingers across his chest finding small scars from the fire fights and combat that he had been involved in.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and let her explore this chest with her fingers. Her touch was soft and gently against his flesh and he wondered dimly how many times those fingers had pulled the trigger to end a life. She slid her fingers down his arms and rested them on his biceps looking up at him and waiting for his next move. Gently he moved one arm and pulled the shirt up and off her body leaving behind only her bra. He chuckled softly as he ran his fingers across the lace of the bra she wore.

"Lace?" He whispered softly has he nipped her ear lobe.

"It caught you off guard didn't it?" Her reply was said on a breathless sigh as she brought her arms up and around his neck.

He chuckled again and slid his mouth down to the top of her breasts. He undid the bra and laid it gently on the packs not wanting to get the pretty thing dirtier then it was. Once the bra was off he gazed on her body with heat and lust in his eyes. She was perfect under the clothes she had worn. Her body has shapely and toned from the days in the field. The few scars she had accumulated on her body only add to her figure. She leaned back against the wall as he took one of her firm pink nipples in his mouth and lapped at it. The arm he had rewrapped around her waist tightened as her knees softened. Her chest heaved with an intake of breath pressing her breasts against him further.

His tongue danced across her nipple and she inhaled sharply as the pleasure it brought. If it hadn't been for his arm around her waist she may have collapsed to the floor at the first lick. He placed a hand on the wall behind her head and kissed her hard forcing her head to lie on that hand. His hips leaned into her pinning her against the wall. Her muscles tensed for a split second before relaxing has he brought the hand from around her waist to the snaps on her utility belt. His hand stilled there and he broke the kiss looking down at her. His eyes asked the question and she knew that there was no turning back after this point. She stepped out of her slip on shoes, nodded and moved her hips under his hand in final consent and invitation to him.

With the move of her hips and nod he undid the snap on her utility belt and let it drop onto the floor. He pulled her pants and underwear done to met her utility belt. She stepped out of them and he placed them with the rest of her clothing. Leaving her pressed against the wall he dropped to his knees and kissed her flat abs and the top of her pelvis slowly working his way down her body. He found her hot and ready when his mouth reached its final destination. He parted the folds of her sex and placed his tongue on the tip of clitoris. She moaned and her hips moved under his mouth but she stilled quickly when he removed his mouth from her body. Once she was still again he brought his mouth back to her and licked gently in long strokes. Her breathing increased but she did her best not to move under his mouth.

Fire danced in her body has his tongue licked against her. She hadn't meant to move the first time he had touched her there but it had been a knee jerk reaction. She did her best not move now as his tongue kept a very slow tempo against her. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure sweep across her body. She wanted more needed more from him. She felt his tongue dip lower down her till it flicked at the very edge of her center. She couldn't fight it anymore she moved bring her hands to his shoulders and pushing him away slightly. She couldn't catch her breath and was panting from the mere pleasure his tongue had brought her. She pulled on his shoulders and he stood up and leaned against her. She kissed him hard and deep sliding her hands down his body again to rest on the top of his cargo pants and utility belt. She brought her knee up against his thigh and rotated them around so he was against the wall and she was in front. She slides down his body, hands sliding down the inside of his legs and across his erection. She undid the laces and loosened them before standing back up and sliding his pants and tighty-whites off his body. He now stood as naked as she did. The hard sculpted muscles that showed on top were mirrored down under his waistline also.

He leaned there watching her assess his body. She kneeled down on the pile of clothes she had just relieved him of and ran her fingers down his erection. She brought just the tip of his erection into her mouth sucked on it. He groaned and closed his eyes curling his fingers into her hair. She slid farther down his shaft sucked harder as she went then back up again till finally she let him go. He opened his eyes and looked down at her. Her face was lifted and waiting for him. As soon as he made eye contact with her she slid her mouth back down him never breaking from his eyes. It was all he could do not to close his eyes or look away from her. She was on her way back up his shaft to the very tip of his manhood before he couldn't hold her gaze any longer and looked away. He bent down and pulled her up so she was once again leaning against him. He kissed her tasting himself on her lips. He scooted her back till she was at the edge of the blanket. He pulled her down onto the blanket with him.

She went down on to the blanket willing with him. His mouth covered hers again as he laid her back on to the blanket. He hovered over her and moved his mouth back down to her breasts. He nibbled and liked each one again before returning to her mouth. He knelt between her legs and ran a finger across her warmth. She moaned softly and pressed her hips up towards him. With one hand he grasped her waist and with the other he guided himself towards her center. He paused there for a heartbeat then slid himself deep into her. She gasped and arched against him as he entered her. Her body was tight and his entry had been driven by lust. He leaned forward and kissed her holding still inside her giving, her time to adjust. She moved her hips against him not wanting to wait. She had worked through pain before and this was more pleasure then pain.

He hadn't thought about how tight she may have been when he entered. He had wanted her and he had wanted her that moment. Once he was inside and she had gasped he realized just how tight she was and stopped. She wasn't a virgin for that he was certain but she hadn't taken a man to her bed in awhile. He stopped and waited not wanting to hurt her. She didn't want him to stop and moved her hips bring his attention back to the action at hand. He moved over her sliding a little deep into her. He placed a hand aside her head and his other on her waist. He moved bringing himself in and out of her with long slow strokes. He held her waist not allowing her to move like she wanted to. He kept his pace and felt the pleasure build in himself till he was almost at its peak. He stopped then and held still not moving.

She felt him stop and hold still. She rotated her head to the side to place her cheek against his wrist, and waited. When his hand slid off her waist and found its way back to her top of her sex she couldn't keep the moan from coming out. He fingers flicked and rubbed her in all the right ways and soon the fire in her was seeking away out. She her leg up and around his back and felt him start to move again but this time with hard quick strokes. She came hard and fast. Her body clenched down on him and she felt him come seconds after her. They lay there for a second. The night was quiet. The rockets had stopped at some point.

He slid out of her and hovered over her looking deep into her eyes. This time she didn't look away. He slid down her body again his mouth kissing her breasts, her nipples, and her belly. He stopped and left a lingering kiss at the center of her pelvis before sliding lower. He tasted himself on her skin and body and licked at her. She tangled her fingers in his hair and arched her body into his mouth. He licked and nipped her gently until she came again. He sat up straight between her legs and gazed across her body again. He reached across the small distance and grabbed snagged all the clothing they had discarded. He helped her slide back into her underwear and lace bra before dressing himself.

Once fully dressed she walked over to her own pack and retrieved her blanket from it. She placed it next to his and laid down on it. He lay down behind her and slid his arm protectively over her waist drawing her close. She fell into a light sleep and listened to the night outside.

She had left before he had awakened. He didn't remember her getting up or hearing her leave. He didn't know her name or anything about her besides what her body looked and tasted like. He smiled as he packed his bag and got ready to leave the building.

He finally made it back to base that evening and was debriefed about the mission and the events that had lead up to him being the only survivor of his group. He left out the part about having sex with a woman he didn't know when he talked about finding shelters at night.

He was getting ready to board a plane for the journey home when we saw her again. She was standing on the airfield with a group of men and they were all dressed a like; khaki pants and khaki tops with khaki bags. They had packs at their feet and seemed to be comparing the weapons that they each held in their hands. As she re-holstered her gun at the small of her back he caught a glimpse again of the tattoo and realized that he still didn't know what it was. He buddy caught him watching the group and nudged him.

"Thinking of leaving us?" He asked laughing.

"What?" He turned and looked at his buddy. Motioning to the group with his head his buddy went on.

"They are intelligence gathers. They get dropped into the combat zone or wherever first. They report back about troop movements, potential friends, defiant enemies, gun stashes, ECT. Once the generals have that info we get to go in and kill all the people. Then they go in one last time and make sure we did a good job and then we all get to go home." He buddy shrugged. "The girl you see," he said indicating "Is their top dog. She's reported the most critical information to this operation." His buddy smacked his arm and headed into the plane. He watched for another second more as the group broke up. He watched her pick up her pack and survey the complex and airfield. Her head stopped in his direction and he would swear for years that he saw her smile before walking to the helicopters and her next mission.

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