tagNovels and NovellasLove Lost, Then Found Ch. 20

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 20


Hank leaned back in his chair and grasped his hands behind his head. There wasn't much going on in the Museum today. Really it could run itself if it had to. It had been almost two weeks since he left Amy's but they sent emails every day. Amy claimed it was good he left when he did because she was exhausted. She also asked when he was coming back so she could rest up.

All Hank was waiting for was the phone call that told him if he got the job. His thoughts were interrupted by his secretary, Miss Watson. "Dr. Dixon, there is a call for you on line 1. A Mr. Masterson."

This was the call he had been waiting for. He paused for second and then picked it up. "Hello."

"Hank, Pete Masterson here. They want you. When can you get here?"

It was the best call he ever got. For the rest of the call the two of them discussed arrangements. Hank made it clear that he had to work out things at his end but he was pretty sure he could meet with the board next week. Pete said it was OK, just let him know.

After he hung up, Hank realized all that had to be done. Resign from the Museum, put his condo up for sale, and ask Amy to marry him. Easy. He opened his desk drawer and took out a little black box. He opened it and inside was his grandmother's engagement ring. Why he kept it in the drawer he couldn't answer. He had given it to Susan and luckily after the divorce, she gave it back. Now he planned to give it to Amy, if she said yes.

He was looking at the ring when Brianna walked in. "Hey Hank." She bent over and kissed him on the cheek. "Long time, no see."

Hank quickly put the ring in the drawer. He had been avoiding her. Luckily she was working in another department but now she was back. "Hi, Brianna," he said. "What are you doing tonight?"

"Nothing, Why, you in the mood?" she answered playfully.

Her answer flustered him. "No, no, not that," he replied. "I was wondering if you would want to come over for dinner tonight."

"Sure. I'll be there about 7. OK," she kissed him again. "See you tonight."

Why did he ask her over for dinner? What was he, an idiot? She completely flustered him when she came in. This might not go well. Too late to back out now. He left work early and pick up a few things. He wanted to make this dinner right. Also he needed time to figure out what he was going to say.

Hank had time to think before Brianna came over. He was sure that it was his fault, a character flaw, that caused his problems. He could have had a backbone 15 years and went to Amy then. No, instead he quit playing the game he loved and fucked as many girls as he could. He married Susan but he didn't love her. He always felt she did in her own way. Now when everything was pointing to Amy being the woman he loved, he turned to Brianna. He did it before.

Brianna was right on time. She and Hank stood on his back deck as he prepared the steaks for supper. He handed her a beer as he looked her over. She was wearing a white t-shirt top that showed off her breasts and a short skirt. Hank shook his head. The two women in his life were so physically different. Brianna was athletic and played a great second base for their softball team. Her breasts were firm without sag and smaller than Amy's. Her legs were long, tanned, and strong. Hank smiled remembering the times she wrapped them around him as they made love. The more he thought the more he realized that Brianna was Amy 15 years ago, except for two things. Amy didn't play any sports and he never had the chance to sexually explore with her. This information caused Hank to pause.

"Hank, you OK?" Brianna asked bringing him back.

"Yes," he quickly answered. "I think the steaks are ready."

August can be hot and humid in DC but tonight was bearable. They ate on the deck and took the opportunity to enjoy the night air. The steaks were great and Hank served it with fresh bread and tossed salad. The conversation was light and they had a number of laughs. They talked about their co-workers and a good laugh over Chrissie. Brianna actually met Hank through Chrissie so Brianna knew about her wild side. The fact Chrissie worked at Air and Space was thought to be a perfect place for her. Hank had to agree.

Brianna brought up Amy. "So are you going to tell me about her or is it a secret?"

"No secret," Hank replied and he proceeded to tell her the long story. Brianna listened intently as Hank filled her in but he made sure he omitted some details like the love making. He felt Brianna already knew what was going on there.

Brianna leaned back in chair when he was done. "Now what?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

She swung her chair around. "You didn't ask me here for just dinner. Either you're horny or you have something important to tell me."

"You're right," Hank said. "Let's clear up these dishes and then go inside. We can talk there." With that they picked up the plates and headed in. Hank served some vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and real whipped cream.

"Damn you," Brianna laughed. "You know my weakness."

It was definitely cooler in the house. They sat on the couch. Brianna took her shoes off and pulled her knees up to her chest. She faced him as he sat at the other end. She dipped her spoon and swirled around. She brought to her mouth, using her tongue to lick it off. "Well?"

"Damn," thought Hank. "She can make me think of sex just by eating her ice cream."

"Brianna, we been going out for some time and I really enjoy your company but I haven't been entirely truthful with you," Hank began.

"How so?" Brianna asked as nibbled at the ice cream.

Hank got right to the point, "I'm going to ask Amy to marry me."

She looked at the floor. "Oh," was all she said but the look on her face said more. She was hurt. Hank had to fight back the urge to go to her and put his arm around her.

"Look," Hank said. "I don't mean to hurt you but I have to admit I love Amy and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. "

"Oh, I see."

What Hank noticed was she shifted in her seat and she had opened her legs giving him a nice view of her red panties. No matter how much he tried not to think about it, he was becoming aroused. He knew she was doing it on purpose.

"So there is no chance for us?" she asked as she widened her legs. She was telling him with her actions, "It's here, if you want it."

"I don't think so."

Brianna got up and grabbed her shoes. "So I guess I'll be having sex alone tonight." She moved in close, put her arms around his neck and gave him a warm, moist kiss. "You know, she could say no." With that she turned and left.

"Jesus," Hank thought. "Start thinking with your head, not the other one." It took a few minutes for him to compose himself after she left. He really wanted to take her bed and make love to her one more time. He had to fight that impulse. In the end, he knew it was the right choice.

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