Lucky Lawnmower Ladies Ch. 2

byTawny T©

"Well, I'd better get to bed or I won't be worth a damn tomorrow. I'm so glad you are here. Tomorrow, I'll introduce you to Trish. I know you'll like her. She's a really good friend, a very intimate friend shall I say? Sleep as late as you want to." Diane said as she kissed Joanne lightly, put on her gown and slipped out of the room.

I was waiting for her on top of the bed. Stroking my cock slowly. It was hard again, from watching the two. "Well, I see you have matters in hand again. Did we put on a good show for you? Your lovely sister dreams about you fucking her, just like you dream about her. Mnnn, look at her now." She said moving to the bed and shedding her gown.

Joanne hadn't moved and lay there holding the dildo, her hand moving up and down its length. She brought it to her lips and licked it, then slid her lips over it. She tried to slip it down her throat but was unable to. We watched as she stroked it for a while then moved it down to her pussy. She spread her thighs wide and placed the large head against her wet pussy. Slowly she pressed it against her sex spreading her lips wide. She wiggled it a little, pressing it against herself. The head slipped in. She gasped and pressed it inward. Her hips moved upward.

"Oh, that feels sooo good. I wish it were real. A real hot, hard cock slipping inside me." She whispered. We could hear every word.

Diane slid down on the bed and straddled my rampant cock, lifted her hips, reached under and placed my wet cock head against her wet pussy. With a sigh she slid down till her hips met mine. Her hot pussy felt so good wrapped around my cock. She leaned forward and began to slowly pump her hips up and down, using her talented pussy muscles to milk my throbbing cock.

Joanne, on two color screens moved the cock in and out slowly. She reached down with her other hand and began to stroke her clit. We could just make out the pink nub poking out of its sheath. The dildo slid deeper and deeper into her, her pussy lips being pushed inward, and then pulled outward with each stroke. Her finger moved faster and faster over her clit till her breath was coming out in gasps, and her hips were thrusting upward to meet the downward movements of the large dildo. She began to moan and sob, then we both gave a little intake of breath when she uttered it, "Ohh, Don, fuck me, fuck me. Fuck me hard, fuck my pussy, Don. Ohhh, shit, fuck meeeee!" She cried out. Her face was distorted by her passion, her body writhed in ecstasy.

My hips thrust upward, as Diane's hips came down and I cried out as my cock exploded deep inside her, and shot my sperm far up in her hot pussy. She cried out with me, slamming her hips down on mine again and I felt her pussy muscles clamp down on my cock as she came with me. I watched my sister fuck herself with a cock she imagined was mine inside her, while I exploded in a very long and intense cum.

The next day, I had taken leave from work and stayed home. Joanne was the only one who didn't know. I had slipped back into the house while Diane had kept her busy in the other end of the house. Trish came over and met Joanne and they hit it off well. The three had drinks downstairs and before long they were all naked, and Diane said why didn't they all go up and use the spare bedroom, as she had stripped our bed covers off that morning to wash. The guest bedroom has a king sized bed and that seemed a natural choice for three women who were going to get very cozy and make love. Of course, I was in the bedroom with both VCR's going. Trish loved the idea of my taping their lovemaking.

The three lovely women got on the bed and Diane orchestrated that Trish and Joanne would make love to each other first. Joanne was really taken with Trish and hot for her body. Trish was all for it too. They lay down and began kissing and exploring each other. It quickly hardened my cock watching them. They were in no hurry and kissed each other and caressed for at least a half-hour, building up their passions. Diane watched and stroked first one then the other from time to time. They turned and moved into a 69 and worked their way downward till their heads were buried in each other's pussies. They brought each other off to a gasping climax to take the edge off of their lust. After they had both cum, they lay on their backs regaining their breath.

"Have you ever been blindfolded while you were being made love to?" Thish asked Joanne stroking her spread thighs.

"No, say are you two into kinky sex?" Joanne laughed. "Jim and I tried a little bondage a couple of times, and game playing. We enjoyed it. But, we never did try a blindfold. I hear it makes it a little more exciting. I'm game if you two sex fiends want to try it on me."

"Hey, nothing wild, just a little sensual foreplay. We'll see if you can tell who is doing what to you. I think you'll like it. We're not going to hurt you in any way you know that. You have to promise not to try to take the blindfold off till we tell you to. Promise?" Diane asked. Joanne agreed.

Trish took a silk scarf and tied it over Joanne's eyes, making sure she couldn't see. Diane had already put some playthings beside the bed, hidden, and brought them out. Some of the things I wondered where she'd gotten them. She and Trish began to stroke Joanne with large feathers, mink mittens that glided over her body. I could well imagine the pleasures they were bringing to her skin. Diane put little loops of light nylon cord around her nipples and tightened them just enough so she could pull on them and excite the hardened nipples. They took ice cubes and ran them over her body, up and down her pussy, and over her nipples, causing them to become harder.

By this time I had moved naked into the room, and was watching silently. Trish winked at me and looked down at my swollen cock. She wiggled her cute ass at me. I could see her pussy lips were wet and parted from the excitement and prior lovemaking. That got me even harder.

Diane put the large dildo through the harness slot, slipped it on her sexy hips, and adjusted the straps. She moved on the bed and took Joanne's hand and put it on the fake cock. "Now, I'm going to fuck you with this. You certainly liked it last night."

"Oh yes, it really filled me up. I liked it. It's so long and thick, and goes so deep. I used it after you left last night, and had one more fantastic climax." Joanne cooed.

Little did she know that we both had been watching her get off. Diane moved between her thighs and licked her pussy getting her wetter, if possible. Her pussy was spread and almost dripping. I had moved beside the bed and saw my sister's beautiful pussy close up for the first time.

God, it was beautiful. Her folds were red and gleaming from the previous lovemaking. Thish reached down and smiling at me, put her hands on the spread love nest and pulled the inner lips apart. Her vaginal opening parted a little and I could see deep into her body. Above the opening was the small opening of her urethra and above that her clit. Thish pulled upward on the skin covering her clit and it slid out, pink and beautiful. I almost gasped it was so lovely. It's large, and almost as large as her little finger, the head rounded and pink. Trish rubbed it with a wet finger and Joanne moaned out.

"Here comes that thick cock," Diane said softly. She placed the thick head against my sister's pussy and pressed slowly. I watched fascinated as the large head split her pussy lips wide hesitated for a moment, then slid inside her beautiful pussy. I felt my cock twitch and a large drop of pre-cum slid out and ran down my cock. Slowly Diane moved the cock in and out, moving it ever deeper into my sister.

Trish moved up above Joanne and straddled her head facing downward. She moved forward till her pussy was above Joanne's mouth, and then lowered her hips. Joanne felt her hips against her shoulders and ran her hands over Trish's hips and found her pussy. She opened her mouth and slid her tongue out. Trish obliged her and slid her pussy downward till Joanne's tongue slid up inside her. Thish and Joanne both moaned at the contact.

Joanne leaned forward and began to lick and suck the beautiful pussy before her as Diane slid the dildo in and out slowly, letting her pussy accommodate it. I couldn't stand it any longer and reached out and stroked my sister's thigh. She couldn't tell whose hand it was. As their movements became faster, I put my hand forward a little and placed it on Joanne's clit, feeling the firm head, and rolled it around while Trish's tongue played over her clit and around my finger. Joanne became more vocal, and her hips thrust upward to meet Diane's thrusting dildo and Trish's tongue and my finger. Her hands were busy with Trish's pussy and ass as she slid her tongue in and out of Trish's dripping pussy.

We three worked together to bring her to a screaming climax. I only wished there was some way I could have put my mouth against her pussy and licked her clit myself, but I was afraid my slightly rough face against her skin would give my part away. I had shaved just before this, but a man's face is never as smooth as a woman's is. Damn! But here I was with my finger stroking and rolling my sister's hard clit. My sister's clit! I could smell her excited pussy odor. So wonderful! My cock twitched and another drop of pre-cum ran down my rock-hard member. I didn't know if I could last much longer. I just might cum, my cock untouched.

The three of us moved faster and faster till Joanne exploded, her body bowing upward, muscles straining. She settled back after a while, and lay panting. I took a chance and bent forward and using my lips only closed them over her clit and sucked gently. I could taste her wet juices. I almost groaned it felt so good. I pulled back and moved to the side.

"I take it you liked that, Honey?" Diane asked her as Joanne finally caught her breath.

"Oh god yes. That was terrific. That dildo really filled me up and you know how to wield it." She said reaching back and patting Diane's hips. "If that's the same size as Don's cock, you are one lucky lady. I wish Jim's cock was that long and big."

"Turn over, we want to try something I'm sure you'll like. Don't remove the blindfold though. It makes it more fun doesn't it?" Trish asked, helping her move.

Diane slid the dildo out and they placed her on her hands and knees. Trish slid so that her mouth was against Joanne's. She was going to slide under her as they made love. Diane slid the dildo back into her spread, fuck reddened pussy, while I watched from inches away. She and Trish began to kiss each other while Diane slid the cock back full length inside her. I reached over and placed a wet finger against her lovely neat brown asshole. She gave an appreciative moan as I slid it around and around. Trish moved downward kissing her breasts while Joanne kissed and licked hers. Slowly I pressed my finger into her back passage till I had it in to the second joint. It was hot and tight. I wondered if Jim had ever fucked her in the ass I knew I'd never get my thick cock in there.

We three slowly worked on my beautiful sister, only she thought it was two people and Diane had her finger in her ass. Trish had moved all the way under her and she was sucking her clit and licking her pussy lips as the dildo slid in and out, while Joanne's mouth was feasting on her pussy. She was getting hotter and hotter, and beginning to moan and pant.

"Just a second," Diane said. She pulled the dildo out of Joanne's pussy and I pulled my finger out of her ass a second later. She groaned in disappointment, but that quickly turned to a moan of satisfaction when Trish's mouth covered her pussy and her tongue slid inside the spread and open pussy lips. Joanne had moved off the bed and then after a few seconds, I slid up behind my sister, my rampant cock almost ready to burst.

"Here, try this." Diane said as she put a slender vibrator against Joanne's back hole and pressed it in slightly. She turned the vibrator on and it hummed softly.

"Oh damn, that feels good. I never had a vibrator back there. I like that. Now put that big cock back in my pussy and fuck me you sexy Wench.

That was my signal and I moved forward and my cock touched my sister's pussy for the very first time. I almost came on the spot. My cock head was wet with precum and her pussy was drenched. The dildo had already opened and stretched her pussy and slowly I slid my cock into her hot pussy. Her pussy lips parted and stretched as my glens slid into her body. I slid into her and had to hold back a gasp.

"Oh shit, that feels so good. That vibrator in my ass makes it feel better than before. Oh, Baby, fuck my pussy, and slip that vibrator deeper inside me. Yes, like that!" Joanne moaned.

I began slow fucking motions, pressing my cock deeper into her with each stroke. I've always had good control of my cock and tonight I had to use every bit of my control not to cum as soon as I was all the way inside her. I felt my cockhead press against her cervix and press it further, stretching her pussy more. Her hot pussy surrounding my cock was the most wonderful thing. I was actually fucking my own sister - finally. She moaned, her moans muffled by Trish's pussy. She tried to feel behind her, and would have felt my hairy lets except Diane reached out and caught her hand and put it on Trish's breast. She couldn't tell whose hand had caught hers.

I increased my thrusts deeper and deeper till my thighs were slapping against her ass. I rotated my hips around, riding high the way Diane and Trish like for me to, putting pressure on their g-spot. She loved it too and began to thresh and moan louder. Trish concentrated harder on sucking her clit and she raised her head slightly and began to scream out her ecstasy. Her pussy muscles contracted around my thrusting cock, and it was too much for me. My cock exploded inside my sister's hot pussy, spewing out my hot cum, seeming by the quart. I held back a roar of joy and ecstasy as I shot jet after jet deep inside her hot velvet pussy.

Finally Joanne and I both slowed down and I held my body against her, my cock still buried inside her. Diane turned the softly buzzing vibrator off and pulled it out.

"Damn, that was one of the most fantastic climaxes I have ever had. The vibrator in my ass, Trish's fantastic lips and tongue on my clit and that thick long cock inside me really gave me a cum of a lifetime. It was almost as if I'd felt cum explode inside me. Must have been the vibrator in my ass giving me an extra wonderful feeling.

"Did that big dildo bring you off? I you know it's the size of Don's cock. Did that give you a little extra thrill? Come on admit it. You said you had fantasies of him fucking you. Admit that knowing it was almost his size helped you along. Didn't it?" Diane asked reaching over and kissing Joanne's back. To her if felt like Diane still had the dildo inside her.

"Well, don't ever tell him, Darling. But, well, yes it did. I fucked myself with it last night and thought of him fucking me. Shit, don't ever tell him I said that." Joanne laughed. I could feel her pussy tighten as she laughed. I pressed forward a little.

"Would you really let him fuck you?" Trish said, her voice muffled as her head was still between Joanne's thighs. "Forbidden fruit, and all that."

My cock was swelling and getting harder inside her. I didn't know if she could tell the difference. She bowed her head for a moment and I heard her sucking on Trish's pussy. Her head came up.

"Damn. You two! I don't know. I guess! I've dreamed about it often enough. The dreams seemed so real, and I never had any guilt about it. What are you two sexy wenches up to anyway?" She laughed again.

"Just curious, that's all." Diane said. She motioned me to start again. Below her, Trish began to suck her swollen clit again. She dropped her head back, as Trish hadn't had a climax yet. The two tongued and sucked each other while I slid my cock in and out. God, her pussy felt good. So very hot and tight. I fucked my sister slow, letting her bring Trish off first. Trish cried out and screamed against Joanne's pussy and I felt her mouth push against my cock as it slid on and out. Joanne's head bobbed as she ate Trish's juicy pussy. Finally Trish came down and lay panting.

I slid my cock in to her hot box faster, rotating my hips and bringing my cock head against her g-spot. She began to moan, on the edge of a climax. I nodded to Diane. She moved up to Joanne and pulled the blindfold from her eyes. She shook her head and bent down to lick Trish's pussy one more time. I pumped harder, she began to tremble and gasp as her climax neared. Her head turned and suddenly she saw me, behind her, grinning and my hips thrusting inside her. Her eyes went very wide, then closed for a moment then looked back at me. She reached back and touched my leg, then moved her hand between her legs and I felt her hand come in contact with my thrusting cock. She pressed against it and cried out.

"Ohhh, Yes, fuck me, fuck me hard and deep. Ohh God, I've wanted this for sooo long. Fuck me Don, fuck me hard, fast and deep." My hips slammed into hers and I rotated my hips till my cock was pressing and thrusting against her pussy in all directions. She screamed out as she came. I cried out a primal scream as I thrust hard against her hips and my cock shot spurt after spurt inside her, deep inside my beautiful sister. My climax seemed to go on and on, as did hers. Neither of us seemed to be able to stop, or get enough of each other. But finally my thrusts slowed and she went limp under me.

We rolled to the side and lay cuddled, my against her back, my cock still buried inside her sweet pussy. The pussy I had wanted to make love to for so many years. I kissed her neck and reached around and stroked her heaving breast. So soft, and yet so firm. Trish and Diane moved and covered us both with soft kisses and caresses. Finally my cock shrunk and slipped out of her tight pussy. I shifted and pulled her onto her back and leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. They were so sweet and her tongue slid out and into my mouth. Our tongues danced slowly for several minutes as we stroked each other, and the two women also kissed and softly stoked our bodies.

"Any regrets, big Sister? I asked her looking into her lovely eyes.

"Yes," she said softly returning my look.

"What? I asked a little worried.

"Why did it take so long, Little Brother? Think of all the years we've missed. I love you so much, and have wanted you to make love to me for years. I don't know, maybe that's why I let Diane seduce me so easily. I was getting close to you. Making love to your beautiful and wonderful wife. Licking and sucking the very pussy that you had fucked so many times.

"I'd put my tongue inside her wondering when you had last had your cock in her, if any of your cum was still inside her. I'd suck her tasty juices out wondering if any of you was left inside her. I almost raped her several times when you were in the house thinking that you might have just fucked her pussy. Does that make sense?" She asked kissing me softly and pressing her soft sweet body against mine.

"Yes, Honey. I'm glad you don't have any guilt. I have dreamed for years that I had fucked you. In my dreams I was keeping count of the times, and remembering the past times we made love. It always seemed so natural and I never had any guilt about it. There is no guilt now. I want to make love to you again, this time face to face, seeing your beautiful face when you cum and I'm deep inside you." I said kissing her slowly.

We kissed for a long time, our passions slowly rising. I moved down and sucked and licked her breasts till they were swollen and firm with passion. I kissed and licked my way down till I came to her sweet pussy. I slid first one then two fingers up inside her slick center, lubricated by my cum.

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