tagBDSMLove Slave Ch. 01

Love Slave Ch. 01


He had already decided it was going to be a weekend she would not forget. She had offered to drive 600 miles to see him and to be his love slave. What was he supposed to do, say no? They made each other actually feel really good and always had fun. Besides, she was kind of a pain in the ass sometimes, but mostly she was a really cool, dirty girl who loved to wake him up every morning when they were together with a fantastic blowjob, and she actually got off doing it. She was also pretty easy to talk to, He could relate to her and tell anything to her without judgment. As a bonus, she appreciated BDSM play more than most; hell she even carried her own ‘rape kit' complete with chains, locks, a variety of dildos and vibrators and other methods of torture. They had the trust and respect necessary for such play, but would she have the balls for what he had planned? He had every intention of pushing her every limit. He dared her many times trying to give her an out. She would not relent. She was on her way.

It was almost a day's work making the drive, but she knew it would be well worth it. When she finally reached his place in the country she exhaled a big sigh of relief.

"Finally," she thought to herself as she got out of her truck and stretched for the first time in a hundred miles.

She knew his key code for entry to his house so she let herself in and went straight to the fridge hoping he had a few cold beers.

"Sweet," she said out loud as she reached in the back of the top shelf and retrieved herself one of his beers.

"They really do taste better when they are someone else's," she mused out loud as she melted into his favorite chair, lit a smoke and enjoyed his beer. It felt so good to be stationary and relax without the sun in her eyes. She easily could have fallen asleep.

She snapped back to reality and jumped up to grab another beer. She didn't come all this way to be sleeping, boring and lame. She stripped out of her bikini top, short-shorts and thong she had traveled in as she walked to the refrigerator, tossing her road clothes on the kitchen table as she passed it.

She sat back down and after half of her second beer decided it was time to let him know she was there.

"SIT'N N UR RECLINER NAKED," the text message came to his cell.

His cock twitched instantly. It was on!!!

He smiled to himself. She actually did it. She really came all this way to be whatever he wanted for a few days.


When she received the return text from him a wide smile covered her face despite the fact that she was so road tired. This is exactly what she came for and loved their play. She was more than game. She walked down the hallway to the bedroom and took a left to his bathroom. She knew he was a very sick-minded individual and loved him for that, but had a way sicker mind than hers and she didn't know if she was quite prepared for what she might find.

She walked into the bathroom and took a deep breath as she stared at the closed door leading to the closet.

"Here goes," she said out loud as she turned the knob and opened the door to the closet.

She had never seen it before. It was probably 6' x 8' with shelves from the floor to ceiling, tan carpet, and plenty of room to turn around. Some of the shelves were full of clothes and trinkets from the past, but what she noticed first was the eyehooks in the wall, high, next to the ceiling. Attached were heavy chains with ankle cuffs at the end.

"STRADDLE THE HORSE LIGHTLY, FEET ON GROUND," came his text instruction, almost as if on cue.

"Am I being watched?" She wondered.

She spun around to notice a piece of construction equipment she did not know the name of, but had seen it in his drive way the last time she had visited. It was almost three feet tall on four legs with a top that could serve as a seat. A very uncomfortable seat, but a seat none the less. She realized how uncomfortable it was going to be when she saw the homemade ‘bed o nails' duct taped to the seat.

"Oh shit, this must be the horse," she thought as she simultaneously got a little excited and scared at the same time. He nipples were at attention with anticipation of what was to come. Just knowing he was in charge from a distance made her pussy very wet and made her want to submit instantly. He always put so much thought into their games, although it seemed as if he did it effortlessly. But she knew he was going to be good to his word and she was going to pay.

She straddled the ‘horse' gently and felt the points of the nails graze her ass, tender pussy flesh and inner thighs.

"RUB YOUR TITS," came the next text instruction.

His timing again was right on. She figured she must be being watched. She tried to casually look around for a camera.

Not to disappoint, she grabbed her pierced tits with both hands and threw her head back. The combination of her mammary massage and the nails just begging to dig in her now, very wet sex made her very hot. She was very close to her zone, the zone she needed to be in to enjoy his tortures with a pleasure that most could never understand.

"PUT UR ANKLE CUFFS ON," came the next text preparing her for her impending punishment.

She stood and reached forward, pulled the long chain hanging from the ceiling, grabbed the cuff attached and secured her right leg. No problem, although it was a stretch. She could still balance on the other leg without feeling the full force of the nails on her ass and snatch. However, the next leg proved more trying. As much as she tried, she could not get to the left cuff without fully putting all her weight on the nails.

"OoooooHhhhhh, FUCK," she said as managed to cuff her left leg as her ass and most of her pussy came into full contact with the sharp point of the siding nails set out for her torment. Her weight settled on the pins of anguish. Her legs were pulled tight out in front of her stretching her out nicely over the bed he made special for her. Every point of each nail making her fully aware that he is in charge.

RING! RING! Her cell phone rang. It was him.

"How ya doin?" he giggled.

"Just fine. Where are you?" She tried to play like her heart did not skip a beat at the sound of his voice and that she was not incredibly turned on by the fact that he had all of this pre-planned.

"At a buddy's house. You're not going to be able to talk soon. Follow the next instructions and I will be there in 20 minutes." He said with excitement and a giggle in his voice.

"OK see you then, hurry" she said as she fell deeper in the game.

The top of her thighs began to burn as she tried to keep herself balanced and steady as not to be eaten alive by the nails below her.

"LOOK TO THE LEFT. GRAB GAG N PUT IN UR MOUTH," the text from her man came.

She grabbed the ball gag and placed it in her mouth after taking a deep breath. She was so close to submitting herself totally to him and she knew it. It was something she was not sure she was going to be able to do. This was very big for her. She was incredibly independent and not very free with her feelings anymore. She felt them, major. She just had a hard time putting herself out there, making herself open for hurt. She was too old and cynical. She had been burnt hard more than once. However, by this point, with him, she invited it, she really didn't have a choice, it was how she felt and what she wanted to do. It seemed like the right thing to do. She wanted to be his, fully. He was just so much more to her than her Dom. She wasn't prepared for these feelings to surface ever. But they had and life was way too short, so fuck it, she was going for it.

"LAST TXT. GRAB HANDCUFFS AT UR LEFT AND CUFF UR HANDS UNDR U N UNDR HORSE. B HOME 2 C THIS SOON!" her final remote instruction displayed on her cell.

She got the cuffs and placed them per his instructions. Her legs were straddling the horse and being pulled forward tight, her hands cuffed together under her and the horse, the nails digging into her pussy, ass and inner thighs, Her clit, luckily, was just barely free and clear of the spiky torment. Her heart began to race and despite (or because of) the nails her clit started to thump. She was getting very hot and needed to feel him in any way she could. The seconds seemed like minutes and the minutes seemed like hours as she waited, self bound, for him to come home and begin his sadistic plan he had in store for her. He always had a plan.

By the time he walked in the closet she was soaking wet with anticipation. She had to catch her breath when she saw him. She hadn't seen him in a while but he looked just as sexy as ever. She also was turned on by the fact that she was going to ‘submit' to him. Her doing this was not just a sexual thing or a role playing thing, when she said the words "I submit to you," she wanted it to represent the ultimate gift and the giving of herself like she never had and really, never thought she would to anyone. It would mean that he owned her body and could do anything to her he saw fit.

He walked around her, surveying his creation. The sight of her like this, the fact that she drove this far to do this for him and just the plain fact of coming home after a dangerous day at work to her self bound, all for him, made his cock about do flips in his shorts. She was all his, but he had to make sure. He removed the gag from her mouth.

"Do you have anything to say before I start," he asked waiting to hear her say it.

"I submit to you," she said as she inhaled a lung full of air, sweat from the pain of the nails on her pussy dripping across her forehead. He suddenly realized that her being who she was, this was more of stretch for her than saying "I do"

"I see that," he replied as he kissed her deep. Just the words he wanted to hear.

He smiled to himself and replaced the gag running his hands lightly across her back after he did right before she felt the familiar sting of his crop bite her shoulder blade.

"ohhhh." She said with excitement, as her pussy got wet until her hot snatch met the nails again. He was there at her side making her feel great and that is all that mattered at this moment.

CRACK! The crop went on her tits.

"Unnngghh," she started to squirm in ecstasy at the bite of the crop and the pain of the nails. They were sadistically poking her ass and parts of her tender pussy. Tears began to stream down her face, partly from the pain, partly from the relief she felt as she escaped the ‘real world' and savored their twisted world.

"Oh, your going to have quite the story to write about when you leave here, if you make it out alive that is," he growled as he cropped the top of her ass and the sides of her tits aggressively.

She was way past the zone. She was full fledged in the scene. Taking all he offered and begging for more. Reality became a distant memory, as she felt nothing but the pain and pleasure he was creating all for her.

He dropped the crop and suddenly she felt his hand on her back pushing her down towards the horse forcing her onto the nails hard just as he put his fingers on her clit, rubbed vigorously and looked into her eyes. Her tits were on fire from their brutal cropping, her clit was bulging and ready to signal her body to blow, her pussy was being poked by the sharp nails she was being forced upon and his face was close to hers intently watching her enjoyment. As wrong as it was, she could not have felt more alive at that moment if she had just jumped out of an airplane. All of these sensations combined produced a feeling she so badly needed.

He could almost smell her sweet juices ready to escape as he sensed she was on the edge. He laid a smack of the crop on her tits and smashed her clit against her pubic bone and rubbed harder that he ever had.

"AAAAAAWWWWOOOOOOHHHHH," she howled as spit flew out of her gagged mouth and her eyes bulged.

She squirted with such velocity someone should have been measuring it like they measure the speed of a pitchers pitch. She jerked forward and met his fingers pounding her clit at the same time jerking forward caused great pain as the new spots the nails almost pierced her ass and pussy. They were virgin territory sending the nerves in a tizzy of pain. The pain and pleasure mixing in her mind and body created an inescapable vortex of feelings. It felt fucking incredible and she could do nothing but enjoy it and trust him totally as she came out of herself, no longer able to control what her body did.

Tears flowed, drool drizzled down her chin, her pussy grinding the nails and his fingers, her body jerking in rhythm with every climax. Just when she thought she could not take it anymore he lightened the pressure on her clit allowing her to start to come down.

He slowed down the rubbing with her ebb and gently, almost inconspicuously raised her up a half-inch or so off the nails with his hand to give her a break. Secretly he thought she was very brave and wanted to give her a moment to regroup. He couldn't quite understand why she liked this stuff. But her wetness during play proved that she loved him doing this to her as much as his hard cock proved to her that he loved doing this to her. Which, by the way, she didn't try to understand, she just enjoyed every minute of it and craved more.

He bent down as kissed her on the forehead. He didn't want to break character, but he just could not help it. She had come so far to be put in this position. Just for him. All his. To submit.

"Quit," he thought to himself and quickly got back into his role.

He took the gag out of her mouth and undid her binds and helped her off the horse and to the floor. She seemed really grateful, stretching her limbs until…

"Get your face up there and lick all of your cum up that you soiled my bed o' nails with," he said as he grabbed her long hair harshly, guiding her face to the creamed, glistening points of his homemade creation.

Every so carefully she licked the points, sides and base of his bed o' nails free of any cum she had left on it. She was careful to be sweet, sexy, and slow about it so her face would not be shoved against the evil nails.

He watched with a growing cock. She was such an eager player, so happy to comply. He knew she would never allow this sort of behavior to be placed upon her by anyone else, he just turned her on so much and they had a trust that most people will never have the good fortune to experience.

He felt his role slipping again and recovered, "Lie on your back, on the floor, spread eagle," He barked.

She fell to her back and exhaustedly complied, happy she had made it through the nails.

He quickly secured her wrists to the base of shelves on opposite walls and did the same to her ankles. It felt good to be stretched out after being hunched over the horse so long. Her muscles elongated, her back straight. Just then he straddled her with his big, powerful, tan body, moved her long hair out of her face and looked her in the eyes.

"I am tired. I had a really long day. I am going to bed now," he smiled an evil smile.

She knew this was part of his game, but couldn't disguise the disappointment on her face.

"Everyman should come home after a hard days work to what I did, but now I going to bed now. Thank you for coming to see me," he said as he planted his tongue in her mouth so passionately she almost came again, right before he shoved the ball gag back into her mouth, fasted it behind her head and got off her.

He stood up and surveyed his confused love slave. She was spread eagle, bound, naked, spent, and almost broken in his walk-in closet. Her tan lines outlined her pussy perfectly as she bucked in disapproval against her binds. Her pierced tits heaving as she tried to scream his name for a change of thought. He took one last look, smiled to himself, turned off the closet light and shut the door. Her muffled cries and begging faded in the distance the further he got away from the door.

"Nnnnnoooooooo," she tried to whimper from her gag. She tried to get loose; pulling against her binds so hard the ropes almost cut her skin. She hated the dark! She was bound, terrified, alone, and he was, she was sure, only twenty feet away from her comfortable in his bed, smoking, watching a national news channel and hearing her muffled cries for him, ignoring them.

"Ass!" She thought. Then suddenly…

"OH, NOOOOOO," she thought to herself as she felt her bladder fill after cumming so hard. He hadn't let her pee!

She spent the next period of time that seemed like forever trying to find a comfortable spot she could sleep in bound with out urinating on herself. She tried so hard to fight it. She begged her body; she tried to think of other things, she even tried retracting her inner muscles. Her bladder seemed to cry out and apologize. Finally she had no control over the situation.

She felt the warm liquid spill out, soak her inner thighs and a momentary warm puddle gather between her shamed box.

"OH FUCK NO!," she thought as tears started to stream down her face "What was he going to think?" She wondered.

"He is going to hate me and be so turned off." She cried to herself. "Oh God I have ruined everything. I came this far to do this? He is going to be so grossed out"

She cried, almost violently, until she fell asleep bound, in her own piss, embarrassed, humiliated, soiled, and worried about what vengeance he would seek in the morning out of disgust for her.

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