tagNonHumanLove With A Werewolf

Love With A Werewolf


Molly and Richard were naked as they sat quietly in their bedroom waiting for the moon to rise. It would be full that night and both were eagerly anticipating what the moon would do to Richard and what he would be able to do for himself and for Molly when the effects of the full moon were felt. Richard is a werewolf, but nothing like the savage brutes of movie notoriety. Due to some quirk in his genetic code, the gravitational effects of every full moon gave him the shape and most other physical characteristics of a large, young wolf, but he always remained Richard, gentle and loving, especially toward Molly. Usually, their sex life is fairly ordinary, maybe not even that good, but every time the moon is full, it's earthquakes, hurricanes and skyrockets in the night.

Their bed and dresser, with its mirror removed, were pushed against the door, just in case somebody might hear some of the strange noises that they would be making and try to investigate. Their mattress was on the floor because, as a wolf, it is easier for Richard to move around on the low surface than on the more elevated bed. Stacks of pillows were available for Molly to put under herself or to otherwise help them with what they would be doing. The mirror from the dresser was propped up beside the mattress so she could look into it to thrill at the erotic sight they would soon become. Everything was ready and the rising of the moon was the last thing that had to happen.

As the moon rose, they both watched Richard's hands. The first change in his outer appearance would be there when they would elongate into a wolf's paws and dark fur would cover their backs. Minutes before that happened, Richard would feel some of his internal organs rearranging themselves but that was hard to describe so it was easier to watch his hands to know when the change started.

"It's happening," Richard announced. He didn't need to say anything else. The dark fur began rapidly covering his hands and he got on his knees just off the mattress so he would be ready. Molly sat on the edge of the mattress facing him and watching the fur cover his body, his ears grow pointed and his face change into a sharp snout. Minutes after the transformation started it was complete and the form of a large grey and black wolf was facing Molly.

Although the body was that of a wolf, the mind and the emotions were those of Richard, who loves his wife dearly and yearns to sexually satisfy her and himself as well. He knows the art of making love to a woman but his human body is not up to the demands he wants to make of it. His wolf body, however, can satisfy any woman when it is directed by the mind of a man as loving and knowledgeable as Richard.

Before doing anything else, Richard held out his paws and his wife strapped oven mitts on them. His wolf's claws were not really very sharp but they were sharp enough to inflict painful scratches on delicate parts of Molly's body during the enthusiastic fucking they would be doing later and the mitts were to prevent that. They had learned this from painful experience.

Once the oven mitts were in place, Molly lay on her back and cupped her breasts in her hands for her husband to lick. As a human, Richard's tongue was adequate for this foreplay but his long, pointed wolf's tongue was hundreds of times better. It curled around Molly's breasts, licking her there, especially her erect nipples, from every angle. Like that of all canines, the tongue of a wolf, even a werewolf like Richard, is covered with thousands of tiny knobs, giving it a roughened texture. When these tiny knobs caress Molly's breasts and pussy they are like thousands of miniature fingers gently massaging the most sensitive parts of her body. After less than a minute, she was cooing her pleasure and her upper body was squirming on the mattress. Richard thoroughly enjoyed the feel of his tongue on Molly but he was even happier at seeing how much pleasure he was giving his wife.

He continued giving her that pleasure and, although it was intense, she was soon ready for Richard to go lower on her body with his talented tongue. As marvelous as it had felt on her breasts, it would feel even better on her pussy which, from what had just been happening and what would be happening momentarily, was already soaked with her juices. With his sensitive canine nose, Richard had been enjoying the delightful fragrance of those juices since the first droplets appeared and he was anxious to lick them up. From his experience, he knew they would taste even better than they smelled.

The human Richard eats Molly's pussy, of course, and they both enjoy it even though his tongue is short and blunt and not very agile. As a wolf, however, Richard's tongue is long and slender and almost prehensile. With Molly lying on her back, holding her pussy lips open with her fingers, Richard crouched between her thighs and pressed his nose against her clit. To most men, the aroma of a pussy as aroused as Molly's had become, is one of the most erotic things in the world. For Richard, with his keen lupine sense of smell, the aroma of the pussy of the woman he loves is hundreds of times more erotic, and he was really looking forward to spending hours licking her there and fucking.

Molly was really looking forward to everything too, especially the fucking, but she was anticipating first having her pussy eaten by the greatest pussy-eating tool in the world, Richard's canine tongue driven by Richard's loving human brain. While she held her lips open, Richard snaked that superb tool into her. The slender tip slipped easily into her wet love hole and when he had penetrated almost four inches, he began moving it around, caressing all the most sensitive spots in the lining of her vagina with the rough knobs of his tongue.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! My love," Molly blurted out as she could feel her first climax rapidly approaching. "That feels so good! Your tongue is amazing."

His tongue truly was amazing that night, first, in what it could do for Molly's pussy and, second, the way it conveyed the flavor of Molly's juices. They are delicious to Richard as a human but their flavor is vastly improved when Richard tastes them with his wolf's taste buds. Besides his tongue, his nose pleasured his wife, massaging her clit better than any human tongue that ever existed. Needless to say, the aroma of Molly's pussy was an incredible delight to Richard's canine sense of smell and his cock was fully erect and out of his furry sheath. Although his lust was strong, his human love for his wife was easily enough to keep him from ravishing her as she lay in front of him.

Molly was certainly not lying still in front of him. Her ass was rocking from side to side and forward and backward while her pussy fucked up into Richard's canine face, deriving the most possible pleasure from the tongue that was caressing the inside of her pussy. "I'm cumming" she cried out joyously, and her hands squeezed his head to keep his tongue where they both wanted it.

Lacking arms, he couldn't hold his wife's thighs to keep his mouth and nose where they both wanted them but Richard buried his snout as firmly as possible in Molly's pussy and his tongue continued twisting and caressing inside her. She kept a tight grip on her husband's head while her ass bounced up and down and in all other directions and her legs swung erratically from side to side as they both fully enjoyed her cumming. When she climaxed, her body jerked and her pussy made one last thrust against her husband's face. After that, she lay quietly and her werewolf husband devoured all her fresh juices, the most delicious treat he could imagine.

There were still hours left before the setting of the full moon and, much as Molly was looking forward to getting on her hands and knees and being mounted and fucked, she really wanted to cum again from his tongue first. "That was wonderful, Sweetheart," she cooed. "Can we do it again? It's still early."

He was unable to speak except for meaningless wolf noises but there was nothing wrong with Richard's hearing. As always, he had truly loved eating his wife's pussy while in his wolf form and he wanted more of it, so he nodded his head, indicating yes. Molly once again lay on her back, her legs spread and her fingers holding her pussy opened. The dark, young wolf that was her husband stepped forward to again bring immense pleasure to both of them.

Molly's second orgasm from having her pussy eaten took longer and was even better than the first, even though, while in the throes of cumming, her strenuous and erratic thrashing separated Richard from her pussy. She climaxed seconds later so this did not cause a problem but, for their greatest mutual pleasure, they both prefer to keep his mouth and her pussy together. Afterwards, she lay quietly, gathering her strength and enjoying the feel of her husband's canine tongue as he feasted on her juices. She didn't rest and longer than necessary because she knew they still had hours of incredibly pleasurable love-making to do before the moon set and she was eager to continue.

When she was ready, Molly sat up and the mattress and moved over. "Okay, Sweetheart, time for your wonderful cock to get in on some of the action." Richard happily stepped onto the mattress beside her, ready for what, to him, was the best part of the night.

His cock was fully erect and all the way out of its sheath and Molly gazed at it with lust. The tip was bony and almost pointed and would easily enter her pussy once she had been mounted. After the tip, the cock that would soon bring her to ecstasy expanded into a long, thick cylinder, ending in a large knot, which was also tapered on the front to help it wedge into her and blunt right next to his body, to keep his cock inside her. Molly's pussy lubricated even more as she thought of what that knot would soon be doing for her clit. There was a drop of pre-cum on the tip of Richard's cock and she licked it off, relishing its robust flavor.

Molly positioned herself on her hands and knees with pillows piled underneath. Richard stepped up behind her and licked her pussy and ass. She giggled and arched her back, prepared for the most wonderful cock she had ever felt. When he is a human, the loving couple prefers the full body contact of the missionary position but that had been proven lacking when he is in his wolf form, so they settled for what is usually called doggy-style for those times.

With Molly in position, Richard rose up, placed his mitt-clad paws on her hips and stepped awkwardly forward on his hind legs. She reached back with one hand and guided the tip of his cock into herself, sighing happily when it entered. Once the initial penetration had been made, Molly put her hand back on the mattress and prepared for the hours of intense pleasure that were about to begin. With the tip of his cock inside her pussy, Richard gave a gentle push and the first two inches of his shaft surged into his wife. He whimpered his enjoyment and she moaned from the great feeling of having her pussy stretched by the big lupine cock for the first time in almost a month.

Because it had been that long since the last full moon when Molly had last had his wolf's cock in her, Richard wanted to be gentle and enter her slowly so there would be no pain from its size, which is much larger than his human one. She was aware of this and loved him all the more for his consideration but it always felt so good plowing into her, even the slight pain feeling good, that sometimes she wished he would go a little faster. He was in charge of that part of their love-making, though, and knew they would be fucking for hours so he preferred to err on the side of caution.

After several slow strokes by Richard, with his wife fucking back to meet him, his cock was in her all the way to his knot, which had just started wedging into her vagina. Molly, feeling it against the most erogenous place in her body, arched her back and lowered her upper body until her face was pressed into the pillow, giving her clit the full benefit of its rough hardness. "Fuck me hard," she told her husband. "My love button wants to feel your big, hard knot."

Until then Richard had been just resting his front paws on his wife's hips but once his knot had started into her, he moved forward so they were by her face. Molly looked into the mirror and smiled at the sight of her big furry husband on top of her with his cock buried in her pussy. She smiled even more and moaned with the intense pleasure as he drew it most of the way back and thrust forward again, his hard cock stretching her love channel and his knot massaging her clit.

Over and over, Richard pounded his big cock into Molly, and, every time it plunged into her, the knot at the base of his big lupine shaft slammed into her clit, sending currents of ecstasy sizzling through her entire body. Molly was whimpering from the intense pleasure and her whole body was thrashing under her husband. His front paws were planted on the floor near her arms and the movements of Molly's upper body were limited by his furry legs. Richard's back legs were outside her thighs, containing the wild gyrations of her hips. As she approached what she knew would be an incredible orgasm, Molly glanced into the mirror and saw the big black and gray wolf that was her husband crouching over her. His back flexed rapidly back and forward, and every time it flexed forward he drove his cock deep into her pussy, filling her with its thick hardness and scraping her clit with his knot.

"Oh, yes! Oh, God, yes, I'm cumming!" she screamed, her movements becoming even more frantic. When she climaxed, her whole body spasmed. Molly would have collapsed onto the mattress but the man/wolf who was fucking her held her upright until he would be ready to cum and fill her with his hot semen. Before that would happen, though, an adjustment would need to be made.

A few minutes later, after Molly had recovered enough of her strength from her orgasm, she made that adjustment. Leaning into the pillows under her, she reached back and slightly spread her pussy lips opening the entrance to her vagina. While she was doing that, Richard, who had been fucking with slow strokes, began driving his cock harder into his wife. "Yes!" she cried. "Give me your knot!"

That was his intention and every time he rammed his cock into her, another fraction of the hard knot entered Molly, scraping her clit and driving her toward another orgasm. With a great surge, it was entirely inside; Molly screamed, partly from pain but mostly from the intense pleasure of having her pussy as full of cock as it had ever been.

Molly had cum three times already and it was Richard's turn. He fucked into her harder and faster than ever and she fucked back to meet him just as strongly. Every time Richard drew his cock out and she moved back forward, her clit thumped against the base of his knot, once again filling her body with ecstasy and bringing her closer to another orgasm.

Richard yelped from his pleasure as he climaxed, the muscles in his hindquarters clenching as he drove his cock into his wife one last time. When he ejaculated, he filled her with his semen, much hotter than human ejaculate and having a volume many times as great. As the thick fluid gushed into Molly, it filled her pussy, and would have overflowed except that Richard backed up, sealing her vagina with his knot, and starting to patiently wait until his cock softened and he could withdraw it from his wife.

The flood of hot semen into Molly gave her a new sensation, with the combination of the heat and the added pressure sending out rolling waves of pleasure from her pussy. As wonderful as it felt to her, she needed to increase it so she started to fuck herself back against the knot that was plugging her, massaging her clit against it with every stroke, as if she were fucking a dildo protruding from a wall. A few minutes of this, combined with the throbbing pleasure of her filled pussy and everything else that she and Richard had done since her third orgasm, and Molly started cumming for the fourth time that night.

This time, after recovering from her climax she waited for a few more minutes until Richard's cock had softened enough that he could remove it from her. When he was able to pull it out, a great gush of his semen poured out of her pussy, soaking into the mattress. Molly licked a few drops from his flaccid cock; she liked the taste but it was too strong for her to want more than a few drops.

Their first fucking of the night had been immensely enjoyable to Molly and Richard and they knew it would not be their last. They had plenty of time before the moon would set and Richard, middle-aged as a human, was a young, virile wolf, and horny from being celibate since the last full moon. He wanted to make up for that and his cock would stiffen at least twice more, helped by his wife's mouth and hands, so they had no less than two more fabulous sessions of fucking before their night of pleasurable love-making would end. Molly would be able to cum at least two more times, even more than that if she wanted.

They did need to rest a bit but both knew they had hours of great sex before them yet. Life was good to the happy couple and never better than when the moon was full.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Whatever you think of the story, I really want to know. You can vote and/or leave public comments or send email to me. Such comments or email help me write more and better and I always answer anything that includes an address or handle.

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