tagErotic PoetryLove's Sister Selections

Love's Sister Selections


These haiku are inspired by my Love's younger Sister (23), fantasies which are only indulged in my mind and not likely to be attempted, not if I like breathing, anyway. That and I love my Love. Still, they're fun. Enjoy!

* * * * *

Sister moans softly
Pink flesh split by loving touch
Just watching, she’s great

Her Sister is sweet
Glory shadowed only by
My Love working her

Tender twat, giggling
Teasing buns dancing away
Sister forbidden

Banging her with moans
She is as good as I dream
A dream indeed, Sis.

Sister and boyfriend
Watching loud pornography
I spy fun on couch

Balling heavily
Sister comes in, innocent
Love angry, sans eyes

Peeking through keyholes
Sister riding him, eyes closed
I see me beneath

Love sixty-nining
Sis lapping balls, Love bobbing
Dream breaks in sunlight

Sis in bikini
Lithe and lean, bending for towel
So am I, my friend

More spying on Sis
She does not see me watch her
I see private touch

Sis dances, teases
She’s dancing with him, grinding
Yet, she’s watching me

Bored class, mind wanders
Love goes down, Sister receives
She winks in my dream

Evening at dinner
Love and Sis talk while I eat
Who’s toe in my groin?

Delicious pink lips
Sister’s mound hovers, she drops
Too bad its not real

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