tagFetishLucy's Dirty Panties

Lucy's Dirty Panties


We had rented a house at the beach for our summer vacation and my wife Nelly had invited her friend Lucy to spend a week with us. This was very good news for me as Lucy is a very lovely woman. I didn't see her very often but whenever I did I couldn't stop having fantasies about fucking her. She is divorced and I can't understand why she is still single. She is thirty four years old with a gorgeous body and long blonde hair and she dresses in a style that really turns me on; high heels and short dresses, wow! When she was last at our place I was sitting on a sofa opposite her and Nelly. She had a very short skirt on and she had her long, tanned legs slightly apart as they chatted together. I was pretending to read a newspaper and I had such a hard-on as I looked at her. I kept getting glimpses of her white panties. How I would have loved to take them off and suck her pussy.

Lucy arrived at our house at around six p.m. She had been up at three in the morning, driven more than five hundred miles and was pretty tired. We went out for dinner and she had changed into a white dress which was low cut and gave me a nice view of her full breasts. As I walked behind her into the restaurant I gazed at her firm tight ass and imagined getting my face between the cheeks. I knew what I was going to do the next day and I had an erection all through dinner.

I got up early and made breakfast and Nelly said that she was going to show Lucy around the town. She asked if I wanted to come with them but I declined, saying that I had a headache and preferred to stay home. In actual fact, it wasn't my head that was aching, it was my balls! I was going to find Lucy's panties as soon as they were gone and I was going to relieve all my frustrations!

When they had driven off I did the washing up and then went into Lucy's bedroom. It didn't take me long to find a plastic bag in the cupboard which contained her bra and a pair of cream colored panties. I examined the bra and licked my tongue around in the cups, imagining I was licking her nipples. I had a huge erection and my cock started to throb when I took her panties and looked at them. They were small with lace around the top. I stroked the thin, silky fabric and looked inside. There were stains on the gusset; yellow at the thin end and brown at the other end. Not surprising when you think that Lucy had been wearing these panties for around fifteen hours and driven miles and miles on a hot day. I wondered how many times she had stopped for a pee and maybe a poop?

I would give anything to suck Lucy's cunt and lick her ass but it wasn't possible. However, this was the next best thing.

I sniffed the gusset. Oh my God, the perfume of Lucy's most intimate parts was absolutely delicious! The pee stains smelled bitter and a little higher up I could smell the slightly fishy odour of her pussy. Then the smell of her ass was exciting too. I looked at the poop stains and thought about how the gusset had been forced up tight against her asshole for hours on end.

I took my clothes off and put the panties on. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself wearing the pretty woman's dirty panties. They were small and my hard cock stuck out way above the top. I caressed my balls through the soft, silky material and watched a large drop of precum slowly drip down my cockhead and run down onto the panties. Lucy has been wearing these, I said to myself, these panties have been round her sweet pussy and her ass and now they are mine.

I took them off and lay down on Lucy's bed. I wrapped them around my cock and started to masturbate. The feeling of her silky smooth panties on my penis was exquisite. Then I licked the gusset. The pee stains tasted sharp. How I would have loved to be able to suck Lucy's pussy. I imagined that she was squatting over my face and I had my tongue inside her. I was soon going to come and so I held the gusset to my nose and breathed in the wonderful smell as I jacked off. I shot a big load of cum onto my belly and chest. This was one of the best wanks I had ever had. I cleaned myself up and put the panties back in the plastic bag and replaced it in the cupboard.

During the week that Lucy spent with us I sniffed her panties almost every day; this was a vacation to be remembered.

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