tagBDSMLucia Fellates Toronto

Lucia Fellates Toronto


Note - This is really a BDSM use of a cockucking addict which involved filth, public exposure, and humiliation. If these are not your cup of tea, please move on to the next story.

I met Lucia on Literotica, and she mentioned that she was coming to Toronto the next week and asked if I would be up for playing a bit. Lucia truly loves sucking cocks, as many as possible, and also has a bit of a kinky and exhibitionist side. So we planned out a little adventure that I had already been fantasizing about for a while.

I met her at a local coffee shop here and took her back to my place to get changed into something a bit more "comfortable", although involving a bit of bondage as well.

We then set out to put on our little show. We went walking along Bloor St. in the hot summer sun, walking west from Spadina Ave. on the North side. This is the university area so there were a lot of students wearing almost as little, enjoying the heat and the freedom, not to mention enjoying being a bit exhibitionistic themselves. So at first we blended in with the crowd, to an extent.

You were wearing a long white tee shirt that came down to just below your pubic hair. Your tits were bouncing, obviously without a bra, and your hands were clasped behind your back. It was hard to be quite sure about whether you were wearing anything else, and obviously a few were surreptitiously sneaking glances or squinting or outright staring at the bottom edge of your shirt, trying to tell. What most did not know for sure was that you were wearing absolutely nothing other than your tee. You were even walking on the city sidewalk in your bare feet. Very risky, and somewhat erotic.

What most people also would not have noticed is that your hands were not only behind your back but were actually inconspicously tied with some colourless transparent nylon fishing line. You clasped your hands and appeared nonchalant to mask the fact that you were bound and vulnerable as you sauntered down the sidewalk through the sunny afternoon crowds. I followed a few yards behind, to give the impression that you were alone.

A few men "accidentally" brushed against your tits or even bumped into them, squashing them. Oops. What a surprise. One man came up to you from behind and snuck his hand up your legs and under your shirt for what he thought was going to be a quick feel of your panties. Imagine his surprise and delight when he hit paydirt the first time, feeling your naked ass! I think he was a bit stunned because instead of quickly withdrawing and leaving he stayed there clutching your ass cheek with no resistence from you! In fact you stopped right away as we had planned and just passively stood there accepting his little molestation on a busy public sidewalk.

I quickly came up to the two of you and explained to him that you were a dirty girl who loved sucking cocks and swallowing cum and that you would love to suck his cock there and then.

He enthusiastically agreed to let you suck him off so we went down one of those dark little passageways off the street just between the stores. You know the ones; they are only a few feet wide and almost completely dark in contrast to the bright summer sun that day, and they run back at least a hundred feet from the street. Normally nobody even looks there, even if they could see very much.

I cut the tee-shirt off you completely and you didn't know if I had anything else to cover your nudity afterwards. You were now completely naked and defenseless and although it is dark in the passageway you were actually in plain sight of anyone who cared to stop as they walked by on the street and peer down the passageway into the dim light. Few do, but every once in a while someone got curious and came down for a better look at the odd moving shapes in the dim light.

With your wrists still bound behind you I made you sit down with your naked ass on the dirty asphalt and the back of your head against the rough brick wall. This way he could fuck your face forcefully and you would be trapped, allowing him to fuck your throat easily and giving you no way to push him back if he got too hard or deep into you. You were sitting with your naked cunt and ass pressed against the dirty ground in the alley with your legs spread and your cunt on display. Your hands were still tied so I told you to undo his fly with your talented mouth. You tried to work his zipper with your teeth but he got impatient and took his hard cock out himself, shoving it roughly between your lips and deep into your mouth. He started fucking your face hard, telling you about all the things he wanted to do to you and your slutty cunt and asshole in full public view, how he had loads of cum he wanted to pump into your cunt and ass and stomach in front of the world, and show them all what a cocksucking cum loving whore you really were.

As a few people occasionally noticed what was going on a few came down to investigate. Slowly a line of men formed behind the first guy down the alley. Most eventually had their cocks out and were stroking themselves to get hard for you as they waited their turn. Some of them started to cum before they even got to the head of the line just from the incredibly kinky vision of you naked and sucking all these strangers in this public filth and so inevitably a few of them just started shooting their loads all over your face and hair and cunt and tits. I kept begging them not to cum too fast because you really wanted to suck their cocks inside your mouth and throat, and you really wanted to drink as much of their cum as you could.

Eventually, as it was starting to get dark, the line disappeared as everyone shot their cum in you or on you. A few had gone more than once, and one male student had come back four times!

You were a filthy mess, with cum glistening all over your face and hair and cunt and tits and legs; all over your front. I produced a small flesh coloured thong bikini that barely covered your cunt and had two triangles that covered your areolas, and not much else. Even the students didn't venture out in this little, and certainly not this late in the day! So I led you home, still with your hands tied and with a mixture of dried or still glistening cum all over you, walking almost naked. This time everybody noticed you. You were barely legal but disgusting, and many people insulted and ridiculed you as we made our way back through the crowds. When we got back to my place I laid you down in the grass in my back yard just as you were and fucked your slimy disgusting body and all of your cum encrusted holes. I particularly enjoyed turning you face down and fucking your asshole as I was pressing your body into all the old cum and into the dirt.

Someday we will do this in Montreal as well. That will have the added spice of fear of discovery. What if someone you know from the neighbourhood sees you? Or someone from one of your classes? What if one of your friends or your teachers sees you, and they face-fuck you too? How deliciously humiliating that would be!

I'm so glad I agreed to set this up for you even aside from all the cum you drained from my cock, and will be draining from me in future adventures. You are an incredible dirty cocksucking slut, and I'm happy to know you and enjoy humiliating you and giving you to complete strangers to suck, as well as choking you with my cock and my cum.

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