tagErotic PoetryLovers In Heat

Lovers In Heat


He looks at her
Across the room
And knows that he
Must have her soon

He takes a drink
And passes by
A standard move
For an average guy

He gives her a smile
A gesturing wink
She blushes a little
And this makes him think

He moves a bit closer,
And asks her a name
The girl is not silly
She knows well this game

She giggles a little
Then pretends to be shy
She knows how to get
What she wants from a guy

The room is quite noisy
The wine is to warm
They seek out the silence
To work up a storm

They cling to each other
Two lovers in heat
Their clothing discarded
In one jumbled heap

Their passion ignited
Her legs open wide
His cock hard and ready
And pushing inside

Over and over
He plunders her depths
Pushing and grunting
He's far from inept

She bites and she scratches
Leaving her mark
But who's going to notice
Out there in that dark

At last it is over
The mating complete
Thus is the power
Of lovers in heat

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