tagFetishLovin Mouthful Ch. 07

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 07


I DID see the humor in the whole thing.

Here I was all dressed up like a woman, having just sucked some guy's cock side by side with a transsexual Wo/Man who had done some cocksucking of her own, and laughing about the the amount of the "tip" the guys left. It was too surreal not to be funny.

"Here, Honey 'Girl', Let me fix your face." Lurecia reached into her purse and put some more lipstick on me. "Sucking a cock is a good way to dis-arrange your make up!"

"What do we do now?" I queried now that my mirth had subsided.

"Just wait a few minutes, Sweetie." Lurecia said that knowingly and looked down the parking aisle toward the elevators.

No sooner had she said that, the elevator doors opened and two figures exited the car and began to walk in our direction. Except for the fact that both of them were white, they were carbon copies of Jer and Burke, both dressed in nice suits with shiny shoes with leather heels that clacked on the cement floor as they approached us. When the got within a couple of parking spaces, the guy on the right spoke up:

"Hi, girls. It looks like you've been waiting for us!" He spoke in a jovial but affirmative tone. "As a matter of fact, my buddy here and I have kind of been waiting for you two as well, If you know what I mean."

I kept my mouth shut and let Lurecia play this one. It seemed to me that she clearly had the edge in dealing with just this situation.

"Well, Honey Stud, I think I DO know what you mean." She turned on the charm and shimmied a little for emphasis. "Why don't you come over here and find out what you've been waiting for?"

The walked over to our side of the car. Once they were far enough back, Lurecia opened the right front door which, as it had before, shielded the view of anyone standing in front of the car. She ushered guy #2 back toward me and motioned for me to open the rear door once he had cleared it.

There wasn't any more discussion. Guy #1 stood with his back to the front passenger seat, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his sizeable dick. Lurecia got down onto her knees and swiftly began to accost it with her mouth. Meanwhile, Guy #2 did the same for me and I followed suit. His cock wasn't quite as large as his friends but it wasn't puny either. Almost without giving it a thought, I knelt down and took his cock into my mouth. It felt like I was almost outside myself watching myself start to work over this guy's stiffening prick and part of me was astounded at how nonchalant I was in going down on this guy- -like I had been doing it all my life. I heard some vigorous slurping and sighing coming from Lurecia's vicinity and sensed that she was finishing Guy #1 off quickly. So, I stepped up my efforts with Guy #2. He was pretty horny for it didn't' take long to get him off. He shot his warm, salty load into my mouth and I quickly swallowed it and made sure there wasn't any excess dripping away. I even gave him the courtesy of shoving his softening prick back into his pants when I was finished. Without a word, he zipped up, reached into his front pocket, pulled out a money clip, and tossed two fifty dollar bills on the back seat and moved away around the open back car door. His friend, Guy#1 had also come and was putting himself back together. He did say something to Lurecia like, "That was sweet, baby!" and he peeled a hundred dollar bill off of his bankroll and actually handed it to Lurecia. She smiled at him and said, "Any time, Honey Stud!" Both of them walked away, clacking their way back to the elevators, joshing with each other about getting their rocks off.

I looked at Lurecia. "Is this how it is? You do this regularly? For money?" I was interested in her explanation would be.

"Oh, Honey, I don't to this ALL of the time, just every now and again when I get particularly hungry for cock." She was excited and her eyes were bright . "And, if you hadn't noticed, I don't ASK for any money. If they think they have to pay, well that's o.k. with me. If they think it is just a gratuity, that's o.k. with me too. Most of these guys are making big bucks and are used to use money to get favors, kind of like tipping the maiter'd to get a good table. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons I DON'T mention money is that I don't want to get nailed for prostitution. There isn't a vice cop in town that can make that stick when I don't solicit and don't ask for compensation. They might be able to get me for lewd acts in public but that is why I do my thing down here. I suppose technically it is in public but, tucked away down here, far from any random traffic, I might as well be in my own bedroom. And I have a deal with the security/parking attendant. You must have noticed that I slipped him some cash when we came in? Well, that was so I could get this very parking space, because it is out of the way not only of random passers by but pretty much concealed with the doors open from anyone who might just happen to look over here to see what is going on. On top of that, the security/parking guy makes sure the this parking space is in a blind spot for the security camera We sure don't want to wind up on video tape and have that aired somewhere. That's pretty much it."

"You really have it figured out." I sounded amazed because I was amazed. "Lurecia, you continue to amaze me."

We had three more sets of two guys and a couple of single guys that night. The routine was pretty much the same with all of them. Lurecia and I sucked off the duets together and we traded turns when the lone guys came around. Lurecia had planned wisely, too. She had a bottle of white wine in the car and a couple of plastic cups. This helped "refresh our palate" between "sessions" and it didn't get us too tipsy.

There were only two times when I got a little worried. One was when one of the single guys wanted to fuck Lurecia instead of getting a blow job. She played off of that by saying, "I'm on my period, honey, and I DON"T to anal (she lied)" The other dicey moment came when the guy I was sucking off grabbed my head to force my mouth down harder on his cock. Getting his cock farther into my mouth wasn't the problem but the fact that he was disarranging my wig was. I didn't want to lose my wig and get busted for being a transvestite while sucking his cock. He might not have a sense of humor about that. So, without missing a beat, still sucking his dick, I reached up and pulled his hands down to my shoulders and held them there while I finished him off. That particular guy had a small penis, which I suppose explains why he wanted it farther into my mouth. In any event, it didn't take long to get him off and he left satisfied.

Around midnight, we looked at each other and nodded a silent "that's enough for tonight". We got into our SUV and drove out of the garage, making sure of course to replace the orange cone in front of the parking space, and perhaps more importantly stop at the security/parking office to thank the attendant (and Lurecia slipped him an extra $50).

On the way back to Lurecia's, she and I got a chance to talk some more.

"So, Honey Boy, did that get you off?" She laughed, "I know you got those guys off!"

"It was exciting. I didn't get off, really- -I mean come, you know." I was thinking out loud, "But it felt good in a different way. Once I got used to the fact that those guys were accepting me for a woman, then I felt a lot freer to suck their cocks and not worry about it. And I honestly enjoyed feeling the different sizes and shapes of dicks in my mouth, tasting the variety of semen, and having that feeling of power at being able to get those guys off. I didn't really care for some of the "macho" knuckle-bumping stuff but, what the hell, guys are like that. Hey! I'M like that! It is just that from a woman's perspective, it comes off different- -not as much fun. But I suppose when a guy is getting a blow job from an anonymous woman, he doesn't feel like he has to be romantic, huh?"

"That's it, for sure. No romance needed, no strings attached- -on either side." Lurecia was joyous. "I get to have sex, enjoy it, and not have to worry about pleasing those guys in any other way but getting them off. And they gratefully kick in some cash! It's a pretty good deal!"

It occurred to me that we had scooped up the loose bills when we got into the car to leave. "How much did they leave altogether?" I quizzed Lurecia.

"I don't exactly know." She answered. "Why don't you count it?"

I did just that. There were four one-hundred dollar bills, a dozen fifty-dollar bills, and a bunch of twenty-dollar bills. It all added up to $1,400!

"Lurecia? We got $1,400! Can you imagine?" I was ecstatic.

"$1,400? Hmmmm. A slow night for those cheap bastards!" She laughed.

"You do better sometimes?" I had to know

"Oh, yes. There have been nights where I've taken home $2,500 or $3,000." She was matter of fact, not bragging. "But those were when conventions were in town."

"Imagine that! $3,000 and you don't even ask for money!" I was impressed. "How much do you think you could make if you did ask for money?"

"Not anything close to that, Dearie." Lurecia was serious now. "When you ask for money and you don't ask enough, they think you're a cheap whore. If you ask too much, they think you're gouging them and will either resent paying it (even if they do enjoy the blow job) or they won't do it at all. But, when you voluntarily and enthusiastically give them a good time that they thoroughly enjoy, they will pay you what they think you're worth- -actually, they will pay you what they think THEY are worth. They're all egotistical bastards, every one of 'em. They think their getting a blow job and getting their rocks off is really special and should be really expensive. That's why they kick in the bucks, not so much because they think YOU'RE worth it but because they think THEY'RE worth it. Throwing around those bucks makes THEM feel good, I'm sure in some cases it makes them feel better than the blow job they just got. Human nature in that class of folks is funny."

That really gave me something to thing about. I had never looked it at that way before.

Something else that occurred to me was that I thoroughly enjoyed being with Lurecia that evening. The fact that she was a transsexual man hardly entered my mind. She was just plain old fun to be with. On top of that, I did have fun getting out all dressed up as a woman. The sex was good too. I realized that I did enjoy sucking cock every bit as much as eating pussy or conventional fucking. My horizons had expanded that night.

We wheeled into Lurecia's garage, parked the SUV, and headed up the elevator to her apartment. When we opened the door and went in, we saw Laura and Jessica nestled together naked on the couch in the midst of a passionate kiss. We tried to be quiet but couldn't quite pull it off.

"Hi, guys. I mean, Hi, GIRLS!" Jessica was tickled at her own sense of humor. "My, oh my, oh my. You two do look foxy!"

I began to feel a little embarrassed not so much because Jessica saw me dressed up but because of Laura. I suppose that I shouldn't have been disconcerted. After all, I had shared some pretty intimate experiences with Laura and in her presence, including giving her husband a blow job. What was a little feminine apparel between intimate friends.

"So, Lurecia finally got you out in drag, did she?" Jessica was teasing me. "She told me that she would try to do that. I guess it worked, Huh?"

"Yes, it did. It was quite an experience." I volunteered, not wanting to get into much more detail. "We had a good time and I think I cut quite a good figure as a woman out amongst them."

"Oh? You two painted the town red, did you?" Jessica was probing now.

"Yes, we did." I said laconically. Somehow I felt a little embarrassed to give her an unvarnished account of my evening out.

Laura piped up. "Lurecia? You and Marco didn't go out and do that blow job thing did you?"


"Why, of course WE DID!" Lurecia laughed out loud. "And we made a good time of it. There were enough stiff dicks to go around tonight, that's for sure."

I know I blushed. As if standing there in drag in front of my girlfriend and her best friend wasn't enough, Lurecia was outing me as being a transvestite cocksucker. But realistically, in any other setting, I might have been justified at being embarrassed. But, as I said before, I was in the presence of two people- -Laura and Lurecia- -who had something other than a conventional relationship and for whom sexual openness and adventure was second nature, and with my girlfriend with whom I had shared all sorts of kinky things not the least of which were our dress-up, dildo sucking/fucking escapades, and four-way sex with the other present attendees, two of whom were in a naked embrace with each other. How could any revelation I could make about having oral sex with other men shock her?

"Did you enjoy that?" Jessica asked with sincere concern.

"Yes, dear, I did. It was definitely an 'adventure' and certainly out of the ordinary." Then I added, "It sure broadened my horizons, just like we talked about."

"I'm glad of that, Sweetie." She gave me a loving smile. "You know, I have no problem with your experimenting. Do you know why? (That was a rhetorical question.) Because I love you and I know you love me. Sex is Sex but Love is Love. We have both!"

I felt that I had never loved anyone so much as I did Jessica at that moment.

Lurecia looked over at me and said, "Marcia, I mean Marco? Did you not tell me that, even though you enjoyed this evening immensely, you didn't get yourself off? Is that what I heard?"

I nodded in agreement.

"Well, young man, you just come here with me. We'll leave the girls to their own devices."

Lurecia took me by the hand and led me toward that large bedroom, leaving the two girls behind us already re-engaging in their kissing and petting. Periods or not, I somehow knew that Jessica and Laura would find a way to get each other off.

When we got into the bedroom with that mammoth bed in it, Lurecia got behind me and unzipped my dress (that seems strange to say) and lifted it over my head, unsnapped by bra (also strange), and rolled by pantyhose down over my hips and legs (strange too). She was on her knees when she got to my feet. She tapped the inside of of my left ankle and I lifted my foot. She slipped off my shoe and the toe of my panty hose; she repeated the process with my right foot. In no time, I was standing there naked with my only adornment being my wig. I almost felt like I had to cover my cock and balls with my hands ala' a modest girl but I didn't.

As she stood up, her hands caressed the back of my legs all the way up to my butt. When she was standing, she wrapped her arms around my waist and whispered into my right ear, "Just stand there a minute, Honey Boy. Don't move!"

I heard some rustling behind me and visualized Lurecia slipping out of her dress, kicking her shoes into the closet, sliding her her thong down over her legs.....Then I sensed her behind me. I felt her body press against my back, the points of her boobs indenting themselves between my shoulder blades, and her tummy and hips molding themselves to me. I also couldn't help but feel the extra prodding of her cock against my butt. That gave me a bit of a thrill.

I began to smell a slight floral fragrance and then felt her hands begin to massage my shoulders as she began to apply lotion to my skin. It was cold when it first went on but, as Lurecia rubbed in around, it became warm and soothing. She worked the lotion in on my shoulders, down my back, and all the way down to my buttocks. She reached around my waist and smoothed some of it onto my stomach and up toward my chest. Her hands lingered as she rubbed it onto my nipples and- -naughty girl- -she tweaked them for good measure. Another thrill.

She knelt down behind me and worked the lotion onto my legs starting at the base of my butt and all the way, front and back, down to me feet. Her hands retraced their path upward and, using more lotion, brought them around my waist again and onto my cock. She applied an extra amount there and gave special care to working it into my penis, scrotum, and adjacent thigh area. My cock started to get hard.

Her hands came back around to my backside. She took a palm full of the slippery stuff and began to massage in onto my butt and down into the crack between my cheeks, probing ever deeper between them until her fingers were all the way down to my asshole. One more thrill.

She spread my cheeks farther apart and pressed her slick finger against my asshole and kept applying pressure until it slipped into my ass, not very far, maybe up to her first knuckle, but far enough to send a shiver up my spine. She pulled her finger out slowly, put more lotion on it, and re-inserted it in my anus. It slipped in a little more easily and farther than before. I could feel her whole finger begin to probe and massage the inside of my rectum, slowly in, slowly out, slowly around. A bigger thrill now.

She extracted her finger again, got more lotion on it, leaned me forward a little, and proceeded to work two fingers into my ass. My sphincter was relaxed from her prior ministrations but I had to consciously relax it some more to allow both of her fingers into my ass. She thrust forward with both of them, gently but affirmatively, and then moved them back and forth slowly finger fucking my ass. She wiggled them a little when they were deep enough to massage my prostate. That sent a big thrill up inside of me.

My cock was getting hard now. But she withdrew her fingers, wiped them on a towel that she had handy, and- -I could tell from the sound behind me- -slipped a condom onto her dick which I could easily imagine was hard now, probably as hard as mine.

She stood up behind me, placed her hands on my shoulders, and pressed until I began to lean forward. She kept the pressure on until I was bent over with my hands on the edge of the bed to support myself. Her hands came around to my butt again and spread my cheeks. I knew what was coming. I felt her condom clad stiff cock press itself against my now relaxed asshole and enter my anus by degrees until her entire penis was deep inside me. I felt my sphincter tighten as it clasped her shaft and held it still. But there was an abundance of lotion already inside my rectum and that allowed her to begin to pump her cock back and forth inside my ass. It went in very deep, so deep that it struck my prostate, and then out again until it almost exited, but not quite. She repeated this more times that I could count. In and out, in and out, in and out, slowly at first but each time a little faster and with more force until I could feel her balls flap against the back of my scrotum. Inside, my rectum was getting a working over. I felt like I had to evacuate my bowels. Fortunately, I hadn't had anything of consequence to eat that day- -except those loads of sperm- -so I knew that wasn't going to happen. What I had was an feeling of indescribable pressure and tension inside me. In addition, the tip of her cock kept rubbing my prostate sending even more thrills into my now rock hard dick. She pulled out slowly but completely this time. I felt relief as her cock exited my ass and my sphincter closed itself tight again.

Lurecia then turned me around, put her hands down on the tops of my shoulders, and forced me down to my knees. She wasn't any too gentle because it was a move prompted by urgency. I saw her snap the condom off of her cock which had grown huge and angry looking. She aimed it at my face and began stroking it vigorously with her right hand.

She came in an instant. Her warm semen shot onto my face and lips. She had a huge load, probably generated from holding it back all evening while she was getting turned on by giving out blow jobs. It covered my face and began to run down my cheeks onto my neck and throat.

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