tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLove of a Stranger

Love of a Stranger


You were waiting for me when I left the store. I knew I'd seen you before. I remembered the warmth of your skin as our hands brushed reaching for the same neglige. Who were you buying it for? And there you were, at the corner of the building with expectation and desire in your eyes. I followed you as you began to walk away, without really knowing why. Ten paces behind, I watched your body move in its unhurried strut. I watched as your thigh muscles bulged with each step and I imagined how it would feel to stroke the naked flesh pulled taught over that muscle. I hurried my step. A little closer, I could smell your cologne on the chill air. Mixed with the mystery of you, it was intoxicating. My fingers numb, I shoved my hands deep into my jacket pockets. I wondered how delicious it would be to warm them against your warm body. Cursing my short skirt, I followed, wondering where you were going and why you seemed to want me to follow. You never looked back, but just continued your easy pace. I followed as you rounded the corner into the alley. A complete stranger; I must have lost my mind.

As my eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness of the alleyway I noticed the snow falling through the dark night sky. I felt fear creep into my throat as I took in the deserted alley; the windows in the surrounding buildings all dark, the fire escapes deserted. Slowly I realized you were gone, and I stood wondering, staring at the dead end alley. Slowly I turned to leave the alley. There was only a split second, as I caught your motion in the dark doorway, for me to gasp. My scream stopped as a powerful arm snaked across my shoulders and a hand clamped across my mouth. I could feel your breath on my neck as I struggled against your arms. So close now, I could smell the man beneath the cologne, feel your desire rising. I shivered from fear and the cold. Below it all, there was a nervous excitement in the pit of my stomach. As the tears came to my eyes, I tried to ignore the burning desire between my thighs. Your breath so warm, your lips so close to my ear, I heard your whisper.

So gentle, "I won't hurt you." I felt myself relax into your embrace. Your hand moved from my mouth down my neck and to my breast. Your lips trailed softly from my ear down my neck and stopped at my collar bone. Slowly we retreated to your darkened doorway. You released me only to spin me around and pin me against the cold brick. I felt my stockings rip as my thighs brushed the wall. Your mouth crushed mine in a hungry kiss as your hand unzipped my jacket and cupped my breast through the filmy blouse. You tasted like raw passion. I gasped as you ripped my shirt open to expose the nipples, hard from excitement and cold. Oh the release as your warm mouth sucked viciously at one nipple and then the other. My head swam as my juices began to flow, wanting more, wanting all of you. Delighting in the dangerous embrace of the mysterious stranger.

Your hand traced a line from my breast to my belly and then down the front of my skirt. I shivered as I felt your hand stroking the top of my stockings. I held my breath as your hand found the soft mound between my legs. You lingered for a moment stroking the satin covering the soft hair. I squirmed under you hand. I felt myself getting wetter as you held back, yearning to feel that gentle touch on my clit and my lips, to feel the fullness of those strong fingers inside of me. I saw you smile as my panties quickly became saturated. Finally, sweet release, you pulled my panties aside and began stroking my clit. My loud moans and the suddenness of my first orgasm shocked us both. You paused as my juices covered your hand. That smile again; I could feel your desire. Slowly , gently you rubbed up and down my slit. Wonderful, my head was swimming. Suddenly, you plunged three fingers deep inside of my tight pussy, stretching me and making me dizzy with pleasure and pain.

"I just wanted to make sure you were ready," you whispered, "for the pounding I'm going to give that hot cunt." The fear came again as I felt the soreness already spreading between my legs. You kissed me hard, crushing my lips beneath yours, banging my head against the brick. I tasted the metallic hind of blood as you slid your tongue into my mouth and deepened our hungry kiss. Suddenly, my panties were gone, the thin garment ripped away and discarded on the wet pavement. My skirt pushed up to my waist as I felt your strong hands grasp my ass cheeks and lift me up to straddle you. Pinned against the brick, I could feel the wall scraping my bare skin. I could feel the cold air rush to meet my warm pussy as you pulled away to unzip you pants. Suddenly, there was the hardness of you deep inside me. I was gasping for breath. I wrapped my arms around your neck, my hands twining in your hair. You were stretching me to my limits as you pounded me harder and harder. I heard you begin to moan as you lost yourself inside of me. Then I was over the edge, orgasming with a loud uncontrollable moan.

I heard you chuckle, "You liked that didn't you?" I could only answer with a meek nod. "Do you like being my whore?" Another nod is all I could manage. "Well I'm not done with you yet."

I shuddered as my feet hit the ground. "Turn around," you demanded.

"Why?" I winced as you snatched a handful of hair.

"Just do it like a good little whore!" you said in a low growl. I turned to face the wall, unsure of what was going to happen. You reached around and crushed both of my breasts. "You like it rough?"

I couldn't even answer but my body responded. It almost made me sick to realize I wanted you back inside me. Using one hand, you pinned me against the wall as you ran the other down my side to my waist and across my ass cheeks. I could only moan when you brought your hand down hard and fast across my cold cheeks.

"That's what I thought," you whispered seductively. "Spread those cheeks for me."

"Wha... why?" I stammered. Another hard slap was your only answer. Slowly, I complied, spreading my ass cheeks as wide as possible. I felt your finger circling my asshole.

"Do you know what I'm going to do?" Only a nod as I tensed up, eyes closed and waiting. I felt you place the tip of you hard cock against my tight hole. Pain screamed through me as you slowly began to push it in.

"No," I gasped.

"You know you want it, shut up and enjoy it." You groaned loudly as you forced your full length into me. Stretched and full, I didn't think I could bear anymore but I wanted it, and I waited expectantly. I felt you begin slowly sliding all the way in and out. Still tense, I squirmed against the hand pinning me against the wall. With your other arm around my waist, you slammed hard all the way into my ass. A grunt from you, and a moan from me filled the still air. You began pumping faster and harder until I was bouncing painfully hard against the wall. Suddenly I came, moaning against the cold brick.

"Oh god," you moaned, "you're such a good slut!" and pumping my ass hard and quick you filled it full of your cum. Gently now, you released me and turned me around. Embracing me and kissing me softly.

"You are wonderful," you said smiling.

"Thank you," I replied as I straightened my skirt, suddenly aware of being in a public place.

Kissing me again you whispered, "Same time next week?" My smile was the only answer as we walked together out of the alley.

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