tagNonHumanLuftwaffe Wolf Ch. 04

Luftwaffe Wolf Ch. 04


Here is another Chapter for everyone :Þ


Chapter Four: Into the Dungeon.

Lissia was angry at her sire, how could he embarrass her like that in front of everyone! She was so angry that she did not take any notice of where she ran to until she bumped into a large barrel chest, "I'm sorry," she apologised as she picked herself up off the ground.

"Don't be," Vulferam smiled down at her as he offered her his hand. Lissia was stunned at what had happened, she had run into the one person she wanted to be near. "What is wrong?"

She felt a stab of pain at what had just occurred in the major's office, "Have you ever been betrayed by someone you trusted?"

"I left my family," he reminisced sadly, "I was the one who done the hurting. I am sure my mother would have been heart broken."

"How would you feel if your mother had disclosed a personal secret with others?" She asked him quietly so the other prisoners could not hear.

"Probably the same as you feel right now," he pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head, "It was that Tristan, wasn't it."

Lissia nodded, "He is my sire, he is like a father to me and he told Alec and Gabe about us last night."

Vulferam growled, "He hurt you?" his grip on her increased.

"Vulferam you're hurting me," she told him, "But don't let go." She buried her face into his chest.

He had the overwhelming urge to protect his beautiful vampire and avenge her pain but her request for him not to let go sent his heart soaring. He guided her to a secluded corner of the garden and sat down under a tree and pulled her into his lap. "Don't cry beautiful Lissia," he soothed, "It pains me to see you so upset." He pulled a handkerchief out from her pocked and dabbed her tears away, "Do you need to blow your nose?"

The vampiress laughed and rested her head on his shoulder, "We've cleared out the cellar for you whilst you change."

"Thank you," he said laying his head on hers, "It would be the first time I will be out of the way, so I will not harm anyone." He sounded pleased, "Will I have bedding and food down there?"

"I will make sure of it," she nuzzled into his neck and took a deep breath, "I love the way you smell," she thought aloud wrapping her arms around his chest.

Vulferam groaned as she pressed against him, "I like the way you smell too," he responded, "Something I will never get tired of." He gave a small chortle, "And it's getting stronger."

The vampire could feel her sadness ebb away and desire quickly flowing in to replace it, an irrational need to take Vulferam right here under the tree grew exponentially. Before she knew it she was unbuttoning his shirt to touch his skin to run her fingers through the blond hair of his chest. She crushed her lips against his in a ferocious kiss.

The wolf liked where this was going, Lissia's explorative fingers rousing him to the heights of arousal he could only feel with her. His own hands began to lift her blouse to feel the smooth creamy skin of her waist then slid them down under her clothing to the soft curve of her delicious bottom. He wanted to do more, to rip her clothing completely away from her delectable body and ravish her right there.

"Vulferam," she moaned, "Vulferam, I love the sound of your name." His hands squeezed her soft buttocks and she moaned louder, "Yes! Touch me, make me yours."

Her words were his undoing, flipping her onto her back he tore her shirt open along with her brassier. He stopped to admire the perfection he saw in the delicate globes of her breasts, "You are perfect." He laid a kiss over her heart then rested his ear to listen to the rhythmic beating. "I never knew vampires had a heartbeat."

"All living things have a heartbeat," she sighed as he began to kiss her chest once more, flicking his tongue over the sensitive tips.

"I'm glad," he mumbled between teasing nibbles. She tasted as delicious as her scent and he wanted to taste more. He crawled over her, trailing his kisses up to her neck scrunching her skirt up as he nestled between her thighs.

"Yes," Lissia cried moving her body against his, "Take me!"

Vulferam growled possessively as he tore her underwear away and loosened his belt with the overpowering scent of her arousal hitting his nose with the force of a sledge hammer. "You are mine!" he roared as he lined up to take her body.

Their moment ruined once again by Tristan, "Don't you two think you should move out of view of the other prisoners?" He asked them.

Vulferam scanned the area and noticed a few pairs of eyes on them and he snarled at the voyeurs, covering Lissia with his body, "Leave!"

The prisoners left quickly leaving the three alone, "I would recommend that you dress and get inside," Tristan advised them. "It would be wise if you abstain from each others company for now." He turned his back to them to allow them to dress again, "At least until after your sabbatical during the full moon wolf."

Vulferam did not like being told what he could and could not have, neither did Lissia but both could understand the logic of the advice. The full moon was a day away and its influence was already beginning to effect the German wolf in his behaviour and emotions. He reached his hand out to Lissia, "I will not leave her side," the wolf stated sternly.

Tristan did not like this, his paternal instincts towards Lissia screamed for him to remove the girl from the wolf's side but something else lingered in the back of his mind. "You need to get inside now," Tristan felt old all of a sudden, like a father finding out his daughter was interested in boys. This was utterly ridiculous as she has been quite promiscuous in the past but always with humans and never for too long as he assumed that she never believed in love. The look in her eyes now spoke that was no longer the case.

"I will talk to you later, Tristan," Lissia glared and moved to leave with Vulferam, still holding his hand.


Both Lissia and Vulferam felt frustrated, neither of them wanted to go their separate ways but knew that Lissia had a job to do. Vulferam had walked with the beautiful vampire to her office door and pushed her up against it, "I will be waiting for you," he whispered in her ear.

Lissia wound her arms around his chest and nuzzled into his neck, "Meet me by the cellar later," she pleaded, "I will deal with my patients as quickly as possible."

"Good," he lifted her lips to his and kissed her tenderly, "I love you."

She was sure her heart stopped at those words, the honesty behind them filled her with both fear and elation. He loved her and did not hesitate to say so. She remembered to breath when Vulferam's eyes grew concerned, "You love me," she did not need to ask or sound unsure, she felt it like a warm blanket wrapping around her.

He nodded and kissed her again, "Yes," that single word was whispered against Lissia's lips making her shiver with delight. He waited for her to reciprocate but none came only her eyes wide in astonishment. He smiled as he had affectively silenced her with his heartfelt words. A day ago he just felt relief at not fighting now those thoughts were a world away and his mind was now focused on making a life with this delectable vampire. Never before had he ever felt the need to settle down and make a home, now he did and it was an euphoric feeling. He wanted a normal life with all the trimmings, if it was possible, he had no idea if they could have a family but he would definitely give it a good shot. The image of his vampire impaled on his body as he drives her into madness with his relentless thrusts had him grinning wide.

As though reading his thoughts, Lissia had wrapped her legs around his waist and ground herself against him purring with impassioned lust. "Say it again," she sighed, "Tell me that you want me, that you love me." She pulled his lips to hers in a hungry kiss that had the wolf growling like a ravenous animal.

"I love you," he moaned, "I need you." He did, right there in the hall. He found his hands moving much like they did in the garden, finding their way under the off white blouse to the creamy flesh underneath.

"Vulferam," Lissia gasped, "We can't! Not here!" Vulferam paused and retreated slightly, stealing another kiss. "I have to get my work done, then I will let you have your wicked, wicked way with me."

The wolf sighed and pressed his body to hers, "And you will let me do anything?" He asked suggestively.

"Anything," she smirked cheekily, "Everything ... all night!"

He released her, "Tonight, every night, I will take you to brink of ecstasy and make you forget ever lover you ever had." With a final kiss he left her in the hall.

"I already have."


Tristan felt confused, what could make his progeny act so out of character? Was the wolf also gifted in the arts of a mage? Had he bewitched Lissia? The vampire was so caught up in his train of thought that he did not hear Gabriel enter the priest's room.

"Something on your mind, father?" Gabe asked.

Tristan did not stop his pacing, "In all the years since I rescued her, not once has she been so ... so ..." The vampire was more pale than usual, "I caught her in the garden with the wolf in a compromising position."

Gabe's jaw dropped, "No!" he cried in disbelief.

"I just don't understand it," Tristan slumped into his armchair, "She has never been this obsessed over anyone."

Gabe wanted to comfort Tristan but was too shocked at the revelation of Lissia's actions, "What possessed her to act so wantonly?"

"I do not know," he sighed, "It is like she has been cursed. I believed that the wolf is a mage or something akin to it, but I have not known mages and weres to interbreed."

"Maybe they are mates," Gabe announced dejectedly, "That is the only explanation."

"Mates?" Tristan questioned, "Like destiny and all that?"

Gabriel began to pace now, "Some species are designed to seek out their genetic equal and opposite but there is also an underlying trait that is not easily explained, they seek someone who is compatible with their personality."

"It sounds like a perfect match is guaranteed," Tristan remarked dryly, "Vampires have a name for that, soul mates and each vampire hopes to find their match. But it does not promise happiness."

"Do all vampires react so miserably when they think about their soul mate?"

"It varies from person to person," Tristan explained, "Vampires by nature are polygamous so soul mates tend to fight frequently over jealousy."

"That doesn't sound like soul mates," Gabe commented, "It sounds more like choosing a verbal sparring partner for life."

"Which is why I never thought Lissia would ever fall into that trap," The priest felt the weight in his heart, "I'm scared for her."

"I understand," Gabe nodded, "Is there anything I can do?"

Tristan shook his head, "I think she may be ready to move on."


Alec pulled the communication scroll out of his desk draw along with a quill and began to write to the farming community of Starlight, tended to by a herd of bovine shifters. He asked for meat, specifically a whole mutton carcass for their guest's duration in the cellar and anything else they could give for the family who had helped him.

The letters appeared as though someone was writing them in the room, 'We have several turkeys, a side of beef and some smoked bacon to spare, will that suffice?'

Alec grinned and replied, 'More than enough. Thank you.'

'Will deliver tonight in the usual place.' The usual place was the cellar of the King's Head Inn which was run by a widowed succubus who had a knack of keeping the local police focused on her when any supplies arrived. From there the supplies were distributed by her children to the recipients around town.

Alec stretched and leaned back in his chair feeling good about himself, yes he missed seeing his family but the thought of a good deed for the lonely couple made his day. Yes, today felt good and there was nothing that could ruin it.

The calm was short lived as an urgent knocking rapped on his office door and one of the guards poked his head in, "Sir, we have a problem."


Vulferam had joined the other prisoners in the mess hall, somewhat reluctantly, to play cards to pass the time. His body may have been in the large hall with the other POWs but his mind was elsewhere. Normally he would have caught on that the others at his table were cheating but he could not care less, only the sight of Lissia's lust filled eyes occupied his thoughts at that moment.

"Captain Tresler," one of the other men at the table called, "What is the fun of cheating if you don't react to it."

Vulferam blinked to find that he had lost another hand, "Sorry, I was thinking about something."

"You mean someone," one of the other men smirked, "Like a particularly tasty English doctor?" The men at the table chuckled, "We heard about what happened in the garden."

Vulferam growled at the suggestive tone of the man's voice, "I would leave Lissia out of this conversation if I were you."

The man laughed, "You speak as though she belongs to you," he licked his lips and moved in closer, "You are not the only prisoner to have tasted her body, she likes new meat."

Tresler was snarling now, "Shut your mouth now, that is no way to talk about a lady!"

The man snorted, "I doubt she ever was a lady with the things she can do with her mouth I would say she was a professional whore ..." his declaration cut short with a fist to the mouth.

Vulferam had pounced on the man and proceeded to attack him for the insults he had given his Lissia. He had landed on the man with great force and Vulferam felt several of his ribs give way. He repeatedly punched the man in the face when three guards grabbed him from behind and hurled him of the now bloody and beaten man, "Right you!" The elder guard yelled, "You're off to the Major!"

Vulferam threw the men off and went to attack the man again, "Easy big guy," another guard tried to calm Vulferam down by standing between him and the offending man bleeding on the floor. The wolf wanted the man dead for being so disrespectful and just swatted the guard out of the way.

"Vulferam!" Gabe called as he entered quickly after hearing the commotion from down the hall. He did not need to see what was happening or who was involved to know who was the centre of the conflict, "Do you think Lissia would be happy that you killed one of her patients?"

He backed down, "I would do nothing to upset her," the captain declared visibly calming. He was quickly grabbed again and led out of the room leaving Gabe to take the poor injured man to the infirmary.


The vampiress sat at her desk with a tray of blood tests from the prisoners who had fallen sick over the last few weeks. She picked up one sample and drank it like a shot of alcohol and waited, when nothing happened she filled in the report that the patient was fine and moved on to the next. Truth be told Lissia had never sent any of the samples to the pathologist for testing, why would she when she could tell exactly what was wrong with the patient just from her body's reaction to it. For any viral condition she gets a brief hot flush, bacterial infections gives a hint of nausea, any form of cancer makes her feel stiff and sore. So far only a couple of the men had influenza but that was about it. Treating them was simple, a drop of her blood in with a 'vitamin injection' to help them manage the illness. It would work that way with all human ailments, however the treating of potentially fatal diseases and conditions must be left alone for the sake of the immortal community.

Her report writing was stopped when the door opened and closed quietly, "Just take a seat and I'll be with you in a moment," she automatically said without looking up.

"I think he could use help sooner than that," Gabe's worry stained tone ripped Lissia away from her work.

"Shit!" she cried and dove to the man's side, "What happened?"

"Your boyfriend beat me up," the patient moaned.

Lissia looked up at Gabe who confirmed the statement with a nod, "I don't know exactly what happened but the dear captain lost his temper in a spectacularly violent way." The vampire reached for the medication in the top cupboard, a nice strong dose of morphine to relax the patient and then she would knock him out to heal him. "Did you even get your medical licence?" Gabriel asked her as he watched her work.

Once the man was under she shook her head, "No need to, I have had plenty experience with human anatomy over the years and I can heal any illness or injury with a few drops of my blood."

"You fraud," Gabe chuckled as he helped Lissia change the patient into something more appropriate for his recovery.

"Yes but the paperwork is really simple to fake so why not?" she retorted with a grin, "Anyway, I have had much more experience with the human body than any of the doctors alive."

"Orgies don't count, Lis," Gabe smirked.

The mention of orgies had her determination to remain professional for the day crumble into the memory of Vulferam on her examination table, naked and begging for attention. How she regretted not acting on her desires the previous evening to take the delectable wolf when he so mischievously suggested it.

"Lissia? Are you alright?" Gabe called her out of her daydream.

The doctor blinked and shook her head, "Sorry, I just zoned out."

Gabriel looked concern, "Lis, you've been motionless for ten minutes."

"Really?" She asked with disbelief, "But I could have sworn that it was only a moment."

"You should get back to work," the cherub said, turning his attention to the unconscious man on the examination table, "Won't he be waking up soon?"

"Not with what I gave him," she admitted, "There was a dash of morphii blood in the morphine."

"Blood from a dream demon? Where did you get that from?"

"I have my ways," Lissia said flatly as she began to withdraw a syringe of her own blood to inject into the patient, "Anyway I need him out until a suitable amount of time has passed for his recovery so not to draw attention." She set the syringe on the table and checked that the broken ribs were in the correct positions and his nose and cheek bone would heal fine, "Okay, here it goes." She bandaged him up and injected her blood.

"How long should this take?"

"Not long but he will be out for over a week," she began, "Don't worry, he'll be fine because of my blood," she added at the concern etched on Gabe's face. "Now I must check on my other patient."

"He's not injured," Gabe informed her, but she had already left.


His blood had now cooled and now Vulferam felt the weight of guilt at attacking a man who only wanted to share some friendly banter, he stood before Alec and accepted the full force of his lecture of keeping their existence secret and the responsibility to all their kind to keep it that way.

"What do you have to say for your self?" Alec demanded when he had finished his tirade.

"I apologise for my actions," Vulferam uttered in an embarrassed whisper, "I do not know what came over me." He felt ashamed, what kind of man attacks another over a suggestive comment? An unsubstantiated one at that.

"That makes two of us," Alec walked around from behind his desk, "You are too dangerous to leave with the other prisoners." The swan sighed, "I will need to place you in the cellar for solitary confinement, until your wolf can calm."

Vulferam nodded, "I understand," the wolf was humbled. He had thought the same thing, he should be isolated from the others to keep them safe particularly his Lissia. "I will go there now, if I can be shown the way."

Alec felt sorry for the big man, after the short amount of time he had spent there he had become quite attached to the vampiress. Had this been under more peaceful circumstances he dared to believe the two of them would bond as life mates. He hoped that the war would end soon to give the two lovers a chance, maybe that would ease the stress Vulferam was experiencing. "I will have someone take you there shortly," Alec announced, "I am sorry but it needs to be done." Within a few minutes a guard entered to take Vulferam to the cellar, "I am so sorry," Alec repeated himself as Vulferam walked away. He hated to admit it but the German Werewolf was growing on him, he could not blame the man for attacking his fellow prisoner for offending the object of his desires for Alec would have done the same thing if someone had offended his mate in such a way. Alec more than anyone understood the need to protect ones love and he had on more than one occasion and his protective nature towards her only increased since they had their brood of cygnets nearly eighty years ago.

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