tagBDSMLuncheon Confessions Ch. 04

Luncheon Confessions Ch. 04


Robert maneuvered his slapper skillfully to cover every spot of her delicious, upturned, pale bronzed ass, now starting to turn into an angry pink glow.

He wet a finger with his tongue rubbing it against her sensitive clit applying pressure in a circular motion, drawing down sensually, massaging her clit, then her entire vagina driving her into a quivering state.

Kathy pushed herself backwards more then was rewarded by a leather slap directly between her thighs, hitting her from her bottom crack to her widely exposed, aching vagina.

She bit her lip and made a frantic humming noise, her fingers clutched bedpost so tightly her knuckles turned a bone-white, while jerking convulsively as each new onrush of lust twisted her body.

Before she could recover, he slapped her with that leather again, in same place, but this time, by chance, hit straight onto her clitoris. She was driven into a new series of relentless body shakes.

With an effort of mind over flesh, Kathy stopped her trembling and whispered a plea; "May I cum, I need to cum please"

"Hmmm" Robert pretended not to hear. Realizing where slapper hit her, he aimed correctly and stung her aching clit again.

Kathy shouted aloud; "Please, please, oh please, Robert, I want to cum, Please, I'll do anything...Please, SIR."

When he said nothing and just smiled, Kathy gasped out, this time her plea went out clear and true; "Please, Sir, let me cum before I go insane."

Robert answered; "Have I ever told you, that I very much prefer you as an animal to a lady," muttering beneath his breath.

Robert reached out with strong fingers running down into her luxuriant dark hair. He tugged gently but with an authoritative unmistakable power. Kathy's neck arched, her mouth opened above while her muscles tensed.

Kathy heard magic words spoken by Robert; "Cum for me, now."

Sighing as she let herself go. Under a torrent of Incessant flowing waves orgasm Kathy quickly got wilder. She screamed, shuddering without any control. It was over in a long unmeasured moment.

Robert revealed by her hard breathing and choking gasps. Robert's hands let go as she clung, tired and hapless, to the bedpost. Her body glowed with sheen set off by late afternoon sunrays peeking through curtains.

Kathy said; "Robert thank you, thank you."

He made no reply but instead pressed his fingers into her wet vagina again, stroking her clit. Kathy shivered beginning to feel her arousal once more. She felt him shift his position to his back, his hands pulling then clutching her close.

He managed to force her thighs apart pushing his head between them. Finding her vaginal lips, he put his mouth on her flicking his tongue over wet flesh, licking, tasting, and drinking her feminine wetness. She moaned softly as he drank from her vaginal slit plunging his tongue in then out, withdrawing completely before slowly pushing in again. He continued this, driving her to ecstasy once more.

Kathy squeezed her muscles tightly, not wanting his tongue to slip out. He felt tense clenching and stopped his tongue movement. He lightly flicked his tongue over her clit, circling it slowly at first, and then with ever increasing speed, he simply could not get enough of her wetness, lapping hungrily, replacing some of her moisture with his own saliva with each tongue brush.

Kathy wanted to tear her silken bonds off, wanted to break free to cram her fingers into his hair and push his face even closer to her. Kathy was not afraid of consequences from destroying that scarf. Robert took note of her twisting wrists, smiled to himself greedily renewed his effort of sucking her clit.

Kathy's pleasure of getting sucked was almost unbearable. Kathy bit her lower lip and then with an effort raised her hips higher, taking him by surprise.

Robert gushed out these words; "Kathy" "I-I want to."

Kathy replied; "Oh, you what I am not hearing you Robert."

Robert in a guttural tone said; "To what" he goaded.

Kathy finished his sentence for him; "What to fuck you!" She gasped out loud.

Taking heart, she continued, "I want you inside me, your cock deep in my vagina, coupled with me, enjoying me as I enjoy you."

Kathy's words were daring, their salacious nature exciting him further. He pushed himself up, headfirst and squirming into a sitting position beneath her, his head cradled by her bound hands.

Robert reached out and gave her luscious ass another spank. She was about to lower herself when he stopped her.

Robert spoke clearly; "Kathy continue with your tale. You haven't quite finished yet."

Kathy said; "But, Robert"

A look of consternation quickly swept across her face. Kathy suddenly grinned. "No story, no cock, eh"

Robert retorted; "You sound like a third rate movie star, but yes, no story, NO COCK."

Kathy smothered her giggle as she began her narrative again from where she left off. When Robert pulled her down, sinking her so that her vagina surrounded his cock like a warm wet glove of plush fitting velvet. Robert gasped, as she spoke rode him simultaneously; Every time she had him completely deep inside her, she cunningly squeezed her vaginal muscles, milking his cock.

Kathy continued on saying "Oh, yes, where was I, oh, Robert, that feels incredible!"

Robert said; "You stopped your narrative when you were about to whip him."

Kathy picked up her narrative from that point; "And I did, I swung the leather exactly in a way you taught me. Again and again, every time I struck him, a new welt rose across his back with bright red marks. He hung on tight. I stopped before I felt tired."

"I thought perhaps more energy would be needed for later. I dropped my whip while with my other hand; I raised the cane high up, and then brought it down, making a whistle sound through air as it landing on his buttocks. He let out a yelp at its sting. He started to get used to my cane while holding on to that chair. Ohhh Robert, he held on to that chair for dear life."

Robert bucked his hips studiedly, looking intently at her face; he focused and moved to her full, round breasts, unhampered and lusty.

Kathy continued; "I started raining blows to his ass, occasionally going for his shoulder. He alternated between moans and sharp jerks, careening with back and forth motion. He was animated while I received a lot of satisfaction out of his pain. I continued until he was numb."

Robert smiled requesting Kathy to continue; "Go on," he encouraged, raising a hand to caress her bottom with a light touch while the other hand stretched its fingers to tease her clit.

Feeling his touch Kathy responded; "Robert, Ohhh, I absolutely LOVE that touch of yours."

Kathy gabbled at him frantically moving her body almost insanely to swallow and remove him, choking at every withdrawal and gasping at his upward thrust. Both bodies met again and again, crashing ecstatically against each other.

Robert requested coaxing her; "Kathy go on"

Robert threatened her; "or I'll stop."

Kathy responded; "Yes, SIR."

Kathy continued her narrative; "I took my cane and pushed it into his crack. This was something he did not expect. He laughed and shook that damned chair."

Robert interrupted remarking; "It was an unreasonable bargain, Kathy,"

Robert searched her face for that curious contortion that would eventually arise, a signal of her impending climax.

Kathy retorted somewhat rudely; "Who cares." Kathy was riding Robert more aggressively, secure in her knowledge that she would achieve orgasm one that he could not deny her.

Kathy continued her narrative; "I was about to raise my whip when I felt a feminine body embrace me from behind, lightly squeezing my breasts and one hand dipping into my vaginal lips rubbing delightfully."

Kathy went on; "Robert she took me by surprise, this gorgeous redhead. I found myself at a loss. I felt her nipples, hard and scraping insistently against my back and. I hoped she would join in my play. Redhead slave told me `He's had enough' speaking softly. Then I hesitated, but drove away that doubt as her tongue found my earlobe, tracing, and tasting, while sucking them. Her touch made me shiver. She sensed my desire in my trembling."

"The other two Dom and Prophet were watching us. This delectable flame-haired woman started whispering graphic obscenities into my ear. She told me she wanted to suck my vagina, wanted her tongue to explore my body, and her mouth suck my breasts. Her suggestive tantalizing words came out of her mouth sending me shockwaves of lust. Her hungry fingers were exploring my body."

As Kathy spoke, her voice raised its pitch higher and higher as she approached orgasm, but she continued on. "This succulent Redhead temptress, I didn't know her name, invited Dom, Prophet and me, to her place so four of us, could continue in private, all readily agreed. Prophet was still waiting for me. I decided to put him out of his misery, delicious as my domination was. I smiled quickly to her redhead and her master, walking up to my kneeling submissive. Our Blue Note Club crowd remained silent while pondering these clandestine arrangements between woman and woman then began to roar. I lightly tapped Prophet on his shoulder with my cane."

"He turned around puzzled. 'Mistress' he asked being unsure of my next course of action. At that point there was no further need to continue my domination this time. In his face I read this former braggart's feelings. He was cowed by his own will. He bowed his head in significant recognition of me as his Mistress. His bow heralded beginning of our relationship. I smiled while I undid his belt ordering him to sit down on his chair."

Kathy's words gave Robert a cue; he gave her clitoris one more passionate stroke, reached down spanked her rump hard. His spank noise rang out like a crack. In silence, it was a gunshot. Her pleading look she gave him was enough.

Robert ordered Kathy; "Come, then, release your spirit to me."

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