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Love Is Color Blind


My name is Michael Davis and I met my future wife while attending evening classes at The University of Tennessee in criminal justice. I was a patrolman for the Knoxville Police Department and had obtained a permit from campus police to carry my off duty .357. I was so glad for that the night I exited class and heard a woman's screams across the half empty commuter lot I was parked in. I dropped my book bag, pulled my gun from the shoulder rig I wore it in, and ran as fast as I could across the lot. When I saw the two men trying to force a woman into the backseat of a Cadillac Fleetwood, I yelled stop and police at the top of my lungs. The man closest to me turned and pointed a gun at me at which point I had no choice but to shoot him, killing him with a perfect and lucky shot to the head. The second man managed to wound me in the thigh of my left leg with the bullet breaking my femur. I managed to wound the other man before blacking out. The woman ran away during the gun fight and I would have been in serious trouble if she hadn't come back and told the investigating officers what had happened. I was in the OR at that point with the doctors working hard to save my leg.

I was still groggy the next day when the most beautiful black woman dressed in nurse's clothing came into my room.

"Hi, I'm Latesha Hollings and I wanted to come by and thank you for saving me from Jackson and his cousin Jamal last night. I work in this hospital as a nurse's assistant and will be checking in on you while you're here."

"I'm Michael Davis. Probably won't remember. Out of it."

Latesha visited me every day for the five days I was in the hospital. She was in the room when the doctor said he would discharge me to go home if I had someone to care for me there. When I told him I was an only child whose parents had both been killed in a boating accident when I was eighteen and had no one at home to care for me, Latesha decided that she would nurse me back to health. I protested but to no avail. That was when I found out that Latesha wouldn't take no for an answer when she had set her mind to something. She moved into my house and slept in my guest bedroom during the nine month rehabilitation process I had to endure to regain full mobility in my leg. I was determined to resume my career as a police officer.

The investigating detective came and talked to me about the incident that had left one black man dead and two others, one white and the other black, wounded. I was going to be cleared and the shooting was going to be declared a justifiable shoot. The two black men were from Detroit and were Jackson Jones, the one that survived, and Jamal Jones, the one who died, his cousin. Jackson was a pimp and a drug dealer and I wouldn't find out until months later why they were trying to force Latesha into the car.

After two months of my questioning, Latesha told me about her past. She was afraid to tell it to me because it wasn't very pretty. Latisha's parents had divorced when she was twelve and her mother had taken her back to Detroit where her mother's family was. Latesha's mom had become a crack addict a couple of years after her return to Detroit. She gave Latesha to Jackson Jones when she didn't have the money for the crack he had supplied her. Jackson broke Latesha and turned her out as an underage hooker. From the description of herself back then, I could see why Jackson wanted her in his stable. Latesha told me she was already 6' tall at fourteen and her 36DD breasts were fully developed. She described herself as being curvy and unintentionally sexy. Men wanted her for either her breasts or her perfectly symmetrical bubble butt. She was addicted to cocaine by Jackson and was his "special" girl for six months before her dad rescued her. She spent 90 days in drug rehab and was still seeing a therapist when we met.

I stood at 6"4", weighed 280 pounds, and gotten back most of my former fitness. Latesha stood at 6'2" tall, weighed 200 pounds, still curvy, and sexy. Maybe it was the damsel in distress and the hero that saved her syndrome or maybe it was true love, but somehow a pasty assed white man and the most beautiful black woman he ever met fell in love with each other. Latesha cared for me during my recovery and brought me my assignments from my professors at school. We would talk for hours about everything and became friends. Latesha accepted my offer to continue living in my house after I was cleared by the doctors. She insisted on paying rent so I had her give me fifty dollars a week. It was another two months before I could get her to go on a date with me. We were already friends so we didn't have any of those first date nerves or awkwardness. We went to dinner at a nice restaurant and when I asked her what she wanted to do afterwards, she said she wanted to go dancing. I almost backed out at that moment because I wasn't a good dancer. I told Latesha that I wasn't a good dancer and she told me not to worry about it, she'd take care of me. It was a surreal moment for me when I realized I was the only white man in the club Latesha directed me to. I saw a handful of white women which kept me from being the only white person in the club. Latesha helped me on some dance moves for the fast songs, but we seemed to fit together seamlessly on the slow songs. There was one tense moment when a large black man tried to cut in on one of the slow dances and I wouldn't let him. Latesha took my hand and led me to our table before the situation got out of hand. Imagine my surprise when she sat in my lap instead of in the chair next to me. She began kissing me with a passion I hadn't seen in her before. Everyone in the club saw what she was doing to me. When she led me back onto the dance floor, my erection was noticeable to anyone who looked. I was embarrassed by my condition to say the least, but relaxed when Latesha pulled me close to whisper in my ear.

"Don't worry about anybody but me! I'll not let anything bad happen to you, Michael!" Latesha whispered to me before sticking her tongue in my ear. I knew I wanted her in a way I had only dreamed of before at that moment. Latesha made me dance one more dance before she let me take her home.

We went home and Latesha resumed in her passionate assault on my body. I had never been with a woman who was the aggressor in a relationship before and was somewhat confused by my excitement that Latisha's actions caused in me. She stripped my clothes off of me and stopped me when I tried to remove hers. She was the one kissing me hard and caressing my body. I was in fairly good shape from my physical therapy and the weight lifting I did in my basement. I had only been able to resume jogging a month ago and my stamina was not completely back. I was totally surprised when Latesha dropped to her knees in front of me and took my 9", 2.5" thick, and hard as a rock dick into her mouth. She deep throated my member with ease and the contrast between her black face next to the pale white of my upper thigh above the tan line from the shorts I wore in summer and her technique had me so excited I was spurting down her throat in only a couple of minutes. . I picked her up and carried her to my bed where I proceeded to turn the tables on her and became the aggressor. I stripped her naked and attacked her tits with my mouth, tongue, and hands. When she began to moan and grunt from my oral attention to her breasts, I kissed my way down to her pussy. I sucked and licked her to a huge orgasm and crawled up her body to her mouth as I placed my rejuvenated organ to the entrance of her hot, wet sex. I pushed my turgid rod into her and began slow easy strokes in and out of her. Latesha had no trouble accommodating my full length into her pink center. I lifted up when she urged me to fuck her harder and faster. I gave her two more orgasms with my dick before I loosed my scrotal contents into her body a second time. We spent the rest of the night wrapped up in each other's arms. Latesha never slept in the guest room again after that night. Latesha and I were married three months later in the AMZ church Teshia attended. It was another unreal scene during our wedding. Most of the people on the bride's side of the church were black while most of the people on my side were white. I had my former partner from the police force as my best man. Latesha was radiant in her white wedding dress and everyone told me how handsome I was in my black tux.

Latesha was unable to have children from the damage her six months as a prostitute had done to her uterus and the less than sanitary back room abortion Jackson forced on her when she did turn up pregnant shortly after he turned her out. We resolved to enjoy each other and remain childless. Latesha was my best hunting and fishing buddy and we did everything together. The only times we were apart were when we were working and life was good for the next ten years. I made detective with the Knoxville Police Department and Latesha was a registered nurse. We became very good at ignoring the comments from bigoted people about our interracial marriage. Latesha had gotten between me and many a black man when he said she was too fine for a pasty assed white boy. I had to restrain her from attacking white women who commented that I had settled for a black woman.

"Please don't let that be Jackson's car!" I thought to myself as I drove slowly past my house after seeing the black four-door Caddy parked in my driveway. I drove to my next door neighbor's drive and left my F-250 pickup there. I jogged across his and our back yards to the side door of our house and un-holstered the same .357 from ten years earlier. Luckily for me the door was still unlocked from my carrying our trash out of it to make my semi-weekly run to the county convenience station near our home.

"You're going back to Detroit with me Lateshia! That pasty assed white boy won't be able to save your ass this time! Let's see if you're still the best cocksucker I ever had in my stable, bitch!" I heard Jackson say to my wife.

"No! Stop! I'll bite it off!" I heard Latesha say to Jackson. I then heard the sound of a slap and Latesha cry out. I decided to put an end to what was occurring in our living room at that moment.

"Wrong again, Jackson!" I said as I stepped out from the kitchen into the door to the living room. I proceeded to shoot him right between the eyes. I pivoted to the right and shot the man holding Latesha, who was on her knees, twice in the chest. I bent down behind an arm chair and shoot the man I had seen with the shotgun on my drive by earlier twice in the chest as he ran from the entry way to our home. I then ran and gathered my shaking and crying wife into my arms.

"It's all over now! Everything's going to be alright! I love you!" I told my sobbing wife as I hugged her to me.

I would find out that Jackson had cut a deal with the DA's office for information on a major shipment of drugs coming into Knoxville from Detroit and that was how he was out of prison in ten years. The fact that the dealer Jackson gave up was his partner didn't bother Jackson in the least. All these facts were explained to me after I was cleared on the shooting of the three men in my home. The fact that they were all armed helped me and Latisha's statement on the occurrences that led up to the shooting helped also. Although we didn't want to, Latesha and I sold our house for a less then it was worth due to threats we received from Jackson's extended family. I was able to get on as a detective with the Atlanta, Georgia police department. Latesha was able to get a nursing position with a large hospital and was happy as was I in Atlanta. We were still madly in love with each other and continued to ignore most of the ignorant comments made by bigoted people we met. We planned to grow old together and hopefully our plan will come true.

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