tagInterracial LoveLovebird's Ch. 01

Lovebird's Ch. 01


Attention: This story is not real; it is fictional. You need to be eighteen years of age or older to read this story. If you are not or if you don't like sexual themed stories please stop reading this story now! Please go to a different web site.

Characters: These are the characters in this story. I will now describe them for you.

Stephanie is an eighteen-year-old Asian female. She has smooth, soft and olive colored skin. She is five feet ten inches tall and weighs 125 pounds. She has very long arms and legs with small hands and feet. She has silky, soft, straight, flat, fire, dark-brown hair to her ass and sparkly dark-green eyes. Her ass is soft, smooth, firm, small and heart shaped. Her pussy is tight, small, and shaved bald with a large and long clit. She has a small, soft, smooth, firm and round shaped ass. Her breasts are soft, firm, tight and very large. Her nipples and areolas are large as well. Her stats are 38DD/26/32.

Seth is an eighteen-year-old white male. He has smooth, soft and well-muscled skin. He is six feet tall and weighs 175 pounds. He has very long arms and legs with small hands and feet. He has silky, soft, straight, golden-blonde hair to his shoulders and dark-blue eyes. His ass is soft, tight, smooth, medium-size and round. His dick is ten inches long by two inches wide.


Steph and I have lived next door to each other ever since we were in first grade together. We have been best of friends ever. I have wanted to tell her something for a long time now. That something is that I like her and want to be her boyfriend. I have had these feelings for her for a while. Ever since we were in seventh grade together but I have been afraid to tell her how I feel. She as never had a boyfriend so I am beginning to think that she is waiting for me to ask her out. I am in my bedroom thinking about what to do about my feelings for her. I decide to go over to her house and ask her out. I put on black, tight, silk, men's, bikini, underwear; a pair of black, tight, men's jeans; and a light blue, tight, short sleeve, button-up, dress shirt. I also put on a pair of shoes and socks. I walk to the front door of my house and my parents call me from the living room. I go into the living room to see what they want.

My mom says "Seth, Your dad and I are going on a second honeymoon and are leaving tonight. We will be gone until Monday mourning. Will you be ok here alone?"

I say "Sure mom and dad. I will be ok. You two go and have a good time."

My dad says, "Great son, we love you."

I say, "I love the both of you too."

I walk out of the house and over to Steph's house. I knock on her door and her mom opens the door.

She says "Hi Seth. Come on in. Steph is in her room on the computer. You can go on in." I walk to Steph's room and go inside.

I say "Hi Steph, what are you doing?"

She says "Hello Seth. I am just checking my email." When she is done checking it, she signs out, and then shuts down the computer. She says, "What are you over here for? Why are you dressed up so nice?"

I say, "I am dressed up for what I have to tell you. I should have told you this a long time ago. I have been too afraid to tell you this. I like you and want to go out on a date with you. Will you be my girlfriend?"

She says, "Yes I will Seth! I have always liked you! I have wanted to be your girlfriend for a long time too."

I say "How great! When should we go out on a date then?"

She says, "Why not, right now!"

I say "Ok, great we will. I will wait in your living room until you get ready."

She says, "Ok it won't take long."

I walk out of her room closing the door and go to the living room to wait for her. While I wait, I tell her mom what I told Steph and what Steph said to me. She congratulated me on finally telling her how I feel. I started to ask, how she knew about my feelings for Steph but Steph walked into the living room.

She was wearing a very beautiful light-blue, tight, silk, almost see-through, thin spaghetti strap, dress that is very short and matching high heel shoes. She looks gorgeous. I get up and walk over to her. I take her arm in mine and walk her out of the house and over to my car at my house. My car is a dark-blue Ford Mustang convertible. I open the door for her and she gets in. I shut the door, walk around to the other side, and get in myself, shutting my door as well. I start the car and drive off.


The date we had together was the best I have ever had. She said it was the greatest time she ever had. I drove us to our neighborhood and parked in my driveway. I got out of my car and went around opening the car door for Steph. She got out of the car and I saw that my parents had already left for their second honeymoon.

I say, "My parents are gone so why don't we go into my house and talk."

She says, "Sure, lets go."

I put my arm around her back, putting my hand on her ass. I walked her to my front door. I opened the front door for her and she walked inside. I walked inside after her and I closed the door. As I am walking her inside the house, my phone rings. I answer it and it is Steph's mom. I hand the phone to Steph telling her it is her mom.

Her mom says "Your dad and I are going out of town on a business trip for our boss. We trust you, and you can spend the weekend with your new boyfriend if you want.

Steph says "Thanks mom I will." She hangs up the phone and tells me what her mom told her.

I say, "That's wonderful lets go and set down on the couch and kiss.

She says "OK."

We walk over to the couch and set down beside each other. I lean over to Steph and kiss her sweet wet lips. She kisses me back and pushes her tongue between my lips, French kissing me. We continue to French kiss each other continuously for several minutes. I love the taste of her lips on mine.

We stop kissing and I say "I have wanted to kiss you for a long time. I am glad I finally got to."

Steph says, "I am glad you kissed me too. I am so glad you ask me out finally."

I grab her hand and get up off the couch pulling her with me.

I say, "Lets go to my bedroom and make love."

She says "I would love to make love to you."

We walk hand in hand to my room. We walk inside it and I shut the door behind us. We walk over to my bed and stand beside it. I put my hands on the bottom of her dress and pull it off over her head. She kicks off her high heel shoes. That leaves her only in her panties because she didn't wear a bra. She has the most amazing set of tits, I've ever seen. The panties are tight, silk, see through, lace, low-cut, bikini and jet-black in color. I put my hand on each side of them pulling them down her very long legs. She steps out of them and I let them lay on the floor. She is now entirely nude from head to toe and I look at her nude body for the first time. I quickly strip off my clothes putting them in a pile with hers.

We lay down on my full size bed together and I lay down facing her. Without another word, I slowly lean into her until my lips met hers. I kiss her full on the lips they are so soft. I kiss her softly at first my hand holding the back of her head. I kiss her more passionately, enjoying the feel of her soft sweet lips against mine. She kisses me back, slowly snaking her tongue into my mouth and caressing my tongue lightly with hers. This time her hands find the back of my neck and pull me into her more. I start French kissing her again. We kiss each other so very passionately putting all of our love into each kiss. We continue to kiss for five minutes straight. She loves my sweet wet lips on hers. I kiss down her to her neck kissing all around and all over it. I moan softly, kissing and sucking her neck, ears and lips. I kiss my way down her neck and to her chest trailing my tongue around each breast before finally making contact with her nipple.

I kiss and lick all over her huge breasts getting every inch of them. She moans with a building up of pleasure. I took one of her nipples in my mouth sucking on it to make it hard. I snack on her amazing tits and nipples, while she groans. I kept sucking on them for a long time. I go back and forth from one nipple to the other. I stop sucking her breasts and put a hand on each. I cup her nice melons in my hands. I played with her beautiful little titties, tweaking her pert nipples between my thumb and index fingers. I squeeze her nipples lightly and tickle them. I then pull on her protruding nipples making her moan with joy. My fingers are unconsciously playing a tune on her nipples. She begins to seductively suck on my ear as my thumbs rub over her nipples felling them grow hard under my touch, lightly pinching and twisting them between my fingers. She says, "I am about to cum." With eyes closed, she is luxuriating in the sensations my fingers are bringing to her breasts. The long buildup and extreme stimulation has created a flood of cum from her cunt.

I stop caressing them, I then put my huge cock in between her huge breasts, and she pushes her breasts together. I stroke my dick back and forth between her tits slowly at first and speeding up little by little.

She says, "That feels good Seth. Please, kept it going."

I start to pump my dick in and out of her breasts as fast as I can. I am making her so very hot that she is already about to have an orgasm from the pleasure.

She says, "Seth, I love what you are doing to me. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeee!"

She explodes with a very intense orgasm. Her body shakes and convulses from all the pleasure I am giving her. While her body is spasming, I keep pumping my hard dick between her breasts. When she calms down is when I start shooting my cum all over her breasts, chest, neck and face. I shoot load after load all over her. We both collapse onto the bed plum tuckered out.

After we rest a while, I lay back down on Steph kissing all over her stomach. I kiss all around her belly button sticking my tongue into her belly button. I lick all around the inside of it. I kiss on down to her pussy but do not touch it. I stop kissing her body and massage her stomach and belly. I massage the sides of her body as well. I massage and caress down her sides to her thighs going around to the front of her body. I massage over to her pussy and put my finger into her pussy lips sliding it into her very wet cunt. I parted her lips as I pushed my finger in, I could see her hole widen to envelop my finger. She moans her arousal at my fingering her. I pulled my finger in and out of her dilating cunt. I push my finger all the way inside her cunt, fingering her clit. She is about to have another orgasm from me fingering her. I remove my slippery finger from her wet twat to trace it along the lips of her mouth. She licks off her juices from my finger. She likes the taste of her pussy.

I pull apart her pussy lips with my fingers, exposing the glittering pink wetness inside. I lower my face down between her legs. I put my mouth on her pussy and I flick my tongue slowly across her outer folds. I snake my tongue into her, tasting how sweet and wet she is. I dove in, mouth first and eat her virgin snatch until my face is covered with her juices. Going deeper and deeper, I twist my tongue trying to go in as far as possible. Looking up at her beautiful face, I can see she has her eyes closed as a blissful smile spreads across her lips. Hearing moans of pleasure escape her lips; I flick my tongue across her hard clit causing her body to jerk and her to push her hips towards my mouth. With my tongue going in and out of her pussy and lightly biting at her clit it didn't take long to receive the reaction I am hoping to get. Within minutes, her whole body is shaking and her thighs close tight around my head, as I taste her sweet juices flowing freely into my mouth. As her orgasm slowly fades, I sit up on my knees to look at her.

I lie down beside her and kiss her on the lips of her mouth with mine. Stephanie goes down between my legs putting her lips around the head of my hard dick. She licks all around the head of it making it even harder. She goes down inch-by-inch licking all over it. She licks up and down my shaft covering every inch of it. It makes me so hot that wonderful explosions course through my aching body as I empty my balls with such force into her mouth. I pour seemingly endless quantities of cum down her greedy throat. She manages to swallow everything I am giving her. The look on her face tells me she loves the taste of my cum. My dick goes soft in her mouth and she licks up every last drop of my cum. We both rest on the bed for several minutes while we regain our strength. She puts her hand on my soft cock and starts to jack it off. She keeps going until it is hard again. She then fondles my balls a little making my dick even harder.

She lays down flat on the bed and I get on top of her. I ease her thighs apart with my knees and rub my cock up and down her pussy lips coating it with her juices. Slowly I push just the tip of my cock into her and stop to look at her. I push forward, getting more and more of myself into her velvety grasp. She is a virgin and so tight, I can only get about half way into her pussy. I pull back leaving just the tip inside of her and slowly pushed back in. I thrust quickly into her, pushing fully into her depths and break through her virginity. I lay perfectly still inside of her waiting for her to adjust to my size. After another few minutes, she slowly raised her hips meeting mine, to tell me she is ready. As soon as her body reacts, I pull nearly all the way out, very slowly and rammed home again. She loves the amazing sensations she is feeling. Her eyes are closed and she is enjoying it a whole lot. I then started to go slowly making our lovemaking easy and wonderful. It is only two people who love each other deeply, making love to one another. I fuck her in this way for at least an hour and she never stops responding as if she is experiencing a level of ecstasy she never realized existed before. Her legs are soon around my waist and I move in and out of her a little faster with each thrust. She moans in complete pleasure with each thrust, squeezing her pussy tightly around my throbbing cock each time.

In mere minutes, I can feel my balls begin to tighten and tell her I am about to cum. With one final thrust deep into her, I hold myself in her depths as my cock erupts into several hard blasts of cum. Feeling me shoot my hot load into her, made her moan loudly pushing her over the edge into another intense orgasm. Her body shook as one intense orgasm after another swept through her body. Finally, we started to come down from our highs, my cock softening and slipping from her tight wet grasp. We then lay down and fall asleep on my bed.

To Be Continued. (If you like it.)

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