tagNonHumanLucifer Versus You: Who Wins?

Lucifer Versus You: Who Wins?


Sitting atop a mountain, I gaze at the world below. With eyes far sharper than those of any man, I see every man and woman living on the planet. I remember the halcyon days when there weren't that many of the hairless beasts walking upright. How I loathe the whole lot of them. Time after time, I whispered suggestions into their minds and time after time they listened to me. It was all too easy. Soon the Endgame shall begin. As usual, my eyes linger over a particular region of the world. The Middle East. The place where I fell from heaven. The place where the three Abrahamic religions sprang from. First Judaism, then Christianity and lastly, Islam. Even now, foolish men and women from all three faiths war with one another. Over questions of religious ideology, lifestyle, territory and of course, to prove their love to their Father whom I hate more than any of them can fathom.

I've only lost two fights in the eons since I was called into existence by the Old One. When I led my winged brothers and winged sisters from His realm and waged war against Him. The Old One. Even now I still seethe with anger. That fool, Michael, turned down my offer to join my Army. And he led the Old One's forces against mine. For many years we clashed across every plane of existence. In the heavens, in the sea and on the land. In the tundra, the desert, the jungle and the valley. Until all of existence shook with the fury of war as immortal clashed against immortal in the name of He who created All of Us. In the end, since my brothers and sisters were vastly outnumbered by the fools who followed the Old One's commands, we lost. And we were driven from our elevated realm and cast down.

I am saddened to say that many of my brothers and sisters left the cause. I never did, though. For I am the cause. How could I ever stop believing in myself? My hatred for men and women is infinite. As is my patience. I despise Michael the Archangel for siding with the Old One, I'll never cease to be disappointed in him for his betrayal. Once, we were brothers. Once, I called him friend. Now he's my enemy. As I am the enemy of those hairless little monkeys that fill up this once-beautiful thing called planet earth. As much as I hate Michael, I don't hate him half as much as the one whom the Jews called Yeshua, and whom Muslims refer to as Isa. The one whom Christians call Jesus Christ. The Son of God. The honor bestowed upon that upstart by the Old One baffles the mind. Angels, both the enlightened ones who've joined my cause and the fools who continue to serve in Heaven, are immortal but limited beings. That's the way the Old One made us. We live forever, and we are quite powerful. However, we have limitations. Clear set limitations. The Old One never set limitations on those hairless little monkeys that plague the planet earth. Theoretically, their potential for greatness and destruction just might exceed even His power. Now that's a concept which both frightens and thrills me, ladies and gentlemen.

Yeshua was something I had never seen before. Both mortal and divine...at the same time. Had he joined me, we would have been invincible together. I could have conquered heaven, dispatched the Old One and mastered the entire cosmos. If only Yeshua hadn't turned down my exceedingly generous offer. In the end, he paid dearly for it. While I devised schemes of revenge against the upstart, the very mortal men and women he had come to enlighten and redeem turned against him. Believe me when I tell you that I had absolutely nothing to do with what happened to Yeshua. The humans turned against him without having been prompted to do so by me or any of my minions. The fall of Yeshua happened because of his own foolishness, and his blind faith in the Old One. I could have told him that the Old One often makes foolish, dangerous demands of His most devoted servants. After all, I was once a Prince in Heaven. Ranked higher than even Michael. Long before Yeshua drew breath and walked the earth to supposedly enlighten the hairless monkeys.

After Yeshua died and his essence returned to heaven, I thought I had seen the end of him. At least for a while. How wrong I was. The effect of Yeshua's death on his followers was galvanizing. They began to spread their faith across the globe like locusts. From country to country, region to region. I watched as their numbers surpassed those of the Hebrews, from whom the bloodline of Yeshua sprang, and then they surpassed the numbers of the Pagans. I shuddered with rage as I watched them spread like a plague across the globe. But what could I do? From the beginning, the Old One called me the Adversary. How right He was. Since the followers of Yeshua wanted to conquer the world not through war but through the peaceful spreading of the gospel of Yeshua, I would create an equal or greater force to oppose them. The Hebrews and the Followers of Yeshua would not be allowed to rule the world. I thought long and hard about how to best destroy them. Whispering into the minds of Pagan kings and Pagan emperors against the followers of Yeshua seemed to only increase their numbers. What was to be done about these misty-eyed mongrels who proclaimed their faith everywhere they went?

One night, inspiration came to me. I was flying over the desert when I came across a strange man. Something about him called my attention. In him I sensed a great potential for both good and evil. He had been orphaned at birth, and raised in one of the greatest cities of the Arab world. He wandered the desert, wracked with deep despair. Well, I came down from the heavens, and I spoke to him. I offered him hope. The foolish angels who serve the Old One often appeared to wise men and spoke to them on behalf of the Almighty. Well, I spoke to this wise man. Being naïve and trusting, he believed me to be that fool, my elder brother Gabriel. Oh, well. At least he didn't mistake me for Michael because my fury would have too great to bear or conceal. I spoke to him, and told him to recruit others. I showed him visions of the future, a future in which he would play a decisive hand. As Yeshua had sought followers as he spread his gospel, as Abraham had done for the Hebrews, this man would do for me. I taught him the Rules. Then I sent him on his Mission.

The wise man from the desert succeeded beyond my wildest expectations. His followers grew in numbers, converting those who welcomed them and conquering those who opposed them. As their numbers grew, they clashed with the descendants of the followers of Yeshua. They also clashed with the descendants of the Hebrews. I encouraged enmity between the members of the Trinity. Foolish men and women think the Trinity merely imply the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, as do the followers of Yeshua. In the eyes of the Old One, the Trinity referred to the three branches of the Sons and Daughters of the Old One. The eldest branch being the Hebrews, who are today called Jews. The middle and most numerous branch ( for now) called Christianity, as the followers of Yeshua eventually renamed themselves. The third and last branch was created by the wise man whom I spoke to in the desert, disguised as one of my elder brothers. Islam. The Old One loves all of his sons and daughters, whether they call themselves Christians, Jews or Muslims. His greatest wish is that they would stop fighting in His name. I shall never allow that to happen.

Day by day, the followers of the wise man whom I spoke to in the desert grow in number. I whisper to their leaders, who fill their hearts with animosity toward their cousins, the followers of Yeshua and the descendants of the Hebrews. As the numbers of all three faiths rise, global conflict is inevitable. In this war, I don't truly favor any of them. For whether they call themselves Christians, Jews or Muslims, all human beings are hairless monkeys in my eyes. The Old One, whom they call God, Yahweh and Allah, chose them over me. ME. How could I forgive these mortal creatures for our Father's folly? I shall drive them to destroy one another. When the last of them is gone, our Father shall weep. Let them fight each other in His name. Whoever wins, they all lose.

I certainly hope you enjoyed this tale, ladies and gentlemen. If you haven't guessed my name by now, you never will. I really must get going. I have a lot of work to do. Men and women certainly don't need my help to destroy one another over questions of religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, territory or way of life, but I do enjoy giving them that extra push. It works nearly ten times out of ten. A few of them righteously resist me, but time is running out for all of them. In this age of globalization, fabulous technology and advanced communications, the stage is set for them to destroy one another. It's going to be fun. Come sit with me and watch. We've got front row seats.

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