Luke Powers: Black Master Pt. 06


Bunni had never felt so full and so helpless and overpowered in her life. It was like nothing she'd ever imagined. She felt as though she had regressed down the evolutionary ladder to the lowest of beasts, taking the dominant bull's phallus inside her any way he wanted to give it to her. She was helpless, bound by his sinewy, strapping arms, held fast by his vice-like, meaty hands and skewered upon his irrepressible, Herculean masculinity, thrusting into her with a carnal bestiality. If her mouth covered, she'd be howling!

Every muscle in the two feral fornicators was flexing and undulating and throbbing in a rhythm as old and primitive as man itself. Chet couldn't help but admire the beauty of the epic copulating he was honored enough to be a part of, in some small way. Here were two perfect specimens of the species doing exactly what mammals had been bred to do for millions of years, and doing it incredibly well. Well, except for the whole "using the wrong hole" thing. Speaking of which, his entire tongue was now coated with Bunni's stolen stool. He'd never get that taste out of his mouth, he felt.

Chet felt the lover's embrace change - a stiffening, a shifting of weight, a new urgency arising in their bodies. He heard their vocalizations getting louder, shorter, sharper. This was it. He'd never had sex with, well, anyone before, but he'd jerked off enough to know when an orgasm was building up. And the way these two had been going, this seemed like this was going to be one for the ages. As the two gripped each other even tighter, as their tongues probed ever wilder and deeper, he felt he should do his part, however minor. He had left his tongue to rest beneath Luke's cock along the bottom of Bunni's anal wall for the whole fucking, but now he moved it about, left and right licking both Luke's shaft and Bunni's rectum, flicking the tip of his tongue up and down to stimulate the two entwined lovers.

That did it. It was the drop that broke the dam. Luke grabbed Bunni's hips with both of his massive hands and simultaneously yanked her back towards him violently and rammed his colossal man muscle forward with tremendous force, plunging into the stygian depths of her bowels, to her very core. Bunni screamed into Luke's mouth, unable to withhold the exquisite pain and excruciating pleasure this sensation ignited in her. She bucked like a wild mare on his untamed beast of a cock, riding his vigorous, bruising assault with perfect counter-humps, impaling herself ever deeper on his throbbing, pulsating, swelling organ.

Luke pulled his head back and let out a roar that nearly split Chet's eardrums. It's deep, stentorian reverberation filled the bridal bedroom, vibrating the glass and shaking Bunni and Chet to the bone. He EXPLODED inside Bunni and with the sensation of the first, forceful, hot shower of black man's jizz splashing against the inside of her belly, Bunni came too, in a torrent of cuntjuice and piss, all over Chet's chest and neck, soaking their honeymoon bed and staining it yellow irrevocably. She came not in waves, but in tsunamis of pure rapture, an electrical charge of pure ecstasy coursing through her entire body from the tip of Luke's cock down to every nerve ending in her fingers, toes and scalp.

Luke's fully-engorged prick pulsated with bestial heat and force against Chet's tongue as he felt the powerful gushes of heavy man-cream shooting down its impressive length and deep into his newlywed wife's guts. He could only imagine how much ball-lava was being pumped out of this erupting phallic volcano - he counted no less than 9 or 10 blistering dick-loads being pumped into his bride's inundated intestines... before it began to overflow and run back down her tail pipe and over Chet's tongue.

The hot, thick, salty man seed poured down his shit-stained tongue, mixing with the excreta to make a sickly brown, viscous admixture that drained into his gaping mouth and down his throat. He didn't even try to stop it, he simply swallowed it down and accepted this gift - this combination of bodily contents from both of the lovers using him - churned together by their passion and deposited in him to ingest and make a part of him forever. He now belonged to them, inside and out.

After about 4 or 5 more sizable spurts, Luke's deluge of dicksauce finally abated. Chet had swallowed maybe 2 or 3 mouthfuls of shitjizz that had been squirted out down his tongue. Luke and Bunni quivered and shook, breathing heavily and embracing each other. Bunni, completely spent and exhausted, lay limp in her black god's virile and encompassing arms, prostate against the ebony Adonis' well-built chest. Her own breast heaving in synch with his.

They reposed in this way for some time, basking in the euphoric aftermath of their monumental anal debauchery, one for the ages to be sure.

Finally, the golden silence was broken, by Luke.

"I gotta take a piss," he said abruptly, "I ain't gone all fuckin' day and I drank way too fuckin' much for that."

Bunni giggled, gave him a kiss and leaned forward.

Luke looked down and saw Chet, with his tongue still up in Bunni's asshole and chuckled, "mm, that was GOOD... with the tongue up in there and everything?"

Bunni "mmmm"ed in agreement.

"I'm tellin' you, from now on, that's the ONLY way I'm gonna fuck a white bitch's ass - with her punk-ass faggot's tongue up in there!" Luke grinned broadly and Bunni laughed, her not-completely-destroyed anal muscles clenching with the laughter, squeezing another couple dollops of cumcrap into Chet's rank-smelling sewer of a mouth.

Slowly, inexorably, Luke still-impressive, semi-hard giant of a log slid out of her used, gaping anus, smearing yet more feces and spunk along Chet's flattened tongue as he did so. Bunni, leaning forward, exhaled in relief as if she was dropping the biggest load of her life.

"Damn, that's nasty," Luke said as he watched his own slimy, veiny tool slide out of Bunni's red and bruised back door. Finally, only the bulbous glans of his monster remained inside her orifice, held there by her stretched-out sphincter which had contracted to match the circumference of his shaft. Luke pulled but said he didn't want to tear her; she'd have to help and push, too. She strained and grunted and, with a combined effort, Luke's fat, pendulous, filthy cock finally popped out of her devastated fudge canal and smacked Chet right in the face and slid off, leaving a shit-slime smear down his cheek and brow.

Chet looked at Bunni's now fully-gaped anal opening. The entire passage was open and he could see a good several inches up it. It was an incredible sight, a scene of utter anal devastation. Not only had Luke wrecked their wedding night, he had wrecked Bunni's rectum for good, it appeared.

"Ewww, what's that smell?!" Bunni gagged.

"I ain't sure if that's you, or the punk boy, here, his mouth looks like a damn toilet!" Luke observed.

Suddenly there was an awful sound. Like something evil gurgling up from the depths of Hell. Something vile and obscene, glurping and schlupping, squelching and burping.

"What the fuck?" Luke muttered.

"Oh no-" Bunni exhaled, horrified, "I think that was ME!"

Suddenly, and without warning, before Chet could even process Bunni's last declaration, a flood of brown & cream-colored, viscous, boiling butt-splooge came shooting down Bunni's still-gaping, ruined anal passageway, over Chet's tongue and right into his mouth. Bunni looked back and saw the spectacle herself.

"Oh my GOD!!!"

Chet choked and gagged on the torrent of turd-stained jizz but Bunni thought quickly and sat back upright, sealing her anal ring over his mouth and reached back and squeezed his nostrils shut so he couldn't breathe. His eyes shot wide open, staring up at her in shock, trying to understand why she would do this to him.

"Drink it, you faggot!" She screamed at him as if he was an idiot, "Swallow all of your black master's precious gift! Don't you dare reject his seed, bitch!"

Chet looked at her, then to Luke who had a surprised, but vulgar grin on his face, then back at Bunni. She was dead serious. This was his new place now, and she was putting him in it. His mouth was full to the brim, now with this foul soup of black man's baby batter and liquefied shit - a special concoction that had been brewed deep within his new wife's bowels for him. He swallowed. He swallowed again and again and drank it all down obediently. Each swallow made an audible gulp and was so large it made his eyes water. With each swallow, Bunni's eyes opened wider and her scowl turned from anger to one of pure sadistic pervert's delight.

She waited until he seemed to run out, then let go of his nose to let him breathe, but only for a second. For she then strained, squinting her eyes some and wiggling as if to churn up some more of Luke's spunk from her bowels and squirt it down to Chet's mouth, which she did. Again it filled Chet's mouth, and again he swallowed it all. By the third time she was really digging deep, struggling and straining, flexing her abdomen and pushing hard. Suddenly a huge, load, pungent fart exploded from her asshole directly into Chet's mouth, echoing through his nose as it forced a spray of semen and snot from his nose onto Bunni's back.

"Oh my GOD, you dirty little SHIT!" she screamed and closed his nose back up, squeezing so tight it made him cry out into her ass. At that very moment, she pushed as hard as she could and a sudden look of surprise flashed across her face. Chet saw the look and knew it couldn't be good.

Almost instantly, a rushing, voluminous, soft turd came shooting out of Bunni's intestines, down her anal canal, over Chet's long tongue and straight into his gullet. Chet, having expected more jizz, was caught completely off guard and began to buck and jerk violently under Bunni. But Bunni was quick and stronger than she looked; she pinned him down and held him there as she shit straight into his mouth!

"OH FUCK YEAH!" She cried as she expulsed a torrent of churned crap into her husband's gaping maw, "EAT MY SHIT, YOU WORTHLESS FUCKING TOILET BOY!! DO IT!!!"

Chet knew this was his place now, there was no turning back, Bunni would never see him as a human being again, much less any kind of man. This was the only way he was going to be of use to her and her new black lover. So he swallowed. He swallowed the soft, rancid shit that Luke had frothed up in her, deep inside her bowels, which he had then injected with his hot nut butter and stirred into a foul, seething mess. This was his meal, now, made especially for him.

"Damn, you white bitches is crazy," Luke shook his head, now a bystander to this depraved spectacle.

Bunni didn't hear him. She was too busy writhing and bucking and squirming, pushing harder and shit-talking her brand new husband, berating him into being her personal shit-eating toilet slave.

"Oh GOD, here comes some MORE, I can FEEL it! Oh! OH SHIT! OH FUCK THIS IS BIG!" She screamed as she sat bolt upright, put all her weight down on Chet's face and dropped a huge, thick, solid log down her helpless husband's open gullet. Chet couldn't stop from swallowing it if he tried. The angle was just right and his throat had been open already when the tip of the turd snake shot out of her distended anus and right down his esophagus. He felt like he was suffocating as the well-baked, thick, dense crap simply forced itself down his throat and straight into his stomach. He could feel the heat, directly from her boiling insides, burning the sides of his esophagus - it felt like heartburn, but all over. Somewhere, he found the wherewithal to breathe around the massive shit-train tunneling into his gut - using circular breathing like the best deep-throating porn stars have learned to do.

Bunni was frigging herself in a frenzy, an endless stream of obscenities spewing from her mouth as she excreted a gut full of excrement down her husband's throat. She felt the shit finally hit bottom and give resistance to her ass and her eyes opened wide in realization of how massive of a load it must have been to bottom out and she screamed and raised herself up as she finished out the shit, cumming like a madwoman, thrashing her head all about as if a woman possessed.

When she finally raised herself completely off, she had left a steaming shit tower sticking out of Chet's mouth. His tongue was still hanging out a few inches and flopping against the underside of the truly ginormous column of compact crap.

She reached back to Luke and kissed him deeply, spent once more. Then, now standing beside Luke looking down at Chet, she said, calmly, "You know what to do... toilet."

Chet didn't question, didn't hesitate, and didn't break her gaze. He simply pulled in his tongue and began chewing and swallowing. Bunni and Luke watched him intently, patiently, as he consumed the entirety of her endowment to the sewer that was his mouth.

Finally, after nearly 15 minutes, he was down to his last mouthful.

"Wait," Bunni said. Chet stopped as ordered.

Bunni looked up at Luke and whispered something in his ear. Chet couldn't hear what it was, but whatever it was, Luke liked it. His huge, still-dirty dick swelled and stiffened just at the thought of whatever she was saying. She finished with a tongue to his ear and that was the final touch that made his manly third leg of a prick spring up to its full length, girth and hardness.

Bunni looked down to see her handiwork as was quite pleased, "Oh, Luke, you ARE a GOD among men!" she proclaimed. Then she grabbed Chet by his armpits and pulled him a few inches off the bed and lowered his head so that he was now looking back sideways across the room. He could see the bathroom now.

"Open wide, honey!" Bunni sang sweetly, "here comes the fudgepacker express!" and she guided Luke's rigid, shit-slime-stained anaconda right to Chet's open mouth which was still packed full of the last of Bunni's historic load.

Chet realized to late what was coming. His mouth and throat now made a nice straight line and Luke was going to ride it all the way to the end. He tried to scream, but his mouth was full of tightly-packed Bunni droppings so all that came out was a "HRMM!!!"

"Hear that, baby," Bunni said to Luke, "He said 'mmmmm'!"

And with that she grabbed Luke's muscular, bulbous ass cheeks and helped Luke shove his dick all the way into Chet's mouth, forcibly pushing the shit into his gullet. As the two pushed harder and harder, trying to cram what should never, by any physical laws of nature, be able to fit down Chet's throat. Chet bucked and squirmed and tried to scream, but it was no use. They didn't even need to hold him down; the iron rod that was being shoved deeper and deeper into his digestive tract was as unyielding and merciless as the man it was attached to and the woman who was driving it in.

Luke's unrelenting prick rammed the shit all the way down into the poor groom's belly. It was lucky for him that he hadn't eaten since breakfast (Luke had taken his dinner and cake at the reception) or else he wouldn't have had room for the truly prodigious dump Bunni had taken into his belly.

To Chet's surprise, however, Luke didn't start pumping his face. Maybe Luke was going to take it easy on him at first? Maybe take it in stages? He was shocked he could even deep-throat Luke at all, much less on the first try (the lubrication from all the cum and shit might have helped), maybe they were impressed with Chet?

Bunni squatted down behind Luke and stared into Chet's questioning eyes. She had the evilest, most wicked expression he'd ever seen. It didn't fill him with confidence. They she looked behind her and Chet followed her gaze. The bathroom. The door was open. The light was off. The toilet seat was down... the toilet... the toilet?

Bunni looked back at Chet and saw him trying to figure out the meaning of it all.

"Now," Bunni said.

Chet felt nothing but a slight quiver in the muscles under the base of Luke's dick - the base which was resting against his upper lip. His balls, which were splayed across his nose and cheeks, settled just a bit.

The toilet... Luke... Luke never went to the toilet... he never took his piss...!

Chet felt the warmth first. Like drinking hot cocoa on a cold winter day, the heat filled him up and coursed through his body. Then he felt it rising inside him, filling his guts. He could even HEAR it, splashing with obscene force against the sides of his stomach, splashing against the shit sitting in there, stirring it up. Luke's day-long piss that had been building up was spraying out of that massive mushroom head of his monstrous cock like a firehose, right into his belly. He was now both a human toilet for his new bride and a human urinal for the depraved, vile monster of a man who had stolen her from him and cuckolded him so thoroughly, and so easily.

Chet felt the last remaining strands of his dignity as a human being leak out of him, the void being filled rapidly with the scaling, hard piss of his new black master.

And he came.


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unbelievably good. getting there slowly with my own bunni

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