Lovers at the Beach


The girl sat now beside her boyfriend and you could see her full naked body, her full womanly breasts beside her mother. She was a woman like her mother and her grandmother too could see that her grand-daughter's full womanly nudity was arousing her young man. He was lying now with his penis erect. The girl leant over and rubbed it again:

'Come to the sea'. A said to G and they rose. In the water, you could see G and A standing together. The girl had her full breasts against G's chest. With one hand, she seemed to be feeling and rubbing his penis. They stood together for a while and they walked out. You could see A's full womanly form walking beside her man. She was a woman and she needed a real man to be her lover. You could see her full hips and buttocks. Some young men, nude and confident, passed and gazed at her full womanly body. And a couple with children looked up. It was in some way a scandal to have a girl with her full breasts and buttocks nude on this beach and then there was her boyfriend's almost erect penis beside her. The girl blushed and she put her hand back and placed it on her boyfriend's penis again as they walked. As they stood in front of the mother and grandmother, the girl passed her hand under his penis. And then they stood against each other. Her full breasts were against his chest and then he had his hands on her big firm buttocks.

A woman friend of the family sat nude with the mother and she looked at the young couple.

'They look as if they're making love', she said as the young couple stood together nude.

The woman saw the girl's big buttocks and hips. Then she saw the man with his erect penis as he turned. He wasn't aware that his penis was fully erect as he faced in the direction of the women. Still the girl noticed and she came from behind and held it and rubbed it as she beckoned him to sit on the sand. Then the girl sat on top of her boyfriend as she massaged him and put oil on him. She beckoned him too to put oil on her own full breasts. And beside her mother and the mother's friend, the young girl sat on top of her boyfriend, straddling him.

The young couple heard the woman friend say : A's man must be hard and the mother said that she didn't mind and that no-one was watching. Still a young man looked over and saw the womanly frame of the girl on top of her boyfriend. You could feel his arousal. Then the mother heard G say softly, almost in pain:

'You're making me real hard'. The girl rubbed it; Her mother turned away so that the girl could pleasure her boyfriend properly. The mother knew the couple needed to make love or else for the man's pain to be relieved.

'I'll leave you', the mother said as she walked nude to the sea.

Then G said straddling A:

'Rub my pussy', and G began to rub her pussy. Then A began to moan and groan. A couple turned around and then an older woman. They saw the girl with her full breasts and buttocks straddling G. A felt them watching and she got off. She saw the older woman's annoyed face. And then the woman looked at the young man's penis. She beckoned her children to look away. G rose and looked around. He wanted a private place. 'I want to make love to you. Is there a place to go'. She could see his erect penis and she wanted it inside of her. She rubbed it softly.

'come on', she said and they sat again and she straddled him. This time, she put his penis into her pussy and began to move her body on top. Her nan watched them. They looked as if they were making love and they were. Some people looked at them as the young girl began to move her body on top. They were slowly making love. The nan watched them and she saw the girl rub her breasts as she continued to move her buttocks on top of the man. The afternoon was so hot now that she didn't mind them making love. It was a day for making love perhaps. It was so hot now and minds were dull. Sensual thoughts were taking hold as people glanced and saw the full womanly body of the girl now clearly in the act of love. Slowly now you could see her reaching orgasm but the act was slow. She was slowly moving her frame on top of the man's erect penis trying to pleasure and relieve him above all. After a while, you could see her reaching full pleasure as she looked down. She was perspiring and her hair was wet as she began to groan louder. A woman turned when she heard the girl's groans but there was nothing the woman could do.

When nan looked over, the girl was now sitting with her back to the man. She was straddling him again but they were making love and the mother too saw the man's penis in her pussy as the girl began to groan again trying to reach orgasm. Then as the girl sat atop of him. She rose. The man rose too and his penis was full erect. They seemed to be looking for a private place to make love again. People could see the man's erect penis and the young woman. The young woman was perspiring. He was clearly perspiring too as they lay down again and she straddled him with her breasts facing him again. He looked almost in adoration at her. The mother sat down but she turned towards the nan and her own boyfriend trying to give the girl and her boyfriend privacy as they began to make love again.

Nana looked over and said:

'I wish I had a man like that'. The girl seemed to hear these words. She blushed too. And then there were words that she heard like:

'Look, they're having sex'.

Then a young man said: 'Look there, look at the body of her, making love', and the girl blushed but she concentrated now on the act of love. She needed pleasure and she needed her lover's penis in her, thrusting in her. She groaned again and she didn't mind anyone. She needed relief herself. She began to groan and moan as she reached orgasm again as her mother turned. Her own boyfriend was getting an erection and she moved over away from the nan and began to give a hand job to him.

Then the young couple made love again and for a hour, the girl could be seen straddling the man. A groaned while her nan lay back and closed her eyes. A began to moan louder again and boys as well as girls and women were excited by this girl in the throes of love-making. They felt too that the man needed to make love at least four times to relieve his now big erect penis. When he rose again and looked around, a girl saw his erect penis and blushed as the young woman lying now beside him pulled him down to make love to her again.

A continued to groan and some people watched as her naked form writhed again in love making but some people knew her and they accepted that a young couple needed to make love, needed relief. The girl's full womanly frame was clearly arousing and paining the young man all afternoon and they needed to make love. Some of the girl's friends knew she had brought a man here for the first time. She was beginning to be a woman and it was natural for her to want to make love to her first real lover, especially to her man who you could see was fully aroused and needed satisfaction.

When they had made love about five times, they stopped and the man was embarrassed. He remembered now the people looking at him as he stood with his fully erect penis looking for a private place to make love. And he knew now that people saw the perspiring , full womanly form of A above him as they made love. He seemed embarrassed as the mother said it was alright and the girl herself was now heavily perspiring with almost wet hair.

At the bar later, they all sat outside, A and G, the mother and her boyfriend and Nana had found a man to accompany her. Nana wore a light chemise which showed her breasts. Still she was almost fifty and clearly had a woman's body that could arouse a lover. The man she was with was about forty and then there were the mother and her boyfriend. They were dressed lightly and waiting for lunch. However it was noticeable to see the great form of A with her blonde hair and full breasts sitting on G's lap.

You could see A's bare pussy and the young man, without thinking , was untying the girl's tunic and about to push it aside to fondle her breasts. A had her eyes shut. There were some children who looked over at the couple. Then the bar owner who knew the family noticed people looking at A and told her mother that the young couple could use the bedroom upstairs. He told her mother that he understood such love and that A was such a beautiful girl, a beautiful woman. He said that if he was her man, he would always be erect and making love. The mother told A and the bar-owner led A who had pushed the tunic off her and was almost fully naked upstairs with her lover.

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