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Lucid Complication


It is a beautiful place! There's a nice size lake surrounded by an old forest that just screams real nature. My wife, Laura, and I had gotten their late in the after noon. We carefully selected a place to camp close to the water that was mostly clear from ground cover. Quickly, we pitch the tent and start a fire.

Just then relaxation kicks in, as I settle down to look out across the lake. A gorgeous sunset majestically paints a every changing sky. Things feel so comfortable and serene. Perhaps, it was the tranquility of my surroundings or just getting away from it all but I was buzzing.

Off in the distance and across the lake, I could see what appears to be a quaint old cottage. It was white in color, cozy looking, and very inviting. For a moment, I envisioned what life would be like living in such a place.

Being abruptly shaken by a bounce bounce bounce on the log I was sitting on, I was pulled from my pondering. "Is it time to eat yet or should I snack on one of your protein shots?" Laura asked.

"Sure seems like a good time to me," I say with a smirk, "but you can have a protein shot for dessert."

I should tell you, our sexual and intimate closeness has somewhat went down hill in the past couple of years. Not to say, we were not physical because we were and we live together which makes it convenient. Sex is fairly frequent, on average 4 or 5 times a week. It is more an issue with the passion and excitement. Even worse, we rarely talk about personal things, at all anymore. There was a time when we were really close or when I had a disillusion of closeness. Honestly, I am not so sure which anymore.

Laura, well is an unique individual, not unlike most of us, that has gone through some soul crushing hardships. As a result, she has issues with opening up and being real. If that makes any sense? Of course, I have my own baggage that is not without it's own negative affect on us. All the craziness combined has left us both in a sea of misgivings and complications.

I must admit, I been having somewhat of an, off and on, affair. Well affair may be a bit strong in a lot of ways but far from enough in others. You see, I've grown to care deeply about a wonderfully magical lady that may very well be my soulmate! It's incredibly confusing to say the least. We have never actually been physical, so to speak. Though, we have become extremely close over the past year and we know each other much more intimately that most dare to share. Many times I've told her if she was not real, I would have invented her. The truth however was that before we met I had invented her... that is I conjured her up in drawings and writings.

My wife and I are making an attempt to piece things back together. This weekend is all about recapturing the passion and excitement. Maybe we can redirect things, I have decided to let come what may and hope for the best. I do really care about her... so everything else just has to go on hold for now.

After diner, the buzz of our adventure continues without much prompting or interruption. Sincerely, things are going great! We were laughing and playing like the old days. We are definitely more attentive and responsive to each other. It was damn near intoxicating!

A philosophical discussion about personal enlightenment really had us seeing each other as interesting and new. If not new, more evolved and cultivated which with the absence of personal interaction, it surely seemed new. Whatever it was we had each others attention. Perhaps, all hadn't been lost after all.

"I' m Laura, who might you be?"

"I'm the man of your dreams baby!" I replied.

"Oh yeah, well this is about to get interesting then!" She announced. She started some music and began to dance around. She looked at me deep in my eyes and started stripping off her clothes. Her movements were so fluid and uninhibited. The flames so showed off of her naked body magnificently!

Her long straight black hair swung around as she was pouring herself into the show. She has always been naturally sexy to me and it's like she doesn't even have to try. I have always been a fan of curves and her's are perfect not too big but far from lacking either! No doubt the homegrown country girl look, if you know what I mean.

The air had a slight chill to it, so her nipples were very hard atop of her very ample and hypnotizing breast. Boobies are awesome but with a turn, there it was... an ass that just screams, spank me motherfucker!!! I am an ass man for sure but even the most devote titty enthusiast would stop and stare at this piece of heaven!

She looks over her shoulder and delights at my reaction. I was staring at her with overwhelming primal desire and taking off my shirt! She shots me a devious smile and bends over exposing her wanting love openings. Her pussy is a shining peach just resting in the golden zone below those beautiful ass cheeks!

I throw the rest of my clothes to the ground like man on a mission! My cock is glad to be free from its tight enclosure. He stands hard, proud, and aching for her touch! Honestly, I don't know the last time I have been this aroused. I walk right up behind her, lengthen my stance, and push my swollen member right between her oh so inviting butt cheeks.

She reacts with an squeeze from her ass like a warm and wanting hug all around him. A sticky drop of pre-cum emerges from my loins and strains from the barrel of my love gun. Just glistening there, the swelling dew of my seed catches her attention as she steals a glance at my excited cock head!

"Oh hell yeah, that's mine," she says, as she spins around to her knees and with flattened tongue swipes the precursor from my engorged head.

Her eyes widen like a crack whore after a much needed bump. With a soul aching moan, she dives down to my hang balls and begins to suck them with monumental devotion! Sucking and licking all over them as if she was a freaky fuck monkey in heat, she causes my cock to flex exposing the blood vessels and squeezes more love juice from my balls. What has gotten into her, I wondered?

A chill ran through me as her eyes lock on the stream of precum flowing from my excited member. Her body jolts and she runs her tongue right up from my balls cleaning my cum trail with perfection. She licks the tip and twists her tongue on my opening to make sure she had it all!

My eyes are fixed on this amazing creature. Knowingly, she looks straighten up into eyes and pauses only for a moment to kiss the head and smile at me. Her mouth opens wide and my cock is engulfed with amazing completeness. To my delight, her hand then moves to my balls and she starts passionately massaging them.

My God, I could cum right now! Her eyes lock on mine again as she starts to wiggle her tongue on the base my cock so deep inside her mouth. She winks at me and without a moments hesitation she just fucking goes off on me! Every move I have ever seen or heard of was being preformed on my stunned and enjoying love tool! Up, down, around, back, and forth... It's like she is fucking possessed!

My cock is completely under her control and he loves it. I can't even tell if she is breathing or not! I grab for something to hold on to but there was nothing. My balls start to tighten. I know that she knows exactly what that means! She starts rubbing and massaging my balls even more. My cock is so tight it feels like its going to just explode.I can't hold back any longer!

"Feed me, dream man!" she says with begging eyes and tone.

I start moaning and screaming which to my surprise causes her only to bury my cock completely in her throat. Splash, the first blast of warm thick sperm coats her throat! She comes up from base to tip, on my erupting man meat, and pounds back down! Second blast again squirts deep in her throat! Then she's off to the races... Up, down, up, down, while twisting and moaning. At this point, it feels like my balls are going to shooting right out of my cock... so I'm screaming to the top of my lungs. She then takes me all the way back into her throat and holds me there. She is determined to take every last drop from him!

I must have blacked out, for a second or two, because when I open my eyes I don't even know where I am. I feel her ease my cock, every so slowly, to her luscious lips. I look down at her as she cleans up the sticky mess and swallows down the last of my juices.

Next, I hear her say, in a confident voice, "there is more in there, I just know it!"

She grabs my dick, starts jerking it, and quickly goes down toward my balls. She didn't stop there though. This crazed piece of sweetness slides her tongue right up to my anus! Ummm, she moans, as she flicks her tongue across my asshole. Then she starts twirling her tongue all around it. My cock never softened a bit and now seems to be growing!

I grab her by the side of her neck and pull her from me and toss her over my shoulder! "Not so fast, it's your turn Sexy!" I exclaim. Her body shakes, a little, as her ass squeezes tight. I give it a good slap. I reach into the tent, grab a sleeping bag, and toss it on the ground. I lay her down gentle upon it.

"That was amazing baby," I whispered, as I begin licking, kissing, and sucking on her neck.

"Ummmmm your cock was so giving I couldn't resist and don't think I'm done with him either," she replied.

I reach under her legs with both hands as I kiss and lick across her nipples. "Enough!" I proclaim. With one fluid motion, I slide her legs onto my shoulders and plant my tongue deep into her sloppy wet hole. She gasps! Damn she taste so good! The warm bitter sweet flavor of her sexual pleasure is so strong. She grabs the back of my head, grids her pussy over my face, as she let's out a growling moan.

I start feeling strange... like I want to rape her with my mouth and make her cum so hard, she cries. I raise her body, by the small of her back, so I can get to my knees. I move my hands to cup her tight round ass cheeks . She's pulling on my head and I'm pulling on her ass! Ummm it's safe to say my tongue is buried inside her but still I want more. I stretch my tongue another inch inside and start licking, around and around, not wanting to miss one single spot!

I move my right hand from her cheek and ease it around her leg and start twitching my finger across her swallowed clit.

"Awwww!" she cries out.

Then, I slip my tongue up to help and my left hand slowly glides under her butt cheek. Without warning, I stick two finger into her dripping wet pussy.

"Ohhhh God," she screams, as her body spasms stiff and legs lock around my head.

Ummmm, my dick must be leaking again because I feel warm sticky wetness on my stomach. My body surges now and I start pumping her pussy with my fingers while sucking and licking on her clit, for all I am worth! She's moaning and mumbling crazy shit now! Her body starts shaking and I start rubbing her titties with my free hand. She lets out a piercing scream and tries to pull away!

I grab her waist and stand up forcing her to take it. Now, pounding her pussy with my fingers and sucking her fat swollen clit, her ass clenches tight. Still screaming her body enters into convulsions in my arm. Bam, Bam, Bam... one wave right after the next! Finally, she collapses in my arms like dead wait.

I sit down and lay on my back, positioning her ass right below my chin and begin softly kissing the fold of her sweet pussy! She sits straight up like I shocked her! Clearly in pain she grabs her pussy her slide. She yells, "you made my fucking ovaries hurt".

"I ... didn't mean to hurt you," I replied.

Looking at my concerned eyes she jump on me kissing me all over the face. "No no no, it was that good!" she said. "Good isn't even the right word.... Incredible ... No life changing, that's it!" she said. Her kisses slowed and she was out like a light!

I was alone again, and my thoughts returned to the cottage... a quick trip wouldn't hurt anything, I thought. So I started to jog down the path toward the house. With in 7 or 8 mins, I was there. I popped a squat next to an old barn to caught my breath. All of a sudden and completely out of nowhere, someone plopped down beside me. I was taken back and a bit shocked. Stealing a quick glance, I see a girl with shoulder length hair. I couldn't resist stealing another peak. Too my utter amazement, it was my could be soulmate staring straight at me and perched on her knees. I went to speak and she jumped on me.

Of course, I countered in mid-fall rolling on top of her! She went to speak and I enveloped her lips in mine. The passion was undeniable and the action uncontrollable. Before, I knew what was happening, we were all out making love right there on the ground! My cock was all up inside her and we had never even kissed before. God, she feels so amazing and this feels so right! The most amazing part was that it felt so natural and simply meant! Not even a moments hesitation enters into the equation. It was if we wanted to mold ourselves into one being. Everything else simply disappeared into the background which neither of us was concerned with at the moment.

Not one word was spoken, during the whole love making session. Oh but we were communicating alright and the level of understanding was fluent. Ecstasy's height was so far above any rational understanding and it took a good while to regain normality and conscious thought.

Yeah I know, my wife and I shared a mind blowing evening and it brought us a lot closer! Not to mention, we are married. So this may have very well been a mistake and clearly not putting things on hold.

However, my lady friend has really been there for me in ways my wife hasn't in a very long time or any one has ever been for that matter! Before you judge me and label me as a deviant pervert, consider everything. There can be great leaps of understanding in years, months, days, and even moments.

My wife has been bitterly cold and watched as I suffered, with what appeared to be joy, for years now. I am not blaming her really. All of this has sent me on an amazing path of self discover and this act had been on the boiling point for quite sometime.

Yeah there is right and wrong and everything in between. Though, I am so tired of societies ideals of morality. People make me sick casting hypocritical judgements. This is me, my beliefs, and morality forming a real conclusion here and it's personal! It does not mean I love my wife any less or I am not still committed to her. It simply means there is sad empty part of me, a relatively big part, that my friend fulfills like no one else.

I will tell you another thing, there are plenty of acceptable wrongs that are encouraged in society. My strings have been loosened and some even cut. Free will is a gift not to be abandoned or sold. The problem is ..lonely are the free! Meaning there are relatively few of us out there. Though, just because your free.. certainly doesn't mean life is not still full of complication...

At a staggering million to one odds, my friend and I had found each other. I am suppose to deny fates offering because personal, moral, and spiritual obligations. What if this is the right path. So, I chose my path with my God given free will. Cast the first stone and you can join me in this sin! Any takers? Consequences of merely thinking about sins are equal to the act, according to the book. So, I am already guilty! What's the harm... why not have at it and make a decision rather than have it linger?

As I return to self awareness, I look down at her... Still enjoying the moment, I awe at her state and my cum that is dripping from her pleasure center! As she regains consciousness, her eyes open directly into mine.

"I am dreaming again aren't I? I asked.

She responded, "does it matter?" A few moments of silenced pass... And she said, "I want to show you something."

"Wait this is crazy, how did you get here anyway?" I ask.

She responded, in a scary tone and then a giggle, "I've been stalking you." "Now Get up and come on!", she said! She lead me over to the house and opens the door.

I asked, "do you know the owners?"

Nonchalantly, she replied, "No but that doesn't matter," as she pulled me inside.

The interior of the house reminded me of an old and rustic mountain chalet. The heaviness of six months worth of dust filled the rooms making it difficult to breathe. She continues to pull me along, not wanting me to stop to look around. We enter a den just off the main living area. It was dark and I wasn't able to make out much of anything in the room.

She let go of my hand and told me to wait there. Strike.. strike a match lit across the room. She used the flame to light several candles. Warm light began to fill the room and the details started coming into view.

There were several pieces of old Victorian style furnishes, three large book cases, and a hardwood desk. She walks toward one of the book cases, reaches up, and runs her index finger across the bindings of 5 or 6 books, then stops. With a touch like that of a massage, she caressed a book's binding up to the top and pulled it from it's place.

As she returned, she thumbed through the pages. All of a sudden she stops and looks up with an excited smile as her eyes begin to dance. She presses the open book to her beautiful breast and climbs on to my lap facing me, still smiling.

"Well come on lets see it!" I said anxiously.

In a daring sort of way, she asked, "are you sure?"

I quickly shoot my eyes toward the ceiling! "Ok ok", she said, as she ran her finger tips down the length of my face. The book looks very old... the bindings and cover look careworn and of a material I had never seen. It reminded me of pig skin or something. Surprisingly, it was warm to the touch, certainly warmer than body temperature.

She showed me the date inscribed on the first page, IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY SIX.

"Very old indeed", I acknowledge.

She replies, "yes but that isnt what's so special about it". She slowly turned the book around and there on those faded pages was a etched picture that looked just like us! Not just like us, it was us and not only was it us, we were in this very room, on this very chair positioned in the same way, and she was showing me this very same book!

An eery squeak rang out from the rooms door as if it had been pulled closed but not shut, from the outside!

She grabbed my dick and said, "now give me more of your seed so that we can be sure to make the story come true!"

"What story... What the fuck are you talking about?" I asked out of complete and utter confusion.

"Aww, our time is ticking," she exclaim, in an aggravated tone. "I love you, you know that don't you... and I am talking about our story silly", she whispers with a giggle.

She took off all of her clothes in a quick minute. Wow, absolutely stunning. Holy fuck, how am I supposed to turn her down or worry about the strangeness that weighs heavy our midst? My cock is rock hard again, her pussy is ready and willing, and she knows how to read my mind so what's to think about!

I drop my pants to my ankles and give my balls a good squeeze!

Looking at my gesture she said, "I can't believe we waited until now!" "Stop stalling lover, get that incredible cock inside me, I just can't wait anymore!" she demanded so sweetly.

All of a sudden, a draft wipes across the room flipping the page of the book, she had laid on the floor. An etching of her in this very position smiling and waving at me! My mind spins out of control. Enough is enough, I slide my cock head up and against her waiting hole. She bits her lips and blows me a kiss waves goodbye with a smile. Another draft wipes through the room, the page turns... Its a picture of Laura, both crying and smiling all at the same time! Baffled, I look deep into her eyes and my eyes began to open wider in a daze.... as they open a switch in my mind is thrown.

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