tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 09

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 09


"Survey Mission log: Stardate 46130.0. Lt. Jamie Gordon recording. We have discovered access to the central computer for the Dyson Sphere, and currently it is absorbing our language so that we can communicate with it. At Commander Burton's orders, I have left my tricorder with the central computer hooked to the universal translator. The computer, which prefers to be called Central, assured us that all files will be accessible to us by noon local time today.

"Currently we are in orbit of the star at the center of the sphere, sensors running a full analysis of the interior. Immediately after returning from our survey of the nearby lake for any signs of life I put the ship into orbit and started a full sensor sweep. It will take over eight hours for the Trinity to completely scan the interior of the sphere and that will be just enough time to collate the data before our next scheduled communication with the Korvan.

"All ships systems are functioning perfectly and the auto pilot is in control of the ship. The star seems to have completed its active cycle and returned to normal energy output, but this could just be the calm before the storm. Our radiation alarms are on full alert and will notify us if there is any change to the solar radiation. The interior surface of the sphere appears to have electro-magnetic field generators to keep the solar radiation at survivable levels. There is also a polarized field from orbiting satellites to keep a normal circadian rhythm for plant life. The field does not reflect solar energy, but absorbs it for the sphere. There is a power relay in orbit that distributes the power to nodes around the sphere.

"Lt. Gordon out."

Jamie sat back on the flight deck and coded the log report to be uploaded to the Korvan with the rest of the data the ship was collecting. She paused to check the auto pilot again and ensure that the course fed into it was correct before leaving the flight deck for her quarters.

Jamie entered her quarters and pulled off her uniform, beneath she only wore a black lace teddy, cut high on the legs and deep into her cleavage. She slipped into her high heel slippers and sat down before her communication console.

"Personal Log: Stardate 46130.0. Lt. Jamie Gordon recording. Note: all log entries pertaining to Lt. Jamie Gordon classified under authorization Alpha Omega One Three and voice patterns of Jamie Gordon and James Gordon. Copy this entry to Councilor Webster marked private and confidential.

"Carol, when I see you I am going to kick your butt into the middle of next week. First you back Burton for this mission, and I know you did that just so that we could be alone. Then you repack my bag with nothing but clothes for Orion slave girls and you also lock me out of the replicator so that neither I nor Burton can get me any decent clothing.

"You should have seen his face when I came out of my quarters for the initial survey in that bikini top and shorts. And just for the record, I need a size small, not extra extra small. I thought his heart was going to stop. I have never been more embarrassed in my life. He handled it well; we both did until we went swimming last night in the lake by the landing zone.

"I can't believe what happened. After a splash fight, he kissed me, and I kissed him back. We got pretty hot in the lake, and then he felt my clit. It surprised him at first, and to be honest, I did not take it well when he found out, but we got passed that and he kissed me again. I got so wound up I could not do anything but follow my instincts.

"I pulled his suit down and tried to swallow him whole. I made love to his dick and when he came I wanted it all. It was a little bitterer than yours, but I loved it just the same. He made me take off my suit bottoms and saw my clit. He even licked up the last of the cum I shot when he came in my mouth. He said mine was sweeter than yours. "I wanted to take him to bed with me when we got back to the Trinity, but I chickened out at the last second. I did kiss him goodnight though and he held my clit.

"Anyway, I wanted you to know what you started and that I will get you for doing this to me."

Jamie closed the log report and shunted it to the report for the Korvan, after making sure that the computer had encrypted and routed it as she wanted. Looking at the chronometer, she realized that it was time to get some sleep.

Jamie's alarm went off at zero seven hundred; she groaned and slapped it off. She had not had nearly as much sleep as she wanted, but such was the life of an explorer and Starfleet officer. Rolling out of bed she made her way to the en-suite and climbed into the sonic shower. Emerging twenty minutes later, she felt slightly more awake, and very hungry. She quickly slipped into her uniform and headed for the galley.

Commander Burton was already seated and eating as she came in. She waved to him silently and made her way to the replicator. Two minutes later, she was hidden behind a huge plate of breakfast. Burton looked over at the mountain of food and smiled slightly. His own breakfast consisted of coffee, toast and his padd, showing the data collected so far. Jamie said nothing, but dug into her breakfast with gusto. Only when the platter was cleared did she look up and see Burton still there nursing his coffee and grinning at her.

"Will you stop that already?" Jamie said blushing.

"I'm sorry, I just can't get used to someone as small as you eating enough to feed the crew of the Korvan for a week in one sitting and not gain an ounce." He replied, his smile getting wider.

"We went through this yesterday; it is just the way I am."

"I know. And speaking of yesterday, we need to talk about last night."

"I am sorry sir. Last night was totally unacceptable behavior for an officer and a junior officer at that. I promise it won't happen again." Jamie said softly, not looking at him.

"Whoa, slow down." Burton told her, "Are you under the impression that I am angry or upset with you?"

"Well, of course you are." Jamie said, "And probably embarrassed about the whole thing as well."

"I am nothing of the sort." Burton replied sharply. "I loved every second of it and wanted to make sure you weren't feeling guilty."

"Are you kidding?" Jamie said surprised, her head snapping up to face him.

"Not at all. I told you that I had been with Carol many times. I have made love to her in every way either of us could think of. She has even entered me. It was a first for me, but not the last. She has done it several times. I have even performed oral sex on both of her sexual organs."

"She does taste sweet, doesn't she?" Jamie said without thinking.

"Yes she does." Burton replied as Jamie blushed even deeper. "I just wanted you to feel comfortable and know that I will not hurt you or betray the trust you have placed in me. And that I want this relationship to continue."

"You mean..."

"Yes, I want to make love to you and have you make love to me. I am not saying that I am in love with you, at least not yet." Burton added smiling. "But I do like spending time with you and want to continue."

"Thank you sir," Jamie replied. "I was so worried that you were embarrassed about last night and would feel guilty about it this morning."

"Not even remotely, although I will admit to being somewhat concerned about my taking advantage of a junior officer."

"You did not take advantage of me sir. I have twice your strength. I could have stopped you at any time."

"We will have to test that theory later." Burton said with a smile.

"At your convenience Sir."

"And that is the last thing I wanted to bring up. When we are alone, and not on duty, call me Charlie."

"Yes Si...Charlie." Jamie said, blushing yet again.

"Good, then Jamie," he said smiling, "Let's get to work. The scanners should be finished soon and I want to have all data ready for transmission. Good thinking by the way, having the ship scan the interior while we slept."

"It just came to me. For some reason I could not sleep right away last night."

"Hhm can't understand why."

Jamie smiled and let the comment stand as they headed for the flight deck. They were completing their final orbit for the interior scan and Jamie made the data ready for transmission as Burton headed the ship towards the airlock. Right on schedule the hatch opened and Jamie saw the Korvan and she transmitted. The captain appeared on their screen as soon as the message was sent.

"Parvin to Trinity, come in Trinity."

"Trinity here Captain." Burton responded quickly.

"We have received your data transmission. But we have some bad news; the Minotaur's engineering problem will take an additional three days to correct. You two will be on your own for at least a week."

"Understood Captain." Burton said. "We have made some progress with the sphere central computer. Hopefully we will be able to communicate with you while the hatch is sealed, or at least unseal it our self."

"Acknowledged Trinity." Parvin responded quickly. "The hatch is closing. Maintain the same schedule for contact until you are able to communicate directly or get control of the hatch. Korvan out." The hatch slammed shut, sealing the Trinity inside the sphere once again.

"Well, looks like we are stuck with each other for a little while longer." Burton said grinning at her.

"That is just too bad." Jamie replied, grinning just as broadly. "Whatever shall we do with ourselves?"

"We have to get back to the central computer and see how the translation program is doing and I think after that another swim in the lake is in order."

"Agreed, Commander, but may I suggest that we change into more appropriate clothing for the conditions on the surface."

"I definitely agree Lieutenant; in fact I am making a command decision and changing the dress for the rest of this mission to non standard clothing for the surface. The only time we are to be in uniform is when we contact the Korvan."

"Yes Sir." Jamie said happily before she remembered what Carol had packed for her.

"Don't worry; if you look half as good as you did yesterday, I am going to have a hard time keeping focused on the mission."

Jamie blushed and slipped into her quarters. She stripped off her uniform and dug into her carryon bag. Looking again at the choice of clothing available to her she once more cursed Carol and pulled out a white bikini and light blue shorts. A matching shirt and a quick comb of her hair before she braided it and she was ready. She felt the ship set down and heard the engines shut down. Stepping out into the corridor she saw Burton head into his quarters to change.

Jamie equalized the pressure and opened the hatch, just as before the heat and humidity overwhelmed her. She stepped out onto the surface and headed away from the ship. She oriented herself with the ship and their destination and noted that Burton had put them down within inches of their previous touchdown.

"Nice landing." She said as he stepped out of the ship. Looking down she noticed that the ship now rested on a metallic pad. A quick scan with her tricorder told her story. "Somehow we now have a new carbon-neutronium landing pad."

"And take a look at this." Burton called. "Someone has made a path for us and left us transportation." He waved at the new path through the vegetation that they had made the day before. A small vehicle with two seats awaited them at the edge of the pad.

Looking at her tricorder again, Jamie noted that the vehicle was solar powered and automatically controlled.

"Welcome Commander Burton, Lieutenant Gordon. Please enter the vehicle for transport to Computer Central." The voice of central came from the vehicle.

"Shall we?" Jamie asked.

"By all means, beats walking." Burton replied.

The ride to Central's building was completed in silence and very quickly. They entered the office and found a thirty centimeter high hologram of a human female hovering above the desk.

"Good afternoon Commander Burton, Lieutenant Gordon, welcome to Sphere control. I am the sphere central computer, please call me Central. Please state your inquiry."

"Good afternoon Central." Burton replied. "We would like access to any information on the sphere's builder's and inhabitants. But first we would like to be able to access the entry hatch and communications arrays so that we can communicate with our ship scanning the exterior of the sphere."

"Access to the hatch and communications arrays is available through this interface and terminal arrays. Sphere schematics are classified level 5 or higher."

"Central," Jamie began, "How do we get level 5 access?"

"Level 5 access is only available through builder control."

"Where is builder control?"

"Builder control is located on level thirty four of this structure. Please see the attendant at the front desk on that level for further information."

"Central, are you able to scan the interior of the sphere?" Burton asked.


"Please do so now for any other life signs."

"Scanning...scan complete. No other life forms found on the interior of the sphere."

"Exactly, how are we to get level five clearance if there is no one to give it to us."


Jamie looked at Burton, "This is not going to be easy."

Several hours later, they left the control centre and found the transport waiting. They had accomplished a lot, they had the protocols to access the hatch and the communications arrays located on the exterior of the sphere. They had accessed the log of the builders and inhabitants of the sphere but still could not get access to the building logs or schematics.

Returning to the Trinity, they had dinner and composed their reports to the Korvan and Captain Parvin. Just as the sun was setting, they headed back out to the lake. This time feeling more daring, Jamie shocked Burton when she stood waiting for him in the corridor naked but for her heels. Burton stood in the hatch of his quarters, staring openly at Jamie's form. Her pale skin was tanning slightly around her clothes, her small breasts snow white with cheery red nipples, her groin completely bare of hair, her clit standing at its full height of four inches.

"Well, you did say that for the rest of the mission it was to be non standard clothing." Jamie said, "This is as non standard as I can get."

"I agree Jamie." Burton replied, pulling his shorts off and tossing them back into his quarters.

Jamie led the way out of the runabout and to the lake, only so that she would stop staring at Charlie's magnificent dick. It was standing tall, proud and ready for her, but she wanted to wait until later.

Charlie for his part followed the flowing grace of the tight behind ahead of him. Starfleet taught its officers to ignore their hormones and think, but he was having a hard time doing that with the pale petite body walking in front of him. He wanted to pick her up and ravage her right there, but he forced himself to wait. He did not want to do anything to ruin this.

The got to the lake and found that central had place lounge chairs there for them. Tossing their towels over the chairs, the both ran and dove into the clear lake. They swam for more than an hour, Jamie teasing Charlie over his lack of stamina when he quit first. Jamie's heavy grav origins helped her swim far longer and almost twice as fast as he could. Finally Jamie returned to the shore and flopped down on the lounge chair beside Burton.

"I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to come out."

"I have been skipping my workouts." Jamie replied. "I needed the exercise."

She looked over at him and saw that he was hard again, her mouth watered and she slid off the lounger and kneeled at his side. Grasping his hard on she started to stroke it as she leaned up and kissed him. Burton returned her kiss and grasped her breasts, pinching her nipples. Jamie moaned into his mouth and drove her tongue deep into his throat.

She could feel the pre cum oozing out of the head of his cock and she smeared it around the head and down the shaft. Bringing her other hand into play, she plucked at his balls. His sharp intake of breath told her that she was doing the right thing. Breaking the kiss, she moved down his body and licked the head of his cock before taking it deep into her throat.

Burton arched his back and continued to play with her tits, pinching and pulling the nipples, sending jolts of electricity to her clit. Jamie kept her head moving up and down on his shaft. She wanted it all; she wanted his cum, his cock and all of him inside her. She whimpered slightly when he pulled her off his dick and stood up from the lounger.

"Not tonight," Burton said softly. "You are not going to do all the work tonight. Last night you sucked me dry and left nothing for me." He lay down on the grass and pulled Jamie down on top of him. She immediately dropped her face down to his and kissed him deeply. Burton wrapped his arms around her and gripped her ass cheeks. Jamie spread her legs and let her clit rub against his cock. The pre-cum flowing from both heads ran down the shafts and made the contact that much more erotic.

Burton reached between them and rubbed his fingers against their shafts and coated them in pre-cum before reaching back around to her butt and stroking her asshole. Jamie moaned at the contact, pushed against the finger and gasped as it slipped inside her.

Burton kept up the slight pressure and worked his finger, and then two into her bottom. Jamie lay panting on top of him.

"Are you alright?"

"God yes, I have never felt like this before." Jamie replied. "Don't stop."

Burton smiled and kissed her again as he added a third finger to her ass. Jamie hissed in pain and clenched up for a second and then relaxed and let him drive in deeper.

"Oh that feels soooooooo goooooood." Jamie moaned. "I want more. I want you inside me."

"Are you sure you want..."

"Yes, fuck me now."

Jamie pulled away and started to lick his cock, but stopped as she realized that he was slick already from both of them. She spun around and kneeled on the ground, her ass pointed directly at Burton. Charlie did not wait for a second invitation. He stepped up behind her and placed the head of his cock at the rosebud of her anus and pushed gently. Jamie groaned and pushed back sharply, driving him deep into her body. Burton froze in place as Jamie cried out.

"Did I hurt you?"

"No, just give me a minute." Jamie panted, wiggling her butt trying to relax. Burton fought the desire to drive all the way in; the flexing of her ass around him was driving him insane. Finally Jamie sighed and relaxed and pushed back on him again.

Charlie reached around and grasped her clit and started to jerk her off as he pushed deeper into her. Jamie groaned again and pushed back, her face on the ground as she reached for her breasts and started to pull her nipples. She wanted the pain in her nipples to take her mind off the pain in her ass.

She felt his balls slap her own and knew that he was as deep as possible and then he started to pull back. Jamie felt an emptiness inside her as his cock pulled back but moaned in delight as he pushed back in. Charlie had one hand on her hip to control the movement and the other wrapped around her clit, rubbing and jerking her off. Jamie started to push back when he pushed in and both got into the rhythm of fucking. At first it was gentle love making, lots of moans and slow working of their bodies, but as the feelings intensified, the pace picked up and they started fucking.

Burton pounded on the ass before him and Jamie kept driving back even harder with each thrust. The gentleness was gone and the pure animalistic pleasure took over. Sweat dripped off Burton and onto Jamie's back, rolled off her and onto the ground, where it joined the increasing puddle of pre-cum beneath her. Her clit was sending out a steady stream of pre-cum almost as if she were pissing, Burton was doing the same in her ass.

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