tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLucifer's Angel

Lucifer's Angel


Chapter one

She stood there gazing at the waters. The sea calm the waves rich and the beauty of it mesmerizing. Sabrina hunter was a rare beauty, jet black long wavy hair, wide grey eyes, lips made for kissing and a body to make men weep.

Hey eyes filled with tears as she remembered the events of the past 24 hrs. For the day before her father, had passed away leaving her alone. She had no relatives, no friends just her devoted servants. For her father had brought her to this remote island when she was a mere 16 yr old girl and for the past 5 yrs she had been living here. Tutored by her father, in all arts and studies. He had seen her as a son and a daughter.

Thoughts running through her mind, should she leave this island and go into the society which she has long been deprived of, or her must yearning desire to sail the seas. Only a dream which she wished for. For no one would take a lady sailing. No one.

Lucas Kingston. Known as Lucifer the seas most feared pirate stood proudly upon the deck of the black devil watching his fellow pirates work the deck. The sea was clam today and the men were cheering and singing happily. For he knew their reason to cheer was that they had learned of an island, whose inhabitants were a few folks and the owner had much wealth. They intended to raid it!

Lucifer only raided the rich, they had much wealth to spare and he rarely took lives unless it was a matter of life and death.

He was not born a pirate he knew, but a bastard son of a noblewoman. She had sent him away with a pirate upon birth, for he was shame to her family. He was raised on the decks and docks of many ships and countries. At the age of 32 Lucifer reigned the sea it was his. He never wed and never brought a lass onboard. He was famous with the ladies and he was taught well and instructed by many females on the act of love making. He was extremely handsome, dark skin and dark brown long hair, blue eyes the color of the sea and stood tall, he was indeed a majestic specimen of the male race.

Chapter two

Dinner was served in such silence it tugged at Sabrina's heart. Clutching a sword in her hand a tear slipped down her cheek, she missed him so much, he was all she had, and she could barely eat or think.

"Father." she whispered, bowing her head.

Maggie the maid stood in the corner watching her mistress in pain and sorrow, wishing she could help her but knew nothing could be done. What was to become of her beautiful mistress was she to live the rest of her life here in solitude not knowing the world or love?

Silently Sabrina rose; "I'm not hungry Maggie, I shall retire to my bedchamber for the night. You may take your leave."

Once inside her bedchamber Sabrina undressed and stood naked before her mirror, eyeing her beautiful form, a temptress body indeed she had. Yet the soul of a lad. She wished she was a boy; at least she could sail and leave.

Turning her back on that dream she slipped into a white sheer nightgown and slipped into her bed. Closing her eyes, wishing sleep would overcome her.

It was before dawn, the fade light beyond the horizon shone dimly in the distant. She could not sleep. Knowing no one would be awake, she clutched her father's sword and left her chamber, a walk by the shore would do her well she thought.

The slight morning air was a little chilly yet not cold enough to send her back to the house, she stood there watching the sea, the waves, the beauty, memories began to take over her mind and she drifted into them.

Chapter three

They had docked the ship in an unnoticed clove by the islands side, and walked to their destination. Waiting in the bushes, his men asleep waiting the rise of dawn to shine so they could see their way on the island. But Lucifer could not sleep he sat on a cliff overlooking the vast shore. Then he saw a figure, a lady with long hair wearing white as if a goddess had descended from the heavens and was walking on the shore. He noticed something glitter in her hand, and wondered what could it be, then she stood by the shore the breeze flowing through her hair her body still as a statue gazing at the sea.

Slowly he snuck down wanting to get a closer look at this lady, who was she? What was she doing here? He hid behind a nearby rock and noticed what she held seemed to be a sword. Slowly he approached her from the back not making a sound. He left his hand covering her mouth to diminish any scream she might have set.

She felt a sudden impact, a gag dragged from her thoughts she was gagged a hand about her she could not scream. Her eyes widened in shock and her body shook like a leaf. As she collected her wits, she struggled against the hands. Then she heard a whisper in her ear.

"Be still wench I do not wish to harm u. I shall only have you, tis has been months since I had me a fine wench."

Her heart thumping with fear, her only reaction was to bite down on the hand that gagged her mouth. Her shoulder hitting back until it rammed into his ribs, she was free, she turned to face him armed with her sword.

The bite and jolt were unexpected; he winced in pain and readied himself for her to run. But she turned hey eyes wide and grey her face beautiful as a goddess a vixen an angel. A fierce courageous wench clutching a sword in her hand as if her life depended on it.

Then she spoke, "Who are you? What brings you to this island? speak man or I shall kill you."

He laughed.

The nerve of her he thought, then he said, "dear wench I am not here for you but for the wealth of the owner of this island. You my sweetness shall be my desert after I feast."

Without thinking she lurched forward, the sword striking metal for he was fast and had drawn his sword. She would not relent, this was her island and no one was going to intrude better yet steal her father's wealth.

She fought well he thought if he had not been careful for she would have killed him her draw was slow, but yet not as good as her skill she was indeed good.

"Kill me wench? No my dear wench I shall kill you from the pleasures I shall inflict upon your delicious body after you have stopped this childlike fight."

"Never!" she hissed, and attacked again, this time her nightgown caught between her thighs sending her off balance, before she could regain her stand he had managed to hit the sword out of the hand by striking her wrist with his hand, grabbing her body with his sending her onto the sand below him and he covered her with his body.

Chapter three

She tried to fight with her free fist yet he caught her wrists and held them above her head with one hand, while with the other he held her face. His legs imprisoning hers avoiding any damage she may cause.

"Dear lord she was soft!" He thought, he rose a little looking down at her nightgown her skin visible beneath, the pink tips of her breasts heaving beneath it. He felt his loins begin to tense, his arousal getting harder. He was intoxicated.

"Seize your fighting wench! You cannot get free. Let me have you and I shall spare you the obligation of tending to my men too."

She felt it. Pressing against her lower belly was his hard arousal; her father had explained these things to her. This man really wanted to take her.

"No!: She yelled. "no! Leave me be you barbarian you scum."

"Hush." he said, "Hush!" Dropping his lips to hers he caught them lightly, but then a sharp sting.

She had bit him, the wench. He drew back in pain and winced.

"You shall pay dearly for that wench."

And with that he shouted, "Armand!"

"You deserve more that a mere bite you scum, you deserve death!" she spat back at him.

Armand one of his most devoted pirates of many many years came running from behind the cliffs.

"Yes Lucifer?"

"Fetch a rope, a gag and a blanket and come back as fast as possible."

Armand saw the wench lying below Lucifer and knew what he needed to do and ran like the devil.

Bound, gagged and wrapped in the blanked Sabrina was watching as all the men gathered by the shore. She counted 20 of them, pirates she thought. Oh dear pirates! They would raid the house and kill everyone; no she could not let that happen. They wanted wealth and they needed the master. She chuckled; Lucifer seemed to be their leader and their captain. He was in for a surprise. She would bargain with him to spare her servants lives. Tis was all she could do.

"Captain may we have the wench?"

"Nay she is not to be touched. She will be mine. As for now she will lead us to the house and to its master. Tis good I stumbled upon her she will help us enter the house undetected."

With that he looked at her, those blue eyes penetrating her soul he said:

"Isn't that so wench? You will lead us to the house or you will be desert for my merry men."

She nodded.

He hauled her to her feet, and held a knife to her back. "Lead us wench. Tis time."

Sabrina walked in silence, leading them along the passage way to the house then into the kitchen, she knew Maggie would be there, awake. For the male workers slept in the barns and it was not yet time for them to be in the house.

Maggie turned to see who walked into the kitchen and saw her. "Mistress!" she screamed. Only to be grabbed by one of the men and bound.

"Mistress?" Lucifer thought.

He walked in pass Sabrina, shoving her into Armand's grasp and stood before Maggie.

"Where is the master of the house? You shall lead us to his bedchamber at once, or you shall die along with her."

Maggie's voice barely heard said; "there is no master, for the only master is the one you have bound behind you."

"Don't jest with me lady, I shall not hesitate to slice your throat."

"I jest not sir, for that is lady Sabrina the masters daughter, he passed away 2 days ago and she is the only heir."

Chapter four

He swung around to eye Sabrina, his eyes filled with anger.

"You wench are very clever. Ripping the gag from the mouth hurting her, you have just made my day more interesting."

"Why you scoundrel, you lowlife thief, you brute and scum!" She spat out with anger and hatred.

"My! Such language from a mistress, and a noble woman." Lucifer reached forward and grabbed her hair yanking her forward against his hard body.

"You shall tell me where your wealth lays or I shall slit every humans throat on this island. Do you hear me woman?"

Fearing for the lives of her servants, her friends, her only remaining existence she whimpered. "yes."

"Then it is settled! I shall not harm anyone, except for the ladies for my men are craving women and I cannot guarantee their safety, unless you will be willing to satisfy me." he whispered the last words in the ear.

Without giving her time to speak he turned her around harshly and swatted her bottom, "now milady if you may the wealth."

In his mind Lucifer laughed, for his men had never touched a lady and he knew they wouldn't, but his mind was set on this fine lass he wanted her, the heat inside her, he wanted to feel that heat wrapped around him her fire, her strength. All would crumble, for he had other plans for the dear mistress of the house.

She led them into her father's study; five men accompanied them while the rest surrounded the house and checked the rooms. She asked for a drawer to be open revealing a key she walked towards what seemed to be a large bookstand.

"Move the grey book aside behind it u will find a key hole, open the lock and fetch what u wish and leave."

Armand opened the door which led to a dark passage lit by torches. He led the men below leaving Lucifer with the mistress.

She stood there watching them walk in, into her father's life into his wealth into her destruction.

A tear slipped down her cheek and she whispered, "Sorry father."

He knew she said something but what it was not clear to him, then he saw it the tear drop rolling down her cheek. He moved in closer to her and stood before her, raising her chin with his hand he said;

"A tear? Why my dear? I am merely lessening your fortune. I shall leave you some to live with and I am sure you have much more hidden away somewhere."

"Don't touch me you scum!" She said.

"Move away! Go you have taken all now leave."

Slowly backing away her hands still in restraint, she felt the table nudge at her back. She was trapped.

"Dear I did come for the wealth. But it is you I also desire. And I shall have you tonight, tomorrow and many many more days to come."

Sabrina gasped. "Nay!"

"Yes my sweet yes." he said.

With that he hauled her upon his shoulder, screaming and fighting she was a feisty wench he thought.

Maggie saw him carrying her above his shoulder she was kicking and screaming. Trying to save her mistress she was pushed back by one of the pirates.

"Stay back miss or your fate will not be better than hers."

"Mistress." she whispered.

She struggled, she fought, she kicked and she did all she could. He was built like a rock. His muscled back strong beneath her hands and his hands binding her legs were hard as iron. Where was he taking her? What was to become of her? He mentioned having her, taking her. Was he to sail with her on his ship as his captive? His whore?

The idea of sailing the seas was her dream but not like this. Not as a captive. Tears began to run down her cheeks as he carried her towards his ship.

Chapter five

She was dumped on a soft bed in a lovely chamber. Artifacts and gold hung all around.

Glaring up at him she said, "you shall never have me willingly! Never!"

"my dear wench, here you shall stay, bound and half dressed, no food, no fresh air, until you accept your fate." and with that Lucifer turned and walked out of the bedchamber.

As he strode upon the deck, his men began to hail his name.

"Long live our captain!"

"and may god help him with that wench" was the final praise as they all burst into laughter.

He smiled and knew his men's spirits were high from the easy victory.

"Men I'm glad this day passed so well, no blood was shed, no harm was done. And tonight we shall all celebrate, you with your ale and I with my hellcat below."

Cheers and laughter filled the air.

"Let's sail on, to our home men." was his last words.

Home! a cave deep within an island, a place where they had come to call home, Some of the men had their wives and children living there a beautiful spot hidden away from the world and the people that sought them out. He however, owned a castle at the top of this cave; he had bought the whole island in pretence that he was a nobleman. For no one knew that he was the infamous Lucifer.

Shaking his head at the thought he remembered the wild cat he had locked up below in his cabin and smiled, for he would surely tame her.

Turning from his men he waved farewell and descended to his cabin.

She was muttering words not befitting a lady. Struggling to get herself free of her bounds only made her ache and cry more. God! She hated the man. She felt helpless and weak. Then she heard the latch and the door swung open. He stood there. He was tall, handsome, and so wonderfully built. His broad shoulders wide, his features of a God! He was amazing. And she was his captive!

Lying on his bed was a vision no man could believe. Her beauty filled the room and her eyes wide with hate. "Hello my little wildcat" he said. He strode in casually and locked the door behind him. Approaching the bed he looked at her there helpless and all his. A wide grin filled his face, a panther look.

"My! My! You are a sight for sore eyes, have you come to terms with your situation yet?" he asked.

She was speechless. His voice was swimming around her, filling her senses. Why couldn't she answer him? What was happening to her? She continued to stare at him, watching him approach the bed.

His heart was beating like a thousand drums, his hand stretching out to caress her cheek. She was so soft beneath his fingers, so fine, so delicate and his.

"Let me tame you, let me love you, let me teach you." was all he said.

He leaned forward sat on the bed beside her, pulled her in gently and took her lips. His hand at the nape of her neck caressing gently, he pulled back and whispered, "Sabrina, open your mouth for me."

Sabrina's eye wide with shock, her senses fluttering around like a million butterflies, new sensations shooting through her. She was spinning she was mesmerized she could not stop, she could only obey. She parted her lips and felt him there again. His lips teasing her, his scent rich and fulfilling, his tongue probed her mouth teasing her own. She was shocked tried to pull back yet he held her still tasting her tongue and teasing.

Chapter Six

He heard her faint moan, he knew he had won her over for the moment. His other hand stroked her neck slowly descending to her breast, lightly touching it. His body went up in flames as he felt her nipple peak under his caress. He let out a deep moan, and she arched beneath his touch.

"Sabrina, can I untie you? Will you let me love your body? Will you let me take you?" he said as he pulled back and looked into her wide eyes filled with not terror but wanting.

A brief nod was all she could manage, she wanted to feel his skin, her body was reacting to all the new feelings and she wanted more. She wanted to run her lips against his chest, to caress his smooth bronzed skin. She was someone else.

Like magic she was unbound, and laying beneath him. He did it so fast he could not remember how. She was soft, she was delicate and she wanted him. He could see it in her eyes. His lips returning to hers, as his hand caressed her gently he shifted lightly to sleep beside her, his hand caressing her breast feeling the beautiful peak through her light nightgown ,pushing the gown down he dropped his lips to suck lightly on one tip as his hand slowly slid down to lift her gown. He caressed her thigh gently stroking her skin then he reached there, he could feel the heat vibrating from her. She was amazing.

He cupped her mound gently caressing her above her panties, she was wet he thought. She was so wet. He trembled and let out a deep groan. This was not what he had expected.

She arched instctinvely as his lips touched her nipple, and she let out a moan as his hand cupped her mound. She could feel his fingers caressing her wet panties against her folds. A strong urge to scream shot through her, not of pain but of pleasure. She grabbed his head and wound her hands in his hair as he kissed and sucked on her bare nipples. She could feel his groin hard and heated against her side.

She whispered "please, stop."

"No my dear, we have just begun."

lifting his face to hers and as he did that his hand slid beneath her panties, stroking her wet folds and bud. She arched fiercely and let out a light scream. Her head thrashing aside, her eyes wide with savage desire. He smiled and took her lips once more as his finger probed her, thrusting into her, stroking making her wetter. As he felt her first release and her moan against his lips he pulled back looking into her eyes.

"I think we don't need our clothes anymore Sabrina".

With that he sat back, watching her, taking off his clothes throwing them around the cabin.

Lord, he was about to explode, he thought. She was responsive; she was a hellcat in his bed. She was savage. Deep in her he knew slept that desire and he wanted to have it all. To own it.

Then he reached for her slipping her gown higher taking it off and throwing it aside, slipping his hands against her bare skin her lips lower reaching her panties, his eyes feasting as he slid them lower taking them off too.

"You are beautiful, my little angel." he said.

Sabrina, was panting, she couldn't think all the new feelings, the heat between her legs, the want filling her, clouding her mind. She was supposed to stop this yet she did not have the power too. She wanted to touch this man to stroke him as he stroked her, then she felt it, his lips kissing her tummy, her navel then lower to that aching heat she closed her eyes and moaned deeply.

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