tagBDSMLuncheon Confessions Ch. 01

Luncheon Confessions Ch. 01


"An interesting turn of events," Robert murmured, scanning his former slave's face as she was sitting opposite him after lunch in their early afternoon having a glass of wine.

Service and pace of movement at their seaport restaurant had lessened considerably after lunch hour ended. In a quieter, much calmer atmosphere, they could finally do away with surface pleasantries.

He admitted to himself her announcement was not without a slight twinge of reluctance. It caught him by surprise. He looked at her long, graceful neck. Marks of her collar were now gone. In their place, was a long strand of white pearls, a family heirloom, hanging with ease down her graceful white dress front. Tones in her light bronze skin were brought out by a dull necklace gleam offset with startling whiteness of fabric.

"Things do happen, things change, we all change in time," Kathy admitted.

Robert asked; "Yes, but how? I'm curious."

Kathy only smiled.

As he recalled, narrowing of her eyes heralded that she was going to be teasing and playful with an ever-present undertone of danger. Physical challenge might not be offered any longer but he felt a slow, familiar, hardening of his sex between his legs.

Kathy was not a type to smile often. Her grin was wholly honest when she smiled. She turned him as she looked at him without physical touching him.

"Should I spare you my details?" Kathy asked softly.

Their old familiar corner was very dimly lit even in bright daylight. This place had few windows. She moved along the long, curved, plush velvet-covered sofa sitting very close to him.

Her perfume scent caught his nostrils. A mixture of spice and musk mixed with her scent was uniquely intoxicating.

"My little one," Robert started to say, placing his large warm hand upon her knee and pressing his fingers into tops of her firm thighs.

Continuing Robert said; "things left unsaid serve as a reminder - and become a mechanism for regret or apologies."

She was startled a little at his initial touch, quickly recovering. Leaning forward, she took his earlobe between her red lips and sucked on it softly, not caring if others saw her.

She let it go, only to whisper into his ear, "But of course, Robert, then as you wish."

Kathy proceeded to speak as his fingers caressed sensitive backs of her knees. "It was now about four months after our agreement to terminate all our intimate relations. I was hanging around other clubs, avoiding our favorite club called 'Lamplight.' I did not want to see regulars we knew; it became one of those things when I went by myself. I was not even seeking any fun that night. I went to a new club called 'Blue Note'. I doubt if you have been there."

Kathy continued on; "As it happened on that night when I first went, 'Blue Note' has a fetish theme every Thursday night. I didn't know about that, so I walked in, gave up my coat and ordered a dirty martini with stuffed olives. Blue Note's tables were all pushed aside, with space cleared to be what I thought was to be a dance floor. I reclined against bar's soft black leather edge among a few discriminating well dressed patrons waited for a band to appear. I naturally assumed that there would be live music."

Robert put his palm on Kathy's knee in a familiar touch.

Kathy wriggled as she felt her former Master's palm move to her knee slowly inching its way up her thigh.

Occasionally, his fingers closed into her flesh slowly kneaded it with a sensuous arousing touch. Kathy made no effort to stop him.

Robert murmured very softly; "It is a good thing that long tablecloths exist," making his intentions clear.

Kathy answered; "Ahhhhh, yes, good thing indeed. Robert, don't stop."

She blushed looking at him again. If he was excited, he hid it very well for there was nothing betraying his true emotions, nothing penetrated his impassive face.

Continuing on, Kathy related her observations; "There was no band. I could hardly see what was happening through a throng of unusually dressed people in fetish clothing. But, I didn't have long to wait. Soon, music started with plenty of raw bass and drums. It sounded primeval, uninhibited, and provocative."

"A man walked out to middle center cleared floor space. Not too tall, blondish, with a massive chest. He held a leash. On other end of his leash was a lean redhead, crawling behind him slowly. She had nothing on except her leather collar with a pair of ankle cuffs"

Kathy breathed deeply then sighed; "with slightest of movement I saw an exquisite play of muscles over her body. Both these people obviously worked out frequently. While her breasts were flat fried eggs, they were firm; long length of her thighs and upturned ass was a sight that stirred my senses."

Robert spoke, "Kathy did what you see that aroused you?"

Kathy said; "yes, but it was that man who walked her, leading her along, until she was in dead center of that room. He removed her leash, while commanding her to remain in her position. She obeyed, arching her ass in the air, preening for benefit of onlookers."

"He walked behind her, kneeled and slyly ran his hands over her hips, making a circular motion with his palm. Almost instantly, she jerked spasmodically at his touch and moaned. By that time music had softened to where it was nearly inaudible. He retracted his hand, looked at her in anger and barked, `Did I not tell you to remain silent?'"

"She sobbed and shuddered, finally managing a choked `Yes' to his barking demand. Almost instantly, his hand raised and landed on her cheeks with a stinging slap. She jerked again biting her lip. I could almost feel his hand on my skin, smacking my ass until I begged for mercy. In my standing position, I surreptitiously squeezed my thighs together to curb my pending desire."

Kathy stopped short, wondering if she had gone too far in her enthusiasm relating her narrative of experience and emotion.

Reassuring warmth of Robert's hand sliding back and forth feeling her flesh was very pleasant, making her flush. His touch made her shiver as she clamped her thighs together.

Slow rubbing of Kathy's fingers combined with sensual tone of her narrative was dousing her with an odd sense of violence.

Resistance was cut short while he spread her thighs apart with ease, by merely sliding his palm in parallel, like a knife, deeper towards her already warm wet vaginal lips. Her reaction was a reflex. Immediately, juncture between her long legs widened, begging for his searing touch.

For a moment, neither of them spoke. Robert casually raised his wine glass to her lips, letting his knuckles brush like a ghost's caress against her tender cheek. Obediently, Kathy his former slave parted her lips to sip languidly of this liquid.

Both Robert and Kathy were meeting on equal ground this time. Her gaze was straight and unremitting, she was conscious in of power playing between them. There was a challenge lurking about in her sparkling, bright, bold green eyes. Just try it, speaking with glances into each other's eyes, yes just try it, I dare you.

Robert grinned. Never allowing his eyes to leave her face. He inserted his hand into her flesh slowly, deeper until he felt soft skin of her shaved vaginal lips on his fingertips. He took his index finger and began to make tiny, light circles on her vaginal lips.

He knew how wild she could get with his subtle teasing in public. Kathy's fingers crushed themselves painfully around a now empty wineglass stem, hoping and trying to fade away her showing an increasing desire on her face.

He knew she was watching him closely, and deliberately dropped his eyes to stare shamelessly at her full breasts pushing rebelliously through her tight silk top. Then his eyes went lower under her tight dress, he watched movement of his hand through her fabric as he toyed with her. Her dress slit revealed full, lean, bronze expanse of her thigh. Kathy was showing him her body deliciously quivering with arousal.

His fingers moved upwards very slowly, deliberately, up to sensitive lips of her vulva, only to descend again. Continuing in this pattern he stopped intermittently watching her face. Her eye lids were half-peeled. When he stopped, her delicate nostrils flared.

Robert whispered in her ear; "You want my finger, circling on your clit, don't you?"

She blinked once, affirmatively nodding, knowing she was very moist and aroused.

Robert continued in his whispered tone; "You remember, don't you? Kathy, when I used to massage your clit with my finger, then follow with use my tongue?"

She barely managed a response; "yes".

He stopped his movement on her, asking; "Would you like me to continue?"

Her look gave him her answer following with a verbal; "Yes."

Robert said; "All right but one condition, you must continue your story, without leaving out any salacious detailed parts."

Kathy nodded yes while Robert grinned removing his hand from her.

Looking deep into her eyes with an unwavering, piercing and intense stare, he put his fingers into his mouth, tasting while mixing her taste with his saliva, wetting his fingers then returning them to her vaginal lips again.

Kathy's eyes closed and she stretched out a hand, chancing a light stroke over fly of his pants. To her surprise with great pleasure Robert was aroused hard. Robert was startled by her aggressive touch.

She wondered if he wore any underwear today, unlike her, she was not wearing panties today.

Robert commented; "You are an imp."

He pushed her hand away with his right hand as his left hand pressed into her wet vaginal slit gently, wriggling his index finger teasing her clit by rubbing tantalizingly on erectile tissue.

Kathy shook her head in an affirming manner saying; "Before I revert into a submissive mode, Robert, may I inform you that you are as sensual as I have remembered."

He gently twisted her skin with affection; "You take orders very poorly these days, my little one. Your attentiveness is too relaxed and undisciplined."

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