tagNonHumanLupine Mountain Ch. 05

Lupine Mountain Ch. 05


Darla looked up from the hunting pit and screamed in terror. Above her were at least seven Were-Bears, all in hybrid form. At least that's what she assumed they were. No one had told her that there really was other Were races out there. It made sense though, considering what she now knew was out there. Darla frantically searched for Aideen in the forest before her attention was jerked back to the Weres above her when one of them stepped forward. She found herself studying the one that stepped forward. It was a he obviously; the furred pouch kind of gave that "little" detail away. He has a wide furred face that looked incomplete, like most Werewolves in hybrid form. Though the bear muzzle made it look more incomplete than usual. It wasn't as long as a wolf's muzzle. His teeth looked shorter and thicker but just as sharp and wicked looking. The eyes were wider and mocha brown. Quickly looking at the others behind him, Darla could tell that all their eyes were brown, different shades and textures depending on the bear. She abruptly realized that he was talking to her.

"Why are you in that hole, little one? It is for catching wild bears and hunters, which you are neither," he said with a fatherly tone to his voice.

Darla nervously licked her dry lips, trying to think of how much to tell them. "I...I...I was just taking a walk to think. Then I tripped over something and here I am, in a stupid hole, bleeding. Will you help me out here and back to my friends? Or are you going to eat me?" she was horrified to realize that tears had started to leak out from beneath her lashes and down her cheeks.

"Oh, we will get you out of that stinking hole. As for eating you...you don't seem to be any condition for that, what with you bleeding all over the place. And my bear is too close to the surface, sweet human, from the smell of your blood for me to allow myself anywhere near such tender parts," he replied, losing the fatherly tone in favour of a deeper, sensual voice. "My name is Erik, and I will get you out of there. But you will not be returned to your friends. No, you, I will keep for myself. You are too delectable to let go."

Darla was at a loss for words. The arrogance and... and... gall of the man...bear...whatever he bloody well was, she thought to herself. Just as her brain was able to get a coherent sentence out of her mouth, he jumped down into the pit. Darla reared back only to find that the bone through her middle prevented her from going very far.

"I don't know who you think you are, but I am not going anywhere with you," she replied.

"And what will you do my dear? Sit in this hole, hoping that you bleed to death before the wild animals come and eat the flesh off of your body? I think not, sweet one," Erik shot back.

With that statement he leaned down, ignoring her attempts to back away, and wrapped his arms around her body. In one smooth motion that spoke of his strength, Erik pulled her off the spear-like bone and completely into his arms. Darla screamed from the pain and suddenness of his movements. As even more of her blood gushed out from her body, she lost consciousness.

The Were-Bear tore off her shirt and pressed it into the bleeding wound to preserve what little was left in her body. As he cradled her closer to his body, preparing to leap out of the pit and get her medical attention, he couldn't stop his bear from smelling her blood and he licked the blood that had spurted onto her face before he could push the bear back. She tasted so good to him and smelled so sweet beneath the stench of dirt and residual death from the pit.

Erik leapt out of the pit without jarring her wound to stand before the others from his family. He let them all see that this unexpected treasure was under his protection. I will give her a choice later, but right now there is no choice. I either claim her as mine or she will wake up to being raped by the young cubs. I hope she will forgive me this small conceit, he thought sadly to himself. He nodded to his family and they headed back to their den.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once again Darla found herself waking up in a strange place, with strange people watching her.

"OK, where am I now? And who do I talk to about getting out of here?" she asked the men and women that were watching her.

They seemed to be completely ignoring her, but just as she was about to open her mouth and ask again, less politely this time, the fur blanket next to her moved and the "man" Erik smiled up at her.

Darla jumped out of the fur blankets and screamed, "What the hell are you doing there? How dare you? Get away from me this instant!" She was so busy panicking that she barely noticed all the other people leaving the room whispering amongst themselves.

Erik slowly pulled the blankets back, revealing his body. Darla couldn't stop her eyes from following the blankets' decent. Her eyes seemed to drink in his wide shoulders and muscled chest before skimming over slim waist and abs that glistened with a light sweat. She felt her eyes widen as the blanket finally moved away from his crotch to show just how much his human form resembled his hybrid form. And still the blankets continued to expose more of his body. And still her eyes followed over his long, thickly muscles legs with a sprinkling of black hair all the way down to his feet, which were long and graceful. She was compelled to watch as his hand moved to cup his sack then moved up to encircle his shaft. She watched as he played with his cock, barely restraining herself from helping. When he came it was thick and white. It was also aimed at her so that as he sighed in climax she was soaked with his cum. Her hair was plastered to her head and her face was covered. She licked her lips, tasting his salty tang, silently moaning in need.

With more effort than she would ever say she managed to look back up to his eyes. She managed not to blush and even put a seductive smile on her face before she spoke in a sweet voice, "Was the show for me? If so I think you need some pointers."

To her surprise he just laughed and stood up slowly. "I knew you were spirited from the second I laid eyes on you. Do not be frightened I will not harm you. This was necessary..."

Before he could finish what he was saying Darla started to yell again, "Necessary?! Lying next to me with both of us naked was necessary? That I highly doubt. You better have a good explanation buddy, before I get really pissed."

"If you had let me finish, my beauty, I would have explained more," he replied in a chiding tone. "It was necessary because you are a beautiful unclaimed female who we found in our territory bleeding. Now since there are very few female Ursaia every new female we have is claimed within minutes of entering our family. I assumed you would not have liked to be claimed by a male that had no respect for you and would have completed the claimed while you lay unconscious. This is why I claimed you as mine. I assumed you would like a choice in the matter. Did I assume wrong, my beauty?"

Darla was too stunned to reply. Just then there was a knock at the opening to the chamber.

"Enter," Erik barked.

A tall, lanky youth came in and went to his side. He whispered something in Erik's ear and Erik nodded "I assumed as much" he whispered to himself. "Very well show him in," he said in a louder tone. The youth left to do his leader's bidding.

Just as Darla had come up with a comeback to Erik's earlier statement, the covering opened again and Connel walked in. Without thought Darla ran to him and threw herself into his arms. It was only when Connel threw her off of him that she remembered that she was covered in Erik's come and how it was look to Connel. "I am going to kill you, bear. For taking her, for using her, for everything," he said very calmly as he stalked towards Erik.

Darla tried to intervene, "It's not what you think Connel. Please let me explain before you do anything. Yes I am covered in his sperm, but he has actually helped me. He took me out of the pit I fell into, healed me, and kept his 'family' from touching me. If him coming on my face once is the price to pay for that, then it is a price I am willing to pay!"

"That was not the first time I have come on you, my beauty. It was necessary while you were still unconscious to convince my 'family' as you call them that you were truly mine," Erik injected.

Connel let out a roar as he threw himself at Erik. Darla screamed in terror once again, as a hoard of Ursulas came charging into the room to protect their leader.

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