tagBDSML's Forbidden Fantasies Ch. 00

L's Forbidden Fantasies Ch. 00



I will commit to you through my words and I want you to travel with me so we may journey through sexual desire, power, passion, pain, lust, and all the other wondrous things our imaginations can explore. No One will know, no One will see--a Master--his Angel, Our Forbidden Fantasy...

As I Brush your beautiful hair back away from your neck,

Your sweet fragrance lifts into the air and fills my nostrils with the smell of freshly cut roses on a spring morning.

You grab my hand and hold it to your face; gently kissing the back of it.

I lean to kiss the smooth sweetness just below and behind your ear, and as I do...

I whisper, "I am so touched my Sweet that I have forgotten myself as a gentleman."

Shivers run enticingly through our bodies...

Mm, so invigorating, the feeling of electricity as my hand runs gently up your arm, across your sleek shoulder, trailing the nape of your neck only then to stop.

As I cup your chin, a "Moan" escapes your velveteen lips.

Your beautiful full lips quivering as I draw you in to meet mine.

I pull myself away only to get lost in your eyes...

Oh, those mesmerizing eyes...

Like pools of sparkling light dancing in the heavens, stripping me to my very soul.

My dear sweet Angel, Please! Do not part from me.

I must say, although my nights can be Dark and lonely, with you by my side the pain of loneliness will fade silently away into the darkness of the night.

All of you dirty little Angels need to spread the word that I am writing here in Literotica.

Your little asses are on the hot little line. Oh! How I need to see your little asses all red. Get the word out.

Sign-up and sign-on and I do hope you enjoy getting off as much as I do.

Get all the juiciest angels on, so they can get off.

Come get your dreams fulfilled and all your hot little holes filled by the Liberator.

My dirty little angels,

You are my dirty little angel, right?

I think it is about time you admitted it.

Not that it will save you from a spanking, of course. You still deserve a proper punishment.

However, if you are prepared to admit to me, just how dirty you are, and if you bend over and take the spanking like a good girl, then I will reward you afterward. I might slip my fingers deep inside you, and tease you, softly. If you're really good and if you tell me how dirty you can be, and beg me to fuck you... then perhaps I'll allow you to touch me... maybe even let you take me into your mouth... we'll see ;)

If, however, you insist on being a brat, your punishment will be much more severe. The particularly bratty ones will be tied-up, spanked, stood in the corner, and made to watch as I pleasure all the other good little Angels.

It is all up to you.

Are you going to be DIRTY?


Then pull down your panties and bend that beautiful ass over the edge of the couch...

Oh! That is very nice.

Now, spread your thighs for me, I want to see your tight juicy...

Will you join with me on a journey filled with fiery passion, untamed desire, and sensual thrills?

I do so enjoy expressing myself through the written word. To bring pleasure to a woman is my only vice and one that I am not ashamed to say I carry for mutual benefit. I am know as; "the Liberator", to those that know me well simply as "L.", and I do hope you will join me here on an erotic journey that none will soon forget.

Escape with me by taking the time to respond in all the ways you can to express your desire for more. You may do so in any manner you choose, just make sure you do or I will not have any reason to continue writing. With a proper response, by my Angels I will be releasing a continued story line. Thank you for reading and I do look forward to our further adventures. A respectful and loving Master awaits your response.

©withlove, L.

Admit to me what a dirty little Angel you really are.

Share your thoughts with me my sweet hot Angels by:

Leaving me a comment--Adding me to your favorites;

Rating this Story--Adding it to your favorites;

Sending in Feedback--and by Telling all your friends not just on Literotica, but on all your social media sites--they all need to be Signed-on to Literotica, for our erotic trip through,

"L's Forbidden Adventure's"

Thanks again,

©withlove, Liberator

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