tagInterracial LoveLured Ch. 02

Lured Ch. 02


Part 2: Lisa's Story

I'm Lisa. My husband George has already related to you some of our experiences with Patrick and Michelle in "Lured". This is the continuation of that story.

After our first session of sex we relaxed for a bit on the soft flokati rug. Michelle was sucking on Patrick's dick while I was working on George's. Both guys were soon ready for more. George was lying on his back on the soft flokati rug, his cock pointing toward the ceiling. I straddled him and lowered my pussy down onto his hard cock.

As we fucked, Michelle and Patrick came up behind us. "Look at this fine ass." I heard Patrick say as I felt his strong fingers squeeze one firm cheek. Then a hard sudden blow of his palm across my ass made me scream out. I love it when George slaps my ass while fucking, and I started kissing George in a deep French kiss as a second and then a third blow of Patrick's hand fell across my ass. I heard Patrick say "Michelle, I want you to get this ass ready for my cock", then I felt a big wad of saliva land on my anus followed by Michelle's silky tongue. George kept pumping into me and grabbed my ass spreading my cheeks out wide so Michelle could lick my asshole. I couldn't help but moan in pleasure as she started sticking her tongue as far into my ass as she could. Michelle then inserted first one finger, and then a second into my ass. Because I have very little body fat from working out, the membrane between the inside of my pussy and the inside of my ass is very thin, and I could feel Michelle's fingers inside of my ass feeling George's cock inside of my pussy through that thin membrane.

Patrick then strode up next to my head and knelt next to my face saying "And Lisa, I want you to get this cock ready for your ass." I raised my head and turned to the side to take Patrick's dick into my mouth. George was still lying beneath me and pumping his own dick in and out of my pussy, and Michelle was licking all around my ass as I started licking Patrick's hard cock.

As I did so, my long blond hair fell across my face blocking George's view. He reached up with one hand and pushed my hair back behind my head, then to my surprise, he grabbed my hair tightly and started pushing my head down over Patrick's huge black dick. George knows how much I like it when he grabs my head by the hair and fucks my mouth, but he was now gripping my hair to make me go down on another man, and a hugely hung black man at that. I started moaning loudly and cumming on George's dick. George then grabbed me by the throat with the other hand. My head was now firmly in his grasp with one of his strong hands firmly gripping my blond hair, and the other gripping my throat. George then started thrusting hard into my pussy. So hard that he was propelling my whole body forward while he was guiding my mouth down over Patrick's cock. The thought of my husband forcing me to deepthroat this big black man who we had met but an hour before was erotic beyond measure, and I started cumming like crazy.

George kept thrusting his own cock harder and harder, and Michelle with her two fingers still in my ass also started pushing me forward in rhythm with George forcing Patrick's cock deeper and deeper into my throat. The effects of the local anesthetic that Patrick had given me were starting to wear off and I felt myself gagging a bit, but George didn't let up until he had forced me to take Patrick's cock all the way down my throat and his black balls were slapping against my chin. I was startled and turned on immensely when I heard George say "Take that black cock down your throat, Lisa, take it all the way down." I was surprised because George had been reluctant earlier in the evening, but now, he had shed all of his reluctance and inhibition, and had given himself over to the same erotic urges that I had. George later told me that with his hand grasping my throat, he could feel Patrick's cock head sliding in and out. I think George enjoyed forcing me to deepthroat Patrick almost as much as I did.

With his cock now fully lubricated with my saliva and my ass lubricated by Michelle's saliva, Patrick withdrew his cock from my mouth and positioned himself behind me. George released my head and once again grabbed my ass tugging my ass cheeks apart to give Patrick easier access. I felt Patrick press his cock head against my anus and slowly steadily push it in. As Patrick forced his dick into my ass, George stopped thrusting and closed his eyes tightly letting out a low moan. George later told me that through the thin anal membrane he could feel with his own dick every ridge and vein of Patrick's dick as he fucked my ass. I was totally filled up with these two big cocks. As Patrick started pumping my ass, I felt Michelle's tongue licking the flesh between my two holes. She was also licking George's balls and ass while he kept still feeling Patrick piston his dick in and out of my ass.

The feeling was indescribable, and I started screaming and cumming again. Soon, George again started thrusting into my pussy in unison with Patrick's thrusts into my ass. Faster and faster, until Patrick grabbed me by the hair, shoved his cock deep into my ass, shouted out, and pumped a load of cum into my ass. As he came, the feeling of his cock spasming inside my ass and pumping me full of his sperm soon put both George and I over the edge and we both came in unison.

As soon as Patrick withdrew his cock, Michelle's mouth went straight for my ass and she started licking and sucking at my gaping ass like a starved woman. I contracted my abdominal muscles and forced Patrick's huge load of sperm to come dripping out of my ass. Michelle was sucking it right out of my ass, but a lot of it also dripped down onto my pussy and George's balls. George's cock was still somewhat hard and I was grinding my pussy onto it as Michelle alternately licked my ass and his balls. The feeling of Michelle's tongue on my ass and George's dick in my pussy was indescribable. As I raised my pelvis, George's cock slowly came out and as it did, Michelle started licking the cum that was clinging to his dick and dripping from my pussy. As George's dick popped free, she latched her mouth onto my pussy and started literally sucking the cum from it. I came yet again as Michelle ate me out and when I looked back at her, her whole face was slick with my pussy juice and the sperm of two men. I turned around and started licking this erotic fluid from her face.

This experience was a turning point for George and I. Although he eventually figured out that I had tricked him into agreeing to let me fuck Patrick by using Michelle as "bait", George so enjoyed the experience that he was never angry about it. Although we've never swung with any other couple, we see Michelle and Patrick often, and whenever we are in public, people are always checking us out and I guess wondering about our close friendship. If they only knew!

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by Anonymous06/26/17


Love how descriptive the deepthroat part was, could almost feel it, lol

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