tagInterracial LoveLuanne Ch. 09

Luanne Ch. 09


Chapter 9 - Interracial

After our marathon sex session following the video taping adventure, I was almost glad that I didn't see Luanne for a couple days. It gave me time to store up some semen and write up all that had happened that day. I was to find out that any time Pete was out of town for an extended time, I'd be seeing her more often. I'll have to admit that, at my age, I wasn't sure I'd be up to that.

When she came down she walked in, as usual, gave me the perfunctory kiss on the lips, and poured herself a cup of coffee. I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes and dried my hands to walk over, turn on my tape recorder, and say, "What's on the agenda today?"

She was pensive for a moment and then said, "Look, I was thinking about a certain topic. There's something that a lot of men seem to worry about because they ask me a lot."

I had gone back into the kitchen to finish cleaning up and asked, "What's that?"

"Whether I've ever done it with a black guy."

"And have you?"

"Of course, that's why I'm bringing up the subject.

"How often?"

"Well, five or six times with one guy and once with another. Actually, the second was the same time as the first."

"You mean you did them both at the same time?"


"Okay, start at the beginning."

"College, like all the wild stuff I did. I had a friend named Janet that got me into a lot of things that I'd never have done on my own. She dragged me along to a party where she promised, 'You'll get more cock than you can handle.' When we got there most of the people were naked and one couple was already knocking it out in the middle of the living room floor. I watched as a couple of guys walked over close to the woman, who was straddling her partner, stuck their cocks out and she'd suck on them for a couple of minutes. As I was getting interested in watching Janet walked up holding a blindfold.

"She said, 'You're the new girl, so you have to make a choice. As she was putting it on me, she explained, 'Okay, the rules are easy. You sit here on the couch and three guys will walk up and stick their dicks in your mouth. As soon as you find one you like, tell me, and that guy will fuck you.'

"She had me get undressed and sit down on the couch and, within seconds a dick pokes at my lips. I open my mouth, take it in, and, as I'm reaching out to play with it I hear Janet say, 'No, no hands. Just suck.' So I suck on it until he pulls back and another replaces it. I suck on that and a third one pokes at my face.

"The second guy's dick felt just right and I pulled back to talk in the direction I thought Janet was and said, 'The second one.'

"I heard her chuckle and then she pushed me back onto the couch and I felt a finger working its way into me. I was leaning back against the arm of the couch with Janet standing behind me, reaching over, and rubbing and squeezing my boobs as the guy was finger-fucking me. Then I felt the head of his cock pressing against my hole as he pulled his finger out of me. He pushed gently, pulled it out, and then pushed it back in. Oh, Al, I felt so full and then he pulled it out a bit and pushed it back in even farther.

"For the next ten minutes I just enjoyed getting fucked. When he finally said something I realized that he was either from the south or was black. 'I'm cumming,' he kinda groaned and then shoved his dick all the way into me and I felt his hot jizz flooding my pussy. Several times he jerked his hips, driving his dick deep inside me and kept squirting. It only took seconds for some of it to leak out around his dick and run down over my ass. Like always, I reached down, ran my fingers through it, and then licked and sucked on them.

"When he was finished he leaned down to kiss me and I whispered, 'Thank you, that was wonderful.'

"As he pulled his dick out of me Janet reached down and pulled off the blindfold. The guy was, indeed, black and really good looking. 'Maybe later,' he said, and walked off.

"I ended up fucking three other guys that day, two of them cumming in my pussy and one in my mouth, but nowhere near as much as Harold, that was the black guy's name, had filled me."

I leaned down and kissed her neck as I ran my hand up between her legs, under her shorts, and pushed a finger into her hole and said, "This little pussy? Is this the one that got three loads of cum in just a couple hours?"

"Yes, silly, that one."

I pulled her up, pushed her shorts to the floor, sat down, and pulled her down on my lap. "Oh, oh," she said, "I think I've made you horny again."

I raised her up and pressed the head of my cock against her hole and said, "Okay, keep talking, don't pay any attention to what I'm doing down here."

She moaned a bit, raised up slightly, and dropped down, impaling herself on my cock. She did that again and again until I was all the way inside her and then she wiggled her ass a bit, stirring my cock around inside her pussy, and said, "Mmm, that feels good. I don't know if I can ignore what you're doing, but I'll try."

"Anyway, as the party was breaking up Harold came over, put his arm around my waist, and said, 'Baby, you were really hot earlier. How about spending the night with me so we can do that a couple more times?'

"I kissed him and stroked his cock which wasn't quite hard yet. 'Looks like you're not quite ready,' I said.

"He laughed and said, 'Yeah, how about we eat and then go to my place?'

"I agreed and we stopped on the way to his house and had dinner; the whole time we were stroking and playing with each other. By the time we got to his place I was horny as hell. When we walked in he led me straight to the bedroom and I said, 'I hope you didn't get too tired this afternoon because I really need you to fuck me good and hard.'

"He chuckled at that and, as he was pulling my clothes off, he said, 'Baby, you're going to get it really hard.'

"Within seconds I was on my back with my legs spread and he was pushing his cock into me. Omigod did that guy have staying power. He fucked me for nearly fifteen minutes before grunting that he was going to cum.

"I had my legs pulled back against my chest and he was on his knees, really powering his cock into me. Suddenly he shoved really hard and I felt his entire length inside me and his cock was throbbing and filling me with his hot jizz. Time after time he jerked his hips and stirred his cock around in my pussy before he finally pushed my legs apart and collapsed on top of me. We kissed wildly and then more gently, and then he finally rolled off me.

"I don't remember exactly what we said, but we told each other how great it had been and we lay there for about a half-hour kissing and stroking each other. When I felt his cock start responding to what I was doing, I kissed my way down his body and took him into my mouth. I licked and sucked him for only about five minutes until he was rock hard.

"I got up, straddled him, held his cock upright, and lowered myself on it. As soon as I had him all the way inside me I started bouncing up and down, and sliding back and forth fucking the hell out of him.

"I had my way with him for twenty minutes and had several glorious climaxes when he suddenly pulled me down, put his arm around my shoulders and started jerking his hips up and down. 'Shit,' he said, 'That did it, I have to cum.'

"Pulling me down tight, he shoved his cock deep into me and started squirting and throbbing inside me. Feeling his hot sperm bouncing off the walls of my vagina drove me crazy and brought me to my final climax of the night. When we both calmed down we kissed for a few minutes and I dropped off to sleep with his cock still inside me.

"I woke up in the morning to find his cock running in and out of me from behind. It felt so good I just mumbled, 'Good morning.'

"He chuckled and really pushed his cock deep into me as he said, 'Yeah, it is. I always like to wake up like this.'

"I turned to kiss him and asked, 'How long have you been inside me?'

"He pulled it almost all the way out and then shoved it back in really hard and said, 'About ten minutes. I was afraid you wouldn't wake up and I'd have to cum without you.'

"Okay," I said, "hold it, speaking of cum, you're about to get some right now." Holding her hips, I moved her back and forth, up and down, and from side to side and, within seconds, thrust myself as far into her as I could, and filled her little pussy with my cum. Within seconds some leaked out and ran down over my leg and we kissed and I squeezed her boobs while my cock got soft and finally slipped out of her. She gave me a final kiss and then stood up.

"Okay, now that you made such a mess in me, I need to clean up." She leaned down to kiss me and then turned to walk toward the bathroom. "How about making me a drink while I'm taking care of this mess you made."

She walked back out as I set her drink in front of her and she kissed me lightly, saying, "Thank you, sweetie, that was nice."

I chuckled as I sat down next to her and said, "Just messy, right?"

She laughed at that and said, "Yes, but that's the kind of mess I like."

"Okay," I said, "So, it's morning, you're lying there getting fucked, what happened next?"

She sipped her drink and said, "Silly, he fucked me for another few minutes and then came inside me. Just like you did a few minutes ago."

There was a long pause before she went on. "Just the next morning I was getting ready for school and was in the kitchen making coffee, wearing nothing but my panties and a bra, when there was a knock on the back door. Opening it, I saw Harold standing there holding his crotch. 'Five minutes,' he said. 'All I need is five minutes.'

"I pulled him inside and kissed him as I reached down to stroke his cock, which was already hard. 'Five minutes to do what?' I asked him.

"He steered me to one of my stools, moved my panties aside, slipped a finger inside me, and said, 'Five minutes inside this hot little pussy.'

"I chuckled as I sat down on the stool and spread my legs for him. 'Okay, you're on the clock. Five minutes and then I have to get dressed for school.'

"Five minutes hell, it was more like less than two minutes. I had just started warming up to what he was doing when he pulled back on my thighs, thrust himself deep within me, and started cumming. This time he was more remote, after he came he leaned down to kiss me, then pulled his cock out and said, 'How about cleaning this off?'

"I leaned down and licked him clean and then he just tucked himself back in, kissed me, and said, 'Thanks, I needed that. I'll see you later.' And he left. Just like that. I'll have to admit I was a bit pissed at him for the way he acted.

"Then, about a week later, he did something that pissed me off so much I never saw him again. I went over to his apartment, hoping to get fucked, and we started playing around and finally fucking. About ten minutes into it I was on my knees on the couch and he was behind me fucking the hell out of me when there was a knock and, without even stopping, he yelled out for whoever it was to come in.

"This other black guy walked in and Harold said, 'I'll be done in a minute.'

"The guy walked over and stood just a couple feet away while Harold kept on fucking me. Suddenly he pulled back on my hips and said, 'Oh, shit, don't move, don't move, I'm cumming.' Then he pushed himself deep inside me and I felt his hot cum running into my pussy.

"His friend just stood there watching and finally clapped and said, 'Good show, bro.'

"You saw this coming, right? Yep, we sat around for a while and started stroking, kissing, and playing with each other and I soon found myself on my back with the other guy between my legs running his cock in and out of me and Harold standing beside me while I sucked him off.

"I'll have to admit I liked the feeling of the guy's cock because it was fairly thick and nice and long. I really felt filled as he fucked me. What pissed me off was that, while Harold was running his cock in and out of my mouth he said, 'Oh, baby, this can be a regular thing. We can have a lot of fun with a lot of guys I know.'

"From then on I wasn't really into it and just lay there as the guy fucked me and Harold finally came in my mouth. I sucked on his cock as he squirted his cum into me and licked him clean and the other guy said he was cumming and I felt his cum squirting into me.

"When he was done he just pulled his cock out of me and sat down on the couch. I made some excuse about cleaning up and went into the bathroom. I got dressed and, when I came out, I just walked right out the front door waving at Harold and saying, 'Don't bother calling me again.'

She downed her drink and said, "And that is my interracial experience."

I leaned over to kiss her and ran my hand up between her legs and then said, "That was pretty hot, how about we go into the bedroom for a while?"

She pretended to be surprised and, as she stood up, she said, "Look at the time! I have to get home and get dinner started." Then she leaned down, kissed me lightly on the lips, and said, "I'll see you in a couple days. I have parent-teacher stuff tomorrow and a date with Pete tomorrow night." She grinned and added, "I'm hoping it'll be an all-nighter."

And, like always, she just walked out.

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