tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 08

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 08


The first steps into the world of the sphere were breathtaking. The sight was completely earthlike, but the heat and humidity was almost unbearable.

Their tricorders in hand, Jamie and Burton spread out from the Trinity's hatch and started scanning.

"No sign of life forms commander." Jamie reported. "The air and gravity are that of earth normal, radiation level normal."

"Same here," Burton replied. "I am getting an electromagnetic reading at two one three degrees, distance one point two kilometers."

"Confirmed, that places it near the structure we saw on the way in."

"Looks like that is our starting point," Burton said.

"Then let's go." Jamie said brightly, starting off towards the building in the distance. Burton fell in beside her.

Vegetation was no problem, the grass looked recently cut and the trees properly trimmed. They followed a well laid path to the building. Talking was not necessary as both kept scanning for all information possible. Jamie did notice that Burton would glance over at her often when it looked like her attention was elsewhere. She also spent some time watching him, when he bent over to scan a particular unusual plant; she was treated to a nice look at his tight ass. She stared for a minute before she shook herself awake and turned around. She did not want him catching her checking him out.

Burton for his part was doing everything in his power to ignore the beautiful young woman that was with him. He had volunteered for this mission for several reasons, not the least of which was to get his hands on the Trinity. He had been itching for a shot at that ship since it was delivered. But he also wanted time alone with Jamie. For some reason she intrigued him. He could not put his finger on just why, but he had the feeling that she was not someone to just use and forget. It was as if something in the back of his mind was telling him that if he started something with her it would be a long term commitment.

The outfit she had on was killing him. The shorts were very tight and the shirt far too small. He could see the bikini top beneath it and was glad his shorts were holding him in check. He had a feeling that he knew who was responsible. Carol had popped onto the flight deck prior to launch and wished him luck, and then disappeared. It was a good few minutes before he saw her out of the window waving goodbye. He had wondered at the time where she had been in between, and now he had an answer. She must have been doing something to the replicator on the Trinity. Knowing her, she probably repacked Jamie's bag and not told her about it, and then programmed the replicator to not give her anything but sexy outfits. He made a mental note to check when he returned to the ship. His override should be sufficient to correct the problem and give Jamie something more appropriate to wear.

They reached the building and entered the ground floor. Their tricorders traced the power feeds until they led them to the control room. The language on the panels was completely alien, but Burton scanned it in and set the translator to work on it. Jamie set off to explore the rest of the floor while Burton waited for the translation.

Jamie found what looked like offices and meeting rooms all over the floor. A lift was in the centre, but Jamie did not go near it. She poked around the offices, trying to get some more information, but there were no notes or papers anywhere to be found. As she left the last office, her fingers brushed the desk and a voice came out of it.

"Diena ienghe dheoagn."

"Gordon to Commander Burton," Jamie said slapping her com badge.

"Burton here, go ahead."

"Diena ienghe dheoagn." The voice continued.

"I have found an office with a working voice interface. Unfortunately, I don't speak the language. Universal translator is working on it."

"What is your location Lieutenant?"

"Two hundred meters from you, bearing one eight one."

"Stand by Lieutenant; I will join you there, Burton out."

"Lieutenant, diena ienghe dheoagn" the voice said again.

Jamie looked around startled. It had used her rank. There must be an intelligence behind the voice trying to communicate. Her tricorder beeped and she checked the display. It informed her that the translator needed more of a sample to decipher the language. Jamie decided to talk to the machine to give it more of a sample to English to work with.

"This is Lieutenant Jamie Gordon of the Federation ship Korvan. We mean you no harm. Please communicate with us." Jamie said into the office.

Burton arrived just as Jamie finished her introduction.

"Did you find anything that will give us access to the controls of this sphere?"

Before Jamie could respond the voice spoke again.

"Lieutenant Jamie Gordon, this is sphere control. Please ehis access thaq eoih voice interface."

"Well at least we are getting somewhere." Burton said.

"I think it is trying to communicate and learn our language at the same time." Jamie said looking at Burton.

"This is Commander Charles Burton, first officer of the Federation Science vessel Korvan. We are here on a research mission to determine the origins of this sphere. Can you allow us access to your data banks so that we can communicate more clearly?"

"Commander Charles Burton, access to data banks ndientns. Please ehis access thaq eohi voice interface."

"I think it wants an access code. The data banks must be restricted without an access code for voice interface."

"Commander Charles Burton, please ehis access for voice interface."

"Well, that is good; we need an access code to enter a system and no one here to give us access."

"Let me try something sir." Jamie said stepping further into the office. "Sphere control, this is Lieutenant Gordon, access code visitor."

Burton looked at her with a look that spoke volumes until the voice answered back "Visitor access theidn, please ehis your wihenhfo."

"Looks like we are in." Jamie said. "We will just have to guess at each level until it gets enough English to work with. It must be asking me to state my inquiry."

"Please state your inquiry." The desk said.

Burton looked over at Jamie and smiled, "Let's get to work."

Together, they spent the balance of the day working with control computer, teaching it English and seeing just how far their access went. After several hours they learned enough to figure out that they could spend years studying the sphere and still have more to learn. As twilight started to fall, both looked about confused. There was no way the sphere faced away from the sun, how could there be darkness.

Stepping outside they saw a large shadow moving across the surface. Looking up they saw a polarized shadow passing between the surface and the star. Satellites spread the shield to keep a normal circadian rhythm for the vegetation.

"Well, since it is getting on to night, I suggest we head back to the ship." Jamie said to Burton.

"Good idea, I think that we have completed enough for one day. Plus we have to contact the Korvan in about an hour. After that, how about a swim in that lake we saw on the way down?"

Jamie stumbled and quickly regained her feet. All she had to swim in were bikinis like the one she wore. "I don't know Commander," Jamie started to say.

"Come on, it will be the perfect way to get rid of all this sweat and heat of this place."

Jamie grudgingly agreed that it would be nice to wash the day off and the scans showed no dangerous bacteria or animals in the water on the way down. Nodding she silently followed Burton back to the Trinity. Within minutes of boarding the ship, both were breathing easier in the cooler air of the runabout. The heat of the sphere was truly oppressive.

Jamie launched the ship and took them to the hatch while Burton prepared a download of what they had found. They waited at the hatch for only five minutes before it opened and the Korvan could be seen in the distance. Burton sent the download in a squeal message and the Korvan returned it in less than a minute. He confirmed that there was not signal distortion and they both watched as the hatch closed again, sealing them in.

"Tomorrow, we need to find out about the controls to that hatch so that we can come and go as needed." Burton said. "I don't like not having a way out if we need one."

"Agreed sir," Jamie said absently. She was focused on the ship and the upcoming landing.

Jamie landed the ship even closer to the lake and shut down the engine systems. The scanners were still recording everything and Burton stood up behind her and said, "Let's go Lieutenant, that lake ain't getting any closer."

Jamie stood and saw that Burton had two towels in hand and was proceeding with opening the hatch. Looking like someone going to the gallows, Jamie followed him out of the ship and to the edge of the lake.

The water was a pristine blue, the wind made small waves upon the white sand beach and the polarized shield turned the sun into a deep red colour. Looking over at the building, Jamie could see that the shield was darker there. Obviously whoever created it wanted to make the shield look like an actual sun set and sun rise. All in all, it was quite beautiful, even romantic, but Jamie was not looking for romance.

Burton laid out both towels and pulled off his t-shirt. His body was well sculpted. His chest was covered in dark hair and his torso was the classic v shape, wide shoulders, narrow hips, firm abs, Jamie found that she was mesmerized by the sight of him. She turned her back and started to remove her shirt.

Pulling it over her head caused her small tight chest to stick out and enhanced her looks. She dropped the shirt on the towel and stuck her thumbs into the waist band of her shorts. Carol had done a good job on her this time. Thinking of the many ways that Jamie could kill her she started to wiggle the tight shorts down off her hips. She did not realize the sight she made for Commander Burton as her hips wiggled from side to side working the shorts down. She finally worked them down off her thighs and the shorts pooled at her feet. Jamie stepped out of them and bent to pick them up. She glanced at commander Burton and saw him standing there staring at her with his mouth hanging open. Jamie quickly stood up, embarrassed and flushing beet red.

Burton, coming to his senses pushed off his own shorts and sprinted for the water. However, he was not quick enough to hide the massive hardon he was sporting. Jamie's hands flew to her mouth as she saw the size of the outline in his suit. He was huge. Jamie had to swallow several times to accommodate the amount of drool suddenly in her mouth. An image flashed through her mind of her on her knees and Burton slamming that giant thing into her. She felt her clit harden and she ran for the water too.

After the heat and humidity of the sphere, the water felt quite cool. Cool enough for both of them to lose the hardness between their legs. They swam for some time as the sun continued to set behind the shield. They started to free dive to the bottom of the lake while they still had light and found that the lake bottom was completely free of obstruction or hazard.

As they were climbing out, Jamie did something very silly; she kicked water and hit Burton in the back. Before she could apologize Burton turned and kicked water at her. This started a water fight that led to both of them being back in deeper water laughing and splashing. One particular large splash caught Jamie laughing and she swallowed water and started to choke. Burton was at her side in a second and grabbed her around the waist. He held her to his chest as she caught her breath and coughed up the water. Without thinking Jamie put her arms around his neck and pulled herself close to him.

She coughed into his chest and Burton just held her close. She caught her breath and looked up into his eyes. He leaned down and their lips met. Jamie felt a shock like electricity shoot through her entire body. She tightened her arms around his neck and pushed her tongue into his mouth. Burton slid his hands down to her ass and cupped her cheeks. Her legs came up and wrapped them around his waist, pulling him even tighter to her. Her breasts dug into his chest and her nipples pointed through her top.

Their tongues fenced back and forth, rubbing teeth and gums. As their kisses grew more passionate Jamie started to grind herself against the hard protrusion digging into her. Burton met her thrusts and then stopped suddenly and pushed Jamie away from him too look her in the eye.

"What are you?" He gasped at her and Jamie knew that he felt her clit.

Jamie dropped her legs and pulled free of his grasp. Sobbing Jamie struggled from the water with Burton right behind her. She made it blindly to the towels before he caught up with her.

"Hey, slow down." Burton said. "Come here." He grabbed her and pulled her again to his chest. Jamie fought for a moment and then relaxed and continued to sob. Burton held her tight and let her cry. After several minutes she calmed down and he lowered both of them to the towels.

Brokenly, still gulping for air, Jamie told him her story. She told him of the transporter accident, her new form and new way of life, how Carol was helping her adjust. She told him that now he was one of only 4 people other than her that knew. All through her explanation, Burton held her tight to his chest, he did not interrupt her, just let her tell her story at her own rate. When she finished he said, "I understand, and I am sorry for how that came out in the water. You just surprised me when I felt your..."

"Clit," Jamie said quietly.

"Clit," Burton repeated. "I am not disgusted or upset, just surprised that the most beautiful women I have ever seen would have such a large clit."

"You think I am a freak." Jamie said trying to get free of his arms.

Burton sat up and tried to hold on to her. She was far stronger than he was and he could tell that she was going to get loose shortly so he did the only thing he could think of, he kissed her. Jamie's eyes shot open in surprise as he kissed her with just as much passion as he did in the water, if not more. Jamie closed her eyes and relaxed into the kiss, her hands slid slowly up his shoulders and locked behind his neck.

Burton pulled her closer and his fingers felt for the ties in the back of her bikini. He pulled the strings and the top fell away from body and landed in his lap. His fingers came around the front and started to gently caress her nipples. Jamie moaned into his mouth as her tongue went deeper into his mouth. She slid her hands down his front and started to stroke his member through his suit. She dragged her nails up and down the length from the outside of his shorts and felt him shiver. Breaking the kiss, he leaned down and captured her left nipple in his mouth, his hand still lightly fingering her other nipple. Jamie through her head back and pulled him tighter to her chest. Burton licked and sucked her nipple even deeper into his mouth and started to chew gently. Jamie noted the differences between Burton and Carol. Carol was softer and gentler, Burton was more aggressive, demanding, but both made her feel wonderful.

Jamie pushed him back from her tits and pushed up under his arms and he stood before as she pulled down on his swimsuit. His erection popped out and banged her in the nose. Suddenly all she could smell was his pre-cum. Sticking her tongue out she lapped at the bulbous head before her and he groaned. She grasped her hand around the nine inches of throbbing meat and opened her mouth. His hands flew to the back of her head as he went further into her mouth. He entangled his fingers in her hair, but did not force her in any way, he merely hung on.

Jamie, having only had one other cock in her mouth before, started to experiment again. As she did with Carol, Jamie tried different techniques to see what Burton liked and reacted to best. Burton seemed to like it best when she gently scrapped her teeth along the shaft. That and the look she gave him, staring up at him while she tried to swallow all of him. Her large green eyes stared longing up at him and he shuddered at the sight of her. When Jamie brought her other hand into play and cupped his balls he lost it.

"OH GOD I'M CUMMING JAMIE..." He howled, his dick swelling and pulsing, shooting his hot load into Jamie's mouth.

She pulled back slightly and opened her mouth, letting him shoot directly onto her tongue. Jamie found the taste slightly more bitter than Carol's, but no less tasty. Her right hand caressed his nuts as her left jerked him off, making sure that she got it all.

Burton pushed her back when he could take no more of her milking him. Looking down he saw Jamie still holding his load in her mouth. Making sure he was watching Jamie made a big show of swallowing his cum. Licking her lips she smiled up at him, her earlier embarrassment forgotten.

"That was the hottest thing I have ever seen." Burton told her, pulling her back to her feet and into his arms.

"I am glad you liked it." Jamie said staring into his eyes and getting lost in there.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" He asked, sliding his hand down her body and found her suit wet with cum. Pulling his hand free he showed it to her and she took his fingers into her mouth and sucked her own cum of them.

"No, I got off sucking your cock, as you can see."

"I can tell. I am sorry for how I sounded in the water. You caught me off guard and I thought you were like Carol. I should not have asked you like that."

"It is okay, I understand." Jamie replied. "It was a shock; anybody would have reacted like that."

"Can I see your clit?"

"You want to see it?" Jamie repeated, surprised.

"Yes, I want to see how it looks." Burton confirmed.

Jamie sheepishly pulled the strings holding her panties on and they dropped to the ground. Burton kneeled down and looked directly at her clit. There was still a little cum on the head and he shocked Jamie when he leaned in and licked it up.

"Delicious." Burton commented. "A little sweeter than Carol's, but just as good."

"Carol?" Jamie exclaimed.

"Yes, Carol and I have been off and on lovers for the last two years. I think that is why she backed me on this mission. She knew that I would not be judgmental about you and help you over the sexual feelings you have about men."

Jamie shook her head, trying to come to grips with the depths of Carol's deviousness.

"Okay," Jamie said finally. "Now let's get back to the Trinity and get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day if we can get into that computer."

Burton nodded and the gathered up there things. Jamie started to put her top back on, looked at Burton and then just draped it over her arm with her towel. Burton smiled and carried his suit back to the ship with his towel. Both comfortable in their nakedness.

Inside the ship, they shared one more deep kiss, Jamie grasping Burton's cock and he holding her clit. Before it could go too far Jamie broke the kiss and slipped into her quarters. Burton stood for a moment in the corridor, shrugged and stepped onto the flight deck. He confirmed that the ship was secure for the night and the sensors and radiation alarms were set before heading to bed himself.

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