tagNonHumanLoving Omega 2114

Loving Omega 2114


What can I say? I'm not proud of it, but I do have something of an excuse, well, sort of anyway. The Andorian Brandy, okay, okay, the blue power drink with the vodka mixed in, yeah, that's the stuff, anyway I had a few too many snifters of that and well, I guess I lost control. I mean why build a robot like that, with all that anatomical correctness if you don't... well you know?

It wouldn't have happened if she, I mean "it" was not such a brilliant conversationalist. I mean how often are you going to meet a woman who can speak perfect Klingon? And she's totally different from those girls that can speak perfect Klingon, you know, no glasses, dirty hair, and odd clothes.

Okay, okay, I guess my vintage Star Trek outfit, with full Captain insignia may not be the best attire for picking up the hottest woman, but hey, it really didn't matter with Omega 2114. Yes, that was her name, Omega 2114, or at least that's what it said on her breast plate... he, he, breast plate. Oh and it was a shapely breast plate, with just the right amount of give to it, you know.

Yes, she did let me touch and even squeeze a bit. You see we got to talking about our clothing, and well, yeah she really didn't have clothes, more like an outer skin. It was a bit cold, but after my hand was there for a while it seemed to warm a bit. Not exactly like a woman's breast, well, not like Vicky's whose breast I squeezed during a Star Trek skit, you remember the one when Captain Kirk... well on the show they ended up in his cabin and we saw him putting his shoes back on and you know what that means. Except Vicky apparently didn't see that episode cause when I grabbed her breast... well, let's just say she wasn't ready to beam up to my cabin.

But this time, with Omega 2114, I call her Meg for short, anyway, with Meg it was all different. I simply asked what her uniform felt like and she arched her back and let me feel. The rubber was smooth, slightly pliant and simply wonderful. Yes, my pants pushed out with an erection even Captain Kirk would have been proud of.

Of course we couldn't do much about that right there in the middle of the party, no I had to find some way to get Meg to come into one of the bedrooms with me. My earlier ploys with some of Vicky's friends usually left me red-faced and with a lap full of Andorian Brandy, or whatever we were drinking at the time. My lines like, "Hey want to gaze at the stars from a king size bed," or "You know Harry has an excellent scale model of a shuttle craft up in his bedroom," just didn't excite the girls. Well not until now, Meg seemed most interested in seeing the model of the shuttle craft.

I couldn't believe it, in less than ten minutes of actual conversation with Meg and we were heading up to the bedroom. Holding her hand, I had to limp back to the bedroom cause my cock was pressing against my pants. When we got to the door I opened it and watched as slipped past me, her pseudo ass brushing playfully against my erection.

Once in the bedroom I was able to convince her that Harry must have moved the scale model shuttle craft and quickly maneuvered her onto the bed. Feigning a scientific interest in her digital make up I ran my hands over her body and then began grinding my cock onto her thigh. She reached down and took a firm hold of it as she said, "Your tool has a fine rigidity, I wonder if I might test it a bit."

"Ah okay," I replied.

She quickly pushed me back and pounced, unfastening my belt, unzipping my pants and then pulling my cock out. Her head lowered and I watched the hydraulics in her jaw suddenly go wild as I felt a wet, effervescent tongue roll over and around me. Then suddenly the sucking began with a wonderful intensity. Although it had only been a day since I last jacked off I felt my balls tingling and then suddenly I came, spurting my cum deep into the flowing hydraulics of Meg's mouth.

It was only when she backed away, wiping a droplet of my cum from her chin that I realized what I had done. Harry warned me that I had to use a condom, but in all the quick excitement I had forgotten and had stained her pure mechanics with my cum. Somehow it messed up her digital brain and well she kind of got slutty.

I tried to play it down and not let Harry know what happened but, well Meg just kind of went wild after that, I guess once they get the taste of cum they just do that. Hell I wasn't back from the room five minutes before she was leading the entire offensive line from our NCAA Champion football team to the bedroom. Hell, Meg even did the cheerleading squad that night. Yeah I later learned her hydraulic clit could run in overdrive increasing in size up to nine inches. Damn, the cheerleaders couldn't do the splits for a week.

I guess now you understand why I'm working in Harry's lab as his assistant instead of leading my own research team. Yeah I've got another two hundred hours working for him before I can work off the cost of his Omega 2114. And all that's just fine, he gets his money and builds another robot, but what about me, hell I lost the only woman, well the only pseudo-woman I have ever loved. Oh Meg how could you do that to me?

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