tagInterracial LoveLuke Powers: Black Master Pt. 06

Luke Powers: Black Master Pt. 06


"Wrecked Wedding Night, Wrecked Rectum"

Bunni and Chet's wedding had been crashed by a large, black man that Chet had mistaken for the limo driver. Everyone was shocked when Luke loudly objected to the union of Chet and Bunni on the grounds that "a fine piece of ass like that deserves better than that pencildick bitch!" But Chet's groomsmen assumed it was all a prank one of them had pulled on Chet and laughed it off.

Everyone was a bit surprised when Luke showed up at the wedding reception as well. Especially once Chet and his groomsmen talked and none of them could figure out who the rather rude and rather large black guy was. When Luke stole the seat next to the bride and started talking her up, Chet started to get a little peeved. But he didn't want to ruin the reception - Bunni's parents had invested an obscene sum in the affair and all of their country club friends were in attendance.

So it was with horror that Bunni's parents watched Luke take the first dance with the bride on the dancefloor. And not just any dance, but a very intimate, dirty dance. His hands were all over her, grabbing at her ass and kneading it like dough as he whispered who-knew-what kinds of depravities in her ear.

Chet was incensed, now. Who was this guy and how dare he besmirch their special day like this?! Was he some drunk with nothing better to do? Some homeless guy in a nice suit? And why was it that the more champagne Bunni drank, the less she seemed to be resisting Luke's rude advances?

Finally, Chet's best man couldn't take it anymore. Dirk was always a bit of a hothead, and he was Bunni's big brother. He strode out onto the balcony where Luke was feeding Bunni some wedding cake by making her suck it off his middle finger and tapped Luke brusquely on the shoulder.

Before he could even get his confrontational words out, Luke froze him in the sort of "angry black man" glare that made most well-off white guys like Dirk cross the street in the city. Luke grabbed the offending hand, twisted Dirk easily like a ragdoll and tossed him into the pool. All without taking his other hand's middle finger out between Bunni's sucking lips.

After that, nobody much felt like confronting Luke and he only got bolder. When Luke took Chet's place during the bridal garter toss, Chet was pretty sure Luke reached up way further than he needed to in order to find the garter. It seemed like it took him a long time to find the garter and even Bunni seemed to be getting uncomfortable. She was shifting in her seat as Luke felt around, then jumped sharply and started sweating and getting flush. She grunted a few times as Luke seemed to be roughly poking around trying to find the garter. When it seemed like Bunni couldn't take it anymore, Luke suddenly pulled his hand out with the garter. Bunni looked surprised and, Chet noticed with a bit of confusion... frustrated? Luke threw the garter and Chet caught it. It was sopping wet, probably from all the sweat produced by the constant and energetic dancing Bunni had been doing all night with Luke. Chet looked over at Bunni and she was sucking on his fingers again, but Chet had no idea why - there was no cake on them this time. He was really confused.

The night went on and now the dances were getting downright raunchy, with Bunni grinding her ass in Luke's crotch while his large black hands mauled her bountiful breasts. Everyone, including Chet, could clearly see the massive tentpole straining the zipper of Luke's dress pants.

The rest of the wedding guests had gone and the only people left were the DJ, Chet and Luke and Bunni, on the dance floor. It was the last song, a slow love song. Luke and Bunni were dancing face-to-face with his hands on her ass, her hands on his and his tongue down her throat. He was grinding his hard-on against her belly and she was gyrating her hips.

Finally, the DJ wrapped things up and Luke and Bunni came off the dance floor. Luke left and Bunni came over to Chet.

"Ready for our Honeymoon, baby?" She sang sweetly.

Chet couldn't believe it was over, just like that. He assented weakly and rose to take her hand and walk with her to the limo.

When they arrived at the hotel, Bunni seemed quite excited. They had only made small talk on the ride over, talking about how beautiful the service was, the nice weather they had and how yummy the cake had been. Bunni never mentioned Luke and Chet wasn't about to bring it up himself.

The limo driver let them out and got their bags. Chet and Bunni got to the Honeymoon Suite - they had it rented out for two weeks - and Chet unlocked the door. He turned to pick up Bunni and carry her across the threshold, but she instead turned to the limo driver, who picked her up instead!

For the first time, Chet looked up at the Limo driver's face and saw it was Luke! Luke shoved Chet aside through the door to the suite and carried Bunni over the threshold into the bedroom and threw her on the bed. Chet followed, dumbfounded. He watched in impotent paralysis as Luke held Bunni face down, grabbed her wedding dress by the seams and literally RIPPED it off of her! Yanking and pulling with no regard for the expense of the exquisite satin and taffeta white gown, no concern for Chet and Bunni's possible desires to have it as a keepsake of their union for all time, and certainly no concern for Bunni as he yanked and pulled, contorting her poor limbs this way and that. Then he tore off her bra and her lacy white underwear, grabbing it from the back and ripping it from between her thighs. She struggled as he did this crying "Ow! ow!" but he shut her up by giving her several sharp open-palmed SMACKs on her ass reverberating loudly around the room and leaving large red handprints that covered her entire cheek.

When he was done, she lay there exhausted and sweaty, roughed up and sore. She looked back over her shoulder at him as he stood back up by the side of the bed. Chet thought she would be livid, furious at Luke for destroying her dress and treating her so brutishly, but she had an entirely different expression on her face than he expected. It looked more wild, wide-eyed and primal. She was heaving and had her eyes locked on his. Somehow she looked both challenging and submissive.

Chet spoke up and broke the tension, "See here, now, um, driver, I don't think that was necessary! I think we won't be needing you anymore tonight, and I intend to lodge a complaint with the service..."

Chet barely managed to eke out the end of the sentence as Luke had turned his gaze on him and Chet felt his courage drain away. He considered reaching for his wallet to offer the man a tip, hoping it might make him go away, but now Bunni spoke.

"Well, don't just stand there, honey," her demeanor had completely changed, now she was all sunny and bubbly again, "Get naked! We've got some celebrating to do!" Bunni chirped as Luke stood at the bed, watching. Chet felt very self-conscious, but did as she said. He took everything off except his boxer shorts and his bow tie which she instructed him to keep on because it was "cute".

She pulled him over to the bed and yanked off his boxer shorts to his surprise. His small, skinny, pale penis hung flaccid from his patch of blonde pubic hair, barely peeking out. With the bizarre conditions, he couldn't bring himself to be aroused.

Bunni's eyes opened wide and she gasped. Luke chuckled. Chet tried to protest, but Bunni cut him off.

"I've HEARD of micropenises, but I've never seen one before!" she exclaimed to Chet's utter horror. Bunni couldn't believe it was so small. That's what she got for saving herself for marriage, he should have told her about this! That's not fair to her. Chet argued that it wasn't THAT small!

Bunni disagreed and asked Luke if he could show his, for comparison, to see if Chet was right. Luke happily obliged and got COMPLETELY naked himself (which was completely unnecessary, Chet thought). When his soda-can-thick 12-inch monster flopped out of his pants and swung down and smacked obscenely against his muscular thigh, Chet thought he was going to faint. Bunni let out an audible squeal and couldn't take her eyes off of the ebony monster dangling pendulously before them.

"Well, I guess that settles THAT debate!" she rasped.

Chet felt very uncomfortable now, but Bunni took control. She told him he might still be good for something and had him lie down on the bed with his head near the edge and his feet toward the headboard. She then squatted over him facing him, with her cunt in his face. "Let's see if your tongue can reach places your little dickie can't!"

She settled her wet pussy over Chet's mouth and he obliged her, licking away and tasting her for the first time. She was sweet and clean-tasting. Bunni moaned and began to gyrate a little. She closed her eyes and licked her lips, he head falling back. Chet finally felt a stirring in his loins and completely forgot about Luke as he felt his wedding night had, at last, begun in earnest.

But he made the mistake of opening his eyes. Not only was Luke still there, but he was standing extremely close, his massive black cock dangling mere inches from Chet's face as he watched Chet eating Bunni out. Luke's eyes hungrily leered at the moaning and squirming bride, running his gaze up and down her toned curves, he skin covered in a sheen of perspiration. Her perfect breasts rising and falling with her heavy breathing. She opened her eyes and locked them with Luke. As they glared at each other, she began to grind her cunt into Chet's mouth harder and harder, faster and faster. Chet's heart began to beat so hard he could feel it. This wasn't going to end well, he thought.

Suddenly, Bunni began bucking and convulsing. Chet could taste her wetness really flowing now and watched as all the muscles up and down her torso rippled. She reached out and grabbed Luke by the neck and came with a vengeance in Chet's mouth. Chet lapped and licked obediently as she flooded his mouth with her juices. Luke and Bunni's faces were as close as they could be without kissing and she smiled.

Bunni let Luke go and rose up off of Chet, his face soaked with her cum. Chet went to sit up, but she held him down, "whoa, whoa, stay right there," she said as she turned around, sitting over him again, but now facing away with her ass in his face.

"Let's see what that tongue of yours can do with THIS end!" She teased as she lowered her asshole onto his mouth. Chet was shocked at what she was suggesting, but did as she wanted. He was fully in her sway, now, and was powerless beneath her. He flicked his tongue along her chocolate starfish, taking a few tentative little tastes. She cooed and, encouraged, he wriggled his well-lubricated tongue into her quivering anus only to be rewarded with a rude-sounding and foul-tasting fart that made Luke chuckle and Bunni giggle. But Chet was not dissuaded, in fact he felt a sense of accomplishment as he pushed his tongue in further and she sighed and gyrated her hips on his face. As he darted his tongue in-and-out, tasting her salty insides, he watched as she reached back and pulled Luke towards her. She leaned back against his broad, sweaty chest and used him as leverage to grind her ass down on Chet's face.

"Wow, honey, how long IS that tongue of yours?" Bunni marveled as she felt the wriggling protuberance massaging her anal cavity.

"Shit, homeboy's a real Roto-Rooter up in there, ain't he?" Luke mused.

"MMm, yeah, he's really digging around up in my dirty little pooper!" Bunni giggled, then moaned as Chet hit a sensitive spot, "Oh, that feels GOOD, honey..." she started breathing heavier and wrapped her arm back around Luke's thick, trunklike neck.

Chet soaked up the encouragement and thrust his tongue deeper and waggled it more vigorously causing Bunni to let out a little yelp, "OH! He's REALLY in there!"

"My man's diggin' for gold, yo," Luke joked.

"Mmm, careful, sweetie, you go any further and you might find a little butt-muffin in the oven waiting for you!" Bunni gave a little "tee-hee" at her own clever quip and adjusted herself, getting comfortable for what seemed like was going to be a marathon rim job.

Chet pressed on with his industrious reaming of his wife's finely toned keister. His tongue drilled deeper and deeper into her bunghole, loosening up her sphincter and cleaning her out thoroughly. Chet surprised even himself - he had no idea his tongue was so long or so dexterous! She had been right; his tongue WAS good for something! He felt his tiny dick get hard and rise up to its full height of nearly 3 and a half inches. It hurt it was so hard, but his arms were pinned up by her strong thighs - he couldn't reach down to pleasure himself.

Bunni noticed his arousal, "Oh, look!" she said it a mocking lilt, "his widdle teeny weenis is getting hard, how cute!" She flicked his nub of a dick with her finger. It stung, but he sprung back, undaunted. "I think he LIKES the idea of eating from my ass! You'd like that, wouldn't you dear? You want Mommy to bake you a nice, hot, steaming brownie? Are you a hungry widdle birdie, Chettie?" she teased in an artificially sweet, high voice as she pinched and tweaked his miniscule excuse for manhood.

"You BAD, girl," Luke chortled, shaking his head.

Chet enjoyed the attention she was giving him and worked ever more diligently at drilling his tongue inside his newlywed wife's quivering asshole. Maybe if he pleased her in this way, she would return the favor...

Above him, Luke was now reaching around Bunni with both arms, molesting her tits - one huge boob in each of his massive, muscular black hands. Chet could see the sinews of his forearms coiling and writing like snakes under his silky dark brown skin as he worked her finely-molded orbs of flesh.

Bunni had reached back and pulled Luke's head to hers, her head turned back to meet his and they were locked in a passionate, deep French kiss. She was moaning and groaning into his mouth, writhing in pleasure from the sensations all over her body, tongue probing her from one end of her digestive tract to the other! She was in pure bliss.

As Chet's tongue worked overtime probing her bowels, she reached back with her one free hand and grabbed Luke's prodigious, throbbing prick. It was pulsating and engorged, the veins popping out all over it. She stroked it and the angle it was at put it directly over Chet's face. He had a perfect view of it as she massaged and squeezed it. Her ministrations milked a few drops of precum from the large, purplish mushroom-like head and they fell from the cock onto her ass. Chet watched as they rolled, as if in slow-motion, down her cheeks, disappearing into her ass-crack, running down to her well-oiled asshole and into his mouth! Even though his mouth was filled with the tastes of all the bodily fluids that had been running copiously into it until now, he could clearly taste this new addition to the mixture. It was salty, but sweet as well. He was revolted by the thought (if not by the taste), but there was nothing he could do about it.

Then Bunni did the thing Chet thought wasn't possible. She reached back with both hands and spread her tight, muscular asscheeks completely apart so that her asshole was now literally inside his mouth! His tongue slid another three inches into her ass. She shook with ecstasy at the sensation and groaned "oh, FUCK yes!"

She leaned forward, and told Chet to keep his tongue in her ass as deep as he could. He obeyed and could now see his tongue inside her - it must have been in there about 5 or 6 inches. It WAS longer than his dick! He had been blessed with a tongue that would have given Gene Simmons a run for his money! Somehow, he felt like this made him more of a man (it didn't).

Then the shock came. Luke's throbbing, veiny, ebony cock cast a shadow over Chet's head and he looked up to see it coming, ramming speed, for Bunni's sopping-wet, slightly gaping asshole! Chet had no time to react, Luke's dick shoved into her tight butthole with surprising speed, using his own tongue as a kind of shoehorn! Bunni made the most bizarre sound - like a mixture between a groan and an exhale and a scream - a deep, guttural, animal sound like her breath had been forcefully SHOVED out of her.

She grabbed her asscheeks harder and spread them even further, pushing them back against Luke as he shoved the full length of his powerful, fever-hot rod into her hungry butt. Chet's tongue was trapped inside by the motion and the friction and the pressure. Her surprisingly strong rectal muscles contracted eagerly around the invading monster, pulling both it and Chet's tongue deeper inside her insatiably.

Luke's heavy, slimy balls settled across the bridge of Chet's nose as the black goliath finally bottomed-out in Bunni's quivering, shaking buttocks - she moaned like a woman giving birth and he grabbed her by the jaw, pulled her face around to meet his and rammed his tongue down her throat.

It was all Chet could to do hang onto Bunni's ass as the rodeo show began. Luke hammered her shithole like a piston at full power - his almighty Big Black Cock was like an unstoppable freight train driving the Excrement Express! His driving meat was a rock-hard fudgepacker doing 100 on the Hershey highway... and it was hitting the drive-through at the Bugger King with each trip! The mighty cockhead of Luke's massive tool was churning up the contents of Bunni's guts and chunks of Bunni's turds were being yanked from her deepest nether regions to be deposited on Chet's tongue then smushed all along its considerable length. Luke's Chet could taste every bit of the pilfered fecal matter and it made him gag uncontrollably. Not that either Bunni or Luke noticed in the slightest. He was nothing but a lubricant to the two lust-fueled animals grunting and grasping and fucking in their obscene anal wrestling match above him.

The anal pounding went on and on - Luke punished Bunni's battered poopchute like it owed him money. Chet thought his tongue was going to get rubbed raw by the friction, but there was so much shit coating his tongue that it protected his tongue and kept it from going numb as well. Meaning he could taste everything Bunni had eaten in the past day (he swore he could taste their wedding cake - which really was quite delicious). The excess excrement was starting to liquefy and run down his tongue and into his mouth. He could feel it pooling against the back of this mouth at the opening to his throat. There was nothing he could do about it. He tried to prevent it, but instinctually, his swallow reflex kicked in and he drank down the liquid crap concoction.

Chet couldn't believe Bunni's anus could take such severe abuse! A full foot of wrought-iron, flaming hot Alabama black snake the width of Chet's ARM was plunging into her cute little tushie to the HILT at a rate of something like a hundred times a minute! Chet remembered the first time he saw Bunni at the cotillion, it was from behind and the first thing he admired about her was her tight, round, petite derriere. Now it was spread open like a well-read cheap paperback and her formerly dainty, feminine little rosebud was now stretched out like a showercap stretched over a bowling ball! Luke's shaft was delving into the depths of her shitter with such determination it was as if it was drilling for black gold... or brown gold, as it happened to be.

Sweat poured off the two writhing, muscular figures, joined at the mouth and hips like some sort of obscene Siamese twins, seemingly inseparable. They pulled and groped at each other with savage passion, their tongues twisted and thrusted in each other's mouths as if trying to consume the other's lust orally. Both of their well-toned bodies convulsed and rocked in a lusty tempo, the muscles in their buttocks and thighs dancing in a particularly dynamic way - like coils of snakes fighting beneath ebony and ivory satin sheets.

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