tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLove Of My Life Ch. 03 v. 2

Love Of My Life Ch. 03 v. 2


It's been 4 months now since my beautiful sexy wife was taken from me. I had lost interest in everything I used to enjoy. I even wanted to quit my job. I started drinking.


I tried dating once. It was a disaster. Mary worked as a secretary for one of our clients. It was a blind date arranged by my secretary. She was recently divorced from her ex-husband. The evening went as blind dates usually do. The usual chitchat. I couldn't help but have a few drinks. Mary had few too.

I took her home around midnight. She invited me in, and I accepted. We sat on the couch next to each other closely. We turned towards each other, and started kissing passionately.

I reached my hand to her breast. Between kisses, she started whispering "no, no, no.....", and pushed my hand away. I again moved my hand to her breast. She again pushed my hand away.

I thought to myself, "This lady is being a tease."

I broke the kiss, and faced her, staring her in the eyes. Mary showed a scared look on her face. I put both my hands at the top of her blouse, and ripped the front open. Mary started squirming, but I was still able to remove her blouse.

She fell to the floor on her back, and I immediately jumped down on top of her, straddling her, pinning her down. I reached in my back pocket and took out a knife I started carrying with me. I put it between her bra cups, and sliced it open, exposing her boobs. Her nipples were erect, partly from being excited, and partly from her being scared. I fell at her tits, sucking and biting them, like an animal that hasn't eaten for a week.

I then looked at her. I asked her "Are you going to cooperate now?"

She faintly shook her head yes. I got up and quickly undressed. I then pulled Mary to a stand.

I told her, in a growling voice, "Never tell me no."

Mary had tears streaming down her face. With my fingers, I wiped away her tears, and I told her "It didn't have to be this way."

Mary silently removed her slacks and panties. Both of us standing there naked, I embraced her, and tried to kiss her.

She refused and turned her head away. "OK then, have it your way."

I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, and threw her on her bed.

I told her "We'll do the missionary. I get the best leverage that way."

I got on the bed, spread her legs and got between. My cock had already grown to its erect 12 inches. Mary had gasped when she saw its size.

She never had one as big as mine, and thought "This might hurt a little."

I rubbed at Mary's pussy. She was wet. Her voice might have been saying no, but her body was saying yes. I put my cockhead inside her pussy folds, then summoning all my strength, I shoved into her pussy with one massive shove. Mary screamed at the sudden thrust. It was apparent that she hadn't fucked since her divorce.

My onslaught was merciless. I pounded at her hard and fast. I was getting ready to cum, and I told Mary "I'm gonna cum in your cunt."

She cried out between her tears, "No, not in my pussy, I don't want to become pregnant."

I yelled back at her "I don't care what you want, your fucking slut tease." And having said that, I climaxed in her pussy, filling her with my thick, gooey cum.

I withdrew and there was a drop of my cum. I put my cock at Mary's mouth, and I told her "Lick it off", and she did so.

I yelled at Mary "Suck my cock and make it hard. I'm gonna fuck you again."

We were both still on her bed. It didn't take long to get me hard. I wanted to fuck this woman again. I turned her over on her hands and knees, with her ass in the air. I got on my knees behind her. I guided my cock in her pussy hole, like a missile going for its target. I rammed my cock in, pushing hard, pushing fast. God, her pussy is so good.

I withdrew my cock from her pussy, and put it at her puckered asshole. She cried out "Not my ass. I never been fucked in the ass."

A married woman, and never been fucked in the ass? That's odd. I eased my cock in her, being gentle so as not to rip her open. I didn't want that. Now my cock was fully buried in her ass. I started bucking at her ass. It was so tight. I just couldn't hold back any more, and I gushed a huge load of my cum in her bowels.

I withdrew out of her, and my cock softened. I let her lay down on the bed, and I laid down next to her, facing her. I told her "Mary, you're such a good fuck, my cock is actually a little sore."

She had cum dripping out of both her holes. That looked so good. I was proud of the masterpiece I made, on the canvas of this woman.

As I was getting dressed to leave, Mary was sobbing, and yelled at me "You son-of-a-bitch, I don't ever want to see you again. You're lucky I'm not calling the cops."

When I got to work on Monday, my secretary stormed into my office slamming the door. I just looked at her.

She yelled "you sorry ass, that just wasn't a blind date I arranged for you. That was my sister you raped. I was gonna call the cops, but she pleaded with me not to."

2 months later, my secretary told me "My sister that you raped is pregnant."

I told my secretary "I don't care."

She immediately stormed out of my office, and before slamming the door, she screamed "I QUIT!"


Jean slowly recovered from losing her mother. She still missed her very much.

That evening, Jean and I sat on the sofa, discussing our futures. Jean said "Well, Dad, I don't have any boyfriends, and I can stay with you for as long as you'll let me stay here. I love you, dad."

"I love you too, Jean." We gave each other a hug before going to bed.

But Jean had other plans for the night, other than sleep. She had been thinking about it for over a month. She played out the scene in her mind over and over again. She was going to seduce her father. Jean had decided to give her virginity to her father.

Jean took off all her clothes and put on a robe that ties around the waist.

I was laying in bed starting to fall asleep, when there was a knock on the door. I called out "Come on in, Jean."

Jean came in, closed the door behind her, and walked over standing next to the bed. "Daddy, is there anything I can do for you?"

I answered, "No, pumpkin, I don't think so. But thanks."

Jean untied her robe, shrugged it off her shoulders, and let it drop to the floor. Before I could say anything, Jean asked "Are you sure there's nothing I can do for you?"

Jean approached me and laid a finger across my lips. She whispered, "Don't say a word."

She crawled up onto the bed and got under the covers with me. I was naked under the covers. Jean snuggled up next to me and was gently stroking my chest. She took my hand and guided it to her breasts. They are so soft and velvety. Her nipples immediately perked out and stood erect. Just like her mother, her nipples stood out 2 inches.

Next, Jean slid her hand down across my stomach and then down to my cock. I was already partially hard, and her firm but gentle hold on my cock made me fully hard. She was gently stroking my cock. I moaned out, totally turned on. Then Jean moved down to my cock and took it in her mouth.

She was sucking on my engorged cock like a big popsickle. Her sucking was so perfect. It did not take long before I shot a huge load of my thick, gooey cum into her mouth. She swallowed every drop down into her belly.

Jean then snuggled up to me again, and told me "Daddy, that tasted so good. I love the taste of your cum."

Jean whispered "Daddy, I want you to fuck me now and make me pregnant, taking my virginity just like you did with mummy on your honeymoon."

I kneeled on the bed and turned Jean onto her back.

I leaned down and started sucking on one nipple while squeezing the other. Then I began sucking her other nipple. She whispered to me "I love that."

I made little love kisses down across her stomach and reached her furry love mound. I started licking at her pussy with a feverish speed. Jean started moaning loudly. I stuck my tongue inside her pussy and was licking at the inside of her, while my fingers found her love button, and I started squeezing on it lovingly. Jean shuddered with a climax that was shaking the entire bed.

I continued licking inside her pussy till she ready to ride another climax wave. I then kneeled up between her legs, showing her my enormous raging hard-on.

I asked her "Are you ready, pumpkin?"

She breathed out "Now, daddy. NOW!"

I put my cock at her pussy opening, and put only the cockhead inside her outer lips. I pushed in slightly until I could feel her hymen. Then with one enormous shove, I pushed in ripping her apart, and buried my entire length inside her. She let out a scream almost as if the neighbors would be able to hear. Jean had her legs on the air, and her arms were wrapped around me.

I eased back slightly and pushed in again hard. I started pumping at her like i was attached to an engine, going nonstop. Jean was still screaming, not of pain anymore, but with rushed of pleasure. She was breathing so hard I thought she was going to pass out. But she didn't. I could feel her climax building and as she was going over the edge, I dumped loads of my gooey, sticky cum inside her vibrating pussy.

I withdrew from her, my cock covered with her love juices. I lay on the bed next to her. She nuzzled up to me, and we put our arms around each other.

Jean said to me "Daddy, I love you so much I want to be your wife."

I told her" While that is illegal in all states, we don't have to make it official or legal. I would be honored and pleased to have you as my wife."

"Daddy, will you please take me on a honeymoon where you and mommy went?"

We left immediately, and I was pleased as punch to discover that the bridal suite was available. I carried Jean over the threshold, and when we entered the suite, I looked around to see that nothing much had changed about the room. We immediately stripped off our clothes and again made wild passionate love. It was a long day and we both immediately fell asleep.

--------------- And now for the promised surprise ending:

I awoke in the morning with a headache that it wouldn't fit inside my head. I heard a voice next to me "Good morning, sexy".

I mumbled out "Good morning" and turned over to see my wife.

It was Linda! I jumped out of the bed and fell on the floor like I had seen a ghost. What the hell? It hit me quickly that the last 25 years had been more than a dream. It was a vision. A vision that Ihad control over, and that I can change the events that I had seen. Immediately, my headache left me.

Linda thought it was funny seeing me on the floor like that. I spent the next hour explaining to Linda about my vision, and that things were going to change so that her 2 rapes and death do not occur. Starting with that morning we would go to the bar together for breakfast, we would live at a different address, she would have a different car and a different job. When she detected the fear and concern in my voice, she quickly agreed. We also agreed that any daughters would not be named Jean.

When we arrived at the bar for breakfast, sitting at the bar was Jean, looking for a victim. She and I locked eyes for just a moment. It was the type of look from her that seemed to say 'de ju vu'. Then Jean looked away and spotted her prey, and swooped in for the catch. My affair was avoided.

After breakfast, we took coffee back to our room. In the elevator, there was another man that entered. After the elevator started moving he pushed a button for a floor. It was the man that would have raped Linda, but that rape was avoided. Nine months later, we had a beautiful baby girl. The mirror image of her mother. We named her Lisa.

Back in the room, I made note of what must happen and not happen in 25 years, so that her ritual gang rape and murder could be avoided. Linda just sipped on her coffee while a wrote everything down.

Just then, there was knock on our room door. I called out "Who is it?"

The female voice on the other side of the door answered, "I'm the bellhop. There was a package that was delivered for you."

I opened the door, with the chain lock in place, just to be safe. I looked through the crack, and indeed it was the bellhop.

I said un a puzzling voice "Are you sure its for me? No one knows where I'm at, and I'm not expecting any deliveries."

The bellhop answered, "Are you Ron?"

I said "Yes", and unlocked the door and accepted the package.

I opened the box and inside were 12 cassettes tapes, each an hour long. The enclosed note read, "I had you enjoy these tapes. They consist of what your lives would have been like, if you had not had the vision."

I thought it was somebody's idea of a joke. But how could anyone else know of my vision. I only told Linda.

In the room, we had a VCR player attached to the TV. I put in the tape marked "Number 1", and on the screen there was me in the bar alone, and being picked up by Jean.

Linda said "I remember her being at the bar".

We both watched intently, my having weird sex with her. When the tape was over, I pushed rewind.

Linda surprisingly was not angry. Instead, she embraced me, and gave me a long-lasting kiss.

I put in the tape marked Number 2, and it showed a man getting on the elevator, along with Linda. As soon as the doors closed, he had shown a gun and pointed it at Linda.

He said, "We're going to have some fun." Linda was shocked to see herself in that kind of situation. It showed her being violated repeatedly.

Then Linda recognized the man. She said in a shocked voice, "That was the man on the elevator with us!"

When that tape was over, I was surprised to see that Linda was turned on. She pulled me down on the bed, and we made passionate love. It was so wild that we ended up on the floor locked in an embrace.

Linda told me "That was so exciting watching me getting forced like that. I don't want it for real, but we could play games like that at home."

I told her "That would surely add some spice to our love life."

Then Linda said, "I can't wait to watch the rest of the tapes."

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