tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLunch Time Surprise

Lunch Time Surprise


It was a typical Monday going to work only to find some broken equipment. I work as a supervisor in a bread plant that runs 24/7. I had my workers fixing things as I looked for parts over the phone. By the time I found the part it was 11am, I usually send one of the worker out for the part but something told me this would be a hard transaction as we hardly ever deal with this company. I got a company van, went to the parts store they had everything waiting and there was no problem in the transaction. I was in and out in five minutes flat.

As I loaded the van this girl came up behind me, she startled me a bit as she tapped my shoulder.

"Hey can you give me a ride?"

I looked to see this girl in a short pleated dress, white blouse and a backpack. I just stood there dumbfounded.

"Well? I'm just going two miles that way"

She stood pointing in the direction I was headed. So I agreed, I unlocked the passenger door and opened it up for her. She reached up and over the seat to put in her backpack that her little skirt rising to show off her nice young legs. As she climbed into the van and I held the door, that little skirt seemed to go up giving me a glimpse of her white cotton panties. I thought it was a good thing I was here as she could have met up with someone who would take advantage of her.

I got in and was driving off when I noticed the school she was coming from just across the street. I asked why she was leaving but all she said was that she had to get away from there for a little while. It looked like a nice Catholic school campus. She said her name was Judy and was going to the Willow ridge apartments just down the road. Judy reached down to pull up on her knee sock, this allowed her blouse to open up and give me a good view of the bra holding up her tiny tits. The thoughts in my head turned to getting my hand on her lovely body.

We entered the apartment complex and I found a place to park.

"Well thanks for the ride," she said as she opened the door, when she reached for her backpack, I again could see down her blouse. I asked if I could use her restroom as I had I sudden urge to go.

"Sure I see no harm in that, and you've been so kind"

I began to follow her, then she started up some stairs there I was looking up at some very good-looking legs. I was two steps below her as we climbed up I could see almost up to her panties. This was causing me to think bad thoughts. I wanted to see all of those panties. We reached the top and entered the apartment she lead me to the bathroom and I went in but the thought of those legs had me hard. Here I am a 36-year-old man getting turned on by looking up some teenager's skirt.

When I came out Judy was waiting just outside the door, suddenly I noticed just how pretty she was, she looked so innocent with her cropped off black hair at her neck and this school uniform. I do not know what came over me, but as I stood right in front of her, I pulled her to me and kissed her. I must have surprised her but she didn't pull back so I took this as a sign and wrapped one arm around her.

My other hand went to her tits; this is when she used her hands to push me back.

"What are you doing, No I can't do this," she said as she pushed.

I did not listen and kissed her again, this time I pushed my tongue past her soft lips. Again surprised she pulled her head back but only a little, then I felt her tongue bush against mine. Judy's pressure on my chest eased as we kissed; now she seemed to enjoy it even as my hands were feeling her ass over her skirt. As we kissed I found the zipper to this skirt, lowering the zipper and unbuttoning the button the skirt fell to the floor. Judy pushed me back again saying

"Oh god No I really can't do this, Please don't, Stop it"

I leaned into her and whispered into her ear "Relax", I began to nibble on her ear lobe then kiss her neck. Judy's hands were now on my head they seemed unsure as to pushing away or pulling me toward her neck. I think she was surprised to be standing there without her skirt. With one hand feeling on her ass through her white cotton panties the other reached to unbutton the thin white blouse she was wearing. As the blouse opened, my kisses were slowly head to her tits, I unclasped her bra pushing it up out of the way I was able to flick her nipple with my tongue. Judy's tits were little I was able to suck the entire tit in my mouth as my tongue played with her nipples. After a minute of this I kissed my way back up to her lips. Judy pulled my head to her as she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. My hands reached Judy's shoulders to remove the blouse, Judy's arms lowered allowing the blouse and bra to join her skirt already on the floor at her feet.

Judy's eyes opened wide when I reached down to pick her off her feet and began to carry her toward the two doors down this small hall. The room on the right had a small bed the other a king size bed. As we walked into the bedroom with the larger bed Judy cried out

"Oh no, not in here Please, what are we doing?"

Ignoring her request I laid her down toward the center of the bed. I quickly stood removing my clothes leaving only my boxers on. Judy lay there looking beautiful in just her white cotton panties, the black pubic mound was very pronounced and I could see lots of hair coming out of the sides. As I got onto the bed Judy cried

"Please no, Please don't do this Just kiss me!"

Again I whispered, "relax" in her ear; I turned her head to kiss her as my fingers began to trace the outer edge of this wonderfully smooth body. Judy seemed to relax a minute. Judy's skin felt so soft at my fingertips especially as they found their way to her thighs. Judy's legs spread a bit as my fingers made their way up to her panties, when I rubbed my finger over her panties at the top of her slit they opened enough to cup her pussy. My fingers began slide over her cotton covered pussy lips. My kisses were headed down as Judy yelled


Her panties dampened as I push them between her pussy lips and kissed her nipples. Judy's legs opened wide and I could feel her clit through her panties. Pulling them to one side I was able to feel the heat coming from her pussy. I started to kiss my way down her flat smooth stomach as my finger penetrated her pussy, she was so tight only half my finger went in. I began to slide it in and out as Judy said.

"I'm a virgin, Please don't do this"

What's a matter doesn't it feel good? I asked

"Yes but I'm a virgin, I'm thinking of being a nun"

But I continued to finger that very tight pussy til I had it all the way in. As I started to lick at the top of Judy's pussy her hips pushed up to meet my tongue, her hands went to my head first to push me away, then to push me down into her sweet tasting pussy.

"Oh no what's wrong with me?" Judy asked to no one

Removing my finger I replaced it with my tongue as Judy's body shook, I licked at the juices flowing from her pussy, and then moved back up to play with her clit. I pushed two fingers into Judy's tight pussy, she moaned "No, no" but her hips pushed toward my hand. Letting her pussy stretch I kept my fingers as deep as I could, slowly I lessen the pressure and rocked my fingers in and out. By the time I kissed my way back up to her beautiful little tits my fingers were moving with ease. Judy's legs were spread wide open and around my hips as I positioned myself between them.

"Oh god no, Oh what's happening to me. Oh no please don't".

Judy cried, as she must have known what was next. With my cock sticking out of my boxers I removed my fingers and placed the tip at the entrance of the Judy's virgin pussy. The tip of my slender 7" cock slid in a few inches. Judy jerked toward the head broad and I followed. I had half my cock in her as I saw a tear forming in her eye, I licked her nipple before I put it between my teeth, at the same time I lightly bit her nipple and pushed the rest of my cock into her tight pussy. I felt her Hymen tear as I slide my cock in, the feeling of taking her virginity is one I never forget With me buried to the hilt, Judy yelled.

"Oh My God, Oh my god"

We kissed and our tongues danced around each other's, Judy's legs went into the air and came to rest on my ass. My hand reached down to grab an ass cheek and I started to slowly fuck her.

"Oh my god, Oh my god I can't believe this, yes"

Judy yelled as I was now pulling out an inch before going back into her previously virgin pussy.

"Oh my god he's fucking me. Oh forgive me we're fucking, yes fuck me"

Judy's legs were now wrapped around my ass and seemed to pull me into her. I grabbed her legs putting them on my shoulders before really fucking her with long hard strokes. I couldn't remember the last time I felt such a tight pussy around my cock. Each time I plunged into Judy she would moan.

"Do you like it?"

"Oh yes, Oh god yes, fuck me"

As I felt her climax around my cock, I pulled all the way out to rub her clit with my cock.

"What are you doing?" Judy asked.

"Do you want some more?"

"Oh, god yes fuck me some more"

"Roll over" I said.

As a questioning look came over her face, but she did it trying to look back as I positioned her on her knees. I spread her ass to get a good look at her pussy. I line up my cock and pushed all the way in. Judy pulled away quickly pulling my cock out of her.

"No it hurts that way"

"I'll take it easy this time" I said. As I pulled her hips back to me. Again I lined up my cock and this time I entered slowly. Judy's pussy was still so tight around my cock, but within minutes I had her rocking back and forth on my cock.

"Oh god I never knew, I never knew"

"Knew what?"

"It would feel so good, God help me I like it"

I wanted this to last but felt my cum building in my balls, I pushed in as deep as I could before filling her pussy with my cum. Judy was yelling "Yes, God Yes, " louder than any women I had ever fucked. I collapsed on top of her back resting for a minute before rolling off. Judy rolled over grabbed my head and kissed me hard, then just fell on her back with her legs opened wide and a smile on her face.

After lying there a few minutes I thought I should leave, reaching over to kiss Judy goodbye my hand laid on her soft stomach. The touch of her skin caused my cock to stir, my hand went to her pussy. The greased up feeling of my cum and her juices made me hard again, got me to feeling like a teenager again. I climbed between her opened legs lifted them up and placed my cock at her hole. Sliding in slowly I asked

"Do you like it? tell me you want my cock"

"Oh yes I want your cock"

"Oh yes, fuck me"

When I had my cock all the way in and started fucking her hard she moaned loudly.

"Oh Oh Oh, yes Oh my OH my, OHMY OOOHH MMMMY"

She started to climax and I filled her with another load.

I rest for a minute before pulling out and getting dressed, Judy just laid there. I bent over her and kissed her, Judy tried to pull me to her.

"I have to go"

"Can I see you again?" Judy asked

"Sure any time you want"


"OK, what time"

"Same time, and pick me up at the same place"

With that I showed myself out, on the back to work I thought she never asked me my name maybe I should leave it at that. Maybe I could show her how to suck a cock. Maybe I could fuck her ass... Think she would like that?

Part two if the story gets good responses...

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