tagBDSMLuring You

Luring You


I watched you casually make your way up the porch steps, my eyes feasting on each ripple of muscle that I could make out as you moved closer to the front door. Taking a deep breath, I waited for the bell to ring and when it did my stomach lurched. I rolled my eyes at my reaction. My hands smoothed down the red silk blouse I wore. My fingers brushed over my breasts and I felt my hard nipples under the material. A grin of wickedness rose from my lightly painted lips as I made my way toward the front door.

I opened it just as you were about to ring it again. Lifting a brow I waved you in and then shut the door behind you. "Welcome." My greeting was light and cordial. You extended your hand and I took it, a firm handshake was given by both of us. "This way," I said and pointed to the living room, where fresh squeezed lemonade waited us both. I knew you weren't a lemonade kinda guy, but I wasn't ready to reveal all to you. See . . . I've been watching you for some time, but you didn't know that did you?

We made small talk and then you offered to show me the designs for the new wing I was adding to my home. There really was no need for you to show me your portfolio, but you did, because you thought you were one of several architects I was interviewing. If you only had known then that there were no others. You were all I wanted; no one else had even been called.

I gazed at your work, imagining your talented hands on my skin instead of the swift strokes of a pencil on paper. I could almost picture us in the bedroom you showed me, our bodies entwined in heated embraces that brought forth sweat that aided us in our mating. I stared at you for a moment, wondering if you could smell how aroused I was by just having you in the same room with me. You caught me staring and I felt my blush wash over my face and roll down my neck.

Did you notice how my breath caught in my throat and how I practically floated on air when you reached out and tucked a strand of my red curls away from my face? We were both caught off guard, weren't we? You apologized for being so forward, but I merely waved it off, telling you there was nothing to apologize for. You were surprised though when I added, "Next time you must ask permission."

I rose to my feet and extended my hand, offering you a tour of my home. "Delighted," you told me. Inwardly I agreed with you, because now I could imagine you in every corner of my home. Our tour began in the kitchen. You gazed out the window and complimented me on the lush gardens. I gazed at your ass, imagining my long nails digging into the hard chords and holding you tight against me. When you complimented the marble counter top and ran your hands across the smooth surface, I saw my naked ass resting on the cool slab, my legs spread and your mouth eating away the evidence of my climax.

It wasn't until your hand was on my shoulder that I realized you'd been talking to me. I blushed and apologized to you. Quickly I set your mind at ease, and told you I was fine again offering you yet another apology, which this time you told me, "There is nothing to apologize for." I grinned and took your arm. We left the kitchen and moved to the dining room. The crystal gleamed and on any other day I would have shared with you the history of some of the pieces handed down from generation to generation, but all I could do was imagine you on the table, ropes securing your hands and legs in a way that left you exposed and helpless. I swallowed and noted my parched throat. "Scotch?" I asked walking over to the mini bar. You got there first and poured us both a stiff drink.

Your eyes held mine and I feared you were reading the lust and desire that I was fighting to contain. When you took the tumbler from my hand, our fingers brushed and I swear a shot of electricity slammed into me. You felt it too, didn't you? I could see it in your eyes, a flickering question. I knew you were worried I would throw you out, but I wouldn't have . . . if anything I would have begged you to stay forever. I didn't beg though. I am not the one that begs.

After our drinks, I found your hand on the small of my back and it burned me. I wanted you then and there, but kept my wits and we walked to the study, which doubles as my office. You went on and on about how the new rooms would serve all my purposes. I allowed you to believe that there were going to be rooms added, but in fact the rooms were already prepared. We left the study and made our way to the downstairs guestroom. A bed rested along one wall, an antique bureau and dresser set against another. I told you the story of how I acquired the rare pieces and you told me how sly a business woman I was. "You have no idea," I whispered and then winked at you.

I watched you walk around the room, admiring the woodwork. Leaning against the bureau I saw you wrap one of your hands around the post of the bed. You looked back at me and I saw your eyes rake over my form. I knew my nipples were hard, the material of my bra made my areolas itch and I tugged on my shirt, hoping to find some relief. I found none and you knew it. Your lips rose up in a knowing smirk and I lifted a brow, subtly or not so subtly trying to make you question what you thought I was feeling. You didn't though, I could tell by the way you moved toward me. A confident swagger in every step.

When you reached my side, I trembled and when you leaned in, your lips were just a breath away from mine; I turned my head away. I saw the question in your eyes and then I knew it was time for me to make my dreams come true. They're your dreams too; you just don't realize it . . . yet. I took your hand and led you down the hall, back to the study and then over to another door. You had glanced at this one briefly, but didn't show your curiosity and for that I am pleased. This shows me you know your place in society. Yours is not to question, but to simply be.

The door opened easily and I held your hand in mine as I led you down the steps. Each step brought us closer to the light that would welcome us at the bottom. "What is this place?" you asked me, yet I merely smiled back and you and whispered, "Trust me." We stepped into a room, its shape circular and its furnishings, sparse. A mirror. A couch. A mini bar. These were just a few of the things that made up the room. The air was cool, but not too cold, but I knew it was the architecture that drew you.

I chuckled softly as you dropped my hand and ran your fingers over the rock walls. How I wished I had been the wall beneath your palm and your hand was learning every curve and crevice of my body. I was slick with anticipation and had I been wearing a short skirt, instead of the casual slacks I had on, you would have been able to enjoy the scent of my arousal. "What is behind this?" you asked, your voice made me wish you were already begging for my come. I shook myself out of my fantasy and lifted a brow. "Something for you," I answered and pulled a key from my pocket.

You stepped back and I felt your hand return to the small of my back. I leaned into your touch as I turned the key. We stepped back together as the iron bars were swung open and motion sensor lights kicked on. They illuminated the room and your breath caught in your throat. I know this, because my sweet plaything, I can sense what you desire, more than you can. That is why I want you so badly. I knew it from the first moment that you were destined to be mine and I was destined to be yours.

I stepped in and you followed, then I turned and began to undo the buttons on your shirt. You stood there, silent; yet there was a question on your mind. I knew what it was and when I opened your shirt, I answered it with a simple word, "Mine." My lips brushed against the coarse hairs on your chest and then I licked my way across to your right nipple. "Mine," I hissed before opening my mouth and capturing your hard bud between my sharp teeth. You took a deep breath and I felt the rumble in your chest.

"Yes," you whispered; I grinned as I flicked the bead with my tongue then licked the shape as if it were the most succulent dish on the planet . . . It wasn't. There was another, more succulent treat that I desired. My palms rose up and pressed against your chest as I eased your shirt from your shoulders. Your cock bulged behind the slacks you wore and I showed my hunger by licking my lips. You reached for me. With a simple shake of my head, you understood and your hands dropped to your sides. I returned to you, released your belt, flung it away, and then opened your slacks.

It wasn't long before you stepped from your shoes and your pants and briefs were pulled down. My mouth hovered just inches from your dick and I longed to nuzzle in the warmth of your sex. Ordering myself away, I lead you to the bed. You sat down and watched as I peeled my shirt off, lowered my skirt and revealed to you my hidden garments. Black leather seemed to glisten in the light of the room. It felt like a second skin. The smooth material hugged my tits; my hard nipples poked out, wanting to feel your mouth capture them. My fair complexion was a contrast to the dark color as tiny strings kept the leather cloth in place. I turned around, letting you see the strip of cloth nestled between my ass cheeks.

I felt your eyes travel down and I heard your murmurs of approval when you took in the sight of my thigh high stockings. The stilettos I wore clicked when I slowly pivoted around and gave you a few seconds to drink in my appearance. As I walked toward you, your legs spread and I stood between them. Your hands moved to my hips and my fingers pushed into your hair. I dragged you forward as you pulled me closer. Your breath caressed my stomach and I felt your tongue slide across my navel. I allowed you this moment, a moment both of us seemed to savor. Eventually, I reclaimed my position and pushed you away. "Lay down," I told you, my voice changing, but my desire only grew.

You did as you were told, curious as to what I had in mind. After you laid in the center of the bed, I gathered my toys. Were you nervous that first time? Did you see yourself the way I did? Tied up for my pleasure? I remember the feel of your skin as I locked the leather restraints around your ankles and your wrists. You were perfection at its best. Your cock jutted out like a prized bull, and you were . . . you still are.

The cock ring was snapped in place and I toyed with your dick, making it grow thicker and turn a more purplish hue. Your pre cum was oily and glistened in the light. I rubbed my lips over it, leaving a coating of sexual lipstick on my pink petals, before sliding away and attaching nipple clamps to your hard nubs. The silver chain lay cold against your skin and I saw you shiver. "Are you done?" you asked me and I smirked.

A blindfold soon found a home across your eyes and I found a place to rest a kiss. Your tongue plunged into my mouth and I felt you pull at the restraints. You were stuck though, at my mercy. "Let me play," I whispered and then began to explore your body with my tongue, fingers, teeth and even my hard nipples and slick pussy got a chance to learn you. I flowed down your chest, letting my body press against yours. Your cock jerked against me and I purred as I snaked my way down your bonded form. Sucking. Biting. Teasing. "You smell wonderful," I told you and then I slipped back up you, and you stopped moving.

You knew then I was ready. I straddled your cock, and began to ride you. You filled me. I knew you wanted to see, but I also knew you were experiencing sex in a new way. Only the feeling of touch would be your guide. Lifting. Falling. Squeezing. I fucked you. Your hips rose. Your cock jumped. Your breath became ragged. I grabbed the chain between your nipples and tugged, you begged for more. More I gave you. Faster I rode. Harder I ground. Firmer tugs and then I heard you whimper, "I need to come."

"Not yet," I told you and your face contorted. I stopped and gave you a moment to collect yourself, then I started again. Our pubes mingled together. Our scent filled the air. Your moans grew to growls. I watched you struggle with the wrist restraints, felt you buck and jerk at the ankle bonds. Again I stopped and you whimpered. I chuckled and started again. Stop. Go. Stop. Go.

My fluids ran thick down my pussy, coating your cock and then finally I too had to come. I wanted yours. I needed it. You may have been my toy, but I too am yours. "Come my pet," I cried and then felt you sigh. Not a second passed before you exploded in my cunt. "Yes!" I shouted and then the gates of my passion flooded you. Waves upon waves of sweet honey escaped me, only to mix with the hot sprays of your milk. I shuddered and you continued to lift your hips, urging me to climax over and over again. When your body stilled, I fell down onto your chest and licked your neck.

You turned your head and kissed the top of mine. I looked up, reached for the blindfold and lifted it from my eyes. "Be mine?" I whispered.

"Forever and always," you answered. We kissed before I pulled away and began to tease you again . . .

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