tagLoving WivesLove of My Life Ch. 01

Love of My Life Ch. 01


Hi, my name is Ron. I was 19 when I met Linda. She was 18. We immediately fell in love. It was the gentle type of love, one that glows in your heart, and not in your pants. She was a virgin the day we met, and 2 years later when we married, was still a virgin.

She became pregnant on our wedding night. After the reception, we went to our home. It was a new home, to start our new life together. We made arrangements with movers to have everything moved from our 2 seperate apartments to the house. All our belongings were in the boxes. The only thing ready when we arrived was the bed.

Linda asked me to undress her. I walked behind her and unzipped the back of her wedding gown. I massaged her back the entire lenth of the zipper. As I slid it off her shoulders, I nibbled gently at her neck. She moaned so softly.

Her gown dropped to the floor. I reached around her and cupped my hands on her 34B breasts. They were so soft in my hands. As I fondled at her, her nipples came to pert attention. They were hard as little stones. She turned around and gave me a full kiss, one that could only mean passion. I knelt down on the floor and slid down her panties. I admired her bushy pussy, and I started kissing her abdomen and I cupped her tight ass in my hands. Her hands were stroking my hair.

I stood to kiss her again, but she had another idea. She grabbed at my clothes, taking them off of me quickly, almost ripping them off!

She said hungrily "I want your sexy cock in my mouth."

As soon as she had me undressed, my cock was hard and ready for action. Linda dropped to her knees and put my cock in her mouth. She started sucking as if her life depended on it. Her mouth surrounding my cock was wonderful. Within minutes, I blew a load into her mouth. Not the runny, bubbly stuff, but instead was the thick gobs of white cum. My beautiful Linda swallowed every drop.

"That tasted so wonderful. Now it's my turn." She lay down on the bed, with her sexy legs hanging over the side. I crawled over to her and put my head between her legs.

I gently rubbed my tongue over her clit, and sucked on it. Linda let out a little moan. I then started licking at her pussy hole, and stuck my tongue inside her slit. I wiggled my tongue around, and this made her climax. She was so aroused.

I then climbed on the bed with Linda. She said to me "I'm ready to lose my virginity. Please take it from me, Ron".

My cock was already hard again, and I was ready to love my wife. I put my cockhead against her pussy opening, and put just the head in. Then I gently eased my way in, popping her cherry. It actually made a popping sound. Linda did not scream at the loss, she made a mewing sound, like a kitten would make.

I gradually increased the tempo, and was pistoning in and out of her pussy like a ramrod. I could fell her climax building, and as she climaxed, I also climaxed, spilling loads of gooey, thick, white cum into her hot, waiting pussy. She was able to feel my cum splashing onto her cervix.

I pulled out, and there was a few drops of cum at the end of my cock. I moved to her breasts, and let the remaining cum drop onto her tits. She used her hands and spread it over her boobs, looking like they had put on a polish.

Linda was exhausted after her first sex session, and wanted to sleep. She kissed me goodnight, and told me "We'll continue this in the morning." She quickly fell asleep, and I watched her, admiring such a wonderful woman I married.

The next morning, we awoke at the same time. She said "Good morning darling" and we laid in bed kissing, but my cock was getting hard. I reached down to her pussy, and started stroking it. Then I moved and started licking and stroking her nipples, which were now rock hard, and sticking out erect.

We were both ready. I got between her legs. I pushed my cock all the way in with one thrust. Linda breathed out "ohhhhhhhhhhh." I eased my way in and out of her, not wanting to hurt her newly used pussy. But I was not able to hold back for long and I was thrusting her like a man out of control. I dumped a full load of my sticky cum into her pussy, and the same time she climax too. We laid on the bed a few minutes, the took a shower together. Under the running water, we kissed and embraced the embrace of love.

Little did we know at the time that my swimming sperm had found her egg.


We went to Miami Beach for our honeymoon. We were staying on the newlywed suite. It was so magnificent and luxurious. Linda loved it.

I carried Linda over the threshold, and set her down near the bed. She wasted no time in getting undressed. She shook her shapely, sexy ass at me, and invited me "Come and get it, stud."

I didn't need to be asked twice. I ripped off all my clothes. My cock was already partially erect. I walked over to Linda. I started sucking on her nipples, and I reached down and started stroking her pussy. She was already soaked with her juices.

She knelt down on the floor and put my cock in her mouth. In no time she had me to the point of climax. I shot a thick gooey load in her mouth, and she swallowed every drop, no wanting to waste a single drop.

Linda kept on sucking to keep me hard. I stood her up, and had her bend over the bed with her ass in the air. I put my cock at her pussy, and rammed in hard. Linda let out a load moan. I pumped in and out of her as hard as I could, driving her into a wild frenzy. I withdrew from her pussy, ready to take her other virginity. I put my cockhead at her pink anus ring, and gently eased in, allowing her anus expand until she could take me in. I could tell she loved being butt-fucked. She was gasping for air as I stabbed her ass. I was riding her like a bronco out of control. She let out a load scream, and I knew she climaxed. That took me over the edge, and I shot large creamy loads into her ass. I withdrew, and laying next to each other, we fell asleep until morning.

Two days later, we were on the beach relaxing. I decided to have a drink, and went to the hotel bar, leaving Linda alone on the beach. I was sitting alone at the bar, and a lovely 24 year old redhead sat next to me. We talked a few minutes, just small talk, and she told me her name is Jean. Then she invited me "Would you like to come with me to my room?"

I showed her my ring and explained to her "I'm a married man. In fact, a newlywed."

She countered "I don't see your wife here, do I? And I don't care if you're married."

I replied "Let's go!"

We took the elevator to her room. As soon as we walked in the door, she closed it, and in a matter of seconds was completely out of her clothes. I was wearing only my swimsuit and quickly slipped out of it. My cock immediately sprang to life.

Jean walked over to me, and put her arms around me, embracing me. She stood on her tiptoes and gave me a big, wet kiss. Then she got on her knees and began sucking my rigid cock This woman was an expert cocksucker. After a few minutes, I took my cock out of her mouth, and picking her up, I carried her and laid her on the bed. I got between her legs and spreading them open, I went to eating her furry, red-haired pussy. She tasted divine.

Bringing her close to orgasm, I stopped and put my cock at her pussy. I spread open her pussy lips, and drove my cock deep inside her cunt. She let out a gasp at my massive size, opening her pussy wide. The tip of my cock touched at her cervix. I was pounding this woman with everything I had.

I gasped out, asking her "Do you want it in your pussy, or in your mouth?"

She mouthed out "p...u...s...s...y..............."

That was all I needed. With one massive shove, I unloaded into her what seemed like a gallon of seed. Jean then climaxed too, and we slumped on the bed together. We embraced each other, and she said "Thank you. You were terrific."

After a few minutes, I got up to leave. But instead Jean asked "Do you have to leave yet? I still want to suck you and cum in my mouth."

I started sucking on Jean's tits. A redhead's pink nipples are so beautiful. Her nipples immediately became erect. Jean reached down and started stroking my cock, and I became hard in only a minute. Then Jean knelt on the floor, and started sucking greedily on my massive rod. Within minutes, I shot a large load into Jean's beautiful mouth. She sucked every last drop, and swallowed my entire load. She Stood up and said "Thank you. That tasted sooooooo good."

I finally said "Let's go back down to the bar, and have a drink" Jean replied "Sure."

At the bar, Jean told me "I won't be seeing you again. My plane leaves in a few hours. It was fun." I watched her ass shake as she walked away. I was unaware that as she walked into the hotel lobby, a man approached her. Her husband. Jean said "I hope this is the one who will make me pregnant." Her husband replied "Me too. And I had fun too. But I had to rape the little cunt"

I finished my drink and went back onto the beach where I had left Linda. She was gone, and so I assumed she went back to our room. I walked into my room, and Linda was laying on the bed, quietly sobbing. I asked her why she was crying. She embraced me, and cried "I was raped. Ron, it was so horrible."

I exclaimed "We should call the police!"

Linda begged "No, don't call the police. He said he would hurt us if we contacted the police. I just want to get over it and go on." I said "OK, no police" Then Linda begged me "Please hold me." We hugged for a very long time and then I made very passionate love with Linda. Linda quickly recovered from her rape, and was very happy with me. We did not find out who the rapist was, but it turned out to be Jean's husband.


Nine months later, Linda gave birth to our baby, my baby. A beautiful baby girl, the exact image of her mother. Linda said she had decided on a name, and insisted on naming our baby Jean.

To be continued...........

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