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Love Is Not Romance


Parto glanced to the side of the bed for a moment and caught a glimpse of the big TV screen with the lovely image of Hema languidly fingering herself to orgasm. He watched her slim fingers slowly dipping in and out of the brown-red slit between her long, loving legs. He heard her lust-filled voice coming through the speakers in gasps and sighs.

It had been several weeks since he had made that film, he remembered. He turned his head, propping up a silk pillow, and gazed at the reflection in the bright, strategically placed mirror at the foot of the bed in Pataya – in his traditional home.

There was the sexy Iyengar Hema's lovely face again. This time he viewed a reflection, but in the mirror - she was live and very much in the present. This time he saw her face flushed and excited and heard her moaning and gasping as she ate and engulfed his pubescent swollen cock in her mouth.

He watched contentedly. His cock felt wonderful in that hot, velvety mouth.

She was as wildly turned on by sex as he was, just as promiscuous and just as daring, and he had never found anyone that could suck his long, thick prick like she could and was thrilling him at this moment.

And then he noticed - her body jerked forward and her head snapped back and her mouth tore open as if pulled by an invisible string. A long, thin shriek erupted from her throat. Her face twisted and contorted and splashed in agony. Sinews on her lovely neck stood out and shaped erect in her long torso and her lips snapped back in a savage glee.

Parto Samudrapat was a very important businessman in Thailand and was in India to get some business dealings done with the Indian Govt., Ash knew his lust for the fairer sex and who else to feed on that weakness. Ash managed Hema to succumb to this idea of seducing Parto, she played the role of her lifetime as the high class Iyengar Whore.

6 months back……………………….at Chennai in INDIA..

Hema was setup for the event as a sultry seducing married woman, dressed in a sheen black sari with a long mangalsutra, she was the image of a chaste young married woman, her makeup was well accentuated, her eyes richly laden with ‘kajal’ and a erotically large ‘bindi’ doting the middle of her forehead.

She looked devastating, especially because her white blouse was of some fine, translucent material that showed the swell and curves of her massive breasts. The neck was cut low, plunging revealing most of her deep, inviting cleavage.

She wasn't wearing either a bra or underwear and the stiff needle pricks of her nipples and the dark hollows of her aureoles were clearly visible through the sheen skin of the blouse material.

Her long mangalsutra dangled low, curved over her breasts, the twin amulets resting on her lewdly covered bosom. The sari was worn low above her buttocks and in front under the navel, high on the backside.

She had just come to the 5 star hotel and was standing inside the restaurant when Parto took her in his arms and started dancing with her in the restaurant disco, her long mangalsutra danced and slithered on her sweaty wheatish-fair, butter filled skin.

Her breasts, hot and hard with excitement, bounced and jiggled sexily, face was radiant with lust. At last, Parto moved and she moaned and gasped and began to move with him, their bodies rocking and bucking together.

She got up and bent down and took his cock in her hand through the svelte jockey he was wearing- w/o an underwear. She easily slipped her fingers in and lo behold melted feeling the hard sniper like dick, it was her first time with his cock, it felt so smooth and lively, like a snake, moving and energetic.

She wanted to suck it like lollipop but could only massage it at this point of time, she moaned, and stopped her frigging on the virile instrument, she stopped and asked him if they could go somewhere for some solitude," Your dick is wonderful to feel- I want to suck and later you to fuck".

She slit opened her sari partition and lo behold, she had come with a well concealed cut in the sari right in the front - and Parto inserted his hand to feel her thighs and slowly palmed the erotic pussy, which was very smooth, and the pubic area really felt beautiful.

Hema nibbled at his ears and whispered, "Aaaah.... it is so crowded here, let us go somewhere Parto, I will open my pussy lips and you will see the brown-red pussy inviting to eat. You can put your tongue into my pussy and fuck me with your tongue while licking the pussy." saying she moaned.

Parto was aroused more when he found that at the door, the hotel receptionist was watching them intently and he looked at her deeply while fingering vigorously into Hema's cunt, the Hotel girl remained transfixed as if she was guarding them at the door.

At the door – the female receptionist accosted him, ‘Sir, do you need anything?’ smiling mischievously.

‘Send me a glass of badam milk- WE will be just behind the pool’.

Finally Parto took Hema to the swimming pool and behind the dressing area took her in his arms, all this is allowed in all 5 Star hotels provided you are a foreigner.

The Indian female is just an accessory.

Hema was worried about the situation and asked him quietly- " Can't we go to your room? ".

" I have my Thai meat waiting for me - I am a bisexual where as he is only gay- he will not like me going on with a woman. I am getting over it but it will take time, this is our first time together so let us enjoy in the cool confines of this sultry sweaty weather by the poolside, next time you cam come over to Pataya and we will fuck in my traditional home- in front of the Buddha temple".

Hema was perplexed and was contemplating when she saw him quietly slide his jockey down and sitting spread out on the bench in front- her eyes fell on his cock, it was even a darker shade of whitish brown and it glistened with the May heat and Chennai sweat juice.

"Taste it," he commanded, as he took the shaft in his hand and pulled the sweaty foreskin back hard, making the head bulge and strain as his piss-hole stretched widely open. "Lick the head of my cock!"

Just then the female from the hotel came and stood with the badam milk. Hema was scared to death- what with the cock in front of her and she herself in a dishelved state with her hair all wet from the sweat and his ministrations.

‘Give me the milk and undress this slut of all her clothes and after that – please go away’.

The receptionist started with the sari which came off easily and slowly removed the silky satiny blouse, Hema was nude except for the bindi, anklets and of course –alluring kajal in her eyes, the amulets laden mangalsutra looked dazzling on the dusky damsel.

And then, there in the open oblivious to the 'gay' filming both of them in that state - Hema got down to her knees - and took it in her hands and ran it passionately on her uncovered bosom.

She pulled the foreskin further down and exposed the head, which was reddish like a hibiscus flower. She knew that - she knew and there was no mistake- her pussy leaks and turgid nipples confirmed, that she wanted to suck it hard and lick the cream with her sexy tongue.

Hema rose slightly and bent nearer to the bench and took his hot iron rod like tool in her mouth.

Parto jerked and held her head tightly.

She could take only half portion of his cock in her mouth which touched her back of the throat, making her feel gagged, she began circling with the tip of her tongue on his cock, making it feel and taste like a cone ice cream.

Parto started moving his hips in and out .He was very much exhilarated due to the fine treatment she was giving him and his pleasure increased and he started to move faster with his movements.

Hema worked her tightly gripping hand up and down his smooth, thick rod as she covered more and more of the cock with her mouth, she worked the entire top of his cock-head into her hungry mouth and moaned deep in her throat from the pleasure of the burning touch and the luscious tangy taste.

She held the huge prick head in her mouth lovingly, savoring the incomparable exquisite sensation.

Hema had never eaten and got this kind of pleasure from a man's cock before.

All in the open in a hotel, next to a swimming pool and nobody watching- that is what she thought, fact was that it was all on 'Video'.

Parto started to drink the milk, suddenly he offered the glass to Hema, she took a sip and he followed – this went on till they both completely shared the erotic drink, leaving traces of the liquid flowing all over their bodies.

Hema looked real ‘bitch’ with the white yellow stuff coiling down her neck and breasts.

Parto bent down to lick all that off, without any respite to her from his cock, she continued massaging the lean meat in all that what he was doing to her body.

She continued to stroke the prickly rod of his cock with one hand and gently cupped his succulent, hanging balls with the other one.

She rolled them adoringly with her hand, and then lightly fingered the two swollen balls separately, feeling his jerks on the cock in response as she still held it inside her hot mouth.

The tingling and fire burning in her pussy was growing fiercer and she knew that she did want his monstrous cock shoved deep inside her cunt. She knew she could do it!

She slowly removed her mouth from his delicious prick, just long enough to press her tongue once more into the hole on the cock head.

"I'm ready for it now," Hema breathed lustily, her mangalsutra flaying solidly on the breasts and between inside the sweaty cleavage "I want it inside my pussy ... please ... now, Parto!"

That was all the coaxing he needed.

He mounted Hema there on the garden floor with she in all her nudity and just getting rammed inside the accessible pussy, she moaned and sighed, inhaling with a sharp gasp as Parto drove his big cock into her waiting pussy.

The lips of her cunt aligned gracefully to the smooth, incredibly sexy skin of his cock, Hema was in a trance and quickly removed all her inhibitions and managed to slip into wanton shamelessness just in time to swing on the prick as she raised her hips higher.

She stopped at the point where only the head of his burning tool was enclosed in the sexy wet folds of her pussy- valley.

"How does it feel in there, Parto hunk?" she sang into his ears, knowing how men loved that first complete immersion in a woman cuntal fold. She nipped the entire cuntal muscles of her cunt as she held her body steady, squeezing his hard prick-head.

She's one in a million, he thought to himself. The only pussy he ever fucked who could control her vortex that way.

Suddenly she moved over him and he was on the ground with his T-shirt back brushing the prickly grass, she quickly lifted his arms and got the shirt garment out of the way- and was amazed with the Asian athletic taut body- it was incredibly sexy.

She began lowering herself again, her pussy sucking in his cock. He watched with pleasure as the huge head of his massive prick first stretched her pussy-lips to their widest point, and then moved smoothly on through to her hot, tight cunt. He was amazed at the ease with which she could consume his cock with her mouth or her cunt.

His cock was long and thick, and many of the women he had fucked just couldn't handle it.

Not Hema, however.

Even today after 6 months, he never ceased to enjoy watching her engulfing his gorgeous cock with her lips or twat or asshole.

She was halfway down his cock by now, feeling the big head plow through her cunt-hole. Her pussy-juices were beginning to flow. She could feel them dripping from her widely stretched pussy. Her pubic hair and asshole were becoming saturated with her sweet, sticky juice.

Hema sighed deeply as the mouth of her pussy touched his pubic hair.

She immediately began to slide her pussy up his cock again.

She increased the tempo of her movements and was soon beginning another hot downward stroke.

She began to groan deep in her throat with each upward stroke, then suck her breath sharply as she moved swiftly back down Parto's smooth cock.

Parto watched Hema in a trance, her face was flushed, her head thrown back with her mouth open, as she passionately caressed her tits and belly and thighs.

As Parto felt her back, he could visualize her hips were twitching and her ass-cheeks parting with each stroke, he realized that he was close to shooting his cum into her pussy.

He knew that now was the time to slow down and prolong the pleasure.

"Let's slow down just a little," he said softly, teasing her by flexing his cock in the mouth of her cunt.

"Oh, Parto!" Hema whined. "Give it to me ... give it to me now!"

Parto held on tightly to Hema's squirming ass and prevented her from ramming herself back down on his cock. He watched with delight as her tender asshole flexed excitedly.

He knew she was hot enough to let him stuff his whole cock into that tight little hole.

"Okay, baby, okay," Parto, said in a voice thickened by lust, "I'll give it to you ... in your ass.” he snarled at Hema.

"Oh, Parto," Hema moaned, "anywhere ... anywhere you say!"

Parto groaned as Hema bent over his lap, squeezing his rapidly thickening cock between her gorgeous breasts. He moaned softly as her magical tongue coiled about his cock-head yet again.

He could not resist her.

Her lips parted and slid about his cum-sticky cock again, sucking with a gentle, insistent pressure, her tongue flicking and rapping at his cock-head, winding about it, her head bobbing slowly over his lap, his cock in her fist.

Hema rose and smoothly swung one slender, perfectly proportioned limb over his hips, straddling his lap, his cock in her hands.

She wanted him deep inside her and she spread her legs, on her feet in a deep squat, slowly impaling herself on his rigid penis, her lovely face arching back, her hands on his dick as her cunt sank down lower and lower still, engulfing his cock deep in her hot flesh.

Her shoulders went back and she smiled coyly enjoying and immersed in the forbidden pleasure.

Parto fondled her clitoris, her nipples.

She moaned, her head jerking to one side, and began to ride him.

She bucked heavily on his lap, her hips rising and falling, going up and down, her bald cunt sliding up the journey on his cock and finally then crashing back again.

"Ooooooh, God," she suddenly groaned, digging her body deeper into the soft sandy grass beneath them.

She quivered uncontrollably from the sudden unexpected tingling sensations that shot through her body, and dropped her hand between the area of his wide-spread knees, grasping his hard erected cock in her hands.

She removed it from her cunt and started to rub it between her ass cheeks, slowly but surely it went deep into her ass, the sweat between the orbs and the well-oiled cock helped each other.

Parto moaned a deep low pleading sound as she pushed against it with her fingers sliding her ass back and forth the round rubbery head.

In return, Parto anchored his hot moist mouth tightly to an erected nipple and began a gentle sucking pressure, swirling his tongue in tortuous tiny circles, around and around the pulsating bud until it came to a sharp peaked point.

His hands coursed lightly at the same time over the soft firmness of her belly and thighs, while his mouth continued to play for a long delicious moment teasingly around the throbbing tits.

“Ohhhhhh, darling," she groaned ... she had never called anyone darling before.... with ecstatic pleasure and longing, Hema fondled his pulsating cock, at the same time coaxing its head more towards the center of her gaping unfulfilled ass.

Oooh Shit! It's soooo good ... sooo good," she chanted, not caring that their lewd abandoned fucking was happening in the bright pool light in front of a huge glass window where anyone who chose to stroll by might see them.

Parto, his eyes dilated as if in a hypnotized trance, slid his hands under her buttocks, cupping them in his hands, and drove his cock rhythmically into the wetness of her ass.

This was a new experience for them, and Parto wanted to be sure he didn't hurt her.

Her opening felt very tight.

After a few moments, Hema's asshole began to relax and the head of his penis slipped inside. He felt for the first time the delightfully tight grip of her asshole around his penis.

His hands dug deeply into the two globular spheres as he kneaded at them and stretched them apart with each in and out thrust as he plunged wilder and wilder into her.

He worked his middle finger in between the crevice of her buttocks, searching with the tip of it for her tight throbbing anus.

A small rivulet of warm moist liquid was running down the widespread crevice from where he could feel his hard rod of flesh sawing into her. “Paaarrrtooo!" Hema screamed, "Oooooh! Yessss, yesss! Hurt me, hurt me, and hurt me!"

"Faaaasster, Faster!" she shrieked up at him, her eyes rolling up underneath her fluttering eyelids as if she were in the throes of a wild uncontrollable ecstatic state.

Parto jerked his sweating loins harder and faster down into her hot clasping asshole, he could tell she was near completion as she gripped him tight between her thighs, opening and closing them around him in time to his long hard thrusts into her.

She gurgled beneath him, the sound coming from deep within her throat as though she had no control over it.

He knew she was near and he continued to thrust down on her with a merciless in and out fucking movement ... with all the strength he could muster.

He wanted to make this first ass-fuck last, so took his own time and concentrated on keeping the excitement under control.

Hema grunted and groaned with pleasure as he rhythmically reamed her rear hole, but then he could hold out no longer, his climax began as a tingle in his scrotum and filling of his balls, and before long he felt every muscle in his body tense up.

The orgasm hit him like the avalanche slide. All he remembered is that it felt like a bomb, which went off in his head as his penis erupted, and semen poured into HEMA’s well-endowed and sexy ass.

Her cry of pleasure told him, her orgasm was as intense as his.

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