tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLoving Lola Ch. 02

Loving Lola Ch. 02


Lola had returned from her travels but was spending some time in London to catch up with friends before going home. She'd got delayed meeting her friend Ruth when she got off the bus to follow an attractive guy through Camden.

Her voyeuristic tendencies had led her to a park where this guy initiated a threesome with two young girls in a park. Lola had stayed hidden and pleasured herself whilst watching, she'd lost control and fallen to the floor and as she came the guy turned and saw her…

….what would he do? He was just looking straight at me, that same grin I'd seen earlier. Did he like me watching? Would he be angry? My instincts took over before I had time to think and I straightened my clothes and ran.

"There you are! Was beginning to wonder if I had the right place." Ruth beamed at me, gave me an appraising hug before commenting I looked great and hugged me again. Ruth had been my best friend since A-level years. We'd helped each other through crap relationships, learnt bad dance routines together and held each other's hair whilst being sick. True friends. She'd never resented me getting more attention from guys as she freely admitted she couldn't be fucked to lose the extra pounds she gained since puberty. Something had obviously changed in the months I'd been away.

"You look amazing!" And I meant it. She hadn't lost too much weight and had kept her curves but the chubbiness around her face and waist had vanished and a sleeker new layered haircut showed off her pretty English rose face well and her trademark rosy cheeks were still there.

"Thanks chuck, my new job included free gym membership and although I went there initially cos the bar was cheap I felt shamed into actually getting into shape. Hard not to when you're seeing fit blokes all the time passing through and you seem invisible compared to the toned girls they could look at."

This was typical Ruth; it was like I'd never been away. I was relieved that she was as talkative as ever as I was still a bit freaked out by what had just happened. What I'd just seen. What I'd just done.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who'd had some recent sexual encounters as it seems Ruth's new gym life had led to a new sex life. We'd finished one bottle of wine and were now onto a second as she filled me in on what had been happening.

"It's great – I've never felt so passionate and these guys are so in shape. I mean, when I think back to the sex I used to have with Steve – do you remember him? - well, I feel like I've needed to make up for lost time!"

It seemed like Ruth had managed to really make up for it with a good selection of guys. That didn't actually surprise me as Ruth had always been a great girl and outgoing but had just never really tried it on with guys as she felt so self conscious. The real surprise was that she'd even tried it on with one of the women. They'd had couple of drinks in the gym bar, felt guilty and then decided to sweat out the alcohol in the steam room. I'd felt slight pang of regret as during all our sleepovers and times we'd crashed in same bed I'd often thought about whether we had more than friendship. I'd always quite fancied Ruth but never wanted to spoil what we had by suggesting anything – especially as I thought the idea of being with another woman would repulse her.

"So anyway – how about you?" Ruth fixes me with an intense look and I wonder if she's been reading my thoughts, I feel myself blush. " See? You're blushing, I imagine you must have sampled men from all over the world – you have to tell me. I mean, you've hinted at stuff in some of your emails. First – more drinks."

What I really wanted to talk about was the last hour – but I wasn't sure I could. I felt like I needed to, almost as if by speaking it would make it real, or make it go away, like a strange half remembered dream.

Ruth returned from the bar with a couple of tequila's and another bottle of wine. She slid onto the bench seat next to me, put the salt on my hand and handed me a slice of lemon before necking our tequila.

"So?" she says looking at me suggestively. "What juicy stories have you got for me?" She pats my thigh with her hand then leaves it there. The heat from her hand makes my thigh tingle and reminds me of what just happened, and reminds me of how horny I still am.

I take a deep breath and begin to tell Ruth about my afternoon adventure. I feel my pulse begin to quicken as I start describing the two girls getting it on in the park and also feel Ruth's hand on my thigh. Is it my imagination or is she gripping my thigh tighter? It feels like her hand is slightly higher up my thigh too. I get to the bit about the guy kneeling to slide his cock past one girls mouth into the other girl's pussy and without realizing I've leaned in closer to Ruth as I feel I have to whisper. My breath in her ear and on her neck and I can hear her breath getting heavier and am sure her fingers are stroking my thigh. I get to the bit where the guy sees me and see Ruth looking intensely at me with wide eyes.

"What did you do?" Ruth speaks in a whisper to match mine

"Well, I wasn't sure," I said, looking straight back into her hers, our faces quite close. "I couldn't think," I realized my hand was now on Ruth's leg as well.

"So?" If Ruth moved any closer our faces would be touching.

"So…I just …got up and walked off!" I stood up and left Ruth in the same position looking up at me and with shaky legs I walked to the toilets. I walked into cubicle, shut the door and sat down, my heart pounding. What on earth was going on with me today? Even though nothing had happened with Ruth I was incredibly turned on. Without thinking my hand strayed to between my legs for the second time that day. As if on autopilot I undid the two few buttons and slipped my hand inside, my fingers pushing aside the now damp material of my knickers and feeling the wet heat of my pussy. I knew I shouldn't – someone might come in but I just couldn't help it, I thrust two fingers quickly deep inside me and used my other hand to circle my clit, I pictured it being me and Ruth in the 69 position with the guy standing watching, I had to bite my lip to stop my moans escaping. I looked up and tried to hear if anyone had come in and realized that the door to my cubicle wasn't locked, I couldn't stop now though - I could feel my climax building and getting closer. Just as this incredible feeling began to pulse through my body I heard the toilet door swing open.

"Lola? You in here?" It was Ruth.

I stifled a moan as a wave of ecstasy raced through my entire body.

"Lola?" The voice was closer, and the door to my cubicle slowly swung inwards and I managed to remove my hands and start doing up my buttons? Ruth gave me a quizzical look.

"You finished?"

I couldn't talk, words weren't possible. I think maybe Ruth was thinking about saying something, maybe some corny line, but she just bit her lip and looked at me.

"Listen, did you have any plans for today Lola?"

"Not really. Am just gonna chill out for a couple of days before going home. Although I would like to get my photos developed before I go home."

"Oooh? Some interesting pictures then?" Ruth tried to wink at me suggestively. If only she only she knew I thought.

"Just the usual holiday snaps. You have some plans then?"

"Not much." She looked at me really intently, her eyes traveling down my body. I felt naked. I felt as if she could see my still hard and slightly puffy nipples and the heat between my legs.

"So where you want to go then?" I asked, trying to keep my voice more level. My heart was still pounding and I could feel every pulse in my body throb, although my orgasm had been strong I wanted more. For some people they really need sex if they don't have it for a while, for me, I need sex even more when I get a lot of it – and after the travels I've just had I really need it.

The walking was helping, the fresh air and the exercise at least was giving me something to put my excess energy into to. Ruth had suggested we go to this new place just outside Camden. It was an old cinema that had the rows of seats ripped out and comfy armchairs put in instead. It was a café bar that played old movies behind you on the big screen. But first she'd have to call in to work as her boss had said she could have the afternoon off if she agreed to take some work home.

Her graphic design office was in a converted warehouse, it was just her, another girl and her boss that worked in the comfortable but small area.

"Lola, this is Kyle, Kyle I'd like you to meet my friend Lola. I've just gotta pick up some work, I wont be a minute." Ruth left me to stand with her boss, whom she had met several years ago through some Uni contacts. Kyle was a slightly unusual looking 40 year old guy, quite tall with strong features. He was definitely attractive but not in a pretty way. His glasses could not quite hide bright green eyes that would not always be able to look straight at you. I took it as a sign of nervousness. He was smartly dressed in expensive but casual clothes and gave notice of some past hippy tendencies by walking around the office bare foot.

"Thanks for letting Ruth have some time off; it's been a while since we've seen each other."

"Oh, sure, you know, no problem. " Kyle speaks slowly in a strong voice with a hint of an American accent. "Ruth tells me you've been traveling? You caught the bug now or you back for a while?" Kyle walks round and offers me a seat on the big, comfortable sofa near a floor to ceiling window that looks out over the city. I began to tell Kyle about some of the best places I'd been to and he asked which places I'd found the most different from London. His green eyes were definitely fixed on me as I knelt on the sofa, my arms folded and resting on the back as I leaned my forehead against the glass to admire the view.

"You must have met some interesting people? I had a very interesting time when I worked in Singapore and traveled Asia a little. Very interesting." Kyle had poured himself a glass of wine and offered one to me.

"I'd better not; Ruth will only be a minute." I didn't add that I also felt a little drunk from our session in the pub.

"You might as well have one Lola – I'm gonna be more than just a minute." Ruth appeared through the door. "I've gotta go across to the reprographics company to pick up some materials. Sorry. Tell you what though, I might as well take your films to be developed."

I couldn't really argue and Kyle handed me a glass of wine and saw Ruth out. When he returned he stood behind me as I resumed my kneeling position looking out of the window with my wine. From where I was I could see Ruth disappear around the corner. As soon as she went from view a pair of strong hands grabbed my waist. I jumped round as if I'd been stung. Before I could even ask what he was doing Kyle resumed his hold on my waist and leaned in to kiss me on the lips, I pulled back and grimaced and tried to push him off.

"What are you doing?"

He just ignored me and began kissing my neck hard and pushed me down onto the sofa and lay on top of me. He was too big for me to push off and with one hand he'd already undone the buttons on my jeans and was tugging them down.

"Get- off…me!" I was struggling to push Kyle away but he was too big and strong I tried forcing my hands between us, down between my legs to cover myself. I got a shock when instead my hands bushed against his naked, hard, and ready cock. I froze and looked at him; he had a blank face and leaned in close to me.

"Shut. Up. Be a good girl, I can tell you really want this. It'll be much better if you just relax and enjoy yourself."

"Enjoy myself? You –"

I couldn't finish my sentence as he slapped me hard across the face and whilst I was stunned, my face stinging, he pulled my top off roughly and snatched my bra off.

As I felt a hungry, eager mouth devour my breasts, licking and nibbling at my nipples, I was frightened back to my senses as my pussy was invaded by at least two long fingers. There was no tenderness, no caresses – they were just shoved forcefully inside me and it hurt. Hurt so much that I cried out a little. This brought another slap to my face. My heart was racing with fear and confusion – this didn't feel real. My senses had been given a slap as much as my face and every nerve ending was electric. This meant that every intrusive touch was incredibly sensitive to me and I could feel his fingers inside, going deeper and harder and curl up slightly inside me. His thumb was adding pressure to my clit as his fingers rotated inside me, pushing deeper. I tried to sit up but he quickly shot a hand up to grab me by my throat and hold me down. He withdrew his mouth from my breasts and his fingers roughly out of my pussy. He glared at me.

"Don't try and move again. You understand?" His grip tightened around me throat.

I try to nod.

He rams his fingers inside me again making me buck slightly and cry out.

"Don't make a noise," he says, now resuming fucking me hard with his fingers, "You want this really. You're a dirty slut. I've read the emails you've been sending Ruth. She likes you. I like Ruth. And you're gonna be a good girl here because you like Ruth too and wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her would you?"

I can't believe I'm hearing this. It's like my mind is playing tricks on me, all the traveling has addled my brain. It feels like my brain is shutting down.

"No! You can't pass out on me," Kyle's face looked so angry, and he twisted my nipple. Hard.

"Now on your knees."

I didn't know if there was anything I could do, he seemed violent, as far as I knew this building was empty and I didn't want to risk screaming if the chances of someone hearing weren't great. I wouldn't get very far if I tried to run and if I disobeyed him he made it clear what he'd do. I just nodded, sat up and then went to my knees.

"Open your mouth."

I opened my mouth.

He moved in front of me, his cock in his hands, slowly pumping his hand up and down.

"Lick it."

My mouth was dry. I felt like I might be sick. I tried telling myself it was fine, I'd done this before – but my brain was being fooled, I'd never been in a situation like this.

"Lick my cock now."

I looked up at him, hoping he'd suddenly change and release me from this. I closed my eyes, parted my lips and extended my tongue out. I had goosebumps and twitched slightly when the tip of my tongue made contact with his enflamed cock. I tried to not think about what I was doing, to imagine I was somewhere else. I moved my head closer and trailed my tongue down a little.

"I'm warning you – lick my cock."

I gulped. I decided I needed a new approach – it would be easier if I just imagined it was someone else, if I could imagine it was the straining cock of the guy I saw in the park earlier I might be able to get through this. I pictured his face in my mind and the sight of his cock as the young girl got to her knees to suck him and felt a wave of lust gather in me and then my whole tongue lashed out to lick this cock all over. I moved my head with my tongue to get more contact, the whole of tongue going down and around his hot shaft. As hands tugged roughly at my hair and urged me on I pictured those pale but toned arms being the arms above me and those grey eyes looking at me. How would his cock taste? Would it burn in my mouth? Would it make me wet to take it in my mouth? To take as much of it as I could? I wanted it. I looked at this cock in front of me and now I wanted it. I pulled my head back, looked at this pulsating cock, opened my mouth threw myself forward to take it in right to the back of my throat. My hands went round to grasp ass cheeks tightly and push them forward, ramming more of the cock into my mouth until I could take no more.

I almost gagged but managed not to and slowly withdrew my mouth, leaving my teeth to ever so slightly grate along the skin of the cock. I paused over the bell of his manhood and let my lips brush all over it, my tongue circling the entire area, tasting the pre-cum on the slit. I sucked and tasted and licked with an urgency and desire that I'd never done before.

The hands tightened in my hair and I could hear a low, animal like growl from above. I wanted to taste cum as if to feel it in my mouth would be a victory but the hands holding me had other ideas. I was pulled roughly up from by hair and threw forward onto the sofa, my arms flung forward to grab the back of the sofa.

Hands grabbed my waist and his legs bent so his knee was inside my legs and pushed them apart. Before I knew what was happening I could feel his swollen cock push past my hot pussy lips and enter me.

At least being fucked from behind meant that I didn't have to see him and could continue my fantasy of it being someone else. I rocked with his fucking, bucking my hips backwards to take more of him inside me, to feel him burying deep inside. I was close to cumming and opened my eyes to look out of the window. I almost froze with what I saw.

Down on the street, standing on the corner looking up in my direction was the pale, pretty boy from earlier. Was this my mind playing tricks on me? Conjuring him up because I'd been thinking about him? Whatever the reason and whether he was real or not or turned me on even more – even if he couldn't actually see me from where he was. I felt tingling start this time in my chest, it burned up to my head and down to between my legs and just as the figure below put one hand down his pants I came violently and with such force. My cries of ecstacy must have had an effect on my assaulter as I felt him freeze, grip me harder and then shudder as he shot jet after jet of cum inside me. I'd shut my eyes as the pressure of my orgasm was so intense and when I opened them my man below had disappeared. I felt disappointed but didn't know what I had expected to happen. Had he really been there? Without any further fuss, I was pushed to the floor.

"Get out of here." Said the gruff voice behind me. I was tugged up to my feet by my hair and pulled over to the door which once opened I was roughly shoved through. Standing there naked with cum dribbling down my inner thigh I had no time to say anything as my clothes were flung forcefully at me and the door slammed in my face.

I suddenly came to my sense and slowly the realization of what just happened started to dawn on me. Before I could cry, collapse or scream I just pulled my clothes on and fled from the building not caring where I was going or even remembering that my friend was going to return for me. I just needed to get away. This day was net yet into the evening and I was yet to find out just exactly how crazy it would.

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