tagLesbian SexLovebites Ep. 04

Lovebites Ep. 04


Hours and hours of twisting and turning and Emmaline still had managed a wink of good sleep all afternoon. By the early evening she finally got lucky and was beginning to drift off as the sun peeked in her bedroom window as it was receding from view.

Then as if sprung from a fevered dream Emmaline saw something amazing. Right before her weary eyes two women appeared out of thin air. The women were clad in black outfits, one wearing a skirt and small t-shirt and the other wearing a slick skintight getup that looked like something out of a super-heroes wardrobe.

The two of them were locked in the embrace of lovers when they showed themselves and came apart just as quickly. When they turned their gaze on a shocked Emmaline Black the one in the skirt spoke first.

" Hello there honey, we are here to save your life."Emmaline was stuck dumb and stuttered her response.

"S-ssave me? From what? "

Now it was the other woman's turn to talk. " Yourself for one, for another, and the vampires of course."


"Oh yes, you know, the pale things, nightflyers, like the one you were with just last night? "

"H-How do you... know about "

She was cut off and the first women resumed her speech " We have our ways darling, all will be made clear in time. What's important this minute is getting you out of here, before 'they' come for you. Of course, if you'd like to live the rest of your life as in a lightless existence and never see the sun again for all eternity ; we could leave you."

"Wha- no, no, no, I can't live like that, I can't. But how can I just leave with two strange women I don't know a lick about?"

"Oh darling, you will get to know us very soon, and licks are very welcome too, I might add" said the lady in the catsuit.

The two women broke into fitful laughter at this and when they finally regained complete composure they both extended their hands reaching out. Emma didn't understand how but she felt pulled to them, and moved from her bed still wearing her pajamas, she took one hand, then the other -- and before she realized what was happening everything went black.


When Christine and Sophie arrived in the young night hours it only took the experienced mistress one glance at the room to realize they were too late. Emmaline had been taken, and it was no question who her abductors were.

" Damn. The Softbites have her already." she said turning to a misty eyed Sophie " I'm afraid that we were too late. They've likely started their cursed ritual already."


Opening her eyes Emmaline was awed by brilliant light. It looked as though the three companions had emerged in a church of some kind. The walls were stone, and the ceiling was a high arched affair.

Candles lined the walls. Emma felt a shiver through her whole body as she regained her footing on solid ground. " Like the digs?" said the woman in the skintight catsuit.

"We just redecorated this month. "

"Where, where are we?" questioned the younger girl.

"This my dear, is the your new home, our home. The Church of the Sisterhood of Softbites, South London chapter."

The honorific title was long and confusing and Emmaline's expression must have told them as much. "We just call it the Church, or home. I'm sure you are just full of all kinds of questions but there are matters we must attend to first, if you fancy living, anyway -- so, we will have to keep the introductions short and to the point. "

"I," said the one in the skintight leather, "am Yevette."

Yevette stood all of about 5ft 3 in height but carried herself with an air of confidence that made her seem very imposing. The woman may have been aged anywhere from thirty five to twenty five Emma couldn't be sure.

She had dark brown curls that hung past her shoulders and deep blue eyes that shone with a knowing stare. Her boobs were big and despite her outfit they seemed full and uninhibited.

She was slim and Emma wondered how her frame held up with such a large glorious chest. Her white skin seemed to glow with light, not as Sophie's had last night, this glow was almost golden and made her seem less threatening than she might have been considering the evening abduction.

" This," said Yevette while gesturing toward the other woman, "is my sister Alana."

Alana had black hair which she wore in girlish pig-tails. She had light brown skin that might be Latin, or possibly even Italian. She was a few inches taller than her sister and stood at maybe 5ft 5in.

Her big brown eyes had a playfulness to them that Emmaline couldn't help but notice. Her breasts were somewhere around a C cup, not as large as Yevette's but still considerably larger than Emmaline's own.

Alana looked younger than her fellow sister-witch maybe twenty or nineteen but both seemed impossibly experienced like they been around much longer.

"You don't look like sisters to me." said Emma unable to mask her growing suspicion.

"Oh well, we aren't really." said Alana. "At least not how you're thinking. If we were, that would've made how we found you last night all the more scandalous -- although I admit, it could be hot."

"How did you find me then -- if you don't mind answering at least one more question?"

"We were made aware of you last night, while we laid together. You see darling, Yevette here is what we sisters call a seer. This means that when she is properly motivated she can have visions -- and these visions act like beacons of light that shine on potential sisters. As with the ritual we shall be preforming shortly, a vision like that, takes no small amount of juice. How we extract it, that's the fun part, as you shall soon know."

Yevette spoke up and commanded attention. " Without further ado we must now retire to the bed chamber and initiate you Emmaline. We must make quick work of the ritual -- because if we tarry now you may fall into a very deep, very fatal sleep." Emmaline was suddenly very scared but she followed the two women into the bed chamber quickly feeling again, that unexplainable magnetic pull.

"This" explained Yevette " Is the ritual of binding. With it you shall be made into one of us, a sister of the softbite. When it is complete you will know unimaginable power, how that manifests is yet to be determined but one thing is certain. You shall gain immortality, for now, and all time to come, you shall not die." She paused here, for dramatic effect.

" Alana darling, please help the girl undress."

"My pleasure sister. "

With that Alana advanced on Emmaline and began to pull her clothes off and cast them to the floor. Her cotton pajamas came off quickly and soon she was bare for both of them to appreciate.

Fully nude the young redhead was a sight to behold and Alana was licking her lips staring at Emma's perfectly white, lightly freckled flesh.

"I'll apply the oils." Alana was nearly skipping across the room in glee.

When she returned she bade Emma to lay back on the bed. Yevette began intoning what seemed to be a songlike chant. It was difficult for Emmaline to pick up the words as she was increasingly aroused but she distinctly heard the words flesh, sex, light, and love.

The first touch from Alana's hands was warm, the oil was pleasing to Emma's skin and it seemed to cure her of all her ills, she was no longer scared and her fever had gone. She couldn't tell why, but she felt a sense of safety in the hands of these strangers unlike any she had ever experienced.

Alana enjoyed the soft feel of Emma's body -- she massaged gently knowing just how to work in the oils in the right places. She rubbed sensually at Emma's arms, chest and legs, stopping for a while to inspect and fondle Emmaline's small pert breasts.

Her nipples had gone rock hard and it pleased Alana to no end. " This one will be fun Yevette, I can tell."

Next Alana rubbed down her legs all the way to her dainty girlish feet. She rubbed the soles and even between the toes, getting the girl to giggle a little as she tickled her. Emma was lost in the moment, Alana's hands explored every inch of Emmaline Black -- saving her excited sex for last.

When she did finally get there Alana spread the lips open and felt their wetness, their delicate feminine perfection. She fingered the hole, but not in an overtly sexual fashion. It was more of a professional manner -- like that of a doctor checking a patient. She was pleased .

"Tight, yes very tight, now Emma on your tummy darling."

Emmaline was only too eager to comply. The inspection began again except this time it was Emma's backside which received the attention.

Her butt was immaculate, untouched, unloved. Alana massaged it with a fresh squirt of oils to make it all the more pleasant for the initiate. Yevette continued to chant in a low guttural tone. She picked up pace and intensity so much that Emmaline may have gotten worried had she not been rendered completely oblivious to the spell being cast.

But as she was, entirely engrossed in the feel of Alana's touch. Alana slowly pulled apart Emma's ass cheeks and admired the cutesy appearance of the virgin hole. She ran a finger up and down the crack and enjoyed the shiver it sent down Emmaline's body.

" Even tighter than that adorable cooch, as expected. You know, you're very lucky to be turned now, when it's like this. Means it'll stay like that for eternity tight and ever so wonderful."

This time no finger went inside though in truth Emma was a little disappointed at this.

Yevette had stopped chanting and signaled to her sister-witch to end the preliminary stage. Emmaline was confused she rolled back over sat up and said. " Is it over, am I... done?"

Yevette was only too happy to answer her in the negative. "Oh no sweet thing, that was only the preparation spell, to make the next part easier, and ultimately more fun."

Emmaline looked to Alana for a further explanation. The pig-tailed vixen was giddy and clapping her hands which had just recently finished indulging in everything that had been the mortal Miss Emmaline Black "Now, we join in the binding -- now, we fuck."

Emma was taken aback, although the more she thought about it the less it bothered her. In fact she was quite looking forward to the prospect. She remembered what they had told her about sex as a ritual which channeled their magic and understood.

Still she was surprised when both of the older women began to undress. She had assumed after the other part, that it would be a one on one experience, she hadn't thought Yevette would take part in such a physical way.

Though when she saw them both, fully naked and alluring, she was glad. Neither woman had a single blemish or mark of aging on their bodies. Yevette's skin was white and pale, it made Emma think of porcelain dolls.

Alana's was creamy too but in a shade that was light brown, it reminded Emma of coffee, with milk in it, silky and smooth.

"So we're all going to do it?" Asked Emma still amazed at this turn of events.

"Well" said Alana, " The more sisters that partake in the ritual the stronger the binding. It leaves us all linked so we can always find you, wherever you are in the worlds."

The pluralization of worlds gave Emma pause but she didn't have time to process it, as Yevette and Alana each took one of her hands in turn and began to kiss it. The two older women now flanked Emmaline on the bed and were kissing up her arms and shoulders, Emma lay back and nearly forgot to breathe -- she had begun to hold her breath without even realizing it.

Twin pairs of lips tasted Emma and now were both alternately kissing the spot where Sophie had bitten her the night before. Their mouths were warm and felt fantastic on her skin. The two full-fledged witches kissed each other leaning just so over Emmaline -- she watched them in rapt fascination. Her hungry horny mouth watered just looking and she bent over and began to nibble at one of Yevette's nipples.

"I told I felt good about this one." said Alana as she began to lick at Emmaline's small tits.

She was almost kitten-like in her playfulness and vigor. It didn't take Alana long to go for the best real estate on Emmaline's person. Which of course was her moist sex, primed and ready to be pleased.

Alana's wet tongue was hot on the nakedness of Emma's womanhood. She flicked her experienced tongue around the pussy, not delving deep inside but instead running softly over it's surface. She made a loud slurping noise and kissed the crevasse.

She sucked on the lips and kissed them, almost as if they were the ones on her face. " Yevette, darling, you simply must have a taste of her, she is divine."

Emmaline had never been more flattered in all her life and thought she could die right then and be happy, but one more second of thought and she realized the fantastic truth -- that after tonight she might enjoy this for years, and centuries to come.

Yevette's licks were longer and slower than those of Alana. It made Emmaline wonder how different people were in bed, how for instance would she do it?

She didn't have to wonder at this for long because in a few minutes Alana offered up her own stimulated sex for tasting.

Emma attacked it with fierce passion she had never known and didn't even worry about being clumsy or doing it wrong. She plunged her tiny tongue deep inside Alana and rejoiced in the moans she made.

She tried to kiss it, the way Alana had done with her, and loved the feel of the pussy lips in her mouth. Their tender wetness had Emmaline burning with desire. She made muffled noises of lustful happiness.

She could have remained like that forever and she would not have complained but the witches had other plans for her. Yevette had left the bed during this and began to rummage around in nearby chest of drawers.

She pulled out a stap-on dildo and grinned wide, fixing it around her slender waist. By the time she returned to the bed Alana was nearing climax and told Emmaline to get ready for it.

When she came it was hard and messy, maybe the most cum Emmaline had ever seen from one climax in her eighteen years. The cum was warm and sugary in her mouth and Emmaline loved it.

She hadn't imagined it would be like that at all, and indeed it wasn't like that in normal circumstances but spellcraft did weird things and this was just one of them.

"Don't miss a drop sweet thing. Every little bit helps the magic grow stronger."

Emmaline had no idea how this was so but obeying the command was something she would have done in any case, it tasted so good.

Yevette was ready to get back into the fray of feminine hormones and frenzied friction of female flesh. As if by instinct Emma's body reacted and she spread her legs.

It was as if her body were calling to Yevette and begging for what her mouth had yet to ask for. Yevette spread the younger girl's legs apart and slowly sweetly penetrated her sex with the rubber member.

At first she only inserted the head of it, only the tip. She began to work more of it inside in a steady rhythmic patten and before long she had the girl taking nearly the whole shaft of her toy-tool.

Emmaline came hard, after only a few minutes of his and left the strap-on slick with juices. She was a little embarrassed at how quickly she'd lost control and came but the expressions of the Alana and Yevette told her everything was going fine.

They both seemed very content with the results they were seeing in their young protege. Alana had begun to finger her own pussy watching Yevette fuck Emma and was rapidly working three fingers inside herself while her tongue flicked out from between her smiling lips.

Next Yevette positioned her young plaything on her hands and knees and told her to put that pretty butt of hers in the air. She didn't penetrate it with the member but she did suck on her own finger a moment and began to rub the hole a little, the sensation ticked Emma and she shivered again.

Yevette may have considered that hole for a moment but instead went again for the soaking vagina. It was even wetter now than before and as she penetrated it doggy-style Emmaline felt the most sublime pleasure yet. This angle provided for a whole different kind of stroke with the dildo and the thrusts sent the girl into a state of lust-filled bliss.

To add to the hottness of it all Alana now came around the side first drooled so her spit ran down into Emmas puckered butthole. Seconds later in a move of raunchy genius Alana began to eat out the tiny tight hole. She speared it with her tongue and kissed with her lips wet with saliva.

Once again this drove Emmaline Black to a shuddering climax, being penetrated with toy and tongue at the same time. It was a harmonic kind of unity and togetherness that blossomed in the most intimate of moments.

When it was all over Emmaline had cum more times than she had thought possible and she fell asleep without even being able to ask anymore questions.

It didn't matter though, there would be time for all that later. Emmaline Black was now officially a Sister of the Softbite, or as they sometimes jokingly called themselves, softies.

She would know unimaginable power and great ability in the future. Yet conflict, now, was an unavoidable fate. She would now be the sworn enemy of her former best friend and one-time lover Sophie. London, and the indeed, the world as they knew it would never be the same again.

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