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Loving Luscious Louise


A week in New York. If you don't travel much it might seem like an appealing prospect. If it's part of your normal life, you know that you can be lonely anywhere. So when I heard I was going to be going there, I checked round my favourite international dating website to arrange some company. Soon I came across Louise, a nice looking, intelligent woman. Not a 'girl' -- I'm 55 and I need a mature woman. Let the masses fantasise about young, lithe females, but they're not for me. I'm not young or lithe anymore. But I'm still an admirer of an attractive woman, and Louise fitted the bill perfectly. She was black -- I'm standard Caucasian and black is my favourite female colour -- and a little overweight, as I am. Young, immaculate people might not understand, but when you're imperfect, you want someone who has the odd flaw too. You don't see it as a flaw exactly, but it gets you off the hook of perfection and allows you to be yourself. Louise was perfect in her imperfection -- gorgeously kissable, adorable, anythingable.

She lived in the Bronx, not that that meant anything to me apart from what I had read and heard. I was staying near Times Square and we arranged that she would meet me near there. We had hit it off really well by email -- in fact very early on I felt a real connection with her, even via the limited scope of that form of communication - and I just hoped that we would be as comfortable together in real life.

When the day came -- a Sunday - I wasn't nervous exactly -- after all, what could happen to me that I didn't want? I was excited.

We met at a café in a park -- a neutral, public venue like you're supposed to -- and she looked just like her photos: a bandana on her head, a simple patterned dress and a slightly severe look which was softer and deeper if you studied it. I took it to be just her natural expression, and as a renowned non-smiler myself, I understood that a facial expression didn't necessarily tell all.

I could have undressed her there and then and eaten her whole, starting in the middle, but I was polite and we gradually eased into a real relationship. I asked her how long she could stay and she said she would have to be on the subway by 9. It was 1pm.

With a full-time job and three kids to look after, her free time couldn't be taken for granted, but I hoped if things went well we might be able to meet several times

We went for a walk and as we did, her right breast brushed against my arm repeatedly -- it just seemed to be there all the time, just the way we were built. Eventually we found ourselves in a kind of wood, with no-one around, so I put my arms around her and kissed her. She responded with her tongue, gently, and our bodies grew closer, but in a respectful way. I ran my hand down her spine, stroked her back and made a discreet sweep of her buttocks before settling on her thigh. Then a jogger came around the corner and we started walking again.

I was aroused -- very aroused. I loved the feel of her body and the smell of her skin. I loved her delicate, darting tongue.

We went for coffee, then walked some more, and talked and talked. At around six o'clock we decided to have dinner and found a little Italian place. After a couple of glasses of wine we were holding hands over the table and my knee was magnetised to hers. All the time I was aware that the clock was ticking, and I was determined to get this woman into bed. She read my mind.

'Don't worry about the time,' she said. 'I can come again tomorrow night... if you want me to.'

I picked her hand up, drew it close to my mouth and kissed it, then ran my tongue discreetly between her fingers. She kind of shivered and smiled. 'You do want me to.'

The next day we met at my hotel at 6 and had dinner straightaway. An hour later we were finished and I said, 'Would you like to...'

'Go upstairs?' she said for me. 'Yes, I think we should.'

As soon as we were through the door of my room we were locked in a passionate embrace. We half walked, half floated over to the bed and I unzipped her dress, which slid to the floor. She picked it up and draped it over a chair. Her body was all mine, just some black underwear between us. We kissed again and I unhooked her bra. Her breasts were large but firm. I kissed down her neck and onto her chest, then sucked each nipple for a while. Her hands were inside the back of my shirt, which she had pulled out of my trousers. I undid my belt and the clip at the top, then unzipped them.

'Put your hand inside my underpants,' I said gently, and she did as she was told. I in turn slid my right hand into her panties and down over the smooth, shaven skin into her fabulous delta. Then I knelt down and pulled her panties off. She sat on the edge of the bed and I pushed her down, then began kissing her from her knees, up her inner thighs until I was in the warm, fragrant, intoxicating zone between her legs. I parted her thighs further and she opened them obligingly. I gently licked her labia and parted them with my fingers, then licked her beautiful vagina, long and slow. I pushed my tongue into her as far as I could and then moved up to her clitoris. She was so wonderful down there that I could have stayed for hours, savouring the tastes and aromas of her womanly juices.

'Turn over,' I said, and she did.

'Up on my knees?' she asked and I grunted. I licked her again, loving the access to her hidden parts. Moving up, I licked one buttock, then the other, and repeated the process, moving ever closer inside until my tongue was right in that special place. She writhed and moaned and I did it more intently and carried on until I felt her muscles tense as an orgasm approached. When it finally swept through her she relaxed and flopped forward, then rolled over.

'Now you can fuck me,' she said in a way that was much more lady than tramp. If there is one thing that turns me on it's a lady who likes to be rude. I moved on top of her and kissed her slowly and deeply as my cock prodded around her crotch, then found the flightpath and slid inside her. We gasped simultaneously at the fantastic feeling and made love slowly and firmly, then faster and more urgently. Every fifth stroke I rammed my cock as far inside her as I could and soon she came again. 'Oh God, I'm coming,' she almost cried, and pulled me closer as her body shuddered.

'Now you come,' she instructed me. 'Tell me what you're going to do.'

'Lady,' I said, 'I'm going to slide my penis up and down inside your hole and then I'm going to squirt my spunk inside you.'

This turned her on so much that when I came, thrusting deep and strong and staying there, she did too.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how my relationship with Louise started. We met three more times on that trip and now we're planning a holiday together -- and if you can't find me any time, I'll probably be under a duvet somewhere with my head between her legs.

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