tagLetters & TranscriptsLove Letters for Him: No. 08

Love Letters for Him: No. 08


Author's Note: This letter compliments jushorny's No. 7. For those that follow the letters series please note the numbers. He wrote the one that would have come first instead of the other way around, like we had been writing. I do hope you enjoy them. ~ Red


Hello Love,

I was touched and surprised that you took time to write me a letter. I hadn't written one in a while because things got so hectic at work. But, you know how your letter affected me and well . . . I still think about it often. But I have to be honest Sweetheart that wasn't my fantasy - BUT it is NOW! *wink*

Baby. I hadn't even thought of myself and another man. I can't believe how much you love me to offer me something so erotic and pleasing. Then again when you read what I was thinking perhaps I can understand it, because I wanted that for you. No, not Craig and you, but I was thinking of Suzanne from work and you. I would be there too, but I was imagining watching you and her as well as the two of us pleasing you.

I know Suzanne would be into it. She thinks you're hot and she knows how devoted you and I are to each other, so there wouldn't be any jealousy on either one of our parts, though your come is mine. That sounds a bit possessive doesn't it. Ha. But it is MINE! *wink*

Sweetheart, as the three of us stood naked in Suzanne's apartment I would need to kiss you. I would want you to know that it was okay to be hard for her. I know deep down you'd be hard for me too. I'd walk behind you and run one finger down your back, tracing the path of your spine until I reached the crack of your ass. I'd then run my tongue over your shoulder blades and follow that same path with my mouth.

At the same time, Suzanne would be caressing your nipples with her fingers or her teeth. Probably her teeth, because I would have told her before hand how you like to have them nibbled on. As she worked her way across your chest and I worked of the hard muscles of your back, we would both be sliding down to our knees.

She'd be toying with your cock, her mouth hovering over it and her tongue every once in a while licking at the stiff tool. I would be raining kisses and bites over your ass cheeks, my hands kneading your muscles, while my partner in crime started to take your cock in her mouth. I'd be hungry too, baby and I would move to the front of you and gather your balls into my mouth. We'd both pleasure you.

My tongue would roll the spheres of your balls back and forth between my teeth and let them glide against them a few times. I'd suck firmly, let them pop out of my mouth, only to be gathered up again. I'd watch you and see your eyes clenched in pleasure. You're close, but not Ready to come yet. So I turn my eyes to the mouth that is covering your cock. She's good Babe, almost taking you completely in, but not fully. Perhaps Suzanne isn't as experienced in deep-throating as I am . . . granted it is only your cock I've deep-throated.

She'd bob up and down several times until I saw the quivering of your groin muscles. I would know then. I know the changes in your body and so I would place my hand on Suzanne's shoulder and she'd move to gather your balls in her mouth, while I pushed your cock into my mouth and took all of it Baby, right down to the base. You'd come. I know you would. I'd suck hard and she'd be helping me to draw out all your nectar. Your seed is mine, remember that as I draw every ounce from you.

When you were empty, I'd wash away any trails of come that may have escaped. Though you and I both know there wouldn't be much. I love the taste of you and am eager to drink it fresh from your cock. I'd bite my way back to your face, licking and sucking your flesh as I did. She would stay on her knees readying you again. Sucking and groping and stroking your softened cock with her hands and mouth, while you and I connected with our mouths. Our kiss would just seal our love.

You'd be hard again Baby and I'd lead you to the bed. Suzanne and I would lay down beside each other and our pussy would be wet. I'd look up and tell you . . . There are two of us that need cleaned.

Oh God, Baby. . . tell me . . . tell me how you'd clean us both.

I love you,

Your very horny wife.

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